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Tesla Limits Model 3 Battery Warranty to 100K Miles – Should You be Worried? [live]

Tesla Limits Model 3 Battery Warranty to 100K Miles – Should You be Worried? [live]

– Hello everyone, thanks
for joining me today here on Teslanomics Live, I’m
your host Ben Sullins and this is the show where we breakdown the biggest Tesla news from the week past. We do it live because things
change quickly and we do have a Q&A section at the end,
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to get on our email list. You can do that at and from there what we’ll do, is we’ll
run through these articles, I’ll put a link to the time
of each story at the end ’cause this does run a bit
long if you’re watching this after the fact, and then
I will join everyone on Crowdcast for the Q&A at the very end. So, first off, just thanks for joining me, happy Monday to you all. We have some big stuff to
talk about here with Tesla, let’s just jump right into it. And the first thing to talk about are the vehicle production numbers from Tesla. The vehicle production
numbers, they just announced from the previous quarter
were a bit, uh, up and down. I’ll say there’s good and bad here. In short, they had nearly 30,000 vehicles delivered in Q4, 29,870 to be exact, which is a record-breaking
quarter for them. It is +27% year over year,
so for the same Q4 of 2016, this was 27% greater than that. The breakdown looks like 15,000 Model S, 13,000 Model X, and 1,500 Model 3s. That is a low number and a big
reason why a lot of people, you’re seeing a lot of the
bears come out and really just kind of rake them over the coals for this. So, yeah, this is the big
story, really, out of this, is that yes, they delivered a lot of cars, so as a company goes, they’re
doing great, but the Model 3 didn’t deliver nearly as
much as they had hoped again. As a result, they actually produced almost 2,500 in Q4, they produced 2,425. In the last week, the
final days of the quarter, they produced 793 Model 3s,
which is a pretty good number for a single week, and
they said now, essentially, so this is the first week in January, that they should be looking
at a 1,000 per week. That changes some of their
guidance going forward. Notably that they think by
the end of Q1, they’ll get to 2,500 instead of the 5,000 that
they had previously stated. Now recall, they wanted to get
to 5,000 by the end of 2017, pushed that back to the end
of Q1, and now they’re pushing the 5,000 back to the end of Q2. So just more delays
here, but we are seeing really good signs, I
mean even if they’re only pushing out 1,000 now,
that’s still a lot of cars. I think what we’re gonna see
is that delivery ramp come up, and it’s gonna really be a big year for them in terms of the Model 3. Now, I won’t divulge my estimates
for the Model 3 production for this year yet because
I will be publishing a video later in the week
on that, so stay tuned, and if you’re new here,
just consider subscribing, even if just to stay for
that video because I think, I really put a lot of time
into the statistical model behind the S curve and how
exactly, using these data points, they can or cannot get
there and what that means. I think it’s really interesting
because, prior to this, we had just basically a
lot of speculation, right? Even Elon, you know, when
he spits out a number, it’s speculation, it’s not real fact. Now we have some real facts
to go off and this is when the models and the statistics really
start to show their value. And so, stay tuned for that
because I’ve done a lot of research on this and I’ll be
posting that later in the week. In short, I think it’s gonna
be a good year for Tesla, I think the Model 3’s gonna
be a hit, obviously people love it, you don’t really
see anyone dogging it, and from there, the good will and really the trough of dillusionment
that we’re falling into now with all the negative media,
you’re gonna see it start to come back up once
you get 10,000, 50,000 of these out on the roads,
and so it’s happening, and I think it’s gonna be
a great year for Tesla. So we’ll see, of course
they’re gonna announce new, crazier, bigger things as well, but the Model 3 is late, but it is coming. And in fact, I should be
posting a lot of Model 3s, Model 3 videos, very
soon, so if you’re into that kind of thing, make sure to subscribe and let everyone else know. Now the next thing I want
to talk about was the Tesla trip planning tool, and in
fact, let me switch that out. The Tesla trip planning tool
they released is a new thing that you can use to see
what it would be like. So if you have a 75
kilowatt battery Model S or, you know what, let’s just
go with Model 3, and let’s say you want to go from San
Diego, where I live, to Phoenix, where I typically go, you can see that they have
their own trip planning tool, and while this does look nice,
I really think the designers did a great job, the
problem is it doesn’t, it’s not as detailed, nearly as detailed, as the EV Trip Planner which
many of us that have Teslas and electric cars have been
using for a long, long time now. This is cool, but, you
know what this is good for, this is good if you don’t have
a Tesla and you’re curious. If you own a Tesla, you may not own the exact models that
