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Stop Waiting For Tesla Model 3 Buy a Model S TODAY! 5 Reasons Why

Stop Waiting For Tesla Model 3 Buy a Model S TODAY! 5 Reasons Why

– The Tesla Model 3 is gonna change transportation as we know it. It truly is the catalyst
that’s gonna move us forward towards more sustainable
forms of transportation. I believe it and I’ve had
mine for about a month now, and I can attest it is amazing. (upbeat guitar music) However if I were to buy a Tesla today, if I wanted to go buy one and
I’ve never had one before, I would go with a Model S and here’s why. The first reason is the interior, and I think the Model S is
elegant and beautifully designed and incredibly functional. With multiple screens, I have
all the information I need and it’s just right at my fingertips. It’s very easy and very effective. In the dashboard behind
the steering wheel, I can see my navigation. I can see what song is playing
or information about my trip as well as things like my
speed and autopilot status, all those kind of things
right at a glance, and none of that interferes
with the other things happening on the big 17-inch portrait display. On top, I typically have
a map, and on bottom, I typically have media information,
like music or whatever. So that all just works
beautifully, and in the Model 3, I’ve gotten used to having to look over for the basic information
about my speed and direction and all that, however the
navigation and some of the other elements are just
really really difficult to get used to, and that’s
why I recently put out a video about how I’ve tried to solve
that by putting my phone behind there, it just feels
difficult to work with. So I think the interior
and the screen specifically are a big reason why I
would choose a Model S. Number two, and I’m not sure
why this one didn’t make it into the Model 3 and that
is the hatchback style. So with the hatchback on the Model S, it opens all the way up, I can
put a lot of stuff in there. I can sit in there while
I’m changing my wetsuit, or, you know, put my toddler in
while I’m changing his diaper. Whatever it may be, it’s
extremely functional to have a hatchback, and on the Model 3, while there is a decent
amount of storage space, the fact that the trunk only
opens and it’s a limited area to get the stuff in, it
makes it really difficult. Now there is a good amount
of storage in there, but not nearly as much as the Model S. The Model S clocks in with
30 cubic feet of storage, including the frunk, whereas
the Model S only has 15. So it is plenty, and it
works well for most people, but coming from a Model S, I
think that it’s really lacking and it’s really the hatchback opening is really what I think would have made the world of difference in this case. Number three is another big
one, and this is something that I think will get better over
time and it’s the software. The software on the Model
3 has a lot to be desired. There are features that
aren’t even enabled yet because the software isn’t
ready, which coming from a software background, I’m a bit confused how this took longer than, you know, designing and manufacturing
the car itself, but in any event, there
is a lot to be desired. Specifically one thing
that me and my family use is camper mode, and we don’t
actually go camping in it, it’s more like our son
is napping and we don’t wanna wake him, and we’ll
just sit right outside of the car with the A/C and everything on. So we can kinda keep the
temperature and everything good in there using camper
mode, which doesn’t yet exist. It may seem kind of odd, but it’s useful and it’s a reason why I like
the Model S over the Model 3. Another one is navigation. The navigation in the Model 3,
it seems to work in terms of choosing the direction and
routes similar to the Model S, which still isn’t great,
but it is really slow. When I ask it to navigate,
it takes a long time, and I don’t understand again why that is. I’m sure this will get better over time, but right now sometimes
you’ll have to sit there for 30 seconds, a minute, for
it to route to a relatively close place that doesn’t
have a complex route or anything like that, so
I’m sure that’ll get better, but it is something that pushes
me back towards the Model S. And along with the software,
we have of course the missing energy information,
the data about your trips, the efficiency. There is a little tiny bit of that, but really not near as much
as there is in the Model S and that might be a weird
thing to complain about, but hey, I’m a data guy and
this is important to me, so the software in the Model
3 has a lot to be desired, and the Model S seems much more complete than the Model 3 at this point. The number four is
something I usually wouldn’t complain about and it’s
the performance of the car. And now the Model 3 definitely
has some pep in its step, but not nearly as fast as the Model S, especially if you get the higher-end ones, the dual motor and all that. So if that’s important to you,
then definitely the Model S is the way to go, but
just to put it out there, I don’t think the Model 3 is
slow or any of those things, but if I’m comparing these
and I’m thinking about purchasing one over the other,
that could be a big reason. And in any event, you’ll be
happy with the performance, but if you want the most,
