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Some People Will Use Any Reason to Talk Cars

Some People Will Use Any Reason to Talk Cars

Hello? Hi Teddy, this is Katiie calling from Bosak Honda, how are you? I’m doing good, how bout you? I’m doing good! I was actually just calling about the 2020 Honda Civic you inquired about. Yeah, I did! Great, I just wanted to see if you had any
questions about the vehicle? Well, I have a few questions … Does it have a Sport Mode? So there’s a Crystal Black Pearl and a Platinum White Pearl. There’s a Molten Lava Pearl? And then the Sport has a 6-speed manual option, right? And then that is available with HondaSensing, right? Oh, they all are. And the Civic has a 5-star safety crash test … crash safety test? Ok, it does. Sorry, one more time: What are the gear ratios on the Si? Hmm, uh, what do you think? Fabric or leather? So the Sport has 17″ wheels … wöp gœdv 18″ wheels. Yeah, I knew that, ‘course I did … Welp, Katiie, you have answered every question I could possibly have asked you so, I guess that’s it. Great, so can I make an appointment for you to see the car? Oh, I knew this was coming. Uhm, Katiie, I’m gonna be honest with you. I’ve been in quarantine for a week. Formula One’s cancelled. And I just really wanted to talk to somebody about cars for a minute, or, an hour. Totally understandable. If you do have any
more questions, feel free to shop our website. If you’re ready to buy, we do have an exclusive FAST-TRACK buying program: you can see bank rates, value your trade-in, get pre-approved, and we even have an option to deliver the car to you! I will totally do that. Thank you so, so much. Of course, call in anytime! Sounds good. Thanks again! Bye. *looks off in newfound boredom*

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