they have listed here, which means this doesn’t work for you. Now the other thing is that,
of course, in your car, it’ll automatically do this
for you, so there’s that, but if you wanted to, like
me and my wife often do, plan out your trip in advance,
this doesn’t work for us because we have 60 kilowatt battery, not any of these other ones. This does work for our
Model 3 once we get it, but anyways, this is here, I
think it’s cool if you want to check this out and you don’t
have a Tesla, or if you do have one of these models, of
course this is a good tool, but I still prefer EV Trip
Planner, and I’ll have links to all this stuff in the
description after the video posts. Next, I wanna talk a little
bit about Elon’s tweet here, where he said, “We’re gonna
put an old school drive-in, “roller skates, and rock restaurant at one “of the new Tesla Supercharger
locations near LA.” And so that kinda begs the
question where might this be and all that and you can go
look at the Tesla website and see what the planned ones are. I don’t really think it’s
worth speculating or caring too much about that, but I just
love that they’re doing this and kind of making road-tripping
a thing that is fun to do. I just posted a road-trip
last week if you guys didn’t see that, that me and my wife
and my son took to Arizona, and we had a lot of fun, you know it’s one of those things where it’s surprising. If you just need to get there, then yeah, it’s gonna take probably a bit longer, but there are some other added benefits. So for us, for example,
we don’t have to pay for supercharging, and in
fact, if you are looking to buy an S or an X, you can
use my referral code now, they opened it up again, to
get free supercharging as well. So I mean you literally
could drive from San Diego to Boston if you wanted
to without spending a dime on fuel, and that’s a big deal. For people that drive a
lot, that is a major deal, it’s a major cost saving, so
make sure if you or anyone you know is looking to do
that you use our code here and take advantage of that
’cause it’s only currently listed until the end of this month,
so time’s tickin’ on that. But this is cool, I’m excited about it, maybe we’ll go do a fun meet up there once it opens, maybe Elon
will join us, who knows. Next I wanna talk about the Roadster, and a lot of you guys probably know me as the guy that won the free Roadster, and that’s awesome, thanks for joining me. Franz here, my buddy now,
is the guy that designed it, he’s designed all their
cars since the Model S. Of course they did an amazing
job, posted this tweet not too long ago, you know 10,000 likes, over 1,100 retweets, and then later we saw this happen where he was broken down. Now the questions is what
happened and these photos come to us from Electrek, where you have these little skate things
here and the skates were, (coughs), excuse me, the
skates were trying to use it to move the car off and they had a couple, I guess, follow cars and stuff like that. You don’t know what’s going
on here, Franz on the phone, apparently trying to call
somebody to figure it out, and they did say, and
let me just double check the article here, this is from Electrek. “Tesla says that the car didn’t breakdown, “it was able to drive off on its own,” but it’s kind of unclear and
apparently it was long enough there for some folks to take some photos. So yeah, you know, hey, it’s a prototype, that’s kinda what happens,
and that’s what you expect. So the big story, though,
over this past week was the new warranty for the Model 3. The headline is that they released the Model 3 warranty for the battery. Now the battery will
basically just degrade, right, that’s kind of what happens
to’em, and the 70% mark is where they are saying
that they would replace it. Now, the challenge is, is that
they’re only guaranteeing it for up to 100,000 miles for the standard, and 120,000 miles for the long range. So, yeah, that’s a concern for a lot of people and I understand. Now, something to take in mind
is that GM, with the Bolt, has a similar thing but it’s
even worse, so these kind of batteries are stand, I’m
sorry, these battery warranties are standard here, but the real thing to think about though, is
whether or not this matters. Mel from Talking Tesla
did a good video on this and he showed off some different stats and one of them was the
thing that I made here. This, when you’re looking
at, is battery degradation analysis from real
world data, so the weird and difficult thing about
predicting these things. Let me see if I can make
this full screen for you, I don’t know if I can do that. Yeah, there you go. The thing about these is that
this data comes from people that have been uploading
to a Google spreadsheet over a few years now
and on this link here, and I’m gonna update this
with the latest data. You can see that basically charge cycles are the thing that have
the biggest impact on it, but really, what we’re looking
at, I mean, they’re talking 70% degradation so that’s
somewhere down in here, right in between 60 and 80,
and you can see this data that is, you know, we’re
talking almost five years old and is almost, let’s see,
mileage and miles, upwards of 222,000 miles, still retaining
93% of the original range. And these are older cars,
these are S and X cars that have older battery
technology then the Model 3. And if you want kilometers
