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Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? driving with a mirror is really hard but I’ve mastered
it! okay so in today’s video listen it’s gonna be a wild one because I have a
surprise for Nathan not only is it just a little surprise
you guys I sold Nathan’s car and I’m buying him a
new one! but that is on today’s adventures of what the hell’s going on
in Jeffree Star’s life! come join me.. okay excuse my appearance I
was wearing a beautiful wig last night and Nate snatched it off my head this
morning hi but today you guys I it’s been a
crazy year 2019 has tried us to the all end and I wanted to celebrate and do
something a little wild a little unconventional nothing new here… but you
guys know that Nate has a Bentley he’s had for a few years now it was black
it’s been metallic red but I sold it today and he doesn’t know that no
obviously we’re going to get him something else we have both been dying
to have this amazing car that we’ve been looking at in movies forever it’s an
Aston Martin Vantage!! Aston Martin’s are insane
they’re like race cars they’re unreal the craftsmanship work we’ll use thee so
how do we buy cars you guys I’m gonna go look online you know the websites
already on my bookmark page so I’m gonna open it I’m gonna call and I’m gonna try
to buy Nathan a brand new car I’m sweating because he texts me earlier
like uh where’d my car go so I have to like fake that it’s broke or maybe I
just say I was over it and just act blase hey you know I don’t know what to
do so pray for me and let’s go try to surprise him okay
all right thank you so much Sarah we’ll talk to you soon okay bye
perfect timing everyone um I like to fast-track things so we have been
looking online already at a car dealership in Beverly Hills um they have
to call you guys 2019 the model is called the Vantage and there is the
color I kind of matches my nails how many that literally matches like
everything we’re doing right now how do you feel about that whoa looks like an
alien oh my god it’s definitely giving me JSC
summer 19 but it’s sick it looks like a sour skittle mmm I’m dying so they
literally have like one this color I guess is very rare and they do have one
available so we’re gonna figure this out so let’s go home and tell Nate we sold
this car okay I’m literally out of gas and I’m
dying for a drink so the car dealer just called me you guys I think the car is
actually like ready to roll has like five miles on it I’m like so let’s good
gas and let’s call them okay it is actually 90 degrees right now
so pretty much okay hi everyone Jeff real in pumps gas everyday well you guys
want to see the gas prices in California follow me please for the cheapest 419 I
remember I was a kid who was 90 cents I’m like this shit is crazy
oh so four dollars and thirty nine cents per gallon California we need to get it
together are you guys we’re home let’s see what
me is doing the dogs are actually eating groomed right now Devo you guys diva
give me a boy like I’m handsome everyone legs look it’s delicious he feels so
soft the bad news hey dude the baby’s great look at Deva I’m gonna good send
me there hi big man ten years old just living this good life wow it’s like a
sauna out here so today I there’s no easy way to say this but I sold our
Bentley what yeah yeah I thought maybe we’d use it enough for his time to move
on you didn’t use it enough we have still that was my car I mean you know me
I always have good intentions of course but yeah we have so many cars
everything’s overflowing this is just time for a change yeah so
be it yeah dude it’s definitely one of my favorite cars but hey it’s insane but
don’t worry because the helicopter that I ordered my hands in an hour okay well
Nate is so chill and relaxed which is the opposite of me so I guess that
wasn’t that hard of a letdown I’m melting out here yes warm up look at
Deva over there he’s just he’s just living his best way summer is officially
here let’s pray that there’s no more earthquakes okay you guys it’s the next
day hello I’m not bald anymore hi Jay how
are ya yes okay Jay is the hair pastor and he’s laying down a new wig for
tonight but you guys so I ordered a license plate right you know you can
order crazy custom vanity plates I ordered one for a new car like three
months ago and it came in literally today as we’re buying the car I’m like
life it’s supposed to happen so this morning I actually bought the car I
haven’t even seen it yet I haven’t even driven it so if it doesn’t drive good
for Nate he’s gonna have a rough year with that car no he’s getting but you
guys period this is the most obnoxious funny-ass license plate I’ve ever gone
you know every car we have a funding plate so this one is gonna be perfect
nate is out doing some errands right now he’ll be back in a few hours so I want
to get the car deliver put this plate on the car and then surprise him but let me
get some glam on so I don’t look like a scarecrow and we’ll be right back you guys it is so hot out today summer
is officially here oh my god okay well okay I was seen a little bit yeah
I love you so much keep the dog safe always
he’s crazy earthquakes all right love you ie okay so obviously you guys know means
Shane I’ve been filming for our next series so obviously I had to do a little
white lie um I don’t lie to Nathan so I was like yeah I’m getting fully ready to
go film a segment with Shane obviously not so I’m gonna go swap out this car
give it to Madison I’m gonna go over to the dealer and then I’m gonna drive here
and then you guys will surprise him okay okay I’m nervous calling me right now I’ll show Jeff is calling me hey babe
hi I’m about to pull up we’ve helped me there’s a lot of boxes and stuff from
makeup laughs that I got with Shane you know seconds all right I need to
help with some boxes things you have some matters we’ve reversed and like rev up the
engine and I’m not pulling that don’t sound like Oh what the fuck oh hi
how are ya yeah look at our new baby yes I know we talked about this loosely
months ago but um surprise yeah so I got sitting here it’s like a straight-up racecar s and
Martin all I think about is James Bond and that’s like iconic as his face was like oh my god and there’s
an extra surprise what’s that you got you know how I love vanity plates
usually new cars do not have a license plate I mean we all all of the plates
gameofthrones everyone I white Walker got a little boy Walker going on I
picked one for us that I mean that sums it up
period bitch area damn isn’t that colder insane the Perla
yeah so then it crazy yeah the the carbon fiber on this
yes it’s insane The Swan doors I didn’t what the hell if Swan door was like what
that’s what these are all right think crazy like yes and of course you guys
know I couldn’t just stop there I had to get a new Birkin to match the car I’m
sorry I have to so this is a little Kiwi lime it feels like a race car the
steering wheels like the carbon fiber around it look so nice and
paddle shifters okay this is this is obviously a two-seater yeah
by the way 2019 it’s called the Vantage okay right
hi double-oh-seven the did you yeah that was like okay there’s
only two seats so why don’t you and Christian go for a test drive
I’ve had a crazy day trying to keep this a secret from you I mean yeah you did
pretty good yes like a sour skittles literally hangover suede isn’t it
beautiful okay so why don’t you guys go do a test
drive I’m gonna go get some water and the head of the dog so go and I’ll see
you guys in a minute don’t forget to buckle up God all right
here we go how’s it feel I mean it’s burning like a
kid but like a little baby lion really it’s not like a little cat we gotta get on some open road you know
it’s really smooth though so far like this bumper here let’s see
I mean it’s feeling pretty let’s open it up that’s so smooth the way it switches
ears is just like : no jerking not gonna lie is definitely probably
better than the Bentley as much as I loved that Bentley it’s just – they’re
two different types of cars almost you know this is like a straight-up race car
feels like not gonna lie so I love Bentley’s but this is like
definitely the step-up Jeffrey it was out of the cars I may say I mean
not that I didn’t know about Aston Martins but I
never thought we’d probably be driving one I mean so iconic
but double-oh-seven always using these cars in all the movies with my dad being
a huge buff or Bond buff I fuckin grew up with that stuff so this is like a
dream dream car for sure yeah
oh my god I can’t wait to take it out with you
stands out was everyone staring oh that color is like breaking good morning Wow unreal huh definitely so it’s definitely
on brand but we actually have a date night plan we’re a little behind right
now but this was so worth it yeah this is it’s insane yeah we’re gonna have to
move or get a bigger garage built because we’re at a room definitely the another space or two yeah
this is insane okay well you have to go find somewhere to park me okay you guys I’m melting let’s go right
over here okay you guys that was epic I’m staring at the car like oh my god
okay we actually do have a date night planned we’re running late so this was
so fun guys like whoo thank you for coming along this epic
journey thank you so much for watching this video I can’t stop smiling yeah I’m
gonna need Botox soon but you guys I will be back very soon with a lot of
makeup reviews and I have a lot of traveling coming up so get ready for
some interesting content I love you guys I’ll see you soon

