Tesla Showroom Madness!! Model 3 Viewing Now Possible in CA [live]

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let’s just jump right into the latest Tesla news. And the first thing is
that the Tesla Model 3 is now available in stores. So, it debuted in Los
Angeles just recently, the Culver City location. And then there’s also the
San Francisco location, I’m sorry, the Stanford location, which is up in the bay area. Now, this article comes to us from Forbes from Brooke Crothers, who you may know I’ve collaborated with in the past. He had some videos here that
were pretty interesting. I did get a couple notes from people about this that said they stood in line for up to three hours
just to be able to sit in the Model 3, which is madness to me. I can’t believe that people
would actually do that. But, hey, I get it. It’s a very interesting thing. So no test drives yet, but
if you are in California and near those locations, you can got get a look at it. I don’t know if the lines
are still like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still pretty long. But in any event, they’re out there. Also, there are other options that you can take advantage of, as well, to get a more close experience with one. And the first thing to mention is with this website called Turo. Now, Turo did sponsor a
trip I just took to CES in a Model 3. And the Model 3 I rented at the time was much cheaper than
the ones you’re seeing on the screen now. But these aren’t available everywhere, and if you do live in California, though, they are popping up. I just looked here for Los
Angeles a couple days out, and I filtered down to the Tesla Model 3. You can see some people are really trying to capitalize on this right now. $500 per day for a couple listings. $279 for the day, $295, $245, so these were pretty expensive. I was lucky enough to get
one that was only $160 a day. So, keep your eyes out
if you’re interested in renting a Model 3. And even if you just take it for the day, drive it around whatever, if
you get a couple people in, it’s not that expensive, won’t be that big a deal. And pretty cool experience, honestly. Now, if you do want to check that out, I can offer you $25 off your first trip. If you go to, it’ll take you this page here. You just sign up, and then whenever you use it, you get $25 off. So, take advantage of that, absolutely. If you’re planning on using Turo now or at any point in the future. It is kind of a cool car rental service. I’ve only used it in
this one instance here. But, I did enjoy it. It kind of reminded me
of Airbnb, but for cars. So if down the road they want
to sponsor some more stuff, maybe we’ll do some other videos. People put Lamborghinis and
all kinds of fun stuff on here, so maybe we’ll have
some cool things there. But go check it out. You can get $25 off your first trip. And if you do use it
and take advantage of it and go drive in a Model 3. I’d love to know what you think. So go to
to take advantage of that. And I wish you guys the best of luck. Now, the next bit of news we
have is about the Tesla Semi. And this is their first
order they just received from the Middle East. I’m not gonna try to
pronounce the company’s name, but they are a UAE
United Air Emirates based environmental and waste management firm. They revealed that they
have ordered a fleet of 50 Tesla Semi trucks immediately after the launch of the long
hauler back in November. So, this is exciting because again, the Tesla Semi is proving to be one of their most popular and potentially longest lasting models. And I love this because all
of these things signal that the economics of this makes sense. And if so, the potential for this Semi is much larger than a
lot of the other models. Yes, they’re gonna be
coming out with the model Y, and then the pickup truck, and those are very large consumer segments. This, though, is a complete game changer. And I know there are some
competitors out there, but none of have really
captured the attention like Tesla has, of course. Their most valuable asset
is the attention they get and kind of the sizzle that they have around everything they do. So, I think this is exciting, and I really look forward to more. Some messages on websites I’ve seen put this at over 2,000 pre orders. Of course, we don’t know
the official numbers, but we may hear them soon
on an upcoming earnings call or potentially another
little ten cue report or something like that. So, good things ahead for the Tesla Semi. Next there have been a lot of
other things popping up lately especially since CES
was just this past week, and there were a lot of
big announcements there. This isn’t particularly a new one. But this is a really interesting car that Jaguar is producing
called the I-PACE. Now, I believe some other YouTuber friends have actually taken a ride in this. I think it’s really interesting because of the specs. If you look at the specs here, the Jaguar I-PACE, the concept, will start around $70,000. So pretty affordable,
and it will go 310 miles on a charge, which is great. (coughs)
Excuse me. It’s all wheel drive has a
90 kilowatt hour battery. The acceleration is zero to
60 in about four seconds, plenty fast, honestly. Charging, 80% charge in 90 minutes. So that is quite a bit longer than Teslas, but in theory, as the charging
infrastructure gets better, that could be better there. And then with regards
to advanced autopilot, full self-driving, we
kind of don’t know yet. However, it’s just really nice that we’re seeing competition here. So the Jaguar I-PACE, stay tuned, there’s gonna be a lot
of new stuff coming out. The only thing I don’t like about this is that people are
always calling something the “Tesla-Killer.” It’s just kind of a joke. I’m sure Tesla has a similar opinion of me that competition in this space is good. The goal is to switch
to a sustainable form of transportation, in which case, the more the merrier, right? The idea of a Tesla-Killer is stupid. The idea of like a Toyota
Corolla-Killer is more interesting because that’s really
