Switching Cars With Garrett Watts For The Day!

what’s up everybody! welcome back to my
channel! h,i good morning! now today I don’t know what is about to happen.. all I
know is that I haven’t seen my dear friend Garrett Watts in a while
and first of all.. Garrett you need to come co-parent your stepson but me and
Nate genuinely love and miss Garrett a lot we haven’t seen him in a few months
and we’re finally home for at least enough time to hang out like we’ve been
doing so much traveling.. so I said Garrett I would love to film with you or
we can just hang out he was like oh I’m down to film I have an idea for you and
I was like what idea does mr. Watts have in store for me today I have no idea you
never know what you’re gonna get so I’m a little scared I don’t know what we are
going to dive into but he is literally two minutes away and by the way he’s
never met Vivian Chi yet hi dude look at his eyebrows you guys they are growing
in so iconic I’m a little mean what okay so let’s go let’s go see Garrett and
let’s see what the hell I have in store for today what does he smell like oh good like a
little puppy he smells better than me everyone for
that uncle Garrett’s here to me dogs better than me probably problem is uncle
Gary I know have you ever held a real baby like yeah sometimes sometimes yeah
but I give them back real quick how do you hold it like this yeah yeah this
looks such a Lion King moment I know I needed this okay all right
how can I put him on another dog lie down top my friends I want to say hi to
you oh this is cool what’s your name what’s his name Gerald gerald that’s
good I mean I do yeah oh my gosh I’ve had so many fish tanks but all the fish
in that’s dead that’s me with all the dogs it’s like a whole new world in here
it is on in the world I want to join it Jeffrey Dahmer once said that instead
there’s someone asked him like if you would have been a serial killer what
would you have done and he was like I probably just what I had a fish tank I
never said that No holy smokes oh I can’t write this one is
over this way yeah I can look around you she loves you
I’m the guarantee diamon wait do you have a favorite can I have that bit well
they’re all listening I can’t answer that right now but diamond knows it’s
him oh no it’s not her what no I mean love
Viva diva came here he’s nine and a half he’s he and I him and diamond have been
with me for a long time this one’s pick so should I tell you
what’s happening right here is this where we do it what’s going on why I
feel like I need to sit down okay look here what we’re doing is simple so I
just have anything to do with makeup no oh you know I don’t know what I’ll do
that pause try to territory you gave me the best hieroglyphics eyebrows I’ve
ever seen in my life really daddy can your boy it was pretty
amazing I tried to recreate it failed so no I figured today I was at home and I
was thinking what’s something that like because it’s hard to think like oh
what’s an experience that I can give to Geoffrey yeah that you haven’t done yet
right we live 10 lives you’ve lived 30 lives so it’s like one of those minced
where I was like oh I know what you can do you can like I can bring you like
back down a little bit by having you drive okay my 2006 Prius
and like you can see what it’s like to kind of just know he’s kidding Stella no
no you have to have to drive a normal car for today and you have a drive in a
normal car in years I know that’s the whole point of this cuz you probably
don’t even know how to or god that car it’s not that it’s actually never
derivative Prius I’m kind of afraid of them no I don’t why they’re so simple it
costs less than like one of these rings oh my oh my god it was a Prius cost
should we Google this $1,000 for no I got my four okay
let’s be good a cute used one yeah so like a knob in your one of your club oh
my god okay oh that’s the point okay yeah I’ve never driven a Prius I think
I’ve been inside of one once when I accidentally clicked uberx instead of
black oh so I’m you know mine is a little weird it’s got
some stuff you say have you ever driven a Prius I have never driven a Prius I’m
gonna tell Garrett what was your first car I had a 98 Mercury Sable oh damn it
that’s crazy and it moved forward oh yeah no I move forward ahead no no no
imagine living in Michigan during no hair how did you have to get to work
every day it’s square box of mice oh yeah no usually if I didn’t have an
ice pick or anything like that I’d take out like my ID and scrape the inside