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100 thoughts on “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car!!

  1. So funny story!!! I just saw a car with a licence plate that says PERIOD today on the way home from work in Las Vegas. Hahahaha good job Jeffree. Congrats Nate!!!

  2. He didn't seem happy enough to me lol. When I surprise someone u better scream and thank me 50 times lmao. I love them tho💞

  3. my broke ass: should I buy the bread or the apple for the month?

    Jeffree: should I buy the Lamborghini or the mansion for the day?

  4. If i had seen this when i was a kid… You all know this little black girl screamin as hell? That would have been my reaction

  5. Я так поняла, парень этот нихуя не делает, не работает. Пиздец

  6. I can't even pay my 400$ rent pregnant with me and my husband trying to work as much as our jobs will let us, but I'm using my last bit of data to watch jeffree buy a 400k car. 😂🤣

    Waiting for life to come full circle, yes? No? Hmm.

  7. awh omgg Nate is so cuteee he’s like “awh that was my favorite car but hey it’s okay” I’m glad he loves the new car Jeffree gave him. These two are so mfn cute ahhh😭 stay blessedddd

  8. DID HE HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    REALLY Jeffrey did he hate it . who the f*** buys a car as a gift and say did he hate , like 🤯🤯 but again this is Jeffrey star next time it might as well be a mention 😋😉

  9. I love that Nate took the news his car was sold so well and was still all loving the next day before he got a new one

  10. I just want to say its great that everything worked into place for u its so good to hear n see good things happen for people who deserve it!

  11. His reaction when the car was sold was same as mine lol but his oh shit when he saw the car, pure satisfaction! Jeffree's amazing!

  12. You should get one of those elevator garages for multiple cars (for new additions) and make it really cute and on brand. Like the frame can be baby pink, the outer glass can be a clear multi-chrome or like mirror sunglasses and the entrance/exit door can be star shaped(or like a normal rectangular garage door but have the star design implemented somehow . Like extra to the next level just like you💕.

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