’cause I know some of you folks living places where that’s
the thing, you can see, look, almost 360,000 kilometers with 93% of the battery remaining,
so a 7% degradation. Anyways, point being, I think
the, as Mel pointed out, I think the warranty is
just a CYA type of thing where it’s not meant to,
it’s not an indication of how the battery will actually perform, it’s more just in case it
does, that they will fix it. And the surprising thing,
again, is that this is newer battery tech that
is objectively better than these older cars, and this
is the real world data, which I kind of like better. Now some people have commented
and I’ve talked to folks about this where they
say, oh well, you know, you need to really test
this in a lab and do those kind of things and, yes,
I agree, that would be a control group versus
like a randomized test. Beautiful, I would love to
do that, we don’t have that. There haven’t been any studies that I’ve seen with
that kind of thing done for a Tesla battery or an
electric vehicle battery with this specific technology. So this is as good as it
gets and it encompasses a varying amount of climates
and regions in the world, charging habits, all these kind of things, so this is real world
data, so I would argue that with enough, you know, the whole kind of big data thing, with enough
observations, as we would say, we will find the truth here,
we will find the signal in the noise and that’s
what you can kinda see with this trendline that I have here and you can kind of see all
the values of that there. Anyways, the new warranty
is 100,000 miles, 70% for the standard battery and 120,000 miles for
the long-range battery. I don’t think it matters though
because I think you’re gonna see far better performance
than that, especially because of the new battery tech, so I’d
love to know what you think. If you’re watching this
after the fact, hit me up with a comment down below and we’ll have a conversation about
it, I’m really curious. Next, we have a video that
my friend Austin Evans posted with him and Jake Roper about the Model 3. They go for a nice drive
here, this is up, I think it’s called Angel’s Pass or something
like that and really cool. This is Jake’s car, I’m sure he’s gonna be posting a lot of fun videos. If you don’t know Jake
Roper, he is on Vsauce 3 and he’s part of the Beme News team, which is with Casey
Neistat and those guys. I think he also has his own channel. But anyways, this is a cool video, I highly recommend you go check it out. I actually haven’t seen the whole thing because I was driving and
I just listened to it. But yeah, these guys do a good job and I think they kind
of tell a good story. Jakes impressions of the
car because he’s a former Model S owner are particularly insightful. So there you have it guys,
that’s the biggest news of the week, I just wanted to break down those kind of top things. Now I’m gonna jump over
to Crowdcast into the Q&A and we will get right to it. So remember, if you wanna
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make sure to go do that. It doesn’t cost you
anything, you can unsubscribe at any time, whatever, totally up to you. Alrighty, now if you’re in Crowdcast and you’re watching this,
I’m gonna take my little pregnant pause, drink of water
and have you guys go vote and comment on things, you can see
that’s happening right now. And I’ll just double check,
it looks like everything’s still good on the
YouTubes and the Twitters, we got all the Twitters. Alright, here we go,
first question from Read. “Ben, those of us in the que
for the Model 3 would really “like to know our current
anticipated delivery window. “Original estimate was
November ’16 to January ’18, “now it says January
’18th to March of ’18. “In your opinion, what will it really be?” Well, Read, this is the
billion dollar question, if Tesla even knew then they would probably be able to predict
things a lot better. The challenge is, and as
you’ll see later this week when I post my video on
the Model 3 delivery ramp and what I’ve calculated,
it’s all over the board. So having a strong confidence interval to predict exactly when is a challenge. I would say that there
estimate is as good as any. I’ve gotten a lot of questions
actually recently about updating my own delivery estimator
which I built awhile ago. I don’t think I’m gonna
do that just simply because these guys already
have one and honestly they’re gonna be a better
source of truth than I am ’cause they even have the actual numbers, right, I only have the
publicly stated numbers. Previous to this, it
was fun because we could kind of speculate based on everything and really plugging some
numbers and make some guesses. Now that they have real numbers,
I would say that they know far more detailed information than we do and so they’re gonna be able to provide a better estimate, so
stick with what they have. January to March is still
not bad, it’s pretty soon. I know mine was, I think,
’til November to January and I should be getting
mine very, very soon. So stay tuned for those videos,
and if you do get yours, there is on Model 3
Owners Club and, I think,, a place
where you can go punch that in. I haven’t been there in
awhile but that would be really helpful if everybody
that got one, put it in so we could actually track
