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SURPRISING My Sister Grace Sharer With Her Dream Car!! (BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI)

SURPRISING My Sister Grace Sharer With Her Dream Car!! (BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI)

– Three, two, one, go! – What? – Oh, hey Sharers! What’s going on? Welcome to the vlog, welcome back to another awesome day. If you couldn’t already tell, we’re not at the Share Fam House. We are actually in Los
Angeles, California. And oh, actually shh. We have to be quiet, because today we’re gonna
do a super, epic surprise for my sister, Grace Sharer. But, we got to get downstairs before she notices that anything is up. So, I don’t know where she is right now, but let’s sneak down. By the way, the house that we’re staying at right now Sharers, is absolutely huge. It’s probably one of the biggest houses
we’ve ever stayed at. I think it’s bigger than
the Share Fam house. Take a look at this place, it’s absolutely huge and it goes so far. So, let’s go this way. Grace’s room is actually downstairs in that hallway to the left. So, I think as long as she’s over there, we’ll be good. We gotta get out to the store to go pick up a super, special car and we’re gonna bring it back get it in the garage, hide it and then surprise her. So, hopefully she doesn’t find out, so come on we gotta get downstairs. Just keep an eye out for her. I don’t see her yet though… All right, shh, shh, shh. Gotta be quiet, okay? (suspenseful music) Hmm, I don’t see her. Maybe she’s in her room, I don’t know. Oh wait, her door’s open. You can see her door, it’s opened. Let’s keep goin’, let’s find her. Oh, actually come here Sharers, sneak into security closet this way, come this way quick. Okay, security closet’s back here. We can check all the cameras, look at this. The house has a Secret
Control Room Security Center, we can check all the cameras here. So, these two cameras right
here I actually taped over, because they film the driveway and I don’t want Grace to see that we’re putting a
surprise in the driveway. So, that’s why those are blank. But, right now we can see everything. So, we can see the front
of the house right here, the backyard’s up there. Wait a second, there’s a little pink dot
right by the pool right there. Let me see if I can make this any bigger. There she is, there she is. That’s Grace,
that’s Grace, that’s Grace. Okay, hang on Sharers. All right, she’s coming back in. Let’s go this way, let’s go this way. She’s outside, she’s out by the pool right now. There she is, okay. Ah, we’re gonna have to hide, we’re gonna have to hide. She’s coming, she’s coming. Hide, hide, hide. Shh. Get down, she’s coming in. She’s probably gonna go
to the kitchen let’s see. Oh, she just went to the kitchen. (suspenseful music) All right, so we know Grace is up. She just went to the kitchen. I think she’s setting up
for her next vlog for the… Yeah, she just went into the garage, okay. So, Grace is in the garage, I got to call the Uber real
quick so I can get picked up to go get Grace’s awesome new car. So, let me call the Uber real quick, put in the car dealership, all right. And we are good to go. So, now that Grace is in the garage, we just gotta wait for
the Uber to get here. So, here’s an iPad and you oh… No, that’s not the Uber. But, we can see if the Uber comes, we can run out there to the
front of the house right there, we should be good. But, let’s go see what Grace is actually setting up, come this way real quick Sharers. I want you guys to see
the pool real quick. Oh yeah, this is what I’m talkin’ about. Check out the pool at this
house, absolutely amazing. It has waterfalls, everything. It’s got a hot tub. This pool’s actually deep too. Oh, I think it’s Grace coming. Quick quick, hide this way. (suspenseful music) Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide. All right, Grace is coming. Do you think she hears me? Hang on, hang on. Get low, get low, get low. Hold on. All right, she’s going back in. We’re good, once she’s
back inside oh hang on… Uber’s here, so we’re good to go. As soon as she’s back inside, we’re good to go. All right, watch her go back inside and… And we’re good to go Sharers, let’s get on the booth. Come on, Uber’s here. We gotta go pick up Grace’s surprise. Oh yeah, come on, come on. This way, this way. Watch your head, oh. I almost fell, I almost fell. We just make sure she’s… Okay we’re good, she’s not in there. Let’s go this way, okay. Okay, grace is on the couch right now and the front door is right there. And we can’t get to the front
door if Grace is on the couch. So, we got to wait for her to leave. Okay, let’s see where she’s gonna go. Just keep an eye on
her Sharers, let’s see. (suspenseful music) Okay, she’s going to her room. Right now is the time
to make a break for it, we got to get in the Uber. Three, two, one, let’s go! (suspenseful music) Quick, shoes on. All right, let’s go, let’s go! Open, quick. Come on, come on, come on. Oh, okay we’re out. We’re good, we’re good. (horn beeping) Sharers, we made it out of the house perfectly without a trace. And now while Grace is
getting set up for her vlog, we’re gonna get ready for
a big surprise for Grace. This is is going to be
