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Stacey’s frustrating experience with Avis/Budget car rental

Stacey’s frustrating experience with Avis/Budget car rental

Stacey: I can’t believe you’re doing this Stacey: I don’t want to talk about it Stacey: I don’t want to talk about it Stacey: Why are you filming this? Stacey: Because Avis/ Budget won’t communicate Stacey: This is embarrassing Stacey: I just don’t feel like I am being treated fairly as human Stacey: They kept talking, so I told to write but I used my phone to communicate with them Stacey: I feel so weird being filmed like this Stacey: The woman was patient, she was trying to be patient and be calm Stacey: I understand so I tried to be calm too Stacey: but she won’t tell me the total cost Stacey: I told her where is the email to show proof of the price Stacey: She pointed at the receipt saying, it’s that! Stacey: I didn’t get that email Stacey: I asked her for the total but she kept talking Stacey: I said ok, what’s the total? Stacey: I just simply want to know Stacey: She kept talking and pointing at the total Stacey: before it was $494, that’s the total for one week car rental Stacey: That’s ridiculous! Stacey: I said no insurance, I decided to turn down the offer Stacey: I asked her how much and she said it was $30. Stacey: I said ok. I agreed to go with the insurance. Stacey: The insurance is used to cover if we ever get into a car accident Stacey: But later, I saw the receipt and said no Stacey: The woman kept quiet about the cost of $30 a day! Stacey: So $30.99 a day for one week Stacey: Yeah, I thought it was $30 a week so I said ok yeah fine sure Stacey: but it’s $30 a day, so no Stacey: So the woman was frustrated because she has to go back and deny the insurance offer to change the payment Stacey: I was like well I told you through the notes on my phone Stacey: I told her that I wasn’t aware that it was $30 a day! Stacey: The woman didn’t tell me that Stacey: She still kept quiet Stacey: The woman proceeded to charge my card but never told me the total cost once again Stacey: I am just really frustrated. I feel degraded *a person in background, consoling her* Stacey: I stayed calm Stacey: I know next time, I have to talk to a manager Stacey: I am just frustrated Stacey: I understand there is a long line Stacey: But you aren’t communicating with me Stacey: You want to work through it fast, then you have to write! Stacey: She should have communicated! Stacey: She kept talking. How the f**k you expect me to understand the f**k you say? Stacey: I really felt degraded Stacey: Ok, stop filming

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51 thoughts on “Stacey’s frustrating experience with Avis/Budget car rental

  1. Biggest hugs from me . I know how you feel. I don't have a car but I know what's you feel cause hard for me to communicate too I love you Stacey and lilo

  2. Sorry you had to deal with bad customer service. 🙁 Hope you were able to work it out at the end. Maybe contact their corporate office if you havent.

  3. Damn, that must be so frustrating. Maybe send an email and tell the costumer support what happened, it shouldn't be like that.

  4. Already that charge is confusing for everyone and RIDICULOUSLY HIGH, I can't imagine clearing up such an issue as well with a customer service person who is not even adequate to help the right way.

  5. What a frustrating experience. It is totally on Avis for not being clear about the breakdown of the costs and their lack of ability to communicate with you properly in writing. Rental car contracts are confusing enough when you can communicate verbally with the counter staff.

  6. Ugh I hate this for you. Traveling is amazing but can be very tiresome and annoying sometimes 🙁 xoxo

  7. I wish this didn't happen to you. Sending lots of hugs your way and don't forget to complain to customer service.

  8. I got tears in my eyes watching you explaining your frustrated experience. A human should be treated as human regardless of its disabilities.