obviously the Model S is gonna have it, even
without getting into Ludicrous Mode or any of those things. Now one thing that I didn’t
feel was going to be important but has become important
is free supercharging. You have to pay for
supercharging every time, and in California where I
live, it’s the most expensive. It’s 20 cents per kilowatt
hour, which is even more expensive than what I pay at home, especially since I have
solar panels at home, I pay much less than that. Point being though that
if I want to take this on a road trip, I’m gonna
have to pay a decent amount of money, now of course it’s
a lot cheaper than a gas car, but compared to a Model S,
it is a lot more expensive because all the supercharging
on a Model S is free. Either you’re buying a used
one, or you’re buying one with a referral code like many
people have done with mine. And of course, if you are gonna buy one, check out the link in the
description down below to get my referral code
so you can get that free supercharging on a new Model S. But that doesn’t mean that
you have to buy a new one, because old ones come
with free supercharging for the most part, and that’s
what I did when I got mine used just a couple years ago. So I’ve never had to pay
for supercharging before, and now I do, and it feels really weird, and yes, it is cheaper as I mentioned, but it’s still something that
the Model S definitely has an edge on the Model 3 if
you’re going on long road trips or if you plan on using
it to charge often, which maybe you don’t want
to abuse that but it is something that is convenient
if you live near one. And there’s a big bonus here
that I didn’t talk about yet, and I guess you could call it number six. This is the added one, the one last thing. And that is the delivery timeline. Tesla just recently pushed
back the delivery timeline on the Model 3 to late 2018
for the standard battery. This means that literally
everybody that ordered one that is looking for that standard battery is gonna be waiting over
two years for their car, and that’s crazy to me. I got mine, I waited, I
guess, almost two years because I got it in January
and I’d placed the reservation in March two years prior, but point being, if you’re looking to
buy one of these soon, then you really don’t have a choice. I mean, you’re gonna be waiting
almost 18 months or more to get a new Model 3 if you
don’t already a reservation. As many folks, many of you
probably have put your order down two years ago can attest, and that is a painful
amount of time to wait. And you’re trying to figure
out what to do in between then. You can get a brand new
Model S custom built within about two weeks. You can get a new from
inventory one even sooner, and a used one even sooner than that. So you’re looking, you know,
one to two, maybe three weeks tops depending on where
you live to get a Model S. And so that is a huge
reason why I think I would choose a Model S if I were
looking to buy a Tesla today. Now before you guys get all
upset and throw all these nasty comments about oh,
well, it’s so expensive, the Model S is crazy. Who can afford a car like that? I agree, and I’m not a big car guy, I don’t spend a ton of
money on cars despite what it may appear on this channel. However, you can get a used Model S and there are plenty
available under $60,000, which again may seem high
but when you take into things like reduced maintenance
cost, reduced fuel cost, free supercharging, etc., it comes out to a fairly reasonable price and
that’s exactly what I did. When I was first looking
to buy an electric car, the best one on the market
was the Nissan Leaf. And fully loaded, it was about $45,000. That was before tax
incentives and all that. I bought my Model S for
$54,000, so 10 grand more, which may seem like a lot, but since then, I have hardly had to pay
anything to maintain it, and very very little to fuel
it, to actually use it to drive and of course when I’m
going on road trips, I’m supercharging, all
that’s included as well. So it is a lot cheaper than you may think, and if you wanna get a Model
3 before two years from now, you’re gonna have to pay
a pretty penny as well. If you take a look at the video I just did about mine and how I paid
for it, mine was $60,000. Now, again, I do get some
tax incentives on that, and I had some creative
ways of financing it, but still, point being,
you’re paying about $50,000 to $60,000 for
a Model 3 regardless of whether or not you get the
standard battery or whatever, and ’cause you’re gonna wait so long, I just don’t think that it’s
really worth it right now. Unless you have a reservation
and you’re ready to go, a Model S is gonna be a far
better choice in my opinion. So I’d love to know what you guys think. Would you prefer a Model S? And you going to buy a Model S or X? Obviously use my code, get
free supercharging, all that. But let me know why, let me know what that decision point is for you. I think that the price is
no longer really an argument because you can get them
for relatively cheap now. And all the other features really outweigh what the Model 3 has to offer. So I’m curious what you guys think. Let me know down below. And lastly here, don’t forget. When you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys back here next time.