thing that the EV market is trying to combat against. Even the higher end cars,
which is kind of where they all live now, really
isn’t the main focus. It’s the mass market cars. And I know the Model
3 is marketed as that, but really it’s a bit outside of most people’s range, honestly. So, there you have it. That’s kind of a cool thing. Go check out this article. I’ll put links in the
description down below. And stay tuned for much
more on the Jaguar I-PACE coming out soon. Next, something that was unveiled at CES was the Byton. And this is a SUV. Not sure I love the name. It’s an interesting concept. It’s similar to the size of a Model X. I think it has a really good design and some pretty cool features. Let me show you the interior here. I think the exterior looks fine. My friend, Dan, did get
a chance to do this. He just posted the video on YouTube today. So, if you’re not following
him, it’s What’s Inside? Family. He got to sit in it at
CES and check that out. But, I really like how
advanced the interiors are becoming and just the
tech of these in general. You know, I’ve been a long critic of cars, because it seemed like the tech inside was often neglected and
just the outside styling is all that ever changed about them. Meanwhile, the engine and little things, little fine tune things,
but nothing really dramatic. And so here you can kind
of see a very different looking interior and some really cool distinctive features about it. And so this is exciting. Whether or not this will
actually be the version that comes out and what we end up seeing in the real world is a ways out. But, I do just love that
again, there’s more competition in the market. And all of this means that. If someone can seriously
challenge Tesla in this stuff, it’d be great, because
then it’ll force Tesla to improve even better than they are now. All good things happening in this pace. And I’m excited to see all of these cars see some amount of success here, if not a tremendous amount. Next, we’re talking about Tesla winning their ability to sell
cars in Rhode Island. So, if you weren’t aware,
there are several states, I think there were five,
maybe now this makes it four, that band Tesla sales. And the reason is is
because they sell direct to consumers. So, when you buy a car from Tesla, you’re not buying from a dealer. In fact, my bank was a bit confused when I just got my
financing for my Model 3, which I have all lined up right here, as I’m going to get my
Model 3 later today. They’re saying, “What’s
the name of the dealer?” And I say, There isn’t one. “I don’t know. You just put Tesla, but
it’s a confusing thing. And so a lot of states see this model of direct to consumer as a… They’re just kind of stuck in this really old way of thinking, like the companies were out
to kind of pull the wool over people’s eyes and trick
them into buying something. And that the car dealers were
there to protect the consumer. And so it’s kind of this
dumb, weird old legislation that’s still hanging around. And those guys are fighting for it. Some of the states that
have the big automakers, those are the ones that also ban it. So, there’s even some
really interesting things happening out in Michigan about that. Because there were some
lawsuits that were settled recently, and the lawsuits
are going to let us peak into the emails between the legislatures and the lobbyists from the
automakers in that state. So, yeah, we’re gonna
see a lot happen soon, but this is just a small
win here for Tesla. And I don’t know how many
cars they’re actually gonna sell in Rhode Island. If you’re in Rhode Island, let me know. Let me know how often
you see a Tesla around. Apparently this happened about
a meeting with the governor in Elon Musk and all that kind of thing, where they were kind of
bummed that they would see the cars all around town, but they knew that they weren’t getting
of the tax revenue and stuff like that. You still can buy them if
you live in these states. You just can’t buy them
from somebody in the state. You have to order it online, and then have them ship it to
you and that kind of a thing. So, anyways, good news
for Tesla in Rhode Island or for folks in Rhode Island. Hopefully, other states like Utah, Michigan will follow suit. Okay, next, something I’m
acutely interested in. This was a tweet from Tyson Edwards. And he was asking Elon, “Can we look forward to more voice control “before level five,”
meaning level five autonomy, “to maximize safety while driving?” And he’s talking about the Model 3 here. Since nearly everything
you control on the Model 3 requires input on the screen, thus taking your eyes off of the road more than most other cars. Can’t wait for mine, Thanks. And Elon replied. Let me see how long… Oh it doesn’t show the exact time. Let me see if it shows here. I’m curious how many… Oh okay, it was about an hour later. Okay, anyways, so Elon responded; Definitely, you’ll be able
to do pretty much anything via voice command. Software team is focused on
core Model 3 functionality right now, good idea, but that will be done soon. We’ll wait and see. Then we will add a lot more features. Okay, let me talk about this real quick, because I just got back from a road trip where I went from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back in a Model 3. And yes, there are some
things about the screen that are a bit distracting,
notably the navigation. Because in my Model S, when
I am navigating somewhere inside the dash right
behind the steering wheel, it’ll have the little map. In fact, the car driving with
the route and everything. And it will show me exactly
what my next turn is. I just have to look the same place I look for the speedometer, so
just barely slightly down. Now here, in the model three,
the speed and all that stuff is on the left side of the monitor, which is just to the right. After a few minutes, you
get really used to that. It seems pretty natural. You’re used to, for years,
