Tesla Model 3 Flaw? Who’s Telling the Truth? [live]

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be about an hour long and so, after the fact, what I’ll do is I’ll go post a timestamp of all
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so you don’t have to watch this kind of start to end
and all that kind of thing. So, without further
ado, let’s get right in to the first story. And the first story comes to us from, it was posted on Forbes
by Brooke Crothers, who I’m a fan of, but it
was originally from CNBC. And it’s about some former employees that were talking about some issues, I’m sorry, some current and former employees, that were talking about some
issues with the Model 3. It’s stuff going on at the Gigafactory. And there’s two issues. Brooke kind of summarized it nicely here and the first one is the
battery-touching issue. And I’ll read you the statement, and then I’ll explain what
that means a little bit, and then we’ll kind of talk about what Tesla responded to it. So, from the CNBC article it says, “Two current engineers told CNBC that they are concerned some of the batteries
being shipped do not have the minimum gap required
between lithium-ion cells. These engineers warned that this touching cells flaw could cause batteries to short out or, in worse cases, catch fire. These engineers said that they
raised the issue internally but their concerns were
shrugged off by managers.” Okay, so that’s the first thing. Now let me explain a little bit, and, I’m not a great battery technician, so I’ll do my best here. But on this screen, what you see here is essentially what the, how it works. So these cells, these are the
18-650 cells in the Model S, in the Model 3 they have the 21-70, it’s just the size of the cell and some different chemistry and stuff. But anyways, these look
like double A batteries, they’re cylindrical, lithium-ion cells. These go into these
modules and you can see kind of how that’s laid out here. Again, it’s a little bit
different for the Model 3 but the same kind of concept applies. Then those modules go
into the floor of the car. And this is the battery pack, right? Now there’s all kinds of other stuff in the battery pack for thermal management and all kinds of different stuff but, essentially, that’s how it works. You have this little cell which looks just a little bit bigger
than a double A battery that fits into a pack,
they’re all connected up and then those go into the car, into the battery compartment there, the skateboard, as it’s known. Now, inside of that cell is the thing that they’re talking about, and this was a diagram I found online, where you have an anode and a cathode and these hold the different charges, the positive and negative charge, which is where the electricity
is actually stored. And then you have a
separator between them. Now, the separator is what
keeps them from touching and if they touch, what’ll happen is, just like if you were to connect two ends of the battery to a wire, you would feel the electricity
flowing between ’em, because the circuit would be complete, and what happens is then it
can get really, really hot. And if I go back, if you can imagine, there are, you know,
thousands of these in the car. They all could heat up
really, really quickly and then potentially cause
a fire or something else. And there’ve been
reports, I think of this, when a car gets into an accident it damages some of these things and these happen, and so. This isn’t completely
unfounded, this idea anyways. Now, Tesla responded to this by saying something interesting, though. Tesla’s response was, “The long term reliability
of cell position is something validated through testing. All of this testing is designed
to prevent touching cells from being installed
in any of our vehicles, including Model 3.” And here’s another part, and this is what Brooke is saying. So, (clears throat) I agree with Brooke. Tesla’s response is a very defensive, often. And so here’s the final part of that, of Tesla’s response. “Finally, the implication
that Tesla would ever deliver a car with a hazardous battery
is absolutely inaccurate, contrary to all evidence,
and detached from reality. It is irresponsible to
suggest as much based on unnamed anonymous sources who
have provided no such evidence and who obviously do not
have a complete understanding of the extensive testing that all batteries in Tesla
vehicles are subjected to.” So, the question is are they lying? And, I’m not really sure. Now we have seen this before. However, at this point, any
of these issues should have actually came up in the testing that they’ve done. And remember, general public, like myself included, are getting their Model 3s
to the tune of thousands, or I’m sorry, probably over a thousand a week now. The last guidance they gave us was that they were producing
a thousand per week. So, I think, I hope that these are, claims are unfounded. If we see anything like that, of course, I will report that and
bring it back to you. I’m really curious what
you guys think about this. Is it possible that
these guys are doing it for some other benefit? Like, why would they lie about this? Are they just upset or angry? Disgruntled employee kind of thing? Is there another actor at play here that we’re unaware of? Because it doesn’t seem like something you would just lie about. And it’s really curious how CNBC got this. Now CNBC tends to have a