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100 thoughts on “Stop Waiting For Tesla Model 3 Buy a Model S TODAY! 5 Reasons Why

  1. Just replace my Model 3 order to a Model X for similar reasons. There is one good reason to switch is the tax rebate may end soon for waiting Model 3 customers.

  2. Why buy that house for x when you could buy this much better, bigger house for 2x? You're comparing two cars with very different price tags – believe it or not a lot of people who can afford a 3 can't afford an S.

  3. I completely agree, and just purchased a Model S with auto Pilot for under $50K, but the beauty that everyone seems to be missing in arguing for one over the other is that Tesla is building cars for everyone. If you like a small simplistic car, wait for the 3, if you want a full-size luxury car get a CPO S.

  4. Every time I see your videos I lean more and more towards getting a Model S. One question I have is, should driven kilometers(mileage) be something to consider on a electric car? ICE it has a huge factor, I'm looking at one right now 2013 S P85, 141,000 KM( 87k miles), priced at $58K CAD (46K USD).

  5. Hey Ben, greetings from Spain!! I really enjoy your videos, I thinks exactly like you, and I was 2 days ago in the tesla store in BCN, and the next day, did the drive test; I loved it! So, I'm waiting for the financial risk evaluation, and then, buy the model S! Be sure that I'll use your code for free SC; for me that point, the superchargers is the most important to get the model S and no wait any longer for the model 3.

  6. 100% Agree with your Video I have a 2013 Model S purchased about a year ago. Love the car everything is absolutely perfect (minus a door handle and tpms sensors) Finally I was able to sit behind the wheel of the model 3. Personally, I could not switch over, having the screen with energy consumption is a must for me. In addition, I did quite a lot of supercharging that cost me nothing. Coming from an SUV prior I could not live with a regular trunk on any car anymore, either hatch or combi. As of today, you can pick up used model S out of warranty for 30K and less to me that is a no-brainer. Great video. (Last comment pushing the time frame for 35K model 3 was pretty Sh…. thing to do Tesla not to mention it will hurt them)

  7. You missed the most important difference, buy a Model S you get the full $7500 tax credit, order a Model 3 today, and you will need to wait 12-18 months and get $0 from the tax credit.

  8. Hi, I placed my Model 3 reservation on 02/13/18. I got my “Your Model 3 is Ready to Order” email on 02/15/18. I have a 2015 P85D. I’m not sure to keep my Model S or get the Model 3 with the tax incentives. What do you think?

  9. Well…. I bought myself a used. Model S p85 yesterday. It has every option. After I did. I took my safe and son over to the Tesla store that has an S and a 3. If you sit in both… you will come to the same conclusion. The S is and will be a better car! I can’t wait for my car to get here. For the Sam price as the 3 I got a great warranty, a like new car, with alcantara, sunroof, ap1, performance, turbine wheels etc etc…and it is spacious with a fringe that is huge.

  10. New model x for 7 seats free super charging and I already spend 500 a month for my car and drive close to 25,000 miles a year with the fuel savings alone and the thought of autopilot 2.0 I can’t wait for my current lease to be over

  11. What where they thinking?
    No display in front of the steering wheel and no other controls on the column, because it will not be needed anymore? lol
    People still wanna drive their cars, Tesla guys!
    Looking right, all the time, it's the worst thing to do when you gotta know where you are going in the middle of the night, and setting up other vehicle controls. Yeah, genius move, Tesla guys! Congratulations! You've just played yourself this time!