looking down for that, but now you look over here. I will say, at night it was pretty weird, not having anything lit
up behind the screen. I felt like my lights
were off or something. But, the navigation doesn’t switch over. So when you’re navigating
somewhere, you look over, here’s your speed and
everything, and then way over to the far right, is where the navigation, the directions are. Now you can turn on the voice commands. It’ll say; turn right,
turn left, upcoming, blah, blah, blah, but if you’re like me, a lot of people really don’t like that. So, that is definitely
something that is distracting, and so, it’d be nice if they’d
make some changes there, but the other piece about
that is the voice command, and as Elon pointed out, and
as Tyson here cleverly put, there really is no reason
that I can’t hit the voice command button and say; turn the heat on, or, turn the air on, or
turn the music up or down. There are so many voice
command technology, it’s so advanced now, and the entire car is built on these APIs. So you just basically need a translator that listens to your
command, interprets it, and then puts that into something
that the car understands to actually make that adjustment. So I am very excited about this. I hope that this also
comes to the S and the X, because it’s something that I think is severely lacking, right? I can’t tell it; turn the
air on, or turn the air off, or any of those things. Even on the S and X, you have to look over and find the screen and do all that. So, it’s not entirely intuitive,
and I think it is a big area where they can improve the user experience pretty dramatically. So, thank you Tyson, for
asking that question, and of course, Elon for responding. I am excited to learn more about that. And of course, we’ll update
you guys as time goes on, especially since I’ll be
getting my model three in just a few hours. Okay, now let’s head over to Q&A. I have the Q&A up on Crowdcast. Let me stop sharing my screen. Do, do, do. And again, if you guys are
watching this on youtube or Facebook, and you want
to be a part of this Q&A, you can do so by getting on our email list at Just double check, it looks good there, okay, you guys can still see me, alright. Sounds good, let’s get right
to the first question, here. Gary in New York asks; Now
that you have had a model three to drive to CES, how does it stack up in terms of value and performance? Is is the car we all hoped it would be, and is it worth the price? That’s a great, and very
large question, Gary. Thank you for asking that, and you know, it’s really hard
to answer in just one way. I’m definitely going to
be doing a lot of videos on this, obviously, and
I guess the first thing I have to say is, and I covered
it quite a bit, actually, in the latest video I
did on the model three I took to CES this past
weekend, or late last week. And it is significantly different than the model S, I’ll say. I like the model S a lot more. The car is phenomenal,
and I love what it is, but it is very different. And I would say that, if you
were looking between an S and a three, it would
be a hard sell for me, other than on price. The autopilot is fantastic,
it worked extremely well, and of course I have a video
coming out about that soon, but I will say, it’s not
nearly as comfortable, and as, kind of luxurious or sophisticated as the model S is. That being said, if
were to put this against a BMW three series, or a Mercedes
C class, or one of those, yeah, I think the tech in it just trumps anything else out there. I mean, it’s a phenomenal vehicle. The only thing that really
beats it, are the S and the X. And Tesla, I don’t think
they were lying previously, when they said when they talked
about it being a step down. It really is a step down from the S. So that’s kind of the
thing that I would really, that’s where my head is. It’s a step down from the S for sure. Granted, the S is a lot more expensive, so there is the big
difference, it really is. But, compared to other non Tesla’s, yeah, this car just blows them out of the water, the styling, the handling,
everything else is fantastic. So, yeah, I really love the
car, but compared to some of the higher end Teslas, it’s
hands down not as good. It’s just simpler, and
all that kind of stuff. There’s some things I
really like, but overall, I think the X and the
S are far better cars. So, there you go. I am excited to get mine, though. I’m really thrilled about it. Thanks for the question, Gary. Next we have a question from Guy; Thoughts on the news that
Tesla decided to suddenly ditch the Alcantara and replace
it with fabric textile? Yeah, okay, so if you guys aren’t familiar with what he’s talking about, apparently this was news recently, I didn’t even notice it. The headliner, or the middle
bar in the glass roof, or some part of that, has a different material than
the inner side of the doors, which is this kind of fake
suede stuff, the Alcantara. I don’t know how to say it, sorry. I didn’t notice at all,
and I don’t care one bit. It’s really the least of my concerns. I find it funny that so many
people were upset about it. It’s not, this car is not
a premium Tesla at all. Compared to the S, it’s
nowhere near the quality, I would say. The S is a phenomenal vehicle,
and if you get in a newer, nicer S, things things
are really, really nice. You get in the three, I’m like;
this is cool, I like this. Yeah, it’s a great car,
but it just doesn’t even… So, I’m not worried about it. I think if somebody’s
really bummed about that, they should just consider getting an S, something that’s just a far
nicer vehicle in general. Yeah, yeah, my thoughts. I thought it was mostly funny
that people were so upset, but apparently, people like to get upset about everything online, so,
thanks for the question, Guy. Crafty Geek asks; any chance
you took not of the watt hours per mile over (at least
stretches of) your CES model… Huh, no, I don’t think I did. And you know, honestly,
one thing I’m bummed about because this brings it
up, is that the trip meter that you see in the S and