very short position on Tesla, just reading, you know, the way that they describe the company, and everything, is very negative. So, I’m curious what you guys think. Is this kind of a hit piece and they fished for this and
it was kind of, you know, fraudulent how they came about it? Or is there truth to it? Let me know in the comments down below. Now, the other piece of this story was that there are manual workers putting the
battery cells together. Now, again, if you go
back to how these work, essentially each of
these modules, you know, the cells come over, I believe
they’re made by Panasonic, and then they put them into these modules and these modules go and get put into the skateboard kind of a thing. And so, that’s what they do at the Gigafactory. Now I’ve actually talked to folks that work at the Gigafactory and it is true that for the first, I don’t know how long, many, many months, these were being done by hand, and, of course, they
cannot do it nearly as fast or as well as a computer can. Now, that said, it doesn’t mean that the machinery that they already ordered, and I believe is already installed, is not up and running and maybe what they’re trying to do now is having additional people work in
addition to the machine. So the second part of the story was, oh, well they’re being manually assembled as late as mid-December,
not that long ago. And that this is why, you know, they think they’re gonna
start to see more delays. Now, to me it really speaks
again to the motivation behind the news organization
that is telling the story because it’s confusing to me. Why… If there doesn’t, if that doesn’t really seem
to have much meat on it why are they publishing a
story with that headline? It doesn’t really seem
to make sense to me. So I’m kind of questioning whether or not there’s some other ulterior motive there behind CNBC publishing this. So, curious again what you think. To me, and everything I’ve seen, the ramp is, is going up, and up, and up. I mean the final Q4 numbers that Tesla published a few weeks ago were all positive in terms of
the progression of it. And even the people that
are really short on Tesla agree that they’ll hit their stride with the production. Guessing when that will
happen is really difficult and, of course, I do my best using the data we do have to come up with those estimates, but, in any event, I don’t think that these signal delay, unlike this article is reporting. So I’m curious what you guys think. It seems kind of odd to me
why they would be doing this. So, that is my short for the week, cause if you recall, if you
guys’ve been with me for while, I do kind of a short and a long. I’ve got a really good long later. Next, I have some fun
stuff to share with you. And this is from EV Wheel Direct. They changed their website here. (laughs) So EV Wheel Direct is a
sponsor of today’s episode, so I can’t thank them enough. What they do, is they have
these really awesome turbines and you guys know, if you know me, that I love the turbine wheel. This design right here. And it fits on the Model 3 beautifully. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, and I’ll show you some photos, there, I now have these. I have a set of these exact, I think they call ’em charcoal gray 20-inch turbine wheels. Now they make them both for
the Model S and the Model 3. So if you have a Model 3 reservation, you should buy these now because they have free shipping, worldwide, until February 28th. Worldwide. So what that means is that
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you guys are on Instagram. I just got on it recently. I’m having a lot of fun. Some of my friends
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more lifestyle type stuff check me out, I’m teslanomicsofficial because apparently
someone took teslanomics. Anyways, here are some shots of my Model 3 with those exact wheels. And you can see it’s a black
one with the charcoal gray. And I do have the chrome lug nut covers right now. I did actually go check
out some of the black ones but I think I’m gonna keep the chrome unless I were to get the chrome delete because it seems to match. So, there you go. You can also see fun photos of like, you know, surfing with the Model 3 and things like that. Let me get another shot here for you. There you go. So, here you can kind of take another look at what they look like. I mean, these are the
wheels that you want. You do not want a different wheel. The sport ones, the Aero ones don’t even come close
to how good these look. The only thing else I’m gonna do is probably lower it a little bit and I have a connection on that and I may be doing a giveaway, so stay tuned for all
those kind of things. But these are the wheels, and again you can get
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you’ve been with for a while, that was my original plan. That doesn’t work anymore. So you have to get, they have