and see how far its going. I’m sure those guys have been looking at this stuff for awhile now. Stay tuned for that and
thanks for the question, Read. Les asks, “When do you
think non Tesla owners “will start to receive
their configuration emails?” Oh, that’s a good question. You know I have to say,
it’s probably pretty soon because this ramp, if
you look at the numbers that they’re predicting
and even what they’ve actually already done, I think
that they’re gonna be making thousands and thousands of these soon. After the Tesla owners
get theirs, it would be the California people or
west coast people first, so you should be, you know,
depending on where you live, that would be the next factor into implying to when you would get it, So I would, again, check that
Model 3 delivery estimator, which if you just go to or click on the Model 3 menu and scroll down, there’s a big giant button
there to check it out. So check that out, I know
mine, again, was November to January and I got mine
mid or late December. So plan somewhere in there. I don’t expect them to delay it again, since they’ve already delayed
it twice, and so we’ll see. But, yeah, maybe just go
kind of follow up on that. Thanks for the question, Les. Jim asks, “I have heard
that the Summon feature “is not yet available for the Model 3. “I am particularly interested
in this since I have “a narrow garage and plan
to use Summon to back in “the Model 3 into the garage.” “Can you give us an update?” Well, you know as much I do. That’s not surprising at
all, I mean they just added the FM radio like a couple weeks ago. I don’t think the browser
exists yet, there’s a lot of features that are
still, it’s still very much in beta in terms of the
software in the vehicle. Yeah, I would not be
surprised but it definitely should be coming especially if you get the enhanced auto pilot features. So stay tuned for that, and
of course, once I get mine and kind of run through all
those videos, I’ll share that with you exactly where it’s at. Thanks for the question Jim. Gary asks, “It’s been
interesting to see reports on how “our recent cold weather has
impacted Model 3’s range. “Do you have any stats on temp/range?” I do. There’s a video that I think
is titled something exactly to that effect of how weather
effects your battery range or something like that
and there is an app, if you’re a Model S owner, I
actually just reinstalled it ’cause I got a new phone yet again. It’s called TezLab, let me
just see if I can pull it up. And so TezLab with a Z is an
app that lets you track some of the stuff about your
car and it’s also kind of a social network thing, and
there’s also some functionality like you can unlock your
car and do things like that. But yeah, I don’t know if you
can see any of that there, but on TezLab you can
actually track this stuff and there’s even thing
called phantom drains, you can see how much of
your car is being drained. Yeah, here you go, so this
is a nice way to look at it, I don’t know if that shows up well there. But anyway, so, I’ve been
working with these guys. I’m kind of their data
science advisor on how to work with the data ’cause they have
a tens of thousands of people that use the app and their collecting tons of detailed information, and
one of the big stories is how temperature affects range,
so go check that video out. I don’t have this new Model 3
stuff, we haven’t look at it in awhile, but I’m guessing
that the trend is pretty similar, and it’s pretty
surprising how much it affects it. Thanks for the question Gary. Tom asks, “Any thoughts on
Tesla jumping 6% today?” No, I don’t pay attention
to the stock market one bit other than the overall
indices and I certainly don’t speculate on any individual stocks. I don’t own any individual stock either. Just to be clear, I don’t
know if some people get upset if I’m promoting Tesla stuff
and talking about how much I love them and all this, it’s
from a pure product consumer standpoint, I stand nothing
really to gain by their stock jumping up and down other than
what a normal consumer would. No real comments on it, maybe Elon tweeted a photo of something, who knows. And really, it’s all short term thinking in the markets anyways,
I really, yeah, anyways. I’m much more into cryptocurrencies. Let’s see, Matt from Mich, oh let me. Matt from Michigan asks, “I
plan on having two sets of tires “for my Model 3, 18 winter
tires, and 19 summer tires.” Cool. “I live in Michigan where
we currently do not have “a Tesla showroom/service centers.” Right, because it’s one of the
states where it’s outlawed. “Will I have to drive to a
different state to have Tesla “update the Model 3 so the cars know “which of size tires I have?” Uh, no. Hm, actually, I think they
do need to update something in the software when you change them, and I only say that because
when I got my arachnids, they were talking about that. But no, you shouldn’t have
to, you should be able to call the customer service and have them do it. You also should be able to get the car delivered to you in your state. The way this works, ’cause I have a friend or several friends in Utah
that have’em, is that they, you can’t technically buy it
in the state, you can go to a showroom and have a look