really, really, really cool. So, I was doing some research last night and I found a really epic car. I think it’s going to be
absolutely perfect for Grace. It’s just her favorite color too, it’s going to be so epic. So Sharers, if you haven’t already smash the Like button. If you haven’t already join the Sharer Fam by
hitting that Subscribe button. Oh yeah, today is going to
be one awesome surprise. Okay, here we are Sharers at the car lot. Well, I think it’s supposed to be here. Let’s go this way. I think it’s a repair shop, as well as a car buying and rental place. Yeah, this should be it. The car should definitely
be inside there somewhere. All right, let’s go this way. They should still have it. Sharers, comment down below if you think any of
these cars could be it. I actually don’t even see it, so it’s not here. Hopefully it’s not that one, that’s a damaged car. I’m thinking it’s gotta be here. They don’t seem to have
a show room either, so I don’t know where this car could be. Let me call them real quick. Hey what’s going on? This is Stephen, I called earlier? Yeah, about the surprise
for my sister Grace. Yeah, I’m outside, but I don’t see the car anywhere. You have it on your lot? Oh, it’s behind? Yeah, I’ll be there in one second. Okay thank you, bye. Okay, so Sharers apparently
it’s back here behind the shop. They were getting it all fixed up and ready to go. So come this way. I haven’t actually seen it in person. I just saw it online, but it looks totally sick. Now this is what I’m talking about, we’re getting closer. Check it out, we got a Porsche here. But, the surprise is not a Porsche. I think it’s still over this way, right behind the repair shop here. Come this way… It’s supposed to be right in here. Ah, no peaking, no peaking. All right, here we go. Let’s see. Oh, that is definitely not it. Oh, I see it, I see it, I see it. Oh yeah, they’re cleaning it right now. They’re getting it ready, check it out. Oh, that looks so good. It looks amazing. Now Sharers, we have it blurred right now, because I can’t show you the surprise yet until Grace sees it. But, comment down below what
you think the surprise is. It’s big, I’ll tell you that much. It’s a sports car, and it looks totally epic, and it’s in Grace’s favorite color. So, comment down below, those are your four hints. I
think I gotta go get the keys, and get it home as soon as we
can, so we can surprise Grace. All right, I’ll be right back.
I’m gonna go grab the keys. Oh yeah, got the keys Sharers. Comment your best guest as
to what you think the car is. If you can guess it before Grace does, we may just give you a shout out. So, comment below your
crazy, awesome ideas on what it could be. I’m
gonna go grab the car, let’s get in it, let’s go. Whoa Sharers, this car is
way sicker than I thought. This is going to be perfect for Grace, check this out. I’m not gonna tell you what car it is yet, but maybe look around for some clues on what the car is. But, you might be able to guess if you’re really good with cars. Okay, so this car is huge it’s like a spaceship. It’s got blue interior, look at this seat right here, blue. Oh my goodness, look at this. And then the center cockpit here, look at all these gauges, come on look at all this. It’s literally like a spaceship, look at this. You get your gauges here, you get toggle switches here, you get controls here, you get your sport modes here like Strada, Sport and Corsa. And then this, you flip up.
You put your foot on the brake and you press that to start the car. And let me tell you, the car is so loud, so
fast and so powerful. It’s absolutely crazy. And here is the steering wheel, I’m gonna cover up the logo. Oh yeah, look at this. It looks absolutely insane. And by the way Sharers, check out the view we have. Look at this, straight
California mountains. This is absolutely crazy and here’s another sneak peak
of the outside of the car. Oh, look at that! It looks so good. And there’s so much detail. Look, even the side of the car, the place where you put your arms for the armrest
is blue stitching. How awesome is that? Carbon fiber handles, oh my goodness. And this is how you open the door, you press in here, you pull this, and the door goes up. Oh yeah, so that’s
another hint right there. So now, oh I’m covering
up the logo with my hand. Is your last chance to comment down below what kind of car you think it is, and we’re gonna go home right now. We’re gonna pull into the garage, we’re gonna surprise Grace with it, and see how much she like sit. I’m gonna say from a scale of one to ten, she’s gonna pick an 11. Because, this is absolutely insane. It’s the coolest color, coolest spec ever. So, let’s start this thing up. Got my foot on the brake, flip this thing up and… (car starting) Whoa! Now, that is what I’m
talking about Sharers, listen to this, ready? (car roaring) Oh, it’s so loud! All right, let’s close the door. Let’s get home, and let’s go show Grace! All right Sharers, we are
pulling up to the house. And now we have to be super, super quiet. Oh, there’s a car behind us, I’m gonna let the car behind us go. All right, go head.
(car beeping) Go head. Okay, that car’s going. All right, the house is right up here and this car is not quiet by any means. You can hear the fan of it
