15 thoughts on “Tesla’s ‘Sentry’ mode mode turns your car into recording surveillance camera

  1. My friend鈥檚 parents just got their car and garage broken into and the suspects seemed to know where the cameras were. It turns out all the neighbors up and down that same street got hit. I say the more surveillance the better.

  2. I just want my car so I can go to work . It's been since last August please send me a miracle 馃檹 I'm so tired of people lying to me and taking what I have it's not right.

  3. I don't trust any corporation telling us "naaa we're not using your car cameras for ever move you make c'mon we're here honest" 馃. BALONEY!. It can be hacked without you knowing it. Even on an older car it has a radio and even that can be hacked. Imagine now Tesla vehicles are a moving WiFi, remember in the movie Terminator how the Terminator controlled the car? remember that? and that was an older model that was hacked nothing is save some computer nerd can find ways to get in the system. Even a jumbo size airplane can get hacked someone from ground can take over controls and override pilot. How do you suppose when airliners are crashed in the desert to test crashes. Iam just pointing out it can happen not believe that it's very secure. It takes one crazy person that knows computer systems.

  4. Three year old news? Thats not news. Telling a story about your car damaged by a bus? Maybe your a privileged blogger. What is the WP today? You end by begging for money to support " real journalism" – Think criticially, figure out what you really are. Embracing change is hard, but I think you can do it. Good luck!

  5. Washington Post – TESLA does NOT have a Budding Autopilot system.
    EVERY Tesla made since April 2019 has Autopilot & FSD HARDWARE in EVERY car.
    the Most current SOFTWARE gives every car with HW3 Level 4 Autonomous capability, IF the customer pays for FSD .
    TESLA L4 can operate Autonomous anywhere there is a Freeway or Highway.
    and TESLA can also operate on some Roads with lane striping.
    TESLA L4 Autopilot is way LESS BUGGY than ALL of the Current offerings by LEGACY auto.

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