  12. Great informational video, I looked into it too and realized that it's much better to buy a used Model S than a new Model 3

  13. I'm buying the Model S for every reason you just said + I think it looks better. I don't really like the Model 3 interior as well as the front of the car, also actually the fact that it's shorter than the Model S

  14. 100% on board would buy a model s over the 3, I've had my reservation for about 6 months. The only thing holding me to it over the S is the price at the range. A ~60k fully outfitted brand new model 3 compared to a used 75-100 model S I'm hoping will still be better for the money in terms of range. Long range battery ~310 miles according to Tesla on the 3 FULLY out fitted 60k while a 75D is what…259 miles for also just over 60k with no upgrades new? The upgrade to a 100D for the 335 miles already brings the newer models close to 80k without any other features (which I want). I am very worried about when it comes time to customize my model 3 over the 1 screen and the annoyances that I have read and seen come with it.

  15. model 3 with all the extras is not far behind the model S 75D and you get free charging with the model s.Air shocks and duel motor

  16. I will second the opinions displayed below regarding the lower income of some of Tesla's potential customers.
    $60k is insane for a car and the whole world (on average) believes $35k is too much as well.
    However, in parts of Europe there are multiple incentives for EVs. In Romania, where I live, you get about $14k in incentives, if the manufacturer has at least a store in the country.

    For people who otherwise buy a €20k tops gasoline car, maybe a €34k EV (before incentives) like the Renault Zoe (pretty much all they can afford), then the Tesla Model 3 base model represents a fantastic opportunity to own a great EV, far superior to all alternatives like the Zoe or the BMW i3, even without Autopilot or ostrich-dinosaur-tarsier-vegan leather or whatever.

    And for a final price of about $27-28k including shipping AND sales tax, it's basically a no-brainer. If Tesla could just, you know, build a store 'round these parts. I hear there is an estimate of about 1000 Model 3 reservations here already, so assuming a margin of about 20% per car and an average price of about $45k, there is logic to it.

  17. What's more expensive? So obviously, You'll get more from the one that's expensive. Duh..

    But the used option is a good. Recommendation.. But is it long range? For around the same price for a B. New long range Model 3..

  18. You own a car that goes 330 miles on laptop batteries and you complain it doesn’t have camper mode. What a time we live in

  19. if you drive over 34.4 miles a day or 17.2 miles away. your going to hit the 100 thousand miles limit that break the 8 year battery warranty before 8 year. model C has a limited warranty, 100 k or 8 years what ever comes first warranty. s and x are unlimited miles over the span, so buy a model S because if you hit 100 k miles before 8 years , and are unlucky and need a replacement battery before 8 years , the 12 thousand battery replacement was for model s and its over, it now cost 32 thousand and 10 thousand labor to replace the battery. the same price as if you brought a model S. if tesla trusted the model C to go 8 years going over 100 k. he would have have the 8 year warranty unlimited miles as the other models. why? smaller margin, higher volume, he not taking the high mileage risk but passing it to you. why is it sold as a 100 mile car but the 34.4 miles a day equal 100 thousand in 8 years. you drive 34.4 miles everyday, that 69.2 miles total a day, you have cut short your 8 years battery warranty to just 4 years, 100 k miles. true guys asked a saleman today, no way around that on the C. cars for the rich, save for the kids college, is going to double by then.

  20. This is a poor argument for the model s. At one point, I wanted to get a model s, so I watched this just now. But the support for buying a model s is poor. The hatchback feature. The software extras. The power. These points were either not most people's concerns, and that is your audience by the way (not you), or certain points aren't worth making, like more power in the model s than the model 3. That goes without saying.

    It would have been far more interesting to research the difference in the motor between the two models, since much information suggests the model 3 is more efficient, but is the model 3 more durable? We want to know if Elon Musk's vow to create a million mile motor applies to the motor S AND the model 3??? The model S motor shifted to ceramic ball bearings which are more durable, but did the model motor do the same, especially dealing with more of a magnetic field?

    You have to be more aggressive and even creative with your points because anyone could have argued this stance.

  21. Yes I would choose an S class instead of an E class….except the price especially with options. Does this apply to Tesla also? Can I get a Model S optioned like your Model 3 for the same 54K? 🙁 SMH trying to hard to create video content.

  22. Herp derp! Of course if someone can afford the model S they would buy it over the model 3. The model 3 exists for those of us in the bottom 99.9% income bracket. What a useless video.