the X, where it shows you all the real detailed stats about your drive, and all that kind of thing, they don’t exist yet in the three. I assume they will be coming,
but you can’t really find any of the info in there, and so I was really bummed about that. Of course, being a data guy,
I wanted to see that stuff, and I don’t remember if it even shows me the watt hours per mile
and stuff like that. I can go back and look at the footage. I will say though, I was
really impressed at how quickly it charged, and then how
long the battery lasted. Something about having over
300 miles is just mind blowing to me, as somebody that’s
been, for two years now, had a Model S, that barely gets 200 miles. So, yeah, I didn’t, no, but
of course I will be doing some analysis on it, as you can imagine. And in fact, my friends
over at Teslab, I believe, do support the Model 3, so
for now, that is gonna your best bet to get detailed
information about the performance and efficiency, so I will guaranteed to be covering that very soon. Thanks for the question, Crafty. Did the weather on your CES
drive lend itself to putting the HVAC system through its
paces (warming, cooling, after it’d been parked for awhile)? No, it was actually about
70 degrees and just clear the entire way. It did rain, I think,
earlier in the week for CES, but I did not. I don’t even know, I’m sure I used it, but not significantly. So, no, but stayed tuned, I will. Now, I know you live in San
Jose, so me and you are in similar boats where really
it doesn’t matter that much. We’re not living in snowy
conditions or anything like that, but stayed tuned. Of course we’ll be talking
about all these things once I get mine here, very soon. Russell asks; Can you use the
Model 3 as a power source? Any 110V outlets? No, but there is a cigarette
lighter adapter thing, so what is that? A 12 volt outlet, so you can
use that kind of a thing. But not 110 built into the car. I wouldn’t be surprised
if somebody makes one as an aftermarket thing if
they could figure it out. Yeah, thanks for the question, Russell. Patrick asks; will the price
of the Model S and X go down once free supercharging goes away? Huh, I doubt it. Free super charging right
now is gone, technically. If you, or anyone else, or
course, are looking to get one, you can use my code. You can get it at It is still active. I’ve had one additional
person use it recently, so I’m excited about that. But I’m guessing there might be something, maybe free super charging,
but it officially went away last May, so it’s been almost half a year, over half a year, since it’s
be officially available, and I know a lot of people
bought cars without a code. So, I don’t think the price will go down. If anything, the big
rumors right now are that we’re going to see an interior
refresh of the S and the X. And then newer battery size,
like 130 killiwatt hour battery with over 400 miles of range in the S. So, those are kind of where we’re going. If anything, the prices will go up. And the tech is gonna just be… I think we’re gonna see
some major advancements in the S and the X this year. Thanks for the question, Patrick. Rajat asks; Tesla in
India, what do you think? I think it’s happening. I know there was this
interaction with Elon, and the Indian government not too long ago where Elon had said he wanted to do it, but there was this whole
thing with the manufacturing had to be done there, and they
couldn’t make that happen. And then the Indian government replied. It sounds like it’s in the works, and something that they want to do. I wouldn’t be surprised
if you started to see it sometime soon, or at least
this year we hear some major announcements about a plant there, or just being able to sell there. Things like that. The question, if I were just
to throw a finger to the wind and take a guess, it would
probably be that they will build that plant in China that
they’ve talked about, and then use that to make cars for India. But we’ll see, yeah. Thanks for the question. Dane asks; I currently am 18 and drive a 2005 Chevy Avalanche
with 14 miles per gallon. Obviously the change to a
Model 3 will be a big jump in my personal transportation. Yep. I will be receiving it in
December due to the dual motor configuration, do you have any advice for someone making that big of a jump? Yeah, well, I would say start
reading as much as you can now about your personal charging structure and all those kind of things. Driving an electric car is very different than a regular car. Notably, things like
regenerative breaking, as well as things like
autopilot for the Tesla models, and things like that, so
there’s a lot to learn. So stay tuned. I try to post a lot of that stuff. The guys over at have a whole EV University
thing that’s worth checking out. So just learn and hang in there. You’re young, no rush
on any of these things. And make sure when you do get
it, you’re all set up for it. So I wish you the best of
luck, and congratulations, man. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the question, Dane. Steve asks; what do you think about the Model 3 coil
suspension? (chuckles) How does it compare to the Model S. I test drove the Model 3 yesterday. Well yeah, so I have coil
suspension in my Model S as well, cause I have the older one. Me and my friend Dan did
a fun test like this. I actually like it. I like it a lot compared
to the air suspension. It depends on the situation. I would say that it’s good,
and it felt really good. And it definitely felt tight,
just the car itself is small and sporty, so it definitely
just felt different than my S, but I like it a lot, actually. So, yeah, thanks for the question, Steve. And by the way, because
this is cheaper, this car, and it has these kind of standard parts, there’s gonna be a lot
of aftermarket options for these things, so if
you think about that, like; oh, I don’t like the suspension, or maybe I want to lower it or something, all that stuff is coming. There are a few companies
