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Tesla’s Secret Plan (don’t tell anyone)

Tesla’s Secret Plan (don’t tell anyone)

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new to the channel, welcome. For the rest of you, this is becoming a regular
thing between us. I like it. I hope we’re not moving too fast. On August 2nd, 2006, Elon Musk published ‘The
Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan’. This tongue-in-cheek document detailed Tesla’s
plans over the following decade. I’ll put a link in the description but in
effect, there were 4 key objectives. Build sports car (that was the Roadster)
Use that money to build an affordable car (that was Model S)
Use that money to build an even more affordable car (that was Model 3)
And number four: While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options (that was
Solar) Tesla did what they said they were going to
do. This matters. One more time. Tesla did what they said they were going to
do. To have the gall, in 2006, as a fledgling
electric vehicle startup to tell the world “We’re going to make EVs mass-market affordable,
and here’s how we’re going to do it”, and then to successfully execute on those
plans over the following decade is a remarkable feat and says EVERYTHING about Tesla, its
vision, its mission, its culture and its ability to innovate, execute and disrupt. At the time, their claims seemed ridiculous. They were ignored, mocked and laughed at. Fair enough. I mean, why would anyone believe in this crazy
young startup? But here we are 13 years later, with almost
1 million Tesla’s on roads and their flagship product, the “even more affordable car”,
the Model 3, is taking the world by storm, absolutely dominating sales and capturing
a huge slice of the global EV market. Guess what? There’s a new master plan. Published on July 20th, 2016, it lays out
Tesla’s plans for the future. Do you see where I’m going with this? Let’s look at Tesla’s Master Plan, Part
Duex (that means part 2, for you uncultured swine)
“By definition, we must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy or we will run
out of fossil fuels to burn and civilization will collapse. Given that we must get off fossil fuels anyway
and that virtually all scientists agree that dramatically increasing atmospheric and oceanic
carbon levels is insane, the faster we achieve sustainability, the better. Here is what we plan to do to make that day
come sooner: Integrate Energy Generation and Storage
Expand to Cover the Major Forms of Terrestrial Transport
Autonomy Sharing
Let’s look at each of these in more detail Integrate Energy Generation and Storage
“Create a smoothly integrated and beautiful solar-roof-with-battery product that just
works, empowering the individual as their own utility, and then scale that throughout
the world. One ordering experience, one installation,
one service contact, one phone app.” This is already in full swing. Tesla’s Solar roof tiles are coming to market,
powerwalls are already available and individuals are becoming utilities, generating power via
solar, storing it in their power wall, then selling surplus energy back to the grid. The South Australian government have project
underway to create a huge distributed utility (which they’re calling South Australia’s
Virtual Power Plant) by using Solar combined with Power Walls on 50,000 low-income homes. To date, 1,100 of the 50,000 homes are part
of the virtual power planet and already, at only around 2% of its final scale, the virtual
power plant has stepped in to save the day and stabilize the power grid when a coal peaker
plant went down recently. This project will act as proof of concept
for virtual power plants the world over. And keep in mind, Tesla’s energy division
was basically on ice for a year or two as Tesla urgently diverted resources from all
parts of the company to ramp model 3 production. With that solved, Tesla is making a big push
into energy generation and storage. Hmm. Tesla seems to be executing this plan. Expand to Cover the Major Forms of Terrestrial
Transport Wait, what? Do they mean cars? Here we see Tesla’s plans to create vehicles
to capture all major consumer markets: sedan, SUV and pickup. The Model 3, the Model Y which is ramping
as we speak, and the genius Cybertruck to be released in 2021 check these boxes. Let’s read on. “What really matters to accelerate a sustainable
future is being able to scale up production volume as quickly as possible. That is why Tesla engineering has transitioned
to focus heavily on designing the machine that makes the machine — turning the factory
itself into a product. A first principles physics analysis of automotive
production suggests that somewhere between a 5 to 10 fold improvement is achievable.” Wait a minute. Tesla engineers are focused on turning the
factory itself into a product? As in, something you can buy or license from
Tesla? If they can achieve a 5 to 10 fold improvement
over current automotive production methods, this will be massive. 3 years after this was written, we know Tesla
bit off a little more than they could chew with the “machine that makes the machine”
during the Model 3 ramp. However, the lessons learned during this hell,
including erecting the “tent” production line have been implemented in Gigafactory
3 Shanghai which was constructed in record time, 10 months from muddy field to producing
vehicles with 65% LESS capital expenditure per unit of capacity than the US model 3 production
facilities. I wonder if they’ll implement more leanings
into Gigafactory 4 in Berlin which will be constructed by the end of 2021. In 2016 Tesla acquired Grohmann Engineering
who specialise in “the design, development, and sale of automated manufacturing systems”. In 2017 Tesla acquired Perbix stating that
with “the acquisition of Perbix, Tesla further advances its efforts to turn the factory itself