  23. Hard to compare a $45k fully loaded M3 (after rebates) and a pre owned 3-4 yo basic MS for $60k. Just seems that’s what Tesla want most of the M3 buyers to do and influencers agreeing with. I don’t agree. Paid a fair fee to cut line and getting mine soon. It doesn’t say anything about battery health, which I am not sure what% drop is not covered under warranty. Its like getting an iPhone 6 with original battery and the Apple thing that can happen with Tesla as well.

  24. the name tesla in your name pretty much determines your bias FOR tesla. You are obviously under the influence to the Koolaid that PT musk is pedaling and for those not under the influence of your CULT. EVERYTIME I hear PT speak I hear 'pure imagination (sung by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka)' in how many years has MUSK EVER announced anything positive ON TIME, the model 3 is what two years behind production schedule, and is still facing software and continuing hardware problems.

  25. The interior of the model 3 is horrible, especially with the absence of a screen behind the steering wheel. I do love the model S though.

  26. Unfortunately Ben, I think your reality is so distant from the majority of people who are purchasing the Model 3. You mentioned that at one point you were a 6 figure income earner. Even though I am sure by working for yourself that has decreased, the fact that you can afford two Tesla's puts you at a different viewpoint from most of us who are grateful to even coming close to purchasing a Tesla. Do you honestly not think if I could afford an S that I would not get one? You sacrifice alot by getting a 2013 model S. It's just not fair comparison. I don't care about having two screens but I do care about auto pilot. I would lose that option if I had to get an older s because that is all I could afford. Those of you who do videos where money is no object should consider that when your talking about the model 3.

  27. Of course the model S is a better car, its been out longer so more kinks are worked out, and its also twice as expensive.. if it WASNT significantly better, then noone would buy it instead of the 3. (I own nither, but I want a tesla pretty bad)

  28. 1. Please…enough with the hair hat.

    2. Neither one works for the everyman. At least be honest about the market…rich wankers with delusions of superiority.

    3. Compare honestly with the likes of Honda and Toyota, including SUGGESTED annual Tesla service ($800-$1000). Also remind people that Tesla controls the car and whether you can use supercharging–free or not.

    Be honest. Trust me…it's easier to sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror when you shave.

  29. What if I live in Ukraine and there is only one super charger and it’s between Kiev and Lviv and it’s not constructed yet

  30. Price of new vs new, if I were buying new. However, a used Tesla around $50-$55k is more in my league.

  31. So to get free power that costs 6 bucks at the high end you will spend 100k more. That makes little sense unless they start chargeing alot more to charge tbats alot of driving and by the time you get that many miles the car is worn out.

  32. I really want a tesla, but I'm 6ft 7inches, and I know they are really roomy cars and I might fit in one, but I wouldnt buy one until I sit in one for myself. If i dont fit in the car I may have to go with the model x, or future model y, or even the pickup truck elon said he would work on after the model y.

  33. I'm 6foot 7inches, and not sure if I could fit in a tesla, anybody know from experience if I would fit?

  34. yea you are right in this video if u want a tesla now model s is better for now plus free supercharging cant go wrong with that

  35. Also, adding to your second reason: you can actually fit the Model S with 2 rear facing seats making it a 7 seater. I drive a Volvo XC90 and an E Wagon because with scouts, etc, it's nice to have those extra seats even if I don't use them often. Great vid. ,

  36. The entry M3 that Tesla has been touting is going to be in limited numbers and production has been pushed back. Why? They are using the $35k price tag to lure buyers, but in reality, the average prices will be closer to $50k..which, if you're gonna go that far, the MS IS a better option. I was reading that a high performance M3 is in the works and will be priced around $70k…hmmmm..MS territory in a smaller package. The MS is the better buy even if it's a couple of years old.

  37. Hm, this is weird. I also want to buy my first electric car soon, and im between a new Ioniq for 35.000€ or an used Tesla Model S for aprox. 50.000€ here in germany. However, even though I thought the same way about the price difference, like being able to drive a tesla just for 15 grand more, people here in germany tend to tell me this would be the wrong choice, saying that after 2021/22 when the warranty runs out I would face tremendously more costs than I would face when driving a new Ioniq. What do you guys think?

  38. Now only if Tesla built a portable juice pack like they make for cell phones for when you have range anxiety between superchargers…..

