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Tesla Model 3 Performance damaged from pothole: This can damage any car with low profile tires

Tesla Model 3 Performance damaged from pothole: This can damage any car with low profile tires

Today’s adventure takes place on a
county road I was driving on. I was shooting some video for the latest
software update I had just received. Autopilot was engaged and cruising along
at 55 miles per hour when it happened! I seen it coming and it didn’t look
that big so I wasn’t worried about it. Then BAM it hit and I knew it was not good. Be sure to watch to the end of the video
to see how much it cost me. Hello everyone welcome to model 3 adventures! The pothole came up so quick! It did not
look that bad. I’m not sure I would have avoided it even if I hadn’t had autopilot on. I felt it hit hard so I checked the TPMS and I was hopeful for a few seconds that the tire was okay. I could feel the tire losing pressure.
There seems to be a slight lag in the TPMS as it took a few seconds for it to
register zero psi after I felt the tire going flat. Do you think Tesla will be able to avoid road debris and potholes in the future? Let me know what you think
in the comments. I found a safe spot to pull over and check for damage. Unfortunately it looks like it hit right
between the tread where the tire is the thinnest. The pothole was only a few
inches deep but had a sharp edge 90 degrees to the tire.
I called Tesla roadside assistance. It was only about 45 minutes until the flatbed truck showed up and took the car to my house. By the time I got home the rear tire had gone flat also. I removed the wheels and inspected them. The front wheel was damaged
and was going to need to be replaced. I went to the Tesla service center
and purchased a new wheel for $715. I then took the new wheel
and the flat tires to discount tire. When I got my new car I
purchased the road hazard warranty on all 4 tires for a $51.50 each
at discount tire. They will warranty the original tires on a new car. After installing the wheels back on the
car I torqued the nuts to 129 foot-pounds. You should always follow a
star pattern when using a torque wrench. Here’s a tip when installing the covers
the bottom of the T logo should point at the valve stem. Here is the price break down 1 new wheel from Tesla $715. 2 warranties on new tires $103. For a total of $818 out of my pocket. Now without the warranties the new tires
would have cost $302 each plus $20 each for mounting
and balancing for a total of $644 and $715 for a new wheel. My out of pocket would have been $1,359. I saved $541 by purchasing the warranties for
$206 when I got the car. So I’m still $335 ahead over not having warranties. Thank you for watching
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3 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Performance damaged from pothole: This can damage any car with low profile tires

  1. Unfortunately, that's a nightmare for any sport cars. Even in France, it can happen using the secondary roads but very low probability on motorways. So, just to say that with or Performance we do have to deeply analyze the roads in front of us and where we put our wheels…Consequences of potholes are a bit costly. Just a funny comment, in France we say "nid de poule" or "chicken nest" if I translate instead of pothole😁😁

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