into a product and build the machine that makes the machine. In 2019 Tesla acquired Hibar systems who have
expertise in Lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes. Hmm. Tesla seem to be executing this plan. But there’s more. Let’s read on. “In addition to consumer vehicles, there
are two other types of electric vehicle needed: heavy-duty trucks (ok, that’s the semi,
we know about that, whatever) and high passenger-density urban transport. Both are in the early stages of development
at Tesla” High passenger-density urban transport? What the f**k are they talking about? Tesla is going to become a public transport
provider as well? Yes. That’s where The Boring Company comes in. Yeah, the one that digs tunnels. Guess who’s making the high passenger-density
electric vehicles to be used in those tunnels to transport people around cities in a fraction
of the time in currently takes? It’s right here in the masterplan. Tesla is working on designs for accessible
electric–hmm, I dunno–“microbuses” (let’s call them that) which will operate in Boring
Company tunnels as public transport. Everyone’s asleep on this. The revenue opportunity is staggering. Lots of people use public transport today. Even more will when it’s dramatically quicker. Autonomy Tesla’s goal is to develop a self-driving
capability that is 10X safer than a human driver. They’ll achieve this via massive fleet learning. Tesla is approaching 1 million vehicles on
the roads, each of them collecting data to improve its full self driving AI via deep
learning. Partial autonomy is already here and Tesla
are attacking the problem from both ends – at highway speeds with Navigate on Autopilot,
and at slow speeds in urban environments with smart summon. Autonomy is progressing deceptively fast. That’s the nature of exponentials. As time goes by, more features continue to
roll out and Tesla’s self-driving AI goes from drunk teenager to attentive adult, it
won’t be long until Tesla’s are driving themselves without supervision and people
the world over will liberate what was once driving time for everything from sleep to
work to entertainment to…. (romance mode) #teslababy I’m not going to get into the nitty gitty
about Tesla’s lead in fully autonomous driving. That can wait for another video. At this point, I’m confident in predicting
that Tesla will win autonomy. Their data lead is unassailable. If you question this, tell me why and I’ll
address it in a future video. Point is, Tesla seem to be executing this
plan, too. Sharing
You will be able to add your car to the Tesla shared fleet just by tapping a button on the
Tesla phone app and have it generate income for you while you’re at work or on vacation,
significantly offsetting and at times potentially exceeding the monthly loan or lease cost. This dramatically lowers the true cost of
ownership to the point where almost anyone could own a Tesla. Since most cars are only in use by their owner
for 5% to 10% of the day, the fundamental economic utility of a true self-driving car
is likely to be several times that of a car which is not. In cities where demand exceeds the supply
of customer-owned cars, Tesla will operate its own fleet, ensuring you can always hail
a ride from us no matter where you are. This is the most important piece of Tesla’s
plan. From an investor’s point of view, the potential
is ridiculous. Absolutely, unquestionably, RIDICULOUS. When Tesla’s “fleet awakens” and suddenly
millions of vehicles can begin passively earning income for their owners any time of the day
or night, it’s game over. Traditionally, a consumer buys a car and then
its manufacturer doesn’t see any additional income (unless you count service and maintenance). Now, Tesla will be able to generate huge recurring
profits by taking a slice of robo-taxi earnings. The overhead in establishing this business
is almost zero. Just a bit of software. The hardware is being paid for by customers,
not Tesla. Tesla just take a clip of all earnings. It’s genius. And it gets better. If Tesla solves full self driving first, and
drivers are no longer required, the biggest cost in ride hailing services has been eliminated. The driver. This means Tesla can massively, MASSIVELY
undercut Uber, Lyft, Cabify — all of them. And make gigantic profits while doing so. This alone is the foundation of ARK Invest’s
$6,000 5-year price target on Tesla stock. So, yeah. Tesla seem to be executing this plan too. Let’s recap. Tesla’s current masterplan consists of 4
parts: Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly
integrated battery storage Expand the electric vehicle product line to
address all major segments Develop a self-driving capability that is
10X safer than manual via massive fleet learning And: Enable your car to make money for you when
you aren’t using it If they do all four of these things, they’re
poised to become one of the most valuable companies on planet earth. The question is: can they execute? Before you answer, just remember. 13 years ago, Tesla told us what they were
going to do, and they did it. I’m Steven Mark Ryan. This is Solving The Money Problem and I love
you all. Thanks for much for watching. Leave a comment below. Did you know about the master plan? Do you think Tesla can execute? Why or why not? And if you have any ideas for future videos,
let me know. I read ALL your comments. p.s. If you’re still watching, you’re awesome. 😘 This channel has kind of blown up since it
launched and I’m working on making the best possible content for you guys but it takes
time. Consider supporting the channel at:
so I can continue creating content for you guys. There’s a link in the description. Either way, the best kind of support is you
being here and watching so thanks again. You can stop watching now. There’s definitely not easter eggs at the
end of my videos.

