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Tesla’s Secret Weapon (worth billions)

Tesla’s Secret Weapon (worth billions)

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new, welcome. For the regulars,
g’day. I’ve discussed many of Tesla’s advantages
at length. Their products are in a league of their own,
their battery technology is embarrassingly far ahead of everyone else, their software
is peerless, their astonishing full-self driving data lead appears unassailable, their charging
network puts others to shame, they have the best engineers, an incredible culture of endless
optimisation, brilliant leadership, the safest vehicles ever tested– bla bla bla. You get it. You know all this. But Tesla has a secret weapon, hidden in plain
view and, in my opinion, it’s worth billions. So what’s this secret weapon? Well, it’s more like an army. Because Tesla has an inspiring mission plus
incredible products, the company is worth talking about. I mean, I’m doing exactly that right now,
and you’re listening. And that’s kind of the point. This army has a number of divisions, each
with some overlap. So let’s look at each of them and consider
the impact they’re making. New Owners A curious thing happens when a person experiences
a Tesla for the first time. It’s rarely a typical encounter. Usually, the person feels some combination
of awe, wonder, excitement, joy and sometimes, even arousal. ..or maybe that’s just me. These are really strange feelings to have
for a vehicle but anyone who’s been in a Tesla can relate. When a new owner takes delivery of a Tesla,
you can all-but-guarantee, their family and friends are going to hear all about it. Whether
they want to or not. Moreover, they’ll probably get to experience
it, too. For many Tesla owners, taking friends or family
for a spin and showing off their Tesla is a joy. When people find something they love, they
want to share that with others. Unless it’s their girlfriend. And well.. ..even that happens sometimes. Almost every person who buys a Tesla becomes
a salesperson for the company, ranting and raving about their amazing vehicle, the low
cost of ownership, offering friends rides, showing colleague features like smart summon,
fart mode, sentry mode–you name it. A few years ago I booked an Uber and to my
surprise, a performance Model S showed up. I got chatting to the driver who, it turns
out, earned an extraordinary income at his job but loved his Tesla so much that he’d
done over 1,200 rides just so he could spend more time in the car, and to show it off to
others. One of his first questions was: “Do you
want to see what it can do?”. If you own a Tesla, you are probably guilty
of telling everyone you know how awesome it is. If you know somebody with a Tesla, they’ve
probably told or shown you how awesome it is. Why would Tesla waste money advertising when
they have an army of almost 1 million troops on the ground, ranting and raving to everyone
who will listen, and many who won’t? While other automakers spend hundreds of millions–if
not BILLIONS–of dollars annually, trying to CONVINCE consumers how great their vehicles
are (that alone should give you pause), Tesla’s own customers are SAVING them hundreds of
millions of dollars annually by spreading the word for them. These word-of-mouth recommendations are the
best. Who are consumers more likely to trust? Their
best friend, or a commercial? Their brother, or an advertisement? As I said recently, the more Tesla’s Tesla
sells, the more Tesla’s Tesla sells. I really need to stress this. I believe that for everyone 1 vehicle Tesla
sells, they will ultimately sell a few more just from word-of-mouth. This can’t run
forever because: math. But right now, most of the people on planet
earth don’t own a Tesla, have never been in a Tesla and don’t even know anyone who
owns a Tesla. As this changes, waves of new customers will
flow to Tesla at increasing rates. This matters. Influencers, Celebrities and the Rich & Famous Humans are social animals whose thoughts and
opinions can be swayed by those of others. I won’t go into the evolutionary psychology
behind this but we all know it’s true. Maybe you’ve heard of Jaden Smith. The video for his track ‘Icon’ features
the rapper in front of his pride and joy: a Tesla Model X. Literally, the entire video,
which has clocked more than 130 million views on YouTube, is shot in front of his Tesla. But wait, Jaden wasn’t done there. 2 years later, an official video was also
released for the track ‘I’. In it? A short loop of Jaden in the back seat of
his now PINK Model X, cruising with its gull-wing doors open. This matters. Maybe you’re heard of Travis Scott, who
managed to gain access to a Tesla Cybertruck and Cyberquad which featured prominently in
his most recent video, ‘Gand Gang’. The video racked up more than 10 million views
in its first 2 weeks. And then there’s the DMT-smoking, UFC-commentating,
podcast-hosting Joe Rogan whose audience is bigger than most countries. Rogan’s 2018 podcast with Elon Musk was
a blazing success. During the interview, Musk told Rogan he should
buy a Model S, so he did. And? Well, since the very public conversation,
Joe has ranted and raved about his Model S to his truly gargantuan audience. [Did you get a Tesla?] [Yeah. I got one.] [Tell me. How do you like it?] [It’s PREPOSTEROUS.] [I had to get one. I told Elon Musk I would
get one. The guy did my podcast. I owe him a solid. I’m a man of my word.] [It’s a f**king space ship! It’s the weirdest
thing I’ve ever driven in my life.] [It doesn’t even make sense.] [It’s not even–not even–there’s not
a single car that I’ve ever driven that’s even close to as fast–NOTHING!] [Like, my Porche’s SO slow. I have a GT3
RS. It has 518 horsepower. It weighs 3,000 pounds. It sounds like a dragon.] [And that Tesla would leave it in the dust.
I mean LEAVE IT IN THE DUST! Like, 0-60 two seconds quicker. It’s f**king INSANE!] How powerful is the influence of Joe Rogan