because they would like get ice on the inside too for some reason I can relate
to that life so heavily by the way my Prius doesn’t have air conditioning so
whoa you don’t have air no it got broke one day like two years ago and I never
figured out Jeremy but I just I go with the windows down there’s an it is it’s
80 degrees today it builds character hahahahaha it’s so hot here I was in
London three weeks ago was thirty degrees that was like this is everything
I landed sweating 90 degrees yeah at least we have no humidity so you really
don’t have air no we’re gonna roll the windows down we’re gonna turn up the
Frank Ocean and you’re gonna see what it’s like to be a normal birthday Hey I
mean I used to stick my head out and like freezing cold winter driving so
because I couldn’t scrape my winch isn’t that insane they can’t really get that
no you’re gonna relate today this is the day that Jeffrey’s gonna relate there
are some weird things about my car I need to tell you you need to be a little
bit careful in there uh okay I’m a really good driver there’s a spider
living in it I don’t know what not I don’t know I don’t know where he is
oh I have a fear of insects then there’s not a spider living in it I just I find
these webs every morning and I can’t find if I been looking everywhere I’m
gonna bring no it’s a brown widow Bruce no no you guys better it’s not about
driving them anything touches me of you ever even try it
oh no no no if it pops up while I’m driving it’s not going to brown recluses
are apparently very shy I mean brown widows okay okay hey your mom your
mommy’s gonna okay so your car okay let’s go let’s
bring all the dogs okay what am I getting myself into a Prius what do you think stunning it’s very you
thank you it’s actually the most basic car I learned like in California
literally there’s not a car that is more basic than this one so what made you
pick this one I bet but my question number one Oh having not
much money in eating a car okay remember that might play a factor yeah
it was okay sorry thinking about miles per gallon not wanting to fill my tank
all the time yeah I remember those fears okay oh yeah okay so the PlayStation
controller well let’s get in the car and we’ll talk I’m like Nate did you help
design that part okay sit in Oh also there’s someone you can meet I
didn’t even mention who no no he’s a better baby than Benjamin oh my god I
mean how you wanted to ride along oh my god oh my god that feels so wrong whoa
hey oh my god okay you get it over here so I even though I don’t know how to
work this hey girl come here baby oh sorry so welcome to the priests Wow it’s hot
in here I know it’s a problem I don’t have AC we’ll get the baby seat for you
in a minute girl okay okay so I have one let’s see so you know it’s she’s been in
my car for like ten wait what is this from why do I know this it’s a movie
called on Planet Terror she’s got a gun for a leg and an attitude to boot so she
has fallen Natasha yeah my god so she constantly falls out
of the car through the window and I’d like to stop on the freeway and get her
and she gets run over that’s why she doesn’t have an arm and no hair like in
the fro oh my and then I just had this little dinosaur figurine that I found
once upon a time I’d still that be careful you know you like dinosaurs
we can have a moment I mean I don’t want to take your dinosaur I like giving
things away he’s really cool I’ve had him for like three years he’s got a lot
of cash accepted my dinosaur we’re together now
yes yeah that’s what that means Wow with the with a Sun beaming in the car how do
you drive in traffic with no air when I was griten Baron the movement creates
air nature-friendly me yeah wait can’t tell you the one thing before
you say anything else that the one thing I am so excited about was this fucking
Missy Elliott sweet like so I construction I am I’ve I grew up
listening to her and I’m obsessed I have every album I could scream word for word
every single oh my god clearly we need to do that okay so it’s you turn it
we’re here press this button to turn it dude put on the brake no it’s okay don’t
worry about it just press the button and then it well sometimes it doesn’t turn
on which is tricky oh there we go okay oh this is fun now the one thing about
this car is the screen doesn’t work so yeah you can’t do anything there is a
touchscreen or no no it used to be and then one day it stopped working when the
