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#Sustainability – Can a service be a product? | Helke Ramos

#Sustainability – Can a service be a product? | Helke Ramos

do you think it’s a good idea to buy service instead of products hi I’m healthy and I’m here to talk about sustainable lifestyle actually not talking chatting because this is between you and me too much Sun today I gotta put my sunglasses I’m sorry okay I was talking about that yesterday how many service now we have that prevents us to buy a lot of things a lot of products and if we start with transportations you can use public transportations that subway trains buses and ferries and all that but we also can rent bicycles electric bikes motorcycles scooters so many things for transporting ourselves so we don’t have to buy something and we can just use the service as we use a service as electricity we don’t buy the powerplant we just use the electricity actually nowadays we can even buy solar roofs and panels for putting our roofs but even that nowadays we can also buy clean energy renewable energy for our power source without having to have to have our own solar panels here in San Francisco I don’t own a car but sometimes I do need one because I go to meetups and some seminars that I’m far away from here is in the peninsula so I need a car what do I do you can have like to roll or a zipper or get around or just those apps that you rent for some hours the car it’s someone’s owns this car but you use it and you give it back this is so amazing so I don’t have to have a car because actually I don’t need it I can use public transportation I can use my bike so I don’t feel the necessity of having a car inside the city but our I also need the cars some days and I can have them to use it or library isn’t this so old thing that we can use so most of the books that I read or blu-ray that I rant actually I go and pick up okay I’m just going to the library because I have to give it back away in a book and I remember to talk about that everything that we can do is service and not products I think it’s a good idea so I’m just heading there okay here’s my back the book and the beret so you don’t have to buy is no packaging nothing and you use the service from their library so this a win-win situation you know why don’t you try to do do that in the next time I’ll have to buy them only if I want to have it art make a collection or have this kind of book I’ll buy them but if I don’t I just go in the library so you can’t have all this service and we can expand that for a lot of things so we should only be buying what we really need and we have the second option that’s the option of buying something that o is already used if you go to thrift store that to buy something that I was already used you know actually I bought some stuffs and goodwill was for me was perfect and it’s already been use it several years ago I was in Whistler upper from Vancouver Canada and they have this little tiny store for people that goes and come back they have a lot of students that go for summer vacations or winter season to be working there and they have the store with all the appliances for a kitchen or even bed setting so people could go there and rent on a really cheap price and they would give back or if they bought they would give to the store so people wouldn’t have to be buying all the time those things they would use only for a kind of three months this idea was amazing I think this was back in 2009 so they were already thinking that way and if we have this mindset about what when we are going to buy something if you really need to have it for the whole time if you can just share it and Brent from someplace or some app and we’re gonna have less things to take care of to maintain and that’s a way of thinking I think from further on for the future we should start thinking more like that what do you think about that how could this be in your life do you think this would work for you why don’t you bring your experience tell me what have you been doing around that things about sharing about renting about having this different experience or about buying something that’s not new bring it to me thank you for being here thank you for sharing that with your friends your family don’t forget to subscribe here to the channel and let’s keep up with this power chat Thank You basil see you next video

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