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hey what’s going on everyone Papa Jake
here and I hope you guys are having an amazing day wherever you are whoever you
are in today guys we are back and right now I’m not currently in my basement you
probably wondering Papa Jake wine in your basement alone Logan is upstairs
sleeping and I gotta be quiet okay we cannot wake him up because I’m
gonna be giving him the most amazing present I think he will have ever
received in his life I had the idea guys that we would give Logan a brand new car
for Christmas and I know it’s not Christmas it’s a little bit past
Christmas but it’ll be even more of a surprise obviously Logan is my best
friend and I thought it’d be really cool to give back to him you know it is the
Christmas season and I wanted to surprise him with a gift I think he’ll
love currently you know he has his BMW and it’s kind of like his baby and we
always drive around we always get muddy and dirty so I thought how cool would it
be to get him a brand new car that I know will absolutely love but we can
also use it to go on like crazy adventures take it off roading all that
cool stuff so without further ado guys why don’t I go show you the brand-new
car and I’ll give you guys a little peek at it all right guys there it is kind of
hard to see right now okay so it’s a little bit hard to see so you’ll
probably have to wait till tomorrow to actually get a peek at the car you know
it’s not just gonna be a big reveal for Logan I’m not just gonna wait come out
and be like here’s your new car Logan because that would be too easy so to
make it fun what I’ve done is I’ve come up with a box and inside the box I will
be hiding Logan’s brand-new keys now the only way
he gets his brand-new car and can actually find out what his gift is is if
he’s able to break into the box and grab the keys but here’s the catch I’m gonna
be making this thing pretty much a prank box I’m gonna give him a hammer
give him an hour and see how far he can get into the box so the way I want to do
this is I want to have different layers of things Logan has to break through to
actually get to the keys you know the outside layer could be like tennis balls
if he’s able to hammer for that then there’s a layer slime a layer of silly
putty and then you know maybe you go to a layer of pinata
towards the center of the present which then gives him his brand new keys so I’m
not in time I’m gonna build this thing yep but I do
not have a lot of time she’s gonna be up soon the Sun is gonna be coming up and
we’ve got a lot of building to do I don’t know why I got this guy okay well
I’m definitely thinking lair of balloons so he has to pop through those this is
like modeling clay so this should probably be pretty hard to break through
there’s punching bags which is also equally hard so for the first layer I
think we’re gonna cover this in putty it’s it’s kind of like play-doh except
it’s from the dollar store it smells horrible and there’s already someone’s
fingerprints in here that kind of creeps me out but I think this is gonna be
hilarious first layer for him to get through of the hammer so let’s start
covering this piece of cardboard all over the cutouts the first layer of
defense is ready we got buddy I even threw in some balls for some like extra
defense okay see like hammers on one of these things guys good kind of looks
like fine art or something oh like something you buy home you see him like
hash hash tag fine art this is looking pretty good finished three of the
probably five layers I’m gonna be adding to Logan to present so got my first
layer the masterful art piece the creme de la creme of my layers is probably
gonna sell that for like a bajillion dollars after this video but then you
move on over here to the second layer so he has to break through pinatas and then
enter over here to the tennis ball layer where he’s gonna have to hammer through
tennis balls I also was able to pick up these things and I have no idea what
they are they’re confetti poppers I’ve never actually used one of them before
so I don’t know how cool here so I thought we’d test one out right now and
just see if maybe this is something we could wake Logan up with all right guys
so this is confetti proper test number one and with Papa
let’s see if this would work to wake up Logan in 3 2 1 just just just imagine
Logan’s sleeping quietly over there was a soaring peacefully and then I come in
his room like okay so first three layers are assembled in here now they’re gonna
be taped down and like super secure but they are all inside here and Logan’s
gonna have to enter through this side of the box making it all the way to the
back where I’ll put his keys like here next layer though is the lair I’ve been
waiting for and it’s the slime layer so we’ve got a bunch of slime to make and I
think I’m gonna pour it all into this plastic bag and when Logan hits it with
the hammer it’s gonna break open and get a little slimy first item we have is our
jar of slime I actually have like a powder that we can make a lot more of it
with but I want to see how much we get out of just this little packaging here
check that out oh I would hate to be Logan this is my bag full of gross if
you slime so there you guys go you can kind of see it down there but basically
I filled it up with water and that stuff’s all gonna turn into slime and
Logan is going to have to hammer through this and probably get covered in slime