you ask? Well, let’s put it this way. I know more
people who have smoked DMT because they learned about it on the Joe Rogan podcast, than people
who’ve smoked DMT who didn’t learn about it on Joe Rogan’ss podcast. From Jay-Z to Jay Leno to Joe Rogan. Influencers,
celebrities and the rich and famous are all over Tesla, and this matters. While GM spends $3 billion a year to convince
people its products are cool, Tesla just makes cool products. Big difference. Content Creators Did you know that I don’t own a Tesla, I
don’t give a f**k about cars and I never have, yet here we are. I’m talking about Tesla and you’re listening. I read ALL your comments and I’ve lost count
of the number of people who’ve watched one of my videos and said something to the effect
of “Damn dude, this video convinced me to buy a Tesla. Just ordered one.”. This strikes me as important because this
channel is all about investing. I am a Tesla shareholder, not a Tesla customer. Yet even me, discussing the company from an
investment point of view, is exposing people to the products and generating sales. And
I’m one of many. As far as YouTube goes, this channel is tiny.
It launched less than 2 months ago, and as I record, is approaching 40,000 subscribers
and 3,000,000 views. Some of you might be thinking “It’s not
that small”. A woman said that once to me. But then I woke up. May I draw your attention to Graham Stephan,
known for his extreme frugality and financial savviness. Graham has shared a number of videos
about buying his Tesla Model 3 and its positive financial impact to his 1.4 million subscribers. But Graham is a small fish. Let’s look at Marques Brownlee who straddles
the line between content creator and straight-up influencer. With 10 million subscribers, MKBHD has some
reach. His top 10 Tesla videos have combined views exceeding 45 million–more than double
the population of Australia. That’s a lot of reach. And Tesla understands this. The invite-only audiences at its launch events
are full of YouTubers and few others. Tesla knows social media and influencers are
far more credible than the traditional media. Remember when Elon Musk shunned Wall St on
a conference call to instead take a dozen “internet questions” from HyperChange’s
Galileo Russell? [We’re gonna go to YouTube. Sorry. These
questions are so dry. They’re killing me.] [Thank you. Our next question is from Galileo
Russell with HyperChange] [Hey. Great quarter. Thanks for having me
on the call to represent retail investors.] By the way guys, if you haven’t checked
out the HyperChange channel, it is amazing. Go subscribe right now. Stop the video. It’s
awesome. Or more recently, when just a few weeks after
launching, the Third Row Tesla Podcast locked in an epic 4-hour interview with Elon Musk
because one of its members tweeted at Elon asking if he’d chat with them? Tesla’s army of content creators is enormous,
growing rapidly and spreading the world far and wide. This matters. Elon and His Fanboys Elon Musk has EARNED his sea of fanboys. The dude is a role model for people on the
spectrum, business owners, climate activists, entrepreneurs, nerds and engineers the world
over. With more than 30 million twitter followers,
Musk can–with a single tweet–instantly broadcast important messages and show off features for
free, to his colossal audience. [Well don’t just stand there staring. Hop
in.] [I didn’t practice that expression long.] No other automaker has this ability to broadcast
at scale, for free. And no other CEO could get away with tweeting
jokes about LSD or memes about weed and the number 69. Tesla hasn’t even sold 1 million vehicles,
yet it’s CEO has 30 times that many social media followers. Most of you can’t even name the CEO of any
other automaker. Musk is so influential in popular culture
now that many people are hearing about this “eccentric billionaire” first and finding
out about Tesla later–not the other way around. What other company would have its own customers
repeatedly volunteer to help with end-of-quarter deliveries, quit full time jobs to start YouTube
channels, offer strangers free rides, organise meetups, create bootleg merchandise, start
podcasts, fly a drone over its factories and so on? None. And this matters. The cumulative value of Tesla’s Secret Weapon–its
army of customers, influencers, content creators and fanboys–must numbers well into the billions. And while other automakers spend these billions
trying to CONVINCE customers their products are great, Tesla spends big to MAKE their
products great. Not once in Tesla’s decade-and-a-half history
have they been able to produce enough vehicles to meet demand. This can’t go on forever but I am sure of
one thing. No other automaker has Tesla’s Secret Weapon. Wall St analysts–for the most part–are absolutely
oblivious to this fact and it creates a huge disconnect between perception and reality. Tesla is a tiny company today. Global automotive
sales are about 90 million per year. Today, Tesla is just a fraction of ONE PERCENT of
this market. That will change. Tesla’s army will make certain of it. I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem, and I love you all. Thanks so much for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. Do you agree or disagree with any of my points? Have you ranted and raved about Tesla to your
friends or family? Have you bought a Tesla after experiencing
one for the first time? And of course, if you have any ideas for future
videos, let me know. I read ALL your comments. p.s. If you’re still watching, you’re
AWESOME. This channel has kind of blown up since it
launched and I’m working on making the best possible content for you guys, but it takes
time. Consider supporting the channel at
so I can continue creating content for you guys. There’s a link in the description. Either way, the best form of support is you
being here and watching, so thanks again.