a different bolt pattern. Is what it comes down to. And I don’t know why they did that Kind of annoying. But anyways, here you have it. Model 3 turbines for your Model 3, and stay tuned for some fun stuff as I kind of work through all of that. Then next the Supercharging program. Free supercharging is ending in two days. So, if you guys are on the fence at all about getting a Model S or Model X now is the time. You can go to and get my code, and you can join (laughs) 64 other people that have taken advantage of it. Together we’ve saved almost
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referral program going forward and what they’re gonna
be doing and all that. So, (claps hands together) next I have some fun stuff. Okay, so Elon is kind of crazy. (laughs) As you guys probably imagine. And he is selling, now, the Boring Company flamethrower. (laughs) And, yeah he had some fun videos of this. Apparently (laughs) this is a real thing. I think it’s five or 600 bucks. You can go buy it. Elon is being silly with it. And one of the things that’s crazy is apparently this is totally legal. Marques, @MKBHD, responded to Elon’s thing, and then Elon and him had
a conversation on there. Kind of crazy that this is legal but, yeah, some fun stuff. So I’m curious if any of
you guys are getting these. I don’t plan to. I want less stuff. Apparently he’s sold
almost four million dollars of these so far, so, there you have it. Next we have a review from
CNET on the Tesla Model 3. I’ve been a fan of CNET for a long time. This is top, like, really, top-notch, world class, like best-in-class production quality, so I highly recommend that. I’ll put a link to the description. And also the reason that I brought this up is because the Model 3 review they did is really good for people
that are not super informed about Teslas or Model 3s. So, if you are a big fan of me, you already know all this stuff, probably not that exciting
or interesting to you, but for maybe people that
are less kind of in the know, and don’t plug into this
stuff everyday like we do, this is a great review
that you can send them. So I’ll put the link in that, in the description there. Next, we have my long for the week. And my long comes to us from Matthew Chan who is fighting cancer and was able to actually go visit the Fremont factory and
meet up with Elon and Franz and so, I just love that this company is doing such cool things like this. Let me see if I can pull this up for you. Or maybe not. But anyways, basically
Elon and Franz met with him and they, you know, they gave him kind of a really cool experience at the Tesla Factory. Fascinating stuff, I’ll
put the link to this down in there, and you can go check it out. You know, cheers to Elon and Franz for being such great people and doing
these kind of things because I think this, you know, really goes to show about how, how the company thinks of its customers, and why people like myself and other folks are so kind of in the family, right? We’re a part of this thing. Its not just… It’s not just another company, you know, with kind of nameless, faceless stuff. This is like a real thing. So, this is my long for the week is that, you know, they’re doing
these kind of things and I love to see it. Even if it’s a small thing, you know. Next, or last, on our list is kind of a similar tangentially-related Tesla bit of news. And this is the latest
energy project in China. And this project is pretty amazing. “The Chinese province of Anhui,” probably did not, no way I pronounced that correctly, “built a massive floating solar farm on top of an abandoned coal mine.” That’s right, they built a solar farm on top of an abandoned coal mine. “And an even larger
floating solar plant will come online by May of this year, 2018. Due to rising concerns surrounding air pollution-related deaths, China is trying to invest more heavily in renewable energy projects. The new solar farms are a
part of the global shift away from energy generated from fossil fuels.” So, cheers to you Chinese
government for doing this. Obviously you’re doing
it for selfish reasons because your people are dying
and you need them to not die. But you are also recognizing the value and how much better of a strategy
this is going forward. So this is really cool. I hope to see more projects like this. And I actually just saw
a tweet earlier about electric vehicles sales in China being out of the, you know, completely blowing
away the rest of the world, which is no big surprise. So, obviously, I’ll be
digging into that later on a more kind of in-depth episode. Cool. (claps hands together) So that is the news for the week. I appreciate you guys joining me. Next I’m gonna hop over
and do some Q and A. And this, again, is on Crowdcast which you can get on, get the invite to by going to our email list at I’m gonna close that there, and if you guys are on Crowdcast please hang with me while I kind of… Please hang with me while
I kind of get set up here. So I’m gonna turn my video off. I’m gonna throw the questions up. Make sure to go vote. And I am going to try to take a little bit o’ drink of water here and catch my breath. Okay guys, so first question comes from Wayne Garvin. “What is the Model 3 ride like now with the 20 inch Turbines compared to the 18 inch Aero wheels?” So, two things about that. I don’t really notice much of a difference in kind of the bounciness or any of that, like it seems fine. One thing that is interesting is that because the wheels are bigger when I first started driving it, I had to recalibrate the sensors and so to do that it