at one, but it’s purely information and then you can go online and purchase and then they can deliver. It’s something weird like that, but no, you should be able to do that. You either don’t need to do anything or you should be able to
do it just by calling in. And yeah, yeah, stay
tuned for more on that because I’m sure a lot of
people have questions like that. That’s not a bad plan, thanks
for the question, Matt. Mel asks, “Ben, do we know yet
for sure how Tesla was able “to so drastically increase
the range on the new Roadster? “Could they have stacked
battery packs in layers?” Yeah, we don’t know for sure,
I’ve seen a lot of people throw that out there
about stacking the packs. I really can’t say. The only comment I have on the whole thing about the Roadster having such
a long range is that people, for whatever reason, were reporting that it was a very small vehicle. Now, if you recall, the
original Tesla Roadster, which was based on the
Lotus Elise and basically the exact same car, a
little bit different, but, very the same chassis
and body basically. That is a tiny car, that thing is small. This one is still smaller than,
say, a Model S, of course, but it is a lot bigger
than the original one, so I don’t think it’s that shocking, but there clearly is some sort of breakthrough there that we don’t know. I’m really looking forward
to that, hopefully, you know, we can have something like
the solid state batteries. There’s a few, you know,
these glass batteries and all these different,
there’s so many different things right now, it’s a real big
question about how to source them and the supply chain and
all those kind of things, but absolutely, I’m gonna
be staying on top of this because it’s gonna be pretty
incredible whatever it is. And I assume that that
tech will be coming to all the new models by the time
that those come out, in fact, what may happen is some of those
models, those breakthroughs may show up in something like the Model Y or something else that
gets delivered before. And then that way for the
semi trucks, specifically, it’s totally ironed out, so we’ll see. But nothing official yet. Thanks for the question,
Mel, thanks for joining. Tom asks, “Do you know when
you can pick up your Model 3? “Are you excited?” Yes, I’m excited, I don’t
know an exact date yet. But very soon, I was hoping to
get it this week, so I could go out to Vegas to meet
up with my friends at CES, don’t know if that’s gonna
happen, but I am emailing them every single day, letting them know that I’m ready when they are. Plus I have a fun story
about how I purchased it, so stay tuned, I’ve got, I
literally have a giant list of videos to do with my Model
3 once I get it, so yeah, a lot, lot more comin’ soon. Thanks Tom. Zack asks, “Long time viewer,
first time Crowdcast.” Hey, welcome. “So I’ve been looking around,
I know you’re not a CFA, “but for a long term loan, I am not seeing anything better than 2.49%.” Yep. “Since I am going to
own this car long term, “and the interest rates
are low, I remember you “saying that wasn’t a bad deal.” Yeah, hm, 4 to 5% on 72, okay yeah, so I’ll just give you the short answer. You need a shorter term, I use San Diego County Credit
Union, they’re not a sponsor or anything like that,
they’re my bank and with them, my first car I got on a three
year term, 36 months that is, I got a 1.5%, and then with
this one, I got a 2.19% for 42 months, and the reason
I do that is ’cause I have the money to just buy it,
but I would rather keep that money in something like
an index fund which will appreciate at a higher
percent than the interest is. In that case, I’m making money
on the deal, so that’s kinda where I’ve leaned and that’s
why I don’t care too much about the higher monthly
payment ’cause, yeah, I think my monthly payment’ll be
upwards of 900 plus dollars. But the reason is because
I’m paying it off quicker, and the reason I’m doing
that is so I can get an even lower rate, so
I got approved at 2.19%, so it’s out there, but you just gotta look for different terms and
different, and it depends, of course, on your credit situation and all those kinds of things. Thanks for the question
and, of course, stay tuned because I will be posting
like very detailed about how I did that and
how I am paying for it. Dennis asks, “Thank you for
all the top notch info.” You’re welcome. “My question: Do you know if
I can change my reservation “for the Model 3 sometime in 2018 “for first production Model Y?” Oh, I doubt it. “I am hoping that the Y will
come with the tow package “and roof rack and all wheel drive. “Thank you for all your hard work.” Yeah, you’re welcome Dennis, thanks for watching,
thanks for joining me here. I don’t think you can,
no, I don’t imagine that. The Model Y, I mean, officially
hasn’t been unveiled, I think we just have a teaser image, and we have speculation and
tweets and things like that. I think it’s a great, I
think it’s fun to speculate and talk about this stuff,
and then, of course, once it comes out, I’ll be
covering all that detail, but I don’t assume that you can do that. Now with the Model 3, I
believe there is a spot for a roof rack, I don’t think that there was a tow package though. But I believe you can get
it on the Model S, for sure, and the Model X, absolutely, so yeah, there are other options out there. Certainly the Model Y, well