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100 thoughts on “Tesla’s Secret Plan (don’t tell anyone)

  1. No, I for one did not know about Tesla's plan. Has Tesla delivered on its promises? Kinda. I guess you could say 'Yes' if you discount the numbers he said he would do and the dates he said he would do them by. And the cars? well, apart from the build quality, yes, he did eventually produce something like what he said he would. As to the AI, he also said that they would already be completely autonomous by now. Again, you could just say he is running late. Very late. I'm not a Tesla hater, I'm just a realist. Does Tesla do what he said he will do? Yes. Can he do it in the time frame and budget he sets down? His history says 'No'.
    Something else to consider. He loves making assumptions about tech that does not exist yet. So far, he has managed to make good (for the most part). But if he (or anyone) continues to speculate like that with how new tech will develop, eventually you are going to get it wrong.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. I trust they will meet their goals. My goals are to take advantage of their goals. However, they are likely moving too fast for me to be able to finance any of it once it first becomes available. I hope to get in on the self driving taxi service. If that pans out and I can make enough profit I would hope to get the Tesla roof. I have 5 years to get out of debt and save up for the car. I’m on track though. So far, so good.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Their master plan is to make sure no one buys or leases their vehicles anymore due to having almost no post sales/lease customer support?? Five months waiting to get my X in for serious warranty repairs and I’m dealing with 20 somethings claiming they are managers of the entire establishment… and refused to put me in touch with their supervisors… and laugh at me when I ask to. Second round with two separate “show room/dealerships” I have to go back and forth to see which one has competent employees working there at the time of my issues and again just trying to get through to anyone is a feat… Love the vehicle and willing to put up with the idiosyncrasies of the latest technology but you would think because of this I would get a little bit of decent service for $100K vehicle… when I said that to them they had to make sure they corrected me and said it was only $96K… I will not be getting another Tesla solely due to the lack of humane customer support.