  39. Great video! I am thinking about buying a Used 2016 or 2015 with less than 35K miles on it. What are the features I am missing compared to Model 3?

  40. I absolutely concur with the lack of a hatch being a problem. So much of a problem for me that it's not my radar at all.

  41. Considering no one will buy a base 35k model 3 on tip of no free supercharging, it doesn't make sense not to uying a used S

  42. WHERE will all these hundreds of thousands of 3's be FIXED??

    This guy is just a FANBOY, Save time Ignore him

  43. It's a step on the way. But it's not the vehicle that yet works as a mass market vehicle for the UK.

  44. Great video. I am currently driving a used Nissan Leaf that I purchased about 1.5 years ago. The leaf was price at $7,000 with all 12 bars of battery capacity. For me this car is great for hauling bicycles and yard equipment. Yes the leaf has a way shorter range than a Tesla Model S, but it offers quit a bit at for under $8,000 dollars. Yes, I even use my leaf to do yard work and deliver firewood. In the end I think the used Nissan Leaf pays for itself.

  45. We just got our invitation to configure our Model 3, after waiting 2 years and 3 months. Much to our dismay, the price that was supposed to be in the $30's is now in the $50's and they're not offering leasing, which I need for my corp. Plus the software is not up to my tech husband's standards. To say that I'm disappointed after all this time is an understatement. Not my car of choice anymore. 🙁

  46. Thanks for your information. I own s and i got invitation for long waiting model 3 . Now I prefer used model s for second car.

  47. And top of that,model s has been on the market for 4 to 5 yrs. They fix most issues and fit and finish are decent. Model x is good example of new car in first yr history.

  48. I rather wait for model 3 than buy slightly outdated model s , as I would have to buy 2013 year to keep around $43k   , future model s will have same tablet screen as model 3 which to me looks fantastic,   now model s has screen built in and has 3g speed only on older models  , so you  are kind of stepping back in time , built in screens to me are like old tube tv that have cabinet built around them.  I like the new tablet look, like led TV's

  49. OPERATING WINDOWS from SMARTPHONE- I locked my car, and was leaving, when I realized the rear window was down. I had to go back and manually shut the window. Would be nice if I could have done it from my smartphone

  50. Would it make any sense to you guys to buy a model s from 2013? I mean in just a few years it is (most likely) going to be totally outdated and old. Those are the only model S I could find for a reasonable price since the model 3 was nothing like we all were expecting…

  51. Model 3 performance for $70K or Model S 75D inventory for $77.5K ? Suggestions please. Drove both. Model 3 looks like more fun. Model S looks more luxurious. Of course space difference.

  52. Model S for everything you said. My wife has a i3 Rex that we love and i am considering a used model S for all the reasons you explained. just trying to figure out what to do with my 2018 Countryman S …lol. Thank you for your video and keep them coming

  53. Nice video, only missing model s advantages are possibiliy of hepa filter which is great until all ice vehicles are gone…Also air suspension is missing.

  54. Ok. You convinced me. The tailgate is indeed a big difference. I do miss the agility of the early 2wd Model S in the new 75D though. On a roundabout it appears too lazy in the front axle. That is something I heard the Model 3 does better, more engaging to drive. Would like to see a video comparison of that.

  55. Ben I want to purchase a used Model S from Tesla. What year is a good year. I heard 2016 or newer is better because of software upgrades. So I have been looking at those. Is there any disadvantages to buying a 2015 vs 2016 or newer? I also reserved a Model Y which will be the wife’s vehicle. For myself I prefer the used Model s. Your input is greatly appreciated.Thanks

  56. I'm thinking of buying a Tesla next year. Leaning toward the Model S. I'm curious about the benefit of buying a new one versus buying an used one. Since you purchased a used one, what's your take on it? I'd like to see a video on this.

  57. Ben need some advice should I buy a used model s compared to the incoming model y . You know like warranties and supercharging and different advantage and disadvantaged . Pls advice

  58. I think it is wiser to buy a slightly used model s than a new 3. S looks better, has more room and features and I got free supercharging for as long as i own the car.

  59. You guys need to search better . there are plenty model s out there for under $50k with less than 40k miles. Just look around

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