100 thoughts on “STOP SAYING “I’M FINE!”. Reply This to “HOW ARE YOU?”

  1. Now, it’s your turn to answer the question! How are you?

    Let me know in the comments 😃⬇️

    Time codes:

    1:01 Formal answers

    3:31 Informal answers (Part I)

    5:46 A task for you

    6:11 Informal answers (Part II)

  2. I‘ve been better. I pulled my together after talking with my dad about a load on my mind. He’s my spiritual mentor.

  3. Thank you so much Marina for your best video in my morning. I’m so excited always when I see new video 👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻 YOU MADE MY DAY. Hi 👋 from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 Almaty city 🌃

  4. i'm not good.i'm feel like crawling on my way to learn english but i sure things will be better as english is made bye human not the other way………see i don't know how to say vice versa in a different way..

  5. Very nice mam. Love you.
    Plzz make any video about how to learn or prepare or memorize the vocabularies.plzzz.

  6. I'm so excited and a bit stressed at the same time! Some life-changing things are happening right now. I mean moving to Moscow with my family and promoting at job. I should pull myself together and decide where will we live, which school and kindergarten would be best for our kids and all other very important things that should be done while moving to the new place. I hope everything's gonna be fine. Thanks for asking) And how're you?

  7. It sounds like one kind of greeting. When people ask me 'How are you', for not talking much detail, I usually say 'Everything is OK'.
    There are many kinds of phrases to start a conversation. As the video said, it equals to 'Hello'.

  8. Plz. Also upload the videos on the Topic=SELF INTRODUCTION (how to give self introduction in an interview) and how to tell about daily routine

  9. %99 of ppl in my country say "fine thank you and you" just learnt as a poem!
    and I try to use "very well thank you" instead so as to be different!

  10. Lol, I just noticed in Algeria we already answer with "not bad" which is "labas" or "la baās" in the formal Arabic. Thanks for the video <3

  11. I'm so frustrated right now. I must pass the TOEFL speaking part with more than 26 points. I've already taken the test twice and I’ve just got 21 in both attempts :(. I’m not giving up, but it's really tough to not see the desired results after working hard on it.

  12. Thanks a lot 😘🙏 I wanna ask you something did you watch walking dead ? You can see the copy of you in season 5 she is the beloved of the soldier she looks like you very much. Have a look to your copy if you didn't

  13. I'm stressed out. I've been working hard and I didn't reach my goals yet. I know I have to keep working on it so I'm not frustated.

  14. Omg, your pronounciation is so good!! I'm Brazilian and I understand everything you say. I don't even need to activate the subtitles

  15. American input here… I would answer "hey, how's it going" back 95% of the time. No details. And "frustrated" you should accent the u not the a.

  16. Thanks so much for the efforts exerted . On being asked how someone is they sometimes say , "good , can't complain." What do they exactly mean by that?

  17. Hi Marina. I’m a teacher of English in Viet Nam. My daughter really wants to study in University in America. Could you give me some advice how to get a good scholarship?
    Thanks in advance!

  18. I'm so stressed out. Every day I have tests, every day I have marks( sometimes not so good). And I'm feeling so tired…

  19. I'm better now because I'm on vacation and I have more chance to have fun and hang out with friends; by the way my vacation ends in a month. 💔

  20. I love this lesson! It’s so true. I always tell my English students there are so many more interesting and natural ways to respond to “How are you?”

  21. Hi Marina—
    I feel I am being rude even with an acquaintance who asks me how I am if I don’t ask them back.
    Also you might want to explain to your students that a very common variant of how are you is “How ya doin’”—especially in the NYC area. The answers would be the same for either question.

  22. I'm Good 🙂
    Your vlog is so amazing, i wish more videos because, i also want to improve my english communication skill 🙂

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