roaring right behind us, so somehow we gotta get this car up to the house without Grace knowing. Um okay, here’s the house here. So, keep an eye out for Grace, she could be anywhere. Hopefully she’s still
in the back by the pool, I have no idea. We’ll just go slow. I’m trying to go slow and as quiet as possible, because this car is very loud. All right, let’s see. Let’s pull up, let’s go head up into the driveway. Come on, let’s do this. Let’s see. Don’t scrape, this car’s super low. Oops. (garage door opening)
Open up the garage door, quick, quick, quick. We got to open it up, so we can get inside
without Grace knowing. Okay, like I was saying Sharers, this car is so loud. Listen to the fans roaring, it is so loud. So, we gotta get it into the
garage as quick as we can. Let’s go! Oh, that’s backwards. Okay hang on, put it in gear here we go. (car roaring) Okay. So Sharers, we made it inside, but the car’s off, but the car’s still making a lot of noise. Shh, shh, shh. This car takes a long, long,
long time to quiet down. But, let’s close the garage door, let’s go find Grace. Come on, this way. Close the garage door, close, close, close. Let’s go inside. Grace? Grace? – [Grace Sharer] Yeah?
– Oh, what are you up to? – Oh, just working over here. – Oh, what are you working on? – For the next video. – Oh cool, what are you
doing for your video? – I can’t tell the Sharers. – Oh, why not? – Because, they have
to subscribe and wait. – Oh yeah, make sure you’re
subscribed to Grace’s channel, if you haven’t already. So uh, I was doing something earlier and I have something cool
to show you in the garage. – Oh, like what? – You got to come check it out. – Did you get like a tractor or something, or playing with a tractor out there? – No, why? – I heard like a, it was a. – I don’t know, but here come on. I got to show you. All right, so this is going
to be Grace’s surprise. All right, you ready?
– Oh, it’s for me? – Yeah it’s for you. – Oh. – All right, you ready? – Yeah. – It’s in the garage.
– Okay. – So, it’s over here. – I was in the garage earlier, but I didn’t see anything in there. – No, because I was out getting it. – Oh. – All right, you ready? Close your eyes. – Okay.
– And I’ll walk you out, okay? – Okay. – All right, let me see your hand. Okay, you ready? – Mm-hmm. – Come this way. – Okay. – You ready, just keep going. Just careful, because there’s a lot of floaty on the ground. One last step. – Okay, right there. – There you go, step over. – Oh, there’s a floaty. – Okay. – Okay. – Keep going.
– I feel like I’m gonna hit something. – Trash can to your left right there. – Okay. – Okay, and right there, that’s probably a good spot to stop. – Okay. – I think that’s good. All right, you ready for this? – Oh yeah. – Okay, here we go. Sharers, you ready? We’re gonna surprise Grace with this. (suspenseful music) Let’s see how it goes. Here we go, in three, two, one, go! (screaming) – What? Is this mine? Is this for me? – Do you know what it is? – Yeah, it’s a Lamborghini! – Oh, yeah! – And it’s blue, my favorite color! (upbeat music) – Oh yeah, isn’t this cool? – Whoa, is it real? – Yeah it’s real, what do you mean is it real? – I don’t know, it looks fake.
– How could it be fake? Didn’t you say you heard a tractor? – Oh yeah, that’s what I heard. – That was this thing
making all the noise, when we were trying to
sneak it into the garage. – Whoa. – It’s got the doors you like too. – Whoa, it’s blue in the inside! – Yeah, isn’t that crazy? – Whoa, can I take it for a ride? – Yeah, check this thing out. – Whoa, this is so cool! – And then we can close it down, just like this. Oh, yeah. – Oh yeah, my own car.
– You gotta go like this. Now, the seats actually
aren’t fully automatic. So, there’s a bar underneath
your seat up there, like you gotta reach down. – Oh. – And then you scoot it up, pull it and scoot. There you go, you gotta get your seat
adjusted just right. Is that good? – Yeah, should we take it for a ride? – Yeah, I mean that’s what I got it for, for you to learn how to drive it. I’m wondering if maybe you should practice on something a little different. ‘Cause last time Grace tried to drive the Sharer Lamborghini, she kind of broke it. – Oh, yeah. But, this is mine, right? – Uh yeah. For now, it’s just a rental car. We’re using it for the time that we’re here in LA. And Sharers, we might just drive this to the Hot Wheel event in next vlog. So, if you haven’t already, hit that Subscribe button, because next vlog we’re
going to a super, epic, super rare Hot Wheels event. So Grace, you really want
to try to drive this thing? – Oh yeah. – Okay, well this is going
to be very interesting. – Yeah, I gotta go grab my vlog camera, Sharers come on over to my channel if you want to see me learn
how to drive the Lamborghini. Whoa! – Whoa, this is going to
be interesting Sharers, go check out Grace’s video. This is gonna be wild, ah! (upbeat music)

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  1. It a Lamborghini Aventador coloured blue and Lamborghini Aventador have the maximum speed of 208 and the voltage beetle is slow

  2. I think that it’s a blue Lamborghini because you said that it’s your favorite color and I know what a Lamborghini looks like from the inside

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