  9. who behind the person near with you?  Stacey ,  Orestes said alright  feel bad, hard communication to rent car at person city..better use for airport business all time they understand clear than city,,,

  10. hey, your letty mother side with you correct ..  oh man, awww I am comfort with your daughter so ok no cry,, I am understanding  rental of car  at city,, wooo..  better airport near L.A. better.  always that rental business tell you priceonce said one day $30. during you drive on day how many day you drove that you find out total is !!  Stacey alright cool no cry.. smile

  11. Stacey calm down and don't hurt plus woman wipe your ass,,  lol so rental office always they spoke once for day, when you drive it full week that long , total yourself,  but  rental signs your name and agree how much totals, is.  Stacey is sweet girl,  learned to how communication , I know it,  I am deaf

  12. great your mother correct,, I cheer u.. so she learned to about rent car ,  I want to explaining her Stacey,, so always rent business tell you once a day  they wont tell for long , that why,  alright Stacey little girl, cute,, hug on you and mother, letty

  13. I work for avis/budget, not at that location where ever she rented. But i would have gone out of my way to help, accommodate her in any way possible. that also got my teared up a bit.

  14. hello Stacey  I catch you what you did said  I cant believe you, that behind her Letty??! correct or this? so no shy what going on? please no hide me, open vp contact me no problem, take care  bye

  15. I'm so sorry you went through that experience. It's so frustrating when you try to tell a hearing person how to best communicate with you and they ignore you and just keep talking.

  16. Aww, you are sweet lady. I know miscommunication. Have to do challenge anything! I live In Florida. I had been happen with Hertz rental car in 2008. Hertz policy for customer must have credit card but I don't have it. What do I do? I had research rental car in an internet and find AAA then called it. AAA said, Don't need Credit Card. Perfect! I must join AAA member then I use debit card and paid AAA rental car. I went to airport and pick up. Yes, I paid $17 dollars per day for accident. Success! YaYa! My story is important for share with you.

  17. Do call the customer carw line i worked there and always did my best to help out cust i assure you you would get the help you deserve

  18. I’m so heartbroken to see you cry, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Lot of shitty ppl around the world, don’t worry about it be strong. Lots of love from Toronto my friend

  19. I don't understand why they don't totally teach employees about PROFESSIONALISM. My wife just had a frustrating complaint from a Budget employee. The complaint was simply NOT cleaning their cars before renting them to PAID customers. The employee stated "What do you want me to do about it". My wife simply asked for the car to be cleaned. My wife called me and I told her NOT to rent and file a complaint. She took a photo of the employee, car, and contract that ask the question "How would you rate your rental vehicle for cleanliness". This is just stupor and ludicrous…Yikes lol

  20. You are lucky that you didn't have to talk Spanish to them in Mexico because they would definitely rob you. They did it to me.
    I paid for a respectable car and I got a piece of junk with missing wheel covers except for one, no gas, four collisions, dirty, and not even running right.

  21. sending you big hugs. Don't be embarrassed, you didn't do anything wrong, they suck! I"m sorry this happened.

  22. I’m so sorry 😢 this hurts my heart. Hear / Be Heard is about to launch an app for the Deaf / HOH communities that will translate words that are being spoken into text and then allow the user to type their message back and then have the app read it out loud I would love for you to join our test group! With all your travels I’m sure it would come in very useful (and test group members get the APP free) go to hearbeheard (.com) —> click get Notified and Be sure to put your platform name so I’ll recognize you 🤟🏼❤️💋

  23. Stacey, if your subscribed over 500k and higher ( I just say ), you would get paid from youtube if you keep active achievements work hard if you goal and famous, good luck. one thing funny i like your one of sign "have" lol ok later

  24. Thank you so much for sharing this. Oftentimes when people make us feel degraded and less than human, we are too ashamed to speak out. It is so important for hearing people to know that Deaf people need us to use the method of communication that works for YOU and that you asked us to use. Not just keep talking out loud (you’re 100% right, how the fuck does she expect you to understand that?? She only spoke aloud for her own sake!) and barely glance at what you’ve written without fully reading it (just as bad). That’s a foolproof method to ensure miscommunication. I hope this was your worst experience ever, and that you never have this kind of thing happen again. You and all Deaf people deserve so much better from us.

  25. Budget Rent Acar in Caledwell, to Procis it's at 105 Bloomfield Ave NJ they are Racists, if you are white never rent any shit from thes bastards. they will Rob you.

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