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100 thoughts on “Tesla’s Secret Weapon (worth billions)

  1. I'm a Tesla soldier. Last July I arrived in a medium city with no showroom. So I posted "Free test drives in a Tesla" on Facebook Marketplace, and put my car for rent on Turo. Six months later and I have given about 47 test drives and 13 rentals. Everyone is blown away by the car, and their perspective about what a car could be and should be is changed forever. People don't understand: "Why are you doing this? Do you work for Tesla? What do you get out of this?"

  2. Great content,appreciate amount of research undertaken & quality of video production.Always enjoy end of clip, special.As you stated Elon deserves fan base, his pace of innovation & execution is phenomenal.

  3. Nice to have a Tesla, until it kills you by autopiloting you into a wall, or accelerating you into a parked truck.. or just randomly catching fire… nice car, may as well be called a coffin!

  4. I'm a 90-percent-satisfied early-adopter-owner.
    // Improvement would necessitate a "customer-relations envoy," sadly nonexistent.

  5. Steven! Nobody talks about the synergy that will be created by the iconic cybertruck. Like this:
    When your at a stop light you don’t really see all the EV’s. When the Cybertruck’s start to appear everyone will notice. I’m sure there is a marketing term for this effect. It will reach all the people that don’t really accept EV’s. The Cybertruck will have a significant impact on the crowd!

  6. 1:43 Hmmm Isnt Tesla planning to ban Uber drivers and the like from using their charging network to make it more available to other Tesla owners

  7. I’ve been following tesla well for nearly over a decade…Love the product marketing, Technology all great. I think the next big breakthrough will be battery technology. The only regret I have right now is not gotting there earlier in regards to investment.

  8. Great insight. Love your work. Keep it coming. I am a Penn grad and so is Elon. Sure better represents Penn and Ben Franklin then Trump.

  9. I agree with ALL of your points. I do not currently own a Tesla, taken a ride in one, or even have a friend that has a Tesla. But I feel that it is the very best automobile on the market. I am saving up to get a Model 3 for me and one for my wife. This one video you posted made me a subscriber. Keep up the Great work!! 🤠👍

  10. The other secret weapon is the Model 2. If that, actually, affordable EV ever comes out and is produced in the million units per annum, then it's game over for the ICE, pure and simple.