we assume, will have it. Yeah, thanks for the question Dennis and thanks for your support. Pyr, “Ben, both of my friends and I are “one day reservation holders in Florida. “He is a Tesla owner and I am not. “He has received his configuration
email and I have not. “Another Tesla owner friend
has reservations for two. “Do you know the rationale and.” So it’s based on this: Tesla
owners first, west coast first, and then from west coast to east coast. So yeah, it’ll probably be a little while being on the east coast and
being a non-Tesla owner. “Is their a 30 day delivery
promise firm or an estimate?” Yeah, they make no promises about the delivery date once you configure. They give you, that’s
why it’s an estimate. They contact you and work
with you to figure that out, but yeah, nothing firm until
you’re really there, honestly. Yeah, thanks for the question,
and thanks for watching. Rich asks, “When will Tesla release “information on leasing a Model 3?” 2020, 2021? That’s my best guess, if at all. I don’t think they’ll do it
for a few years, at least. Thanks for the question, Rich. Brian asks, “When do you
think I can play around “on with a Model 3 configurator, “even if I don’t have a reservation?” Brian, you do not have to
wait, I am here for you. Go to I’ll put a link in the
description, or in fact, let me just comment it on
here real quick for you. So it’s https,,
Model 3, cost 2. So, that right there
will take you, in fact, I think I can pull it up, let’s see, yep. That’ll take you to a page
here where you can then play with it and, you know, it
even has the car, you can look at the different options,
and this, my estimator goes pretty in depth, right,
so if you go through it, I’ll show you the options I chose. Destination, doc fee,
this is actually a 1,000. Tax rate, oh gosh, I think it’s like 8.25 in California, I don’t know. Anyways, so you go through
here, you can punch in your loan information,
charging, how do you charge, how much do you drive, et
cetera, et cetera, enter options, you click see results,
and then at the bottom, it tells you exactly how
much everything costs. So, I gotcha man, go check it out, there’s no catch to it
or anything like that. I built it to help people figure that out, and literally, over, geez,
I haven’t checked in awhile but within the first two
weeks, I think we had almost 100,000 people use
that, so go check it out and let me know what you think. Brian asks, “When do you think “used Model 3s will hit the market?” Maybe four or five years,
actually they’re out there already but
they’re triple the price. Maybe four or five years, yeah. “Well equipped around $20,000.” Maybe seven years, I would say. So yeah, maybe 2025 or
something like that. Ronnie asks, “Hey Ben, we took delivery “on our Model S this past weekend.” Congratulations. “What things/accessories did
you get for your Model S? “Any must have things you recommend? “Just used your code to
get a solar/powerwall.” Woohoo, congrats. “I appreciate all your help “and plan to see you at
the Model 3 meet up.” Perfect. Yeah, thanks Ronnie, and yeah, make sure to find me there and say hello. What accessories did I get? The only, you know, so I just did this. I don’t know if you guys saw, what is it, So I just did a refresh
on my Model S right here, and you can see that this
is really the only thing I’ve done and this is
the new front fascia. So what I did there is, I just. Oh, I’m sorry, you guys aren’t
seeing it on Crowdcast, huh? So, anyways, I’ll put a link, if you go to,
or if you’ve looked at my community section
on my YouTube channel, you can see I got a new front fascia. That was the only thing I’ve really done. I also had a center console
added, but then I ended up getting rid of that
’cause my wife just needed more room down there, so
other than that, not a lot. You know my friends over
at have a lot of great things, and
then if you let’em know that I referred you,
you may get a discount or something, so there you have it. Thanks for the question, Ronnie, and yeah, I’ll see you there at the Model 3 meet up. Lance asks, “My first
production estimate is December “to February, however standard range “estimate shows early 2018.” “I take this as maybe
March, too optimistic? “West coast, non owner.” I would go with summer, I
would go maybe June, July, something like that for a standard because they’re gonna have a
lot of these long range ones to get through before
they start offering that. Thanks for the question, Lance. Joe asks, “I haven’t seen
yet how you will be able “to quickly lock the Model 3 doors “if you jumped inside at night.” There should be a button on
the screen that you can lock the doors, that’s how
it is in mine and, yeah, I often do that as well, hop
in and just hit the button. Otherwise somebody could
just open your handle. Yeah, there you go. Thanks for the question, Joe. Last question: “Most recent
Tesla financing was 1.49%.” Yep, that was for the Model S and X, not for the Model 3 unfortunately. Okay guys, I thank you
everyone for joining me on Youtube, on Facebook, everywhere else. If you have any additional
questions or anything, do not hesitate to hit me up
on Twitter, I’m @teslanomicsco. Make sure to subscribe
here, I have a lot of videos comin’ out about the Model
3 and a lot of other things. And, lastly, don’t forget, when you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks for watching.