  5. If you seriously think autonomous driving will improve exponentially for a prolonged amount of time you are just a typical economy moron. There is almost nothing in this universe (if anything) that can actually grow exponentially for a long amount of time.
    Most things follow some kind of S-curve and I don‘t expect autonomous driving to be any different.

    This can also been seen in other AI things like Googles Alpha Zero. It improves very fast at the beginning but as it gets closer to perfection the progress slows down dramatically (because there is less overall room to grow which makes optimizations harder).

  6. I think the biggest threat to Tesla is still the huge manufacturing capabilities of the big German and Korean companies. If they manage to develop a similar thing they can ramp up production in an instance and probably a lot cheaper than Tesla can (experience + economy of scale).

    And trust me, they are working on it. In Europe the self driving laws are stricter which means the companies aren‘t as willing to just sell a „Beta“ to consumers but they are still working on it and making rapid progress. I have personally been in a Renault self driving (test) car and it is already a lot better than Teslas Autopilot from what I experienced. It works about as good on highways but it also works on smaller roads and even in cities which is insane to me.

    So yeah, I think there is a real threat there. It looks to me like Tesla has to become profitable enough within the next 3-4 years or they will have a serious problem (or will at least nit dominate as much as you say they will).

  7. Tesla is gonna provide airvehicles, transportation in Mars and interplanetaty. But be sure, Tesla coorporations may also divide into smarter deals for Elons and friends, which will make Teslas stocks not that lucrative as you may expect.

  8. You forgot about maxwell and the electric ATV!

    Also, rocket travel on Earth is considered a method of mass transportation.

  9. Missing the starlinks communication satellites that will change the world of communication around the world. And all related space x missions and innovations. 😉

    In Musk we trust 😉

  10. Maybe in America. Elsewhere, nah. His service and support are stretched to the limit. Still not turning a profit and concentrating on minimising parts for generic builds. No good throwing more product out (outside USA) if it can't be supported well.

  11. Tesla's biggest hurdle is the software. Self-driving dev has a notoriously long tail. As someone who has experienced both Waymo and Tesla autonomy, I much prefer the Waymo approach. It's far safer and more acceptable to cautiously conduct smaller tests that yield faster improvement, showing off the possibility more quickly in real results.

    Waymo is already shuttling passengers around Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ without drivers. And those passengers will tell you that those vans navigate complex situations very naturally. Meanwhile any honest Tesla owner is going to tell you that the driverless features are still in their early days. It's entirely possible that Tesla will be able ramp up the nuance in their code, but so far their pace means this is a long way out.

    This is speculation, but I suspect their large amount of road data isn't as good of a metric as it first appears. Given that we as riders want complete awareness of the specific areas we're being navigated through, it really doesn't matter how many miles have been logged in other parts of the world. In fact, that foreign data could be an unnecessary complication in a system that is already struggling to build regional familiarity.

  12. One problem. Co2 is not a problem. And Australia are already seeing the difficulties and rising costs of embracing unreliable energy.
    I'm not mocking Elon's vehicles, I think they're great, and I hope he does well. But the energy argument is wrong. Keep coal plants, which are cheap and reliable. Embrace fracking, the arguments against it are in part flawed and the benefits far, far out way any negatives – if your standard is human flourishing. And de-regulate Nuclear so it's not so costly to build and can be erected faster.
    Having these reliable energy resources (and we have more than enough fossil fuels – we are not running out ) to help generate electricity is the most effective route. Use electric cars. If your mileage is such that overnight recharging means you'll barely need to use any outside charging stations at low costs (if we stop subsidizing the unreliables) and moving around with an increasing implementation of A.I. tech will increase our productive lives.
    There is a vision of a prosperous future so close, and the only thing that will hinder it is government intervention, and the anti-human climate alarmists.
    Are you a racist? Then stop advocating Africa from getting the coal plants they need. The U.N. doesn't want the competition. I say the U.N. and the rest of the elite centralists (totalitarians) need to be reduced to zero influential emissions as soon as possible. Not Co2.

