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SUB) 자동차로 탑 만들기!!OMG!!!Create a car tower!!

SUB) 자동차로 탑 만들기!!OMG!!!Create a car tower!!

Please lie down here and wait. Standby. Come here We will start to pick (BRDMs) now! (please pause and read) (They will continue stacking it like a tower so they need to stack it neatly) The second one is important. (removing the one he stacked wrongly) (BRDM is more stable than he thought) It looks like it’ll stack (up well) It looks like it will stack, guys! (he wasn’t expecting anything but it’s stacking up better than he thought) Woah~ WOAH~ How many did we stack so far.. ( 12 BRDMs) (swaying~) we need to catch the middle point. It’s swaying too much. (once you’ve stacked up to a point, it starts to sway) (18 BRDMs!!) 19! (20 BRDMs breakthrough!) Don’t fall over! I’ll just keep stacking it Look at this. It’s slightly out of line now. It’s because it keeps swaying.. 21! ( 23 BRDMs breakthrough!) Please~ I will move (my spot) a little. (24 BRDMs record!) (25 BRDMs!!) (anxious Youki) NO~ BRO! PLEASE~ NO! 25 BRDMs SUCCESS (second round test with mini bus) (Trying it at the cooling tower of Mylta Power) (Mini bus is stable too) NOOOOOOOO 23 MINI BUSES SUCCESS! (Organizing the vehicles) LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO YOUKI FOR MORE CONTENTS

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83 thoughts on “SUB) 자동차로 탑 만들기!!OMG!!!Create a car tower!!

  1. Sir, I'm a big fan of your channel. I love your videos. But you haven't included subtitles in this video. Please add some subtitles so that your non-Chinese viewrs can understand

  2. You have no viewer from korea. All of the viewers from wordwide. So please leave using korean language and try to use atleast English.

  3. 4:45~4:47
    장갑차지나가유 ~~~
    5:58 사람 어떻함????ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    미니버스는 폭탄각???이 그리고 유튜브각도 나오내요.7:50 레전드 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  4. 배그 초보인데 참고 잘했습니다! 친구들이랑 배그 찍은영상 한번 올려봤는데 군인컨셉으로 해봤더니 나름 재밌더라구요

  5. 그때부터였어요,한국인댓글을 볼때 마다 좋아하는 나를 발견한게

    7:50 이게 뭐라고 후련한 기분이 들지?

  6. 보급으로 다라쌓기는 어캐 됐나요??
    그걸 생방에서 보다가 나갔는데…
    뭔가 됐을 것 같기도…한데…

  7. 근데 유키님 갑자기 외국인시청자가 많아졋나요?
    구독자3천명때부터봤는데 갑자기 떡상하셔서 놀람ㅎㄷㄷ

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