doing it out there now, but that stuff is coming very soon. And so, because it’s not the
super crazy advanced stuff that you see in the S and the
X, there’s gonna be a lot more aftermarket modifications
here, I think two to three, so stay tuned for that. Crafty asks; based on
observed feature set, roughly what price point
would you guess the Model 3 you drove to CES in was… Oh, it had everything except
the full self driving. So I think it was $61,000 out the door because it had a different… It was black but it had the sport rims, I forget what it was, but
it was around $61,000. And mine, after taxes and everything, it was just around $60,000. It’s like $59,000 and change, so that’s about the price point now. Crafty asks; do you know of
any third party retailers yet planning to offer the aero wheel caps? Is there a better official name? Yeah, they’re official called
the pinwheel wheels now. I don’t know about doing
it in other colors. Yeah, EV Annex is a good one. Unplugged Performance are the other ones. I would definitely subscribe
to those guys social accounts and blogs, and all that stuff, because they’d be the ones I’d go to first for that kind of thing. Liam asks; Hi Ben, do
you know when the Model 3 will be available in
showrooms on the East Coast? I don’t know officially, but
since they are now available here on the West Coast, I
would say that it’s happening. Maybe a few months, I’m not
sure, maybe six months at most. But yeah, it’ll happen soon. People have talked
about a Q3 of last year, obviously that didn’t happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see in the next month so something pop up. I’d be really surprised if you don’t see it within three months. Especially since it’s
not just for test drives, just for you to get in and
sit in, and stuff like that. Thanks for the question. Zack asks; can you do a video
on if it fits a car seat? Yes, that is on my list. I’m a day one registered owner
and my wife is convinced, based on some of her friends, it will still be a tight squeeze. I don’t think so. I was surprised at how spacious
it was in the interior. So yeah, I’ll definitely cover that. I know a lot of people have
done other videos with it, but I still have some of
these that I have to do because that is one that
I definitely plan on. I’m gonna have a car seat in
it, so it will just be my life. But yeah, stay tuned for that for sure. Thanks, Zack. Looks like the Byton EV
screen is quite distracting, what’s your opinion about the screen? Well, I think the Byton’s,
I think the idea’s to have level five autonomy, I don’t know. Anything is distracting
to some point here. I didn’t get to see it
first hand, so I can’t say. But apparently it works on gestures, so you don’t ever have to
touch it, you just gesture and it figures all that out. I think these companies, man, I gets let’s take it in a side here. People are really going nuts with it. The more I think about it,
you could basically make… I think Toyota, or Honda, or
somebody could basically take the Model 3, put their own design on it, just maybe make it the exact
body as a Civic or a Corolla, or something, but take
the tech on the inside, have a frunk and all that
stuff, and get rid of things like autopilot, and really
just make it simpler, and you would have a
phenomenal electric vehicle. I think that when I see
companies like Byton, who I know got a ton of attention at CES, I don’t think we need to go that far. It you’re goal is to
make a really awesome EV, or whatever that people want, I don’t think those are really the things. I love that people are
pushing the envelope here, because I’m a tech nerd,
and I love this stuff. But at the same time, if you really just want to be successful, you can almost take what
Tesla did with the Model 3, and do something much simpler, and be even more successful
because the economics of it would be much cheaper. Imagine if you didn’t have to
do any of the autopilot stuff. That would be a lot cheaper
to put that car out. In which case, more people would buy it. So, it’s really interesting. I think we’re gonna see a
lot of developments here. I love seeing the companies like Byton that are really pushing the envelope. I just don’t think, if a company wanted to be
successful in this space, that that’s really necessary, right? I don’t know if people
are going to buy it. Oh, I have to have that
crazy touch screen. I don’t want to drive, you know. The more autonomous it
would be, the better. But anyways, I think
it’s an exciting time, and I love seeing companies
push the envelope. But I do think there is an
opportunity here for a company, like Toyota or a Honda,
to make a lower end EV that would sell incredibly well. Thanks for the question. Mel asked; what about the
Model 3 build quality, lots of them going back for fixes. Yeah, that only thing, it’s definitely not as well
done as the S or the X. You can feel, it’s a much lower end car. Just the simplicity of
it, and the materials, and all that stuff, but I don’t know about things going back. Obviously there’s some
issues for some folks. The one I ran into in mine was the trunk, where, maybe I’m just,
first world problems here, but I’m used to my Model S,
where it automatically latches. I just push a button and it lowers, which is fine, that’s
not a feature I need. But even if I lower it by
hand, once it gets down, it clicks in, and it
automatically latches, kinda like beamers do. So, when it does that,
then I know it’s locked. In the three it doesn’t
do that, and so I found, I actually left the trunk open
one night with camera gear and all kinds of shit in there. Because you have to slam it shut, you have to really push hard on it. I don’t know if that was
a built quality thing or that’s just how it is. So we’ll see, and of course
I’ll be talking about it once I take delivery of
mine in about three hours. Getting there, thanks
for the question, Mel. Yeah, it’s an interesting thing for sure. And we’ll be keeping an eye on that. Walt asked; When ordering
a three with aero wheels, would they be painted the same