  11. Elon Musk is in the 0.001% but he actually, and truly one of us, despite him being so rich.
    He's remained human, and knows what being human is. Sure, he took advantage of us, but hey, like you said, he's not trying to make his shit look cool to sell it to us, he just makes cool stuff and we're more than happy to spread the word. Proper word to mouth recommendation. And being one of us, he understands the value there.

  12. for God sake how many videos there are for Tesla. Stupid youtube is constantly bombarding me with Tesla. Yes, their cars are great but can you please stop bombarding me with this shit. OMG ppl and Youtube fuck off!!!!

  13. I am 70 years old and never wanted to drive a car, but now I want to have a Tesla … all very odd and inexplicable.

  14. Awesome channel! I can't get enough of it! Hahaha …. sounds weird, I know, but I don't care. I love the way you put things and the facts you state. I currently drive a little Toyota that I'm still paying on. I want a Tesla Model Y long range so badly and don't know how I'm going to pay for it on my scant income. When the affordable Model Y Long range RWD comes out, I'm grabbing one! Still don't know how I'm going to pay for it, but I'm getting one! All the best, Sir!

  15. damn, you brought me to tears. … no, i mean really!

    the planet is overheating and humanity does virtually nothing about it!
    damn. sometimes i just give up on the human race. they just dont get it. … it really brings me down. i get cynical about life…

    … but then i go to youtube and watch one of your videos: and there you are:

    … with your POWER STATEMENTS. every. word. solid as a rock. no time and no patience, no tolerance and no careful politically correct articulation for those (intentionally ignorant) climate-change-deniers. …damn!
    this here is exactly what the world need right now.

    keep doing what you're doing. stay unapologetic! stay as you are. you are the man!

  16. I always wanted a Tesla. Christmas 2019 my friends bought a 2016 model S P85 AWD. I saw it and i rode in it I confirm everything you said is true 100%. I want one even more now. And Joe Rogen was absolutely telling the truth about it!

  17. So if I bought a vehicle last year and am financing it with about 4 years left, what is my best route to getting a model 3?

  18. The other part of this secret weapon is common sense. Ask an industrial engineer how ridiculously stupid it would be to use a combustion engine and transmission for motion control. Why would you use it for a car if you didn't have to? People have been asking this since the EV1 and the answer is pretty much big oil and autoindustry momentum.

  19. 100 % correct sir. I am looking forward to grabbing a Cyber truck and a Model 3 Performance this year from watching You Tube vids on this technological wonder. One other factor to note is the tons of info and input automatically relayed by the vehicles themselves and implemented changes he makes to the vehicles just from tweets from customers. ICE cars are dinosaurs!!!

  20. Of course, we test drove a Tesla and then went home to look at our finances to make the purchase work. That's the difference between ICE cars and Teslas: customers will stretch to own one. We make decent money but always thought why would we waste it on BMW 3 or Jag? They all just get old, lose value and cost a fortune to maintain. Then Tesla came along and we never looked back. Put a reservation in for a Cybertruck to replace my 20 year old Dodge truck.

  21. Cheers mate, great content!
    I´m starting a new segment in my portfolio composed of the companies involved in the new space race.
    Two of them are in your 3 stock potfolio, I would add boeing at a discount price now and few of their suppliers, a video about this would be great.Thanks

  22. Told my mom to buy Tesla stock at about 190 sold it about 4 months ago an I was pist because it took off like I thought it was going to last year
    Her advisors said sell an she did I send her up dates every time it jumps

  23. Space X is doing the same thing. I know Elon owns Space X too. People are quitting there jobs and making YT channels. Making there own merch. (if you look at Elon's shirt he was wearing when he revealed his cyber truck he was wearing a shirt made by Everyday Astronaut, a YouTuber)

  24. Tesla makes some of the ugliest cars on the planet. Glad there are companies like Nio out there building good looking EV cars with style.

  25. Well the sooner musk gets his head out of his ass and starts giving 90% of the world what it needs not the 1% which is all he caters for now. The world needs a 20k car in their country of purchase not a 35k$ which ends up being 50k€ by the time it hits us. It’s a piss take. How hard can it be for fk sake. There are no middle men, no sales, no garages, no country distribution chains it’s all pure profit done on line. We won’t even talk about after sales service which is non existent! The main stream , make a car for about 6/7k but by the time the bent cartel car industry get it to us it’s what 40k? Yet it’s never been so cheap to produce a car today.