popped-up a little thing that said, “Would you
like to reset the sensors? Choose you tire size.” And there was no 20-inch option because they don’t make a 20-inch tire for the Model 3 yet. I chose 19, it was the closest one, I actually should have kept it on 18 because the revolutions
per minute or whatever are similar. But, in any event, the
sensors reset successfully, my autopilot and cruise
control were disabled for about 40 miles, and then they kicked back on
because it had to, I guess, recalibrate now with the bigger tires and that’s because I sit higher. So I do wanna lower it, I’m
probably gonna go do that just about an inch, not a lot. Basically back to factory setting where it was before. The default setting is crazy high and so it looks kind of odd right now. There’s a big gap between
the wheel well and the tire and so I’m just gonna bring
that down a little bit and the springs I’m gonna put on it are actually dual mode, I think that they’re dual modular, or something, I forget where. The ride itself is about 15% lighter when I’m just driving and then when I turn, or hit a corner, or anything like that, the second mode of the spring kicks in, and it’s much tighter, much sportier. So hopefully that’ll actually give me a better ride, overall. But riding higher has been easier, I don’t hit as many bumps. In terms of like a rough
ride or anything like that I haven’t noticed it at all. So I’ve been really impressed with it. So hopefully, you know, I’ll
see a lot of you guys out there with these wheels, because I
think they’re just phenomenal. And I’m, you know, I’m biased,
obviously, but, you know, don’t take my word for it, just check it out, and tell me what you guys think, and free shipping worldwide
is pretty unreal, so, yeah, take advantage of that for sure. Thanks for the question, Wayne. Next we have a question from Alex. “The Model 3 will be my first Tesla and I’m wondering what
aftermarket accessories you’d recommend I consider for the car.” Okay. So first off, wheels and springs I think are great. If you’re looking for
something cheaper, though… Man, where is it? Okay, here we go. And I’m doing a video on this. I don’t know if I’ll
publish it on YouTube. I might just do it on Instagram. But this is the Vaya. Is that how you say it, Vaya? VAVA? I don’t know how to say it. But anyways, this is something I’m gonna be sharing very soon. This is a cellphone holder, right? You put the magnet on the ball and then you put this on your
phone and it sticks to it. And the reason I’m recommending this is because you can put this
right behind the steering wheel and you have your dashboard. I like Waze because it has, even if you’re not doing navigation, it has your speed, it gives you warnings, if there’s and accident
and stuff like that. So you can just use Waze and
control things like Spotify, whatever, through voice commands and it’s pretty cheap I
think it’s like 15 bucks. So, I’ll put a link to this
in the description down below. That is the first one. Other than that, you know,
some other types of things that I would recommend are.. What is it? It’s… (sighs and snaps fingers) Oh, god. There’s a thing for your
trunk to protect it, I forget what the name of it is, but I’ll put some more links and I’m actually put together what they call a kit with different accessories and all those things that I recommend. But this is kind of the
first one that comes to mind which is specifically for the Model 3. And you know, stay tuned for
a video either on YouTube or on Instagram for that. So yeah, thanks for the question, Alex. Next I have a question from Jim. “Should we petition Tesla
to add HUD capability to the Model 3 in order to deal with the look away issues with
the current display?” I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s a big deal. But, you know, I don’t
really care for a HUD. You know, I tried one out before. I didn’t really like it. So, no, I don’t think so. Thanks for the question, Jim. Lenny asks, “I know that some
companies like to fluff up their spec sheet. Since you have had some
time with the Model 3. Are the specs for the range with or without the Aero wheels?” You know, I’m not quite sure. So the only real way to test that is to drive it to zero. And, of course, what happens is, you know, wind, temperature, hills, these affect your actual… Your real range, how far you actually get. So, I haven’t dug into that yet but, you know, I probably will very soon and, of course, now I have
a different set of wheels so it’s all kind of messed up. In any event, the range is far more than I need on day-to-day basis and in terms of the traveling,
I do the driving in it, it’s fine as well. Me and my family are actually
gonna do a road trip here and kind of share that experience with you using it. The one big downfall is that the… You have to pay for supercharging. So that’s kind of a bummer but I’ve talked about that before. I may do another video on it. Yeah, thanks for the question, Lenny. Trippin asks. “Hi I asked Now You Know a question. After consulting with my friend who is a questionable white hacker. White hack hacker. Me and him thought if you were able to clone
a Bluetooth profile. So could you steal some