AC did why haven’t what happened you forgot this fixed yet because I haven’t
thought about it don’t-don’t-don’t you know pressure me Geoffrey oh no there’s
nothing too crazy but this is a chosen condom but it’s actually it’s a little
picture of this how I that I love oh I found him he’s from history and he was a
priest apparently why not the frame melt because I left it in the car and my
car’s really hot I am NOT doing this but that’s that’s why I think the spider
might be dead though because the car gets really oh that was a wand that I
used to have and then it broke I used to control the traffic lights with it but I
actually have a new one in here I think yeah so now I use this one this one is
much more like you I think this is cool Oh a little like ice pick someone yeah
welcome okay put your little C pillar on okay okay so what a car is that you
drive even dude you just say like drive ma’am I usually like this and we just go
I’m not I don’t know I’ve never go I’ve never been in a car like that ever
I’ve never even I one time I was in a Tesla for like a second okay no be shot
but but I’ve never been in a car like that so like I don’t know the difference
is is it two different well usually you know I mean push to start is now like a
very common thing oh cool some of them I need to say work like the
Tesla will parallel park free it will reverse free click that you can click
the keen old back out for you oh this one tells you the time but it’s wrong
okay so you the car on yes the cars on so take your foot like is that is the e
brake on it’s on the left I don’t know no here put your foot like this and then
press it as hard as you can in a boom go back now it’s off Oh how’d it hurt did
it my toes it my it’s okay your is your is your thing on the on the right use
your foot on the broken we’re fine then cuz look we’re in park okay so now
you’re just gonna go and you’re a tall boy let me stick it up one one in lemon
salt boy okay so put your little paw on this and then and then go down and
that’s Drive and now you’re in Drive now you’re neutral place oh my god okay well
you’re and wait put your foot on the brake okay your foot on the brake I
swear okay okay now we’re in JA Ronn Drive okay so
okay what makes noise and that’s forget see you get it I love you babe I hope I
returned already cooling down isn’t it kind of a little we need a roll down
your window a little bit oh yeah oh my god I want my neighbor’s
to see me Oh oh wait no you want them to just get I’m
proud hi we’re gonna get really bad Jerry I do
have health insurance I don’t that breaks nice I got full coverage
insurance don’t worry oh that was a nice thank you
oh my god a bump oh my god smooth thank you smooth like driving a Rolls Royce
it’s like the shock absorbent usually it’s like BAM and I’m like clunks but
it’s just like a cute dip like we’re dipping into a ranch oh my god I’m
hungry you’re making me feel really good about my car and thank you I’m shocked I
know and I recently thought about getting a new car and I was like why
this one does the trick hmm hello ma’am she’s she’s driving really slow because
she can’t believe I’m in this car I think oh look we’re house hunting right
now high school reunion oh my god row me a Sarah okay sarah michelle gellar it’s
a nineties thing I get it I’ve I fucked Oh Oh you guys would be cute to go he’s
a nice ass who is that wait why does he have a fat booty what if I told nobody
no oh my god Shh hold on you might fall let me do a u-turn when I fall in love
right but why does he look so nice I don’t know he looks so home-like homey
okay can I I want to talk to a lot of these he’s on his knees stop oh wait can
I talk to him about his dog is that your dog your dog is really cool what’s his
name what’s your name oh cool I’m Garrett nice to meet you Dylan I’m great okay cool
I love matchmaking we love finding a a wealthy Calabasas King for Garrett
because when me and they are tired someone has to fuck him you know so you
know a lot of the times after a long day me and Nate just respect you know and he
gets me in the morning so I like his outfit too a big booty I’m sure oh my
god well Shane I get it right so we’re gonna spa scible
I hate rejection very good don’t forget that my god he was going for TM sipes we
already thought he was the one I flop I didn’t know he literally said why you
experienced rejection hold me he was single and he said yeah but I’m just and
he was gay but he was like but I’m just never was gay which was shocking I