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38 thoughts on “Tesla Limits Model 3 Battery Warranty to 100K Miles – Should You be Worried? [live]

  1. Tesla plays safe on the battery life…
    I think the main difference is that prices for used model3s with milleage close to the battery warranty limit will drop significantly..

  2. How are the battery degradation numbers calculated for that graph? Is it simply whatever range shows up when the car is charged 100% or is it more scientific?

  3. The range loss in cold weather with the Model 3 (extreme cold anyway) could be worse than the S/X as it doesn't have a battery heater but uses waste heat from motor and electronics to heat the battery. This could mean the motor has to work harder to keep battery warm and could be part of the reason (along with margins) as to why the battery/drivetrain warranties are different to the S/X and between the standard and long range Model 3. Long range version maybe able to retain more heat due to bigger mass etc and so would have less strain on motor etc in cold weather.
    Maybe worth looking into.

  4. Ben, why do you assume improved batteries (model 3) means improved battery life? As I understand the new batteries take up less space. Shorter life may be one of the draw backs.

  5. Tesla have 2 to 3 Years of Fame BUT its to BIG and Expensive for the UK and Europe Ill Wait for the vw at 20K or the Honda ? one Toyota Honda and Vw get in the Game in 2019 Game over for tesla but im sure tesla in the usa will sell loads but not in the uk europe ?lets just say PICKUP TRUCKS DONT Sell in the uk or europe 0 sales

  6. The model 3 has a substandard battery heating and cooling system. Also uses larger batteries that have long term battery. My question is why you bending the truth on this ?

  7. I think its unfair to say that’s something to worry about. 100K seems more than fair enough for a car that’s costs under 55K USD. Tell me which BMW gives you a better warranty?
    I am an S owner and can’t say enough good things about tesla customer service.
    If the model 3 owners get 100K I think that is an awesome package.

  8. According to Tesla Motors website, that is for the short range battery only (so it would have to be charged more cycles to get that total number of miles anyway – quite reasonable).