of the Model 3 essentially by cloning their Bluetooth
profile in their car?” You know I’m not sure if
it’s Bluetooth or NFC, which is an interesting thing. I will say that there are some real, real interesting things that happen here. One is that when you’re on, when you’re in the Tesla app, and I’ll pull it up, and I’m not sure if you guys
will be able to see this at all but when you pull up the Tesla app, you know I have multiple Teslas so I have to swipe between them. If I’m not on my Model
3, then the phone key, is what it’s called here, will not connect. And I also have had a lot of issues where it just never connects, I have to use the card. So, the phone key is not bulletproof yet. And so, for me, I think
that that’s something that, you know, even
if you could clone it, I’m not sure how effective it would be. But yeah, sure, I mean,
in theory, that’s a thing. I mean, even if you could just steal someone’s password to their Tesla account
then you could get it. So I don’t know if you need to go as far as cloning a Bluetooth profile or not. But, yeah, certainly a possibility, I mean, nothing is perfect,
certainly not these cars. So there you go. Yeah, thanks for the question. Carlo is asking, “Ben still debating on
which battery I should buy.” Long-Range. “I live in Toronto where,” Long-Range is the answer. “Temperatures go below zero to minus 30,” Long-Range. “And I understand that
range may be cut in half in those temperatures,” Long-Range. “I am nervous about when
my car is 10 plus years old and that some of the
battery has been degraded,” Long-Range. “My commute is 88 miles a day… My commute is 88 miles
a day, help please,” Long-Range. Long-Range is the answer, absolutely. The degradation I’m not sure is that big of an issue. 10 years is good amount
of time to keep your car. And certainly you’ll see some degradation, battery data that we
have for Model S and X show that it, you know, you should hold 80% or greater of your charge up to 500,000 miles or something
like 740,000 kilometers. I forgot exactly but I did
a video on this while ago. I would expect the Model
3 to even be better. So yeah, Long-Range is
your answer, always. By the way, for people that still question this, this is the best value you can get of any electric vehicle. It’s not even… This isn’t like a debate, right? I’m not giving you my opinion. If you look at the cost per mile and you look at all EVs out there the Long-Range Model 3
is the best value by far. So, yeah, I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it. Thanks for the question Carlo. Mark Lyon asks, “Ben, do you know any way to use a DC Fast Charger/CCS with a Tesla?” I don’t, personally, but I do know that companies have made
adapters for these things. I’m not sure why you would want to do that unless maybe you live
somewhere where there’s not a supercharger because it’s gonna be dramatically slower than a supercharger would and in both case I imagine
you’re gonna have to pay for it. So yeah, I probably
wouldn’t go that route. But if you google it or look at some of the forums I’m sure somebody’s is probably made one. Thanks for the question, Mark. (clears throat) Excuse me. Yeah, this is a good question. Thomas Walker asks, “If you were to put a deposit
down now for a Model 3, you don’t already have a Tesla, when do you think I would get it?” I’m guessing mid-to-late next year? You know, depending on the ramp. Really the question on the ramp is, what is the peak production. You know, they’ve said
10,000 per week before but that’s, I mean, I just… I don’t have faith in those numbers cause we haven’t seen it yet, you know, and basically all the other numbers they’ve been overestimating
by a huge margin. So, that’s a big question on what that would mean for you. So yeah, there you go. I would say mid-to-late
next year is my guess. Mark asks, “Do you think there will be a significant infrastructure bottlenecks once the numbers ramp up, such as insufficient superchargers or service station capacity? I think service stations
are gonna be the tough one. Of course, they’ve talked about it. But the superchargers, remember, are meant for traveling. Most people will, I mean it’s like the data I’ve looked at. It’s upwards at 95% of the
time you charge at home so you’re actually very
infrequently using superchargers. Of course, for some people, depending on their living situation and
all that that’s different, but in general, I don’t
think it’s a big deal at all. I think service is the bigger concern because these cars will have issues. As some people have reported, just like all cars have issues. So, yeah, I would be more
concerned about that. Superchargers, I don’t think, I wouldn’t worry about. Thanks for the question, Mark. Max asks, “Is there a heated
steering wheel for Model 3? When will the heated
backseats get unlocked?” Great questions, don’t know
the answer to either of those. I thought mine is supposed to
have a heated steering wheel with the premium package,
I might have to go check. You can go to and I list all the specs there I copied them over from
the Tesla press website so you can check that out. Yeah, obviously don’t
know when the backseats, heated backseats will get unlocked. And, obviously, where I live I probably will never, ever use them. So, you know, not much to come on that. Thanks for the question, Max. Lenny asks, “Not Tesla but crypto related. As a data scientist, have