  26. You are too right. Tesla basically goes the same way Linux has gone. Due it’s superior technology and the support and enthusiasm of it’s users. Linux is the foundation of most of the internet infrastructure and lives in the business process interfaces. Uber and Amazon could not be what rhey are without Linux.

    Now try to think about Tesla that way. Think about the cyber truck and the new semi truck and the flexibility and cost of putting the S, X and Y in that same perspective. Those are the front runners. What haven’t seen are all the potential spin offs, the way that people will use these vehicles and even will find ways to make money of them. Want to haven outdoor party? Find someone with a Tesla 3 and hire him or her to attend and put the car in party mode. Done!

  27. You sell well. Far more interested than I have previously been. I liked the the sports car. But lost interest when it transitioned to making family cars. Then I saw a piece where Elon was saying something that was not just flaky but I knew was wrong. Don't ask me for a quote I don't remember things that don't fit reality. I'm autistic, bordeline savant. Reality speaks for itself, you just don't listen while I can't ignore it.

  28. So basically the vegans of the automotive world, its about a way of life and not a tool for commuting.
    A car with a proper support network that doesn't take six months to supply owners with just about any part is something worth considering. Their competitors are catching-up, and will overtake them with the ease of ownership aspect once the novelty wears off.

  29. Wow what a great video! Tesla is out of this world! I love Elon Musk! Hes one of my biggest Role models! Wow what a great car! Elon making electric jets next wow!

  30. I am a model X owner. My other car is a sweet 1966 Jaguar XKE Roadster. I love the XKE but am about to sell it. I'm going to keep the Tesla. Best car ever!

  31. Where do people see the Value in Tesla? The debt is out of control but the stock soars, it literally makes no sense to invest in this company when you see the figures on paper. Yet people pour their money into it. Are they viewing it as a car company or a technology company or both… Someone please explain to me how they will make the payments on the debt they carry and when this company is going to start making a profit consistently. They are a small portion of the car industry and a very small portion of that industry.

    Think about this… companies like Ford churn out 2 million cars a year, Telsa moved 190K in 2019. The competition is going to ramp up from the big boys soon. Example Porshe Taycan Turbo vs Model X, the Taycan is way nicer after all its a Porsche

    … In the next few years we will see many models that are more affordable then Tesla enter the market. It seems Tesla should stay high end luxury or they will get destroyed with cars priced under 40K. When people buy a Telsa they literally never end up with the base price car. For example, the base price of the cheapest model 3 is $27K actual Price $36K and Fully loaded it is 50K and that is the cheapest Model 3 The Most expensive Model 3 Fully Loaded cost $71K. The big boys will end up dominating the 30K to 50K Market where you get more bang for the buck with a nicer interior and way more options. Also Can Telsa keep up with changing models, they seem to stick with one model too long and the fit and finish from the factory although getting better still is poor.


    Tesla no longer seems to be using debt to expand, but instead seems to be using new debt just to keep up with paying off old debt. Despite revenue increases, Tesla is not showing any net gains. Over 70% of Tesla's cash inflows for 2017, 2018 and so far in 2019 were from debt and non-cash charges. Tesla's inability to generate a net gain, when coupled with its ever-mounting debt situation, is not sustainable.


    Tesla Financials:

    more reading:

    SOME Headlines….
    The fiscal year 2020 finds this once-proud company in a desperate state. Laden with more than $6 billion in debt, the company is saddled with interest expenses that cannot be paid by their perpetually negative cash flows.

    U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla and a group of China banks have agreed a new 10 billion yuan ($1.4 billion), five-year loan facility for the automaker’s Shanghai car plant, three sources familiar with the matter said, part of which will be used to roll over an existing loan.

    The Chinese banks earlier this year already offered Tesla a 12-month facility of up to 3.5 billion yuan, which is due to be repaid on March 4, 2020

  32. The ice executives must be having sleepless nights or waking up in a cold sweat.
    I wonder how many actually realise just how much trouble they are in?
    They have to adapt of die.
    Unfortunately for them Tesla is just so far ahead of the game.
    Tesla move so fast – the goal posts are moving so fast – much too fast for the competition!
    Conventional businesses take far more time to just reach a decision on something than Tesla takes to actually build a giga factory and start delivering completed vehicles!
    The ice boys are still having endless meetings and messing about debating what to do!
    The Cybertruck is going to hurt Ford & co so badly. If F150 sales slump badly, it's 'Good Bye' Ford.