  13. Will of T.
    Tesla's bloodline may have ended but one day someone will appear, carrying all the energy industry's weight and challenge the world.
    One Piissuuuu waaa…. JITSUZAII SURUUUU!!

  14. Yeah Tesla the biggest scam ever put on the American people. A very expensive town car that is being touted as a replacement for the gas powered car. Talked to a Tesla owner and bet him $ 1,000 He could not go with me from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver BC. He said sure he could there are charging stations everywhere. I said I downloaded the Tesla App and He could not even make the first leg as the first charging station was 460 miles away and his charging was only good for 250 miles. Easiest thousand I have ever made. Lets sue tesla for all their lies. Also here is the climate lies to justify tesla. "Fifty years of failed eco-predictions, eco-apocalyptic The Competitive Enterprise Institute has put together a lengthy compilation of apocalyptic predictions dating back decades that did not come to pass, timed as Democratic presidential candidates and climate activists refocus attention on the false issue.

    Dire predictions, often repeated in the media, warned of a variety of impending disasters – famine, drought, an ice age, and even disappearing nations – if the world failed to act on climate change. All lies.

    AOC APPEARS TO CLAIM MIAMI WILL BE GONE 'IN A FEW YEARS' BECAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE. In 60 years the average rise has been less than an inch.

    An Associated Press headline from 1989 read, "Rising seas could obliterate nations: U.N. officials." The article detailed a U.N. environmental official warning that entire nations would be eliminated if the world failed to reverse warming by 2000.

    Then there were the fears that the world would experience a never-ending "cooling trend in the Northern Hemisphere." That claim came from an "international team of specialists" cited by The New York Times in 1978.

    On "The Mark Levin Show" on Westwood One, Levin said none of the predictions with "due dates" have come true and yet many Democrats are using the threat of the effects of climate change to put forth monumental policy proposals that would destroy liberty.

    It's happening right before our eyes, and it's going to destroy the country, as they try to push us into a socialistic economic system and destroy what's left of our constitutional system," he said.

    "It's been a subterfuge to undermine our constitutional system, to undermine our capitalist system, and to create this almost Zen-like support for this radical agenda — which has as its purpose to destroy many of our freedom institutions in this country an install Communism."

    Fox News' Sam Dorman contributed to this report.

    predictions," he said. "This climate change stuff says we are supposed to destroy our society — the media are now fully behind this lie."

  15. How do you recognize a clickbait channel with no information value? If his videos are exactly 10 minutes and a few seconds long, to get 2 times ads.

  16. Sounds to mean, that you ‘might’ be an employee or a sub-contractor employee. How many Tesla models have they yet made? Four. The truck, that semi, their new roadster and this new model-Y. That’s certainly not meeting your goals. I am aware of many who (despite pre-ordering) have yet to have their cars delivered. And in many cases… sub-par. It was a well thought out and edited video… I’ll give you that. And maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t have your faith… concerning Tesla’s future. Thanks for the video. ,

  17. Number one: “Captain Elon, we have a master plan loaded”
    Captain Elon: “ Engage”
    The future belongs to those that “ Do”
    Hans Juergensen

  18. Tesla's autonomy efforts are artificially hampered by their refusal to use lidar. Right now, lidar is not cost effective. Tesla's strategy seems to be based on the belief that that will remain so. Waymo is arguably more autonomous right due to using it. If the price pf lidar comes down to where it is viable in a consumer vehicle, Waymo will be able to capitalize on their lead… All technologies drop in price as volume rises. Tesla took advantage of that by positioning themselves in the EV market early. Waymo is doing the same thing with lidar.