you looked into Crypto20? It’s and index fund Crypto
uses data science for created.” No, I’ve not. But that does sound interesting. I’m not sure how you would trade that it seem like a lot of work to set up. But, no, I’ve not. Mike ask, I got to sit in
the Model 3 in Boston,” Congrats! “Very impressed with build
quality and interior. How does you Model 3 compare with your Model S in this regard?” Ooh. This is a loaded one. (clears throat) Excuse me. Yeah so, I like the Model
S interior far more. I think it has to do with
the screens and the dashboard and the size of the steering wheel. The steering wheel also has
a lot more functionality than the Model 3 one does. The Model 3 is a extreme minimalism. And so, I do like it. I like them both differently but I like my Model S interior more. Thanks for the question. Scott asks, “DragTimes,” my
friend Brooks over there. If you guys don’t know his channel, definitely go check it out, I’m
sure you’ve seen his videos. He “did 4.7, zero to 60 and he was hoping, you were hoping that I could do the same.” I am gonna go race my friend
who has a 75D, hopefully soon. I think we have to get helmets, like we went down there and they told us, they turned us away. So yeah, stay tuned for that. Yeah, and the performance Model should go faster. So there you go. And your other question there about the tax liability thing. Yeah, so if you’re getting yours later this year it may be reduced to half and so you would have $3,750 for your overall tax
credit from the federal. Yeah, I don’t know what to say. You know, maybe… I wouldn’t try to make more money just to get a bigger tax credit. I wouldn’t worry about that. Cause who knows, you know,
if there’s not gonna be some executive order
canceling it tomorrow. We really can’t, I wouldn’t count on any of those things. And remember, Scott, that the tax credit doesn’t reduce
the price of the car, right? So when you buy the car, you’re still paying for
the full price of it. So if it’s, like my case, I’m a $60,000, my monthly payment is for a $60,000 car. The tax credit I will get, you know, refunded back to me next year, 2019. So even if you’d got it now
that doesn’t really affect your cost for many months to come. So really, you know, keep that in mind when you think about
how that works, right? They don’t take it off
the price of the car. So you still have to pay for it. Thanks for the question. (clears throat) Omar asks, “When do you think
Tesla 3 will be exported to Northern Europe?” Maybe early 2019? We’ll see. Hopefully sooner. I’d love to see some
friends out there get ’em. Mike did not ask a question, apparently. (laughs) Max asks, “Do you think there will ever be an accessory key for Model 3? Not sure what you mean
by an accessory key, like for the glove box or something? I don’t know. I think the key is what it is. The one thing I’m still like, not in love with is the phone key, just cause it doesn’t work that well. Thanks for the question, Max. “Does the barrier between
the glass roofs bother you for the Model 3?” No, I don’t think so. I’m not really, you know,
looking back there very much. Thanks for the question. I’m just gonna kind of
run through these quick I have 34 questions, you guys, so make sure to go vote. I definitely won’t be able
to get to all of these. Guy asks, “Just wondering what other types of videos you have planned
with your Model 3?” You know, here’s the thing about this, is that, like I mentioned earlier. YouTube is very picky, right? So if I just started loading up YouTube with a video every single day about every little thing Model 3, like is what I wanna do, YouTube would actually penalize me and stop suggesting my videos and then really hurt the channel, and all those kind of things. So I have to be very picky about the videos that I’m doing. So, I think what you’re gonna see is, the themes in general, is that every week we’ll
do a live stream like this, we’ll have an analysis-related video, something numbers-related, and then, probably a
more vlog-style video, something more fun, less
heavy on the numbers. What I wanna do is I wanna show people how amazing the Teslas are, you know, and right now, specifically, the Model 3. And not everyone is into the heavy data numbers kind of stuff. So, that’s the kind of idea, right? I still am gonna be publishing
that and doing that, but I have to be very selective. So I think later this week,
one of the videos is about how I paid for my Model 3, which, by the way, the total cost was just over $37,000, I forget. So basically how I got a
$60,000 car for about $37,000, so stay tuned for that. And then I’ll have some more vlog stuff, so each week it will be kind of, you know, different. But stay tuned, and also,
I’ll post from time-to-time in the community tab on YouTube, which you see primarily on mobile, a poll asking you which
video you’re interested in. So yeah, heavy… All Tesla stuff coming up mixed between analysis and vlog stuff. So I hope you guys are enjoying those. It seems to be a lot of the comments are really doing well. Thanks for the question, Guy. Gary in New York, “I’m considering a black