  9. The thing to remember is that the Model S and X do not have a capacity warranty at all. The Model 3 is getting something that the existing models don't have. Don't confuse a materials and workmanship warranty (which S and X do have) with a capacity warranty.

    It's a competitive move from Tesla to match the warranties offered by GM, Nissan et al.

  10. Hi Ben, hey I got my model X in September and I used your referral code, thanks for that. I actually wanted to see if you can talk about something I have noticed between EV and ICE vehicles which I have not see compared by anyone on YouTube. I have noticed that EVs are much WORSE in efficiency when you go past the speed which the manufacturer used to calculate the eMPG than ICE cars are. For example, I live in San Diego, just like you, but travel weekly to LA. I got the model x 100D, and driving the way I do, I can barely get 230miles out of 100% battery. A Singe trip to LA 113 miles exactly from door to door, takes 48% of my battery. This, if calculated is over. 25% loss in efficiency from the data quoted by Tesla of a full charge driven at “freeway” speeds. However, if I did exactly the same drive on an ICE car, there would be NO WAY that my MPG would drop by amistad 30% just because I’m driving faster. Some mpg will drop, but it seems to me that if you compare a Tesla with an ice car, the loss of efficiency of the Tesla is horrible compared to the ICE car just by driving faster, for example 90mph. What do you think?

  11. The production numbers show they are being meticulous and thorough to deliver a good product. Would rather have this scenario any day because Tesla has proven they deliver quality integrity. Buyers can just save up more money or maybe install a high amperage circuit with a Wall Connector in the mean time. Good things come to those who wait.

  12. Ben you do good stuff. Many of us are simply adding opinion but your reworking of data is actually adding useful and often graphically excellent information. Cheers from Talking Tesla

  13. I know a non Tesla Owner living on the East Coast who says she got an email asking if she wants the Long range RWD model 3 or wait. She said it was a link that took her to the website, so i am assuming this was an invite to configure the car? I will ask to see a screenshot or something because I am helping her with her purchase but doesn't this seem very early. She reserved her car in June 2017. Has anyone else received an email asking about RWD or something like that?

  14. I was hoping to get the long range with premium interior for 9k but they stopped doing that? Was it for first production only?

  15. Hey Ben wanted to ask you if anyone has used two different codes to get free supercharge for the model s and x

  16. You normally cite the links to the parts of each session.  But wait, I've never been able to find those links.  All I see are a lot of comments.  I've tried scrolling down to the end of the comments but to no avail.  Please help.

  17. Heating is also a problem…it takes more energy than cooling your car a little bit….a thing that a regular car can bypass, as it generates heat.
    Sure: A Tesla also generates heat, but I dont know, how much is used or just wasted? I dont know.
    Perhaps you can also dive into the topic of battery life under supercharging frequently? I am coming from an all electric hobby of drone flying. Those batteries need to be treated very well in my hobby, or they gonna suffer severly and even puff up, which isnt a good sign.
    So, charging them at rediculous rates is possible, but the end is reached soon and it usually ALWAYS is better to charge your car with a reasonable current other than pumping it fast. You even have decent chargers and eventually throw in charge/discharge cycles and even put just a "stroring" charge on it, so that the battery doesnt suffer, if you store them away for a week or longer.
    All this currently is no topic for those enthusiasts about electric cars…mainly because they are casuals and dont know about the abuses of a battery.

  18. Thank you for the analysis and data compilation. I observed that there are some points in the battery degradation analysis that are over the 100% line. I wanted to understand that significance of the same.

  19. If Tesla batteries have moved from Lithium-ion to Sodium-Metal in the roadster, its size and mileage is easily explained.

  20. One thing hate about full electric cars.. especially long road trips. it takes too long to charge 30mins..need much inprovement.

  21. MPH?
    There's only a dozen or so countries on this planet still stuck on miles. The rest of the world is in kilometres, the metric system.

  22. Never had seen a tesla in person before today. This morning I drove over to school and saw a model S and a model X sitting at the same intersection. That was pretty cool.

  23. Who would buy a 10 year old Tesla today, if one were available? Show of hands.

    Yep, these will be hot potatoes once the warranties are gone , as repair costs would exceed the market value.

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