  19. Autopiloted cars will only function safely on controlled roadways that have been specially layed out. On standard roads and highways there are to many unforseen possibilities. Road sizes, signals, access and participants are not standard. Weather and lighting condition also complicate the problem. Driving is not a simple feat. That is why it takes much time for humans to learn and get licensed. So autonomy will only be available to special cars in special lanes. Wide open use would be too dangerous and reckless. Driving is not a computer game or simulation.

  20. I enjoyed your overview. Hope it all works out. Personally I think the future is in drones. Think about what a game changer that would be.

  21. I really hope the Government or big oil or car company’s don’t gang up and kill Elon or do something else dirty to stop Tesla

  22. Just finished watching this video, (13 yo btw) and considering applying for job at tesla someday maybe. dunno.
    also subbed 🙂

  23. Tesla is an accounting fraud. I can’t wait for the movie! The stock hinges on ongoing EV subsidies. Investors will be burned in this stock in the coming years!

  24. i can also predict that people responsible for legislation allowing autonomous vehicles on the road will become very rich. Oil and ICE car companies are going to pay alot to them for NOT going ahead with such legislation.

  25. The sharing deal is a bit much… I used to drive many rentals a few years ago while working Alberta's oil fields and let me tell ya 9 out of 10 were in rough shape. Also at this time most were only a year old or so from production… so no thanks I barely trust rentals let alone 'sharing" my car to reduce the cars cost. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch my dudes.

  26. I just bought a Model 3 and love it! I was a little confused watching this video though, between (future self-driving) making money for owners, and making money for investors ??

  27. Absolutely doable! One more thing, with StarLink due to be running in a year or two, is access generates only $10 a month profit per user and with just 1 billion users of the potential 3.5 billion he will probably have! Elon will be the richest man ever.making 10 billion per month, 120 billion a year, a trillion every 10 years..
    He will be a multi Trillionaire . IMO

  28. The bit about sharing self driving cars making things cheaper is a bit (a lot) misleading because while you only drive 5-10% of the day, you're also only putting wear and tear on that car for 5-10% of the day. Cars that drive all the time wear out MUCH faster in real time, than cars that are safely parked somewhere most of the day.

  29. The only way Elon has managed to stay in business is by screwing the American taxpayers out of billions of dollars. If he were ever made to stop sucking on the government's teat, Tesla would close down the next day.

  30. Don't forget people that Elon musk went to Epstein and asked him for help even though he knew he was a paedophile. He lied about his stick prices and was fined millions. You can trust him if you want, personally I think he is scum.

  31. 7:41 is where the key is. People don't realize the impact of this, thinking that self driving cars will just be you getting into your own car like normal just not driving it. Hell no – the company that solves self driving, protects their solution and applies it to a major fleet of cars, trucks, semis etc – will essentially own ALL land based transport for both people and goods. It will also happen way faster than people realize, as a system like this online will make getting rid of your own car a total no-brainer, save for enthusiast cars. Nobody wants to hassle with parking if the option is competitively priced.

  32. A question about autonomy. With the fear of the unknown and inevitable death from autonomous vehicles (actual are precieved), how is Tesla going to contain local and state government limitations or outright banning or these driverless vehicles.

  33. I've been following Elon's exploits since I first heard about their lotus-based electric sports car back in grade 11 high school… Glad to live the majority of my life in a world changed by him.

  34. I for one do think, as you've expressed in this video that Tesla will achieve at least most of its goals. However as a many years long experienced uber/lyft driver driverless tech is not likely to replace existing fleets of rideshare professionals. Here's why. First off the driver does much more than just operate the vehicle down the road. We interact with our clients during the trip. We ensure that the vehicle isn't vandalized during loading/unloading or even during the trip. For instance how will an autonomous car realize that the cute little puppy the last rider had with them just left a little present for the next passenger? This applies to a multitude of different scenarios including far more benign things such as leaving one's phone in the car because it slipped between the back seat cushions. Insurance will also be a major factor in this. LIke it or not for every accident insurance companies require that someone is found to be at fault. You can't sue a car, the car owner wasn't in direct control of the vehicle so how can they be held to blame? Sue Tesla? Perhaps but if that is to be the de facto party to blame, how will profits be maintained? If we look at other industries where autopilot features are available, airplanes, trains, cargo ships that haul those big rectangular boxes that get placed on the back end of semis, all of them are required to have a live person behind the wheel to take over in the case of an emergency or malfunction. Beyond these considerations there is also going to be a large segment of the population that is uncomfortable trusting their lives to a computer. Thus increasing or really maintaining the current level of demand for skilled rideshare drivers.