so check this out guys we have the present here I even want to have it
wrapped it with like you know some nice Christmas wrapping paper there is one
more thing I’m forgetting before we can officially go and wake up Logan and give
him his gift I don’t know if it looks good but okay we’re all ready now let’s
grab our party popper and go pay Logan a little visit and wake him up this is
gonna be so hilarious but I’m also excited to give him this gift birthday but it’s Christmas
also Christmases past but you’re getting a present Logan its present day all
right no go back to bed we got a present to
open I thought it was time to give back to you so I made you this present Jake
is this some kind of prank no it is not a prank 100% there is a present inside
that there might be like a little bit of a little bit of pranking going on okay
let me explain Logan I have been wanting to give you a present for the longest
time and because it’s Christmas because I’m in the Christmas spirit at the loss
with Santa hat but but because I’m like basically Santa Claus I have given you
an awesome present but here’s the catch it is inside this box behind layer on
layer on layer of stuff that you have to get through and if you’re unable to get
to the point where you going no no look you can’t decide okay you won’t you only
get like an hour if you don’t get it I get to keep the present he came there’s
nothing fragile right I can just maybe I don’t know you can’t go through the top
though you have to go through this side here and make your way to the back
that’s where your present all right Jake well I guess let’s start going it’s like
you made it to the first level so the first level is Plato you’re gonna
make a massive mess here oh I know but it’s all worth it to see you struggle to
get through this Oh get into the next level underneath remember you need
enough room to actually like get your hand in there so you might want to make
a bigger hole Logan has made it through the first layer of play-doh he is now on
the pinata layer alright so you’ve made it through play-doh
you’ve made it through the pinatas I kind of forget what the next layers
those are they’re just added protection this is exhausting I mean you just give
up now not take the present my present I’m gonna get my present now you do but
you still want your present I’m exhausted I mean you just woke up you
haven’t you have breakfast yeah I know he’s getting your exercising no you
can’t go back to bed so there’s no go back to bed Logan you gotta press in to
open I’m wearing white pants Oh buddy you get
some here what’s this Jake I I can’t get these sweatpants dirty so I’m taking
precautions all right well the slime layer only got
slime here after you left so I mean you still got a little ways to
go but you’re almost to your gift Jake this better be a good gift oh it’s gonna
be good buddy I think you’re gonna love it I think you’re on almost the last
layer it’s a lady lunching bags yeah little punch I actually don’t know how
you’re doing through these punching bag don’t for the rip out okay okay I see you made it through the
box that’s good it’s kind of covered in slime what do you mean dude didn’t slide
what do you mean you’ve got I got you a brand new car
yeah it’s a Jeep I thought it would be awesome to be in your car because I know
we always use your car in videos it always gets dirty so I got you a new car
for us to go on adventures with you got me Connor I did no I did I did no yep it’s your gene first come on no
man I wanted you to have it no we have something to go on adventures with brand
new Jeep this is actually sick what so slimy I know I know – this is actually
sick I feel like this is a prank that you know this is yours
it’s your Christmas birthday president it’s not my birthday I know and you the
best part is I decided that I am gonna wrap it for you personally think it
should be matte black but I mean you can do everybody a matte black wrap would be
sick cheap thank you so much man this is insane this is so cool dude check it out we got
we got snow mode we got sport mode we keep you got sand in mud mode you know
keeps want to take him on a beach or something why’d ya dude let’s take this
thing for a spin maybe I just realized I’m still wearing
a garbage bag here we go grab this thing for the first time oh here we go
this thing is sweet I wish we had like some sand or some mud
to take it off-road I mean we live in a city so like we got to go off-road yeah
next time we go up maybe next time you told me kizomba hear something in the
middle of nowhere we can take this thing off roading but this is gonna be so
vicious I’m so late hey guys if you have an awesome idea how we should wrap this
let us know down below in the comments you know do you think we should do matte
black you think we should do like blue do you think we should do a design let
us know down below or maybe we just get my face like a big Logan face on the
front okay yeah or Logan face on the front and yeah that’s that could that
could definitely work but guys I think this is where we’re gonna end off the
video look who’s gonna drive this brand-new car around for a little bit
more I hope you guys enjoyed if you did be sure to smash that like button down
below and don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome content this has been pop
of jake and guys thank you thank you guys and thank you Jake so much man this
is Sam we’ll see you guys next time

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