color as the color I chose? No, they are black. Thanks for the question, Walt. Gabor asks; did you find any cool Tesla or EV related products at CES? I actually didn’t go in to CES, but I did. One, I got to check out
the Faraday future car, which is still around. I wasn’t sure what was
going on with that company. I’d heard so many different things, but they were there, so I got to see that. And then I got to ride in the Mercedes, it’s called the Intelligent World Drive, which is their semi autonomous
driver assisted features. My friend, Dan, said it correctly. I think Mercedes is doing
a better job about how they describe these things. Instead of calling it
autopilot, which makes you think you can just got to sleep,
they call it driver assisted, and then they have a whole
separate program that’s working on a fully autonomous one. So stay tuned for a video on that because I got to sit with the engineers and really dig in to some of that stuff. It was a great hour or
so I spent with them. And yeah, thanks to the team at Mercedes for sharing that information,
cause as a geek like me, it is so insightful to really
understand these things from that level, and I wish
Tesla would kind of let us behind the curtain a little bit sometimes. So that was probably
the coolest thing I saw. My friend’s, Dan from What’s Inside, and Zack from Jerry Rig
Everything, had a much deeper, more complete CES experience,
and they’ll probably be covering it as well, so check their channels out in addition. Thanks for the question. Brian asked; have you heard
when they will be making updates to the S? Rumor is sometime this year,
maybe summer of this year we’ll be seeing some stuff, but we’ll see. Rumors are rumors, so stay tuned. Liam asked; Hi Ben, I
have another question. Why do you think that
the Tesla stock is down? Also do you know where to
purchase a single stock? Yeah, so first off, I’m
not a financial advisor, this isn’t financial
advice, any of that stuff. You can buy stock from kind of any broker. When I buy stock, I buy
it through Charles Schwab. You can go hundreds of other places. But I have no idea why the stock is down. I really don’t pay attention
to the stock market at all, other than the macro index,
cause that’s all I invest in. I only invest in index funds, flat out. I actually sold, I had a bunch. So, over the years I bought stock from companies I was close
to, so Tableau Software, Facebook, Tesla, and I don’t
know, a few months ago, six months ago or something,
I just sold all of it because as a philosophy, I don’t invest in individual stocks. There’s just too many
factors there, as well as… I’ll just say, I don’t trust people to not make bad decisions. And so if I’m putting my money
into something like that, I would rather put it
into the entire market through an index fund, and I
don’t do mutual fund either, just solely index funds. And so that’s where my head is at. So I don’t pay attention. I am a super geek on the
cryptocurrency stuff, but again, the day to day stuff,
it’s kind a fool’s errand to try and track any of
that stuff, so there you go. Crafty asked; do we yet have info on the Tesla semi’s expected weight? That is, the weight of the drive unit/cab. Yeah, the gross vehicle weight of 80,000 kilograms or whatever, yeah, but since the cargo weight
is roughly, yeah, no, I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything. You might be able to check
the press kit website, if you go to,
all one word. Usually they post some
additional details there. So yeah, check that out. Navigation map concern for Model three. Have you ever driven an ICE car
with a nav system positioned on a smaller screen around the center line of the center console? Yeah. Do you think that a driver used to such… You know what I would say… Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. So in regular cars you have
the navigation in the center. That’s still a bit easier, because this literally
isn’t just looking over. It’s all the way to the
right of the screen. So it’s pretty far. I wouldn’t be surprised if a
lot of people throw up their phone on a nav behind the
steering wheel itself. I think that would be a much better thing. Plus, if you guys commute,
I don’t drive a lot. I work from home, I have
a studio in built here. So I’m not a person that spends
a lot of time on the road, however, when I do go
on the road, I use Waze. It’s W A Z E. If you guys haven’t heard of
that, I don’t know if it’s available all over the world, but in the US it is phenomenal. And I really can’t speak more
highly of a product than Waze. And the reason I say that
is because with the Tesla you get the, in California anyways, you get access to the carpool
and the HOV lane, which again, if you’re unfamiliar,
is like a separate lane just for people, usually carpooling. Now, you can plug that in to
Waze and it will actually route you around Los Angeles,
where I drive a lot, and it will keep you in that lane. So it’s so smart, that
it’s just phenomenal, way better than Google Maps, way better than the Tesla navigation. I know Elon has said he’s going to have a major update to that. I hope it includes Waze integration, because that would be a major thing, but anyways, with the
navigation on the Model 3, since I’ll just go out,
not even on a limb, and I’ll just say Waze is
far better than the Tesla built in stuff. It wouldn’t be that difficult to mount it right behind
the steering wheel and just use it very
directly, line of sight. So that’d probably be even
better, which is what I would do. I do have a navity
still, that they gave me, so I might check that out
and see how that works. It didn’t make sense to have that in my S, so I’ll see what it
looks like in the three, but stay tuned because I’m
gonna do all these things very soon, once I get my car. Evan asked; Videos from November
show nav on the left side of the map, next to your car info, do you think the future