    All of this is not to say that automation won't happen. But rather that automation will help to improve the safety of existing operators. Cutting off quickly from pathways that would result in a crash from a perspective the driver may at that moment be unaware. We are all, after all human. In fact this seems to be the direction that other manufacturers are going with on the subject of autonomy. We see systems with steering assist, breaking assist, cruise control that will maintain distance from a vehicle in front of them, et cetera. They are building tools that help make us better at the task of operating these machines. So really this is the only point that I think Tesla is off the mark on with full autonomy. In fact the one aspect that has been consistent with every tesla full auto crash so far is that the driver wasn't doing their part. In one case a driver was killed when a semi turned left in front of the vehicle but the color of the trailer was so close to the sky that the car just couldn't see it properly. In that case the driver is thought to have been watching a movie on a portable DVD player that was found on the floor of the car. In another instance where a Tesla hit a pedestrian who started crossing the street in front of the car, the operator was watching something on their phone. In addition to this the automatic braking had been disabled by the driver prior to the incident. From these two examples we can see it is currently wise practice to make driving involved enough so that the driver knows they have to be a part of the equation. Too little interaction and people get bored and do other things to occupy their time. To much control on the part of the driver, and they can miss information that the computer can see and react to in time to avoid or at least reduce the severity of an impact.

    But in terms of achieving what they set out to do initially. I have to say that Tesla is a huge success. That initial vision was to help move the world closer to the point of ending it's reliance on fossil fuels. And given the number of companies that are now offering their own full electric and hybrid solutions. I'd say they've already won that fight. Now it's just a matter of how far down this road we can get the world to travel in as short a period of time as possible.

    Thanks for reading. Ciao for now. And I hope your day treats you well.

  35. Tell world that Solving the true money problem is simple use of profitshareholders.SPACE that eliminates all corporate executive cybercrime fraud, all insider trading, and prevents ALL stock market crashes forever. Easy, stockholders vote on a delay between execution of buy and sell order, and must accept future high or low value after Delay of say, 3 days occurs. True intrinsic value now achieved and google and facekb0ok go broke with our ad free another historical answer from stranded billionaires of fame..

  36. 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of those teslas are driven by the parents of the kids at my school

  37. I hope Elon builds in safety measures so people using Tesla own their product and are able to choose what they share with Tesla. Otherwise it takes one dick to control everything like what happened with Facebook, Apple, Google, …

  38. Great video, new to the channel here!
    May I suggest to link all the highlighted documents/blogposts seen during the video, I'd love to read some of those 🙂
    Keep it up!

  39. we have been working on the tech to offer such a sharing system for 7 years now. Laws from Uber and Traditional big Cab companies have prohibited much of our growth. The day of free transportation is coming. The idea has been born and the only barrier is the government. With Elons money and influence I am sure he will be able to change the legislation needed to make all of this happen. It sucks as I my company may not be around to enjoy it buy if it means future generations will get free transportation any where in the world then I say it's worth the risk and sacrifice to help make it all happen.

  40. The boring tunnels and skates have been proven to be highly over-estimated and the tunnels end up saving little to no time vs surface streets.

  41. This Channel does not look trustworthy. It ONLY shows the good part of Tesla, but not the bad part. Certainly there are good things about tesla, but also bad things you can show.

  42. Driving without supervision? Yeah ok, first start off with trains and planes, both of them need a human to be attentive 100% of the time.

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