  33. I can't afford a Tesla. After seeing what they are doing & planning to do. I convinced my Dad to buy Tesla shares… Just before they shot through the roof!

  34. Totally agree 🙂 I'm also a proud shareholder..ALL-IN … Once you've experienced one, or several test drives that is it..Done. No other OEM makes vehicles like these.

  35. The world needs another 100 Elon Musk to straighten up! Entrepreneurs with a purpose, a passion! Well done for him!!!

  36. I cant buy a Tesla being in South Africa. However, nothing stops me from buying TSLA stock – only the amounts that are available for such. Apart from the actual car, its the data that Tesla owns that puts it ahead of anyone out there. And now Tsla is in China – enabling a research and design centre in China and asking them to help design another Tsla model will recognise the shift thats happening across various Societal planes: Rise of China, shift away from ICE – leaving the ICE makers gaping, thus tipping the scales towards the EV market, and igniting The East-as-creators not copycats. Brilliant move.

  37. I’m only allowed one Tesla fun fact a day at work now. I’ve saturated my market! Lol. But the future holds so many new advances that I’m going to be even harder to shut up. I’m up over 100K on the stock, after losing half of it during the slump. All roads lead to Tesla no matter which way you cut it. Hell, I’m even thinking of buying one and moving back to Oz and just driving it for a living. When else has this kind of opportunity been available to your average joe? Never. Love your channel mate. No BS. 😜🤘

  38. I have no idea where am going to charge it but am saving up for that CYBERTRUCK thats a real car for African roads. Love from Tanzania

  39. Like and have subscribed!!…..😎👍

    Have been in business for close to 20 years and 2020 is the year we will take delivery of our Tesla Model 3 SR+ Pearl….😀…Have test driven both Performance and SR+ and the SR+ is fantastic and all we need.

    Have kept an eye on Tesla for a few years and we are in a position to invest in more passive income streams. We have a few income streams including a very profitable Amazon business and now put aside a percentage for Tesla stock. We have a long term approach to Tesla and have big belief in the long term future success of the company.

    You have some great material with very well thought out points. Well done mate and here's to great success to you and Tesla!!…..😎👍

  40. Tesla is awesome. The car's are amazing, and Elon is an absolute genius.
    But the company is not worth an infinite price!
    Competition will come, from Google, Uber, Autos…and perhaps even others that is very hard to predict now.
    If you're buying at this valuation, you're basically saying – I know the future of auto's in 10 years at it's Tesla.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but in reality these predictions are almost impossible to make.
    Love the car – but not the stock (at this price)

  41. My mom got to ride in my 3 before she passed at 92. She requested a song from South Pacific and (miraculously) Slackr played it. When my sister pointed out that the car was driving, mom said that she'd lived long enough to see the future. When asked about the car, I tell people that I've only been to the Tesla store twice in 19 months & 48k, once was to pick up free mud flaps. Not having to change the oil is an attraction that we forget to advertise. While not as frequently as when new, strangers in parking lots stop me to ask questions – and I'm happy to answer.

  42. I’d like to see a compact or sub-compact version of a Tesla. Any news about the future development in this segment by Tesla?

  43. Great video! However, I will not Like it or Share it, unless you edit it and delete about 1 second, at 1:47 where there is passing across a double solid yellow center line. Even if the road was blocked off for the filming, it is bad form – might encourage someone to imitate the behavior. Again, otherwise, great video!

  44. Yup. You nailed it. Anyone ever see a Tesla commercial? No? There's a reason for that. Tesla has mastered social marketing – TO THE EXTREME. When Elon Musk does a silly dance, he sells another 100K vehicles. When Marques Brownlee does a review of a launch, Tesla sells another 100K vehicles. And on, and on, and on.

  45. Thanks to Tesla, my portfolio is up $134,276 today. I expect the Up Trend will continue all the way into Q4 Earning Report (1/29). Good luck to all Tesla Longs!
    Portfolio here for reference:

  46. I couldn't believe it when you said your channel was only two months old, you make the most high quality and convincing videos currently available on the net, super impressed. Keep up the good work.

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