software will move it back? Yeah, I don’t know. It’d be cool, and honestly, there may be a way to customize that that I’m just unaware of. I literally got in the car, I drove up the night before to my brother’s house in San Clemente. I stayed there, I drove up the morning of from San Clemente to Santa
Monica, picked up the car, got in it, and drove to Vegas immediately. So, I didn’t really have
time to spend too much time. In fact, I had a hard time
adjusting the mirrors, because I was expecting them to be where you typically
adjust mirrors, but no, that is also in the digital thing, and so I didn’t know any of the menus, and so I’m literally driving going; oh shit, where is it, where is it? And so, yeah, it could be
there is an option for that. And of course, once I get
mine here, in a few hours, I’ll explore that for your guys. Thanks for the question. Man, you guys are killing
it on the questions today. Make sure to go and vote. I see a lot of them on here… Okay, here we go. Vic asked; why do you not
like the air suspension compared to the coil suspension? You know, it’s hard to say. And I’m not an expert in this category, but the people I have talked
to about it put it this way. They said; it’s not that
air suspension is better than coil suspension, it’s different. And one unique feature in the Tesla cars with the air suspension, is
that you can raise and lower the vehicle from within the car, and it will even remember
where you raise and lower it. So imagine you have a driveway, like my friend Ryan McCaffrey, from Ride the Lightning podcast, where he needs a higher
car that rides higher. He has to wait to get the air
suspension because of that. So I think the air suspension
offers you more capabilities, which is great, but it also
comes with more challenges, because it’s a lot more expensive to fix, and a lot more difficult to repair. So there’s a pro and con there. Now the coil suspension, I
like, it works really well. It depends on the types of
roads, and all these things. It’s not a ones better than the other, it’s their different, and I tend to like the
coil suspension more. I can’t really explain it more than that. Like I said, I’m not a
super expert at suspension, but that was just my experience, which you’ll see soon on a video upcoming which was pretty fun. Thanks for the question, Vic. Alright, I’m gonna try
and scan for a couple, any other questions there
that have been voted on. There we go. Christopher asks; This morning, I’ve been calling around
for insurance quotes and the cheapest I can
find is $152 per month. I’ve checked five companies. I’m looking for maximum coverage because I have an umbrella policy. Okay, so Christopher asking,
I assume for the Model 3. Did you check the Insure My Tesla thing through Tesla themselves? Which goes through Liberty Mutual. That would be, if I
didn’t have one already, that would be my first guess. Ironically, so I have Farmers Insurance, and I have three cars, life, and home, insurance all through them. And I’m a Triple A member,
so I have all these discounts and stuff, and I don’t
know what other discounts she gives me, but for me the Model three, so we had a 2013 Acura RDX,
which is the compact SUV, we just sold that. We’re taking that money, as
well as some other money, and buying the Model 3. Getting the insurance on the Model 3, it’s actually $20 cheaper now. So, I don’t know. I don’t know what to say. Insurance is a very
subjective and quirky thing. I would recommend checking
out Insure My Tesla if you haven’t talked to them yet. Because that would be my first
choice, and I would imagine that they were offering
really good deals on it, so there you go. Alright, let’ see. Brian asks; will you be
filming your Model 3 pick up? Absolutely, of course. I actually have my filmer
coming over to do it, so I don’t have to be manning the camera and we can get more in depth with it, so stay tuned for that. That will be coming out
this week, hopefully. Oh man, there’s so many questions still. Alright, how about this. Jacob asks; Hi Ben, love the show. Is there auto parking on
the Model 3, and if so, how well does it work? Yes there is, and it works good. I’d actually never done that, cause my Model S doesn’t have it, but I was at the Las Vegas super charger, there’s a Lazy Dog restaurant, I forget, there’s a couple of them, but it’s the one as your
coming into town from LA, and I was backing up
into the super charger and it popped up on the screen and said; stop, do the thing, and
it did it all on it’s own. Yeah, it works and it works well. I’ll be doing a full breakdown of all those kind of things very soon. Thanks for the question, Jacob. Alright, Gabor asked; can
you order the car with winter or summer tires only, I
don’t need all weathers? Not quite sure, when I
ordered I didn’t have a choice of any of those things. I just basically got the sport
wheels, or the aero rims, and the color, long range,
premium, and auto pilot options, so there wasn’t an option
when I ordered mine. Crafty asked; FYI Now You Know
used the watt our per mile display analyzing, okay…. Okay, so yeah, I’ll take a look for that. Thanks for the heads up, Crafty. Nathan asks; are you in
favor of the more tablet like screen in the Model 3, or like me, and still enjoy the screen
in the Model S and X. Yeah, I definitely like the
S and the X screen more. Not necessarily because
of the positioning, but just because of the size. The Model 3 screen is quite a
bit smaller coming from the S, and I have everything packed
onto one instead of two, so I think that’s part of why
I feel like when I get into the S, this is a really
advanced luxury car. I get in the three, I’m like; this is a really cool tech
car, but nearly as nice or as luxurious as the S. Sarthak asks; why is Tesla not attending the Detroit Motor Show? I don’t know, maybe they’re Apple like, and don’t think they need to, or they probably don’t
have bandwidth either. I know they attended the LA auto show.. Maybe because Tesla’s banned
in Michigan for direct sales, that could be why. I don’t know, just guesses. Secret Melon asked; do you
think someone will be able to make a drift car with the