thought he was like married in a dentist oh you did what did you see his frames
anyways but he was like oh yeah and then he said how do we single but I’m just
not looking I mean what more did you say that he’s the worst in a relationship
yeah hey at least you got the warning at least I was brave you know if there’s a
lesson to be learned here from my humiliation okay uh I’ve really thought
that what he was the one and then literally 45 seconds later like he
beheaded you I should have stayed in the car he probably saw my thighs his head
crushed by then okay he was too into me and he got nervous
that’s my narrative in my head he was like oh I don’t know what to say and I
stumbled it in right now he’s on his knees screaming why did I let him go
he’s literally texting his friend like the ugliest guy just came up Garrett
what’s that rejected and embarrassed oh my god okay so wait a minute
first of all I feel like I’m traumatized I’m putting the car in park wait okay
that’s part oh yeah but the ebrake gone just in case okay how you do that print
you know and you’re safe too because I think the brown widow lives on this side
I think I forgot about him I was so traumatized I come out here every
morning and there’s webs here it’s a crazy okay well you wanna go pull up one
of my cars and see if he’s like oh wait a minute
hold on and for this are the tables turning am I gonna drive one of your
cars uh-huh have you ever driven a supercar for real no no I’ve never even
been I’ve told you I’ve been in a Tesla ones I’ve never even saw when it’s not a
supercar that’s like normal right now I feel like right even tessel
I’m not the ex but like Tesla threes and no I don’t know what that means I’m okay
can I at least gonna see him I think we should show you my garage and also the
guy at the park doesn’t deserve you pulling up in anything because if he
rejected you at your Prius he doesn’t deserve you got your Lambo oh my fuck
him so let’s let Garrett pick which car he wants to drive today
hi welcome to my crib I’ll just get my baby over here this is a McLaren f1 I
know what that car is no not an f1 oh that’s like this super crazy race one
well this is the garage the garage is spider so if you wanna let your hair
down and get some wind as you’re used to having the windows down I’m not used to
anything like where’s the handle this is just a big hole okay so we have the
Lamborghini Huracan the star Edition the full jeffree star well this is okay this
is it like this is like Geoffrey Coville bit that’s the one that license plate it
sums up who we are right this is mr. diva I know what this is cuz that’s like
them that’s like those famous Tesla I did my full face of makeup in it with on
autopilot she’s been through some things that’s the ones um okay Garrett I feel
like you need to drive the the custom jeffree star cosmetics Lamborghini have
you been in a Lambo ever for real no I don’t know what that means but I’ve
heard it in rap songs they talk about Lambos they do lamb talk yes oh this is
a key okay she’s saying oh not too unlike Mikey no no this is really low to
the ground so open her up do a few Clips I and not oh my god I’m
not backing yourself okay I’ll back it up yeah so let’s have you go in the
after deciding okay cool you help me turn on the car it’s touching the other
car that’s okay they’re friends oh like
skittles you yeah I know Oh God okay I’m sorry that’s not the time all right I suddenly get it wait ooh smells so good yeah okay all right so there’s no trunk this is
the full v10 engine and it’s like a pull and everything and it gets really hot
when you drive it around for a minute so be careful not to touch that later later
it’s like the stove you look want to touch it no have you ever cooked an egg
on it no I I will okay come on down but we can go camping in this making
breakfast on my on my candy Lambo what do you call this but listen I’m so
you’re gonna drive the car um joins me the front I don’t know what
that means so yes I have you really never seen a franck no I don’t know what
that means so supercars don’t have any trunks in the back shut up this is the
trunk in the front are you serious yeah Oh biscuits like a bag of groceries
two-seater garret but somehow you may need a three seater work come on car
lesson now you want the steering wheel higher I don’t know what I don’t know I
don’t know I think no this is fine I love my Lamborghini steering wheel right
here yes okay now your foot possibly I’m the brake the brake is um sorry the