for Model 3 color,” yep. “Since your Model 3 is black and the paint is solid non-metallic?” Yes, it’s a solid paint non-metallic. “Would you get that color again?” Yeah, the only thing I don’t like and, of course, people
tell me about this is that it looks dirty very easily, right? So I’m almost gonna buy
a duster or something to kind of pull the dust off of it because it just, I mean, literally, every
two days you can walk by and, like, write your name in it. And I just don’t know if
that’s where I live or what. But you know my white car, weeks go by and none of that happens. So yeah, there you go. Thanks for the question, Gary. Brendon asks, “Big fan and really enjoyed your videos, new content,” ey, all right. Yeah so, “What’s going on
with the referral program?” Yeah so, as far as I know the referral program ends in two days. Now, it looks like some of the of actual wording on the website. Let me pull it up. See, here on the website and sorry you guys can’t
see this on Crowdcast, but, on the link where
it has my referral code it used to say free
unlimited supercharging and below it, it would say, “Ends January 31st.” It no longer says that. But still, if you look in the details of the referral program, that is what it says. So, I’m guessing we’re gonna
see some updates very soon. I don’t know exactly what they’re gonna be but I hope they continue to
offer some sort of benefit. I’m guessing free supercharging
is maybe, you know, we’ve exploited that too much. (laughs) Maybe they’ll go back to just the thousand dollars
offer, something like that. I don’t really know any details but I’m guessing that they will have something because the program has been
immensely successful for them. In fact, if you look, they’ve earned over a billion dollars over the past two years alone from the referral program. So, probably something
they’re gonna continue. Yeah, thanks for the question, Brendon. So, another question from Brendon about the decrease in
price for the Model S or X. “There’s a pretty large gap between the Model 3 Premium Long Range and the base Model S. I would think that Tesla could move many Model 3 reservations
holders to Model S if it wasn’t $20 thousand more.” Yeah, I don’t think so. I think we’re gonna see an upgraded Model S. And maybe the price go up even. Because I think people
want that distinction. I know a lot of people have Teslas and some people they like the
prestige of it, you know? And there is definitely a huge difference between the highest end Model 3 and the highest end Model S or X. Huge difference. I can’t overstate that. So yeah, I mean, I think, if anything, we’ll see the prices go up because what they want is that distinction. And also, hopefully, with that, you’ll get some other really cool features with the Model S and X sometime soon. Thanks for the question. Max asks, “Will Tesla ever include
quick access to the frunk? Like a latch or sensor for all cars?” Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m guessing not. Definitely not for the Model 3. Because the frunk isn’t a… It’s latched, it’s not electronic. There you go. Martin asks, “I’m coming to a Model,” oh Martin, no. Sorry Martin I missed one
of your questions there I’ll try it again. “Do you think once more established car makers catch up in terms
of range and performance. Tesla’s current popularity will suffer?” I would ask the same
question about Apple, right? The phone I have here,
the Samsung Galaxy S8 is superior to the latest iPhone in every way. You know, you guys can hate me for that, I don’t care, but even
the specs are all better it’s really not debatable,
but Apple still has it, right? Apple still has that thing. Maybe the shine is worn off a little bit. I think Tesla will have a good 10 to 15 years of that, still, regardless of what other companies do. Because everyone looks like
this old stodgy dinosaur compared to them. That’s just how it is. I do think that, and I am excited, that many new companies are coming out and really kind of stepping up their game. Like Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, all these other companies. So, yeah, thanks for the question. For some reason Carlo’s
question didn’t pop up. Sean asks, “I would really in a future show like to see some bags in
the Model 3, Model S trunk.” You know, I think what’s-his-name did it. Mel from Talking Tesla did this. So I would check them out. They did some kind of
things putting golf bags in and all that kind of stuff. As well as Zac and
Jesse from Now You Know. Did a whole crazy thing breaking it down, so check them out. Thanks for the question, Sean. Ianham asks, “Is it true that you used
to work for Facebook?” It is. I don’t have my business card, anymore but, yeah, you see,
well you can’t see it on Crowdcast but on YouTube you can see my little moved fast and
break thing back there. I did all their tableau work which is a data platform. A data analytics platform. So, I helped to really kind of implement that from the
very beginning and grow, I do training programs,
and all that kind of stuff. It was a really fun time. I really enjoyed it. I still have a lot of friends there. Go back whenever I can. I’m a big fan of Facebook. Thanks for the question. Barry asks, “I understand the rear
window visibility is limited, can you make a video through the rear so we can see how limited it really is? Also can you test mileage