rear wheel drive Model 3? No, I don’t think so man. I think it won’t let you drift. In fact, one of the cool things
I saw at CES was this BMW thing where you could get
in, and they would just drift around this track, I got
some cool B roll of it. And it’s funny because I’m
like; man, that’s really cool. I don’t think that’s possible in a Tesla. I think it prevents you from doing that. I know the guys at Now You Know
tried to do it in the snow, and they couldn’t. So yeah, we’ll see. I don’t know if I’ll test that online. It’s not really… But we’ll see, whatever. Christian asks; I’m 17
and can afford a Model X. What do you recommend me to get, and what will the Model 3 cost in 2020? Well, if you can afford a
Model X, I’d get that, man. A Model X is pretty awesome. I would get the biggest
battery you can afford, and then think about seating
option, and the go from there. Model 3 cost in 2020, I think it will still be the same price, I don’t think that’s gonna change much. Thanks for the question. Nathan asks; besides build
quality, what is the major difference between the 3 and the Model S? Size, size of the vehicle,
and the control, the steering, the tightness of it, and all that. I’m gonna run through
these last ones, here, pretty quick guys. Jarick asks; day one East Coast non Tesla owner reservation holder, is there a way to swap positions
with a reservation holder that is a current own that
wants to wait for AWD? Don’t believe so, sorry. Dpie asks; I miss three
things; HUD, hatchback, and cheaper ACC option. Yeah, well the HUD, yeah, it’s
strange they don’t have it. It’s a simple technology. I don’t really cared, I’ve never had it so I
don’t know what I’m missing. Hatchback, I agree, that’d be nice. Cheaper ACC option, I don’t
think it’s that big a deal. The autopilot is phenomenal. I haven’t spent much time
with it until this trip. I can’t wait to be driving
with it on a regular basis. I will say though,
ironically, after I got back, I turned my car in to get some work done on it on my Model S,
they gave me a loaner, which was a Model S P85
Plus with autopilot one, that was like butter, that was so good. I was really impressed, it was better than the Model 3 for sure. But of course, the Model 3’s
autopilot 2.5 or whatever, so it’s not there yet,
so really interesting. But man, it’s really nice. When it works well, it
is really, really nice. Nathan asks; are you able to
turn off traction control? There’s a thing called Slip
Start, but I don’t think that’s exactly the same thing
as traction control. Christian, yeah, you
already asked me that one, so I’m gonna delete that question. Christoper; I tested seeing the video covering the camper mode. Yeah, camper mode would be cool. I almost tested it out
because I almost couldn’t get in to my Air BNB, so yeah. But I didn’t luckily, because
it would have been cold. Don asks; you mentioned that tech wise it beats BMW 3 series, but
a well equipped Model 3 is on par with five series price wise. Okay. Driving experience wise,
how does it compare to 530? I love BMW cars, I love Mercedes cars, I think they’re phenomenal. Obviously these guys have been making cars for hundreds of years, they
know what they’re doing. The thing I’ve always been
bummed on is the tech inside. And even the latest and greatest
from both those companies, I don’t think, compares to how good the tech is inside of the Model 3. Driving experience, honestly
it’s a subjective thing, but you could imagine that
probably a five series BMW or a 330… I don’t know what the 330 E is. Is that… That’s probably another BMW. Anyways, if you were to compare
it to a BMW or Mercedes, the Mercedes, those
guys are probably better from the driving experience,
because obviously they have a lot more time developing the car. The main difference though,
it’s an electric car, so it’s so different. Anyways, hard to really say on that. But I will say the tech in
it is my favorite thing, and I don’t think anyone
really competes with that. They really need to get
away from the buttons, and the blackberry style interface. This is just for the pure clean stuff like the S and the three
have, so there you go. Valerie, I’m late so you
may have addressed this, do you know what they are doing
with the premium interior? No, so it’s nice, it’s definitely nice. They have a lot of the Alcantara stuff, the faux suede or whatever. The seats are nice, it’s nice,
it’s a really nice interior. I think the thing you’re
talking about is what people got all butt hurt about,
which I don’t know why, was the headliner with
a different material. But again, I didn’t even
notice it, honestly. I didn’t notice until I got
back and someone was like; hey, did you take a picture of that. I was like; no, why would I, I don’t care. Anyways, it’s nice, it’s a nice interior. Not as nice as the S, I’ll say, or the X, but of course, it’s the cheaper version, so yeah, there you go. Thanks for the question, Valerie. Sahil asks; does the Model 3 come with autopilot that
is factor installed? Yes. Nathan asks; have you ever tried to town anything in your Tesla? I do not know that. I think there’s some folks on youtube that have done that tough. I’ve not tried, no. I don’t even know what I would tow. Christian asked; what’s
your perspective rating on Tesla.Inc? I don’t know what Tesla.Inc is,
other than if you’re talking about the stock, in which
case I don’t really have one. I think the stock market in
general, I’m short on it. So there you go. Thanks for the questions folks. Alcantara, alcantara, okay. There you go, that’s how you say it. Thanks for the question,
thanks for the comment, Nathan. Okay folks, thanks for joining
me yet again on this episode. Don’t forget to get on my
email list at so you don’t miss any
of the great content, and you get invited to
these sessions as well. And lastly, remember,
when you free the data, your mind will follow. Thanks for watching you guys,
and I’ll see you next time.

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