brake is there I got it I got it yeah I see other than the brake yes I promise
I’m gonna start for you okay yeah I just turned into a different person two-seater so I’m gonna grab the camera
and do some foggy okay never Tobruk scenario one parking
brake is off I’m sure think what else we should so
this actually lifts the front up if you ever wonder like oh my god you’re in a
supercar how do they not scrape the ground right oh I have wondered that you
so you do this and watch you can actually see the car race watch this I
am seeing it if I squint when I see you’re raising if this thing takes off
and we fly away I’m gonna love it wait am i moving waited they are all the door
shuts everyone happy now start turning right so you don’t scrape the ground yes
you are I don’t bust but signal you’re leaving my house oh my god I feel like
you okay is everyone panicking yeah hi dude we’re coming for you baby
yeah if you want to go to Chili’s with me now hey I didn’t ask him to Chili’s
me we like just like pull back here and look at the big picture do your
neighbors eat you know they love me cuz I’m not like one of those annoying
supercar user is that like speeds by and revs up all crazy we do have a few of
those neighbors girls spare me no I like to keep it quiet a nobody when you leave
the community game on come on gate open up Daryl also go fast
leaves every star that gates just open up yay now we’re about to go to the
roundabout and this is where you can really go fast okay okay you’re good
turn right okay and no blinker neuron around oh yeah no blinker and then I
hear ya go straight
now I want you to hit the gas fast right now yes yeah goes over
oh cool like am i good to stop yeah oh my god
Oh going 90 in a school zone with Jeffrey stop no really though school is
out we’re good it is out you’re sunlit yeah it’s it’s also Sunday so hit the
gas harder this is not you don’t know me anymore
Calabasas we’re here baby where do we go from here this is crazy okay all right cool I’m
good yeah my god alright we’re going up the hill to my house fuck it we survived
you ever usually do 120 miles in this one yeah you don’t 20 miles per hour you
do on the racetracks in Fontana and it’s so fucking fun I’m scared going 36
months yes we’re here we survived guys oh right here’s good-looking break okay
let go and then let go of what the brake no click the stop button are you serious
like that there you go I’m a new man BAM yes crazy first
impressions how do you feel it’s amazing I mean you know
I don’t know I feel like it’s gonna be weird to drive me crazy okay so that was
fun and I tried to get ahead Garrett go under it and he he was a little scared
I got 236 mm-hmm you know like what 60 70 no Jenna really yeah I thought I was
going so slow no there’s a mom where you hit over 70 yeah I’m in a legal moment I
break the law you did come at me law Benjamin is still
in the front oh my god all right you have fun that’s okay oh thanks oh great
oh this is my purse oh this is cool limited edition Balenciaga how did you
get that off the runway I’m jelly so so how do we feel
I feel like here’s the thing that Wizards Lambo I’m a Prius boy there’s
nothing else to say like cars have not been my thing and it has been so fun to
like live in your life for a second like that
but I kind of see cars is like a place where I could just turn down the windows
without the AC blast my Missy Elliott and just get from point A to point B I’m
not a Camaro boy yeah but for now this suit when you’re over this don’t train
it I want I might want it for an heirloom heirloom the classic right 2006
alright you asked me how I felt about driving that situation what did you feel
about driving my whole Prius I thought it was maybe gonna drive like I don’t
know I’m not shitty but not the greatest pretty normal like it was cool okay all
right that’s something thank you so much I really appreciate you bringing me back
to her it was a it was a cute moment isn’t it fun that you can just say
goodbye to it and watch it leave your driveway yeah
only thing I’m gonna miss is everything that’s inside of it my little figurine
yeah but this is a strong hood I’m like you can like twerk on this like hey yeah
like ten pounds it’s not strong for me it came right in all right if you are
not subscribed to guards channel subscribe everything will be linked down
below Instagram Twitter got you guys we will see you on the next one bye

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