without Aerocaps?” Unfortunately, no. I don’t think I can do
either of these things because, again, of how picky YouTube is. But yeah, I will say that the rear, rear window visibility
isn’t really much different than the S. If you’ve never had either
one of them, then yeah, it definitely is, just because of the way the shape of the car. But it’s not something that I mean, you get used to
it really quickly, so, not something to be concerned about. Matthew asks, “As a software engineer,
I wanted to develop an app that has the speedometer,
G-Force accelerator, weather,” blah blah blah, “instrument cluster found in, how well would you think
that would be received?” Yeah, so (clears throat) so I would say that could do well. Like an instrument cluster. A dashboard for your thing. The thing, the only thing I would say is that there already are
apps out there like it. You know, of course, that
doesn’t mean it shouldn’t stop stop you from doing it. I personally love using
Waze because of all the alerts and things when I am driving. Yeah, I think that’s not a bad idea. I probably would do a very
kind of prototype thing and try to get it out there
and see what people think. Take feedback and all that. Maybe you could make a
Tesla-specific one, somehow. So yeah, not a bad idea. William asks, “Is it smart to sell your old
diesel car and get an EV?” I feel like it’s a trick question. Yes, of course it is. I don’t know what else to say. Tim asks, “I noticed a ball-on-string
hanging from your ceiling in your garage,” yep. “Doesn’t the Model 3 have
a setting so it knows how far from the wall you want to park?” Yes, it does. Well, actually, no. It doesn’t have a thing about how far… It doesn’t have the summon feature like the Model S does. It doesn’t know that yet. But of course it has sensors. But my Model S, until recently,
didn’t have sensors either, so, that’s what that’s for. Also my son was playing with it, so, yeah. Thanks for noticing, Tim. Dennis asks if he can borrow my Model 3. Uh, no. Karel asks, “Maastricht is in the south.” Okay, thanks for the heads up. I’m running through these pretty quick. Dang, still 22 questions. Make sure, guys, to go vote on this, because I definitely, I’m gonna cut it out here
in about five minutes, so I won’t be able to answer all of them, so there you go. Todd asks, “Have you
tried Bluetooth streaming from your phone to the Model 3?” Yes I have. “I’m particularly interested
in Sirius XM streaming as it appears that the
Model 3 won’t be offered the infotainment system.” Yeah. It doesn’t even have an AM radio. So, I wouldn’t be surprised
if it doesn’t have the Sirius XM stuff. I have tried streaming, I do
almost everything streaming, because slacker radio is so, so awful. So, primarily, that’s what I do. Yeah, and I use Pandora and Spotify. So, should work fine. I mean, I haven’t had any
real issues with that. Other than sometimes it doesn’t connect to my phone right away, but that’s kind of, I’ve
had that in every car. Bluetooth is not perfect. I’m not a fan of a lot of these wireless things yet, I just don’t think it’s there, so. Yep. Thanks for the question. Michael asks, “Any luck finding the ODB-II port on the Model 3?” Nope, I did look and I didn’t see one. If you find it, let me know. I’d love to actually see it. (laughs) Do I have a flame thrower on order? No, I do not. Not into it. “Any estimate on when western Canadian deliveries
of Model 3 will happen?” I would check out Model 3 Owner’s Club? Their YouTube channel as
well as their website. A lot of people post things like this. The real big thing is I still to the last I heard people that have, that do, are not Tesla owners, have
still not been invited. So if you’re not Tesla owner, it doesn’t sound like
you’ve been invited, yet. Yep. Hang on for that. Mark asks, “Are the turbine
wheels different left to right or do they push air in on
one side or the other?” Huh. I don’t think they’re different. No, I don’t think so. I think they’re all the same. Yeah, I’m not sure. That’d be an interesting test. I wish I had… What are those called? An air chamber? A wind tunnel, I wish I had
a wind tunnel to work with, that’d be fun. All right, I’m gonna get,
take two more questions, here. Peter asks, what was the estimate… “Ben, what is the Tesla
Model 3 seat material?” It’s leather, or whatever
the fake leather is. “Would you know when we can
select a different color?” Do not know that. I’m guessing later this year. Okay, last question, here. “Can the map portion of
the screen be turned off, and only display the mile per hour?” No. It cannot. You can bring up the music, or something, and
put it over there, if you want. But, no, you can’t really disable that. It’s very, very limited right now. That may certainly will change in the future. Okay, everyone. Thanks for joining me, yet again. Don’t forget that if you want your… Excuse me. If you want your turbine wheels, go to, and that if you are on the
fence about getting a Model S or X, make sure to go
get a free supercharging which ends in two days at Thanks for watching and don’t forget when you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks, guys. See you next time.

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