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Soccer + Cars = AWESOME (Rocket League) – Game Lab

Soccer + Cars = AWESOME (Rocket League) – Game Lab

– I’m MatPat. [tires screeching] And this is “Game Lab.” Oh, God. What have I gotten myself
into today?[static]
[typing, clicking]
For the last five years,I’ve made a name for myselfoveranalyzing video gamesusing real-world
science and math,
but now I’m taking it
to the next level
by throwing some of
the world’s most popular gamers
into the scenarios
we play through every day.
Will the games
stack up to reality?
And are gamers
as good in real life
as they are on-screen?Welcome to “Game Lab.”[rock music]♪ ♪This is insane!♪ ♪Car soccer. Car soccer! Can you tell I’m excited? Because today, we’re at
the Irwindale Speedway to simulate real-world
car soccer, like you play
in “Rocket League.” But you can’t play soccer
all alone, right? Lucky for me,
I have just the opponent.[dramatic music]♪ ♪Working on that car?
– Yeah. I just got my creeper
here with me. – Wait, is this really
a creeper? – This is actually a creeper. You can’t take the “Minecraft”
out of the creeper, but you can take the creeper
out of the “Minecraft.” – [laughing]
That’s awesome. I knew I picked the right guy. All right, so you mind
if I remove you a little bit from “Minecraft”
and play some “Rocket League” for a little bit? – I think I can handle
the real world for a day or so. – That just means that
it’s time to go train. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Yeah, let’s do it.Despite launching
a little over a year ago,
“Rocket League” was such
an immediate smash hit,
not just in the U.S.,
but across the globe,
that literally two months
after release,
it was already classified
as an official eSport.
But seriously,
is it any wonder?
Combine the world’s
most popular sport
and the world’s
most popular vehicle,
sprinkle in some
rocket boosters,
a futuristic setting,and festive, decorative hats,and you have yourself
a high-energy party game.
With matchups ranging
from one v. one
to four v. four,the game really shines
in its physics.
From rocketing up walls,
to flying across the field,
to ramming into each other
there are no red cards,so you can do some
incredible stunts.
So no, while I may not
be strapping rockets
to the hood
of what I’m gonna be riding
around in today,
we are partnering
with precision
racecar drivers,
who are gonna teach us
ball control
and stunt maneuvering
using real cars
and a really big
soccer ball.
My insurance provider
is not at all happy
about today’s episode.Jordan, I’d like
to introduce you to Ryan– Ryan from L.A. Racing. He’s a precision
driving instructor. – How’s it going, guys?
– Good. – You’ve been driving
for how long, at this point? – Since I was four years old. – How do you reach
the pedals when you’re four? – Oh, it’s easy when
Dad’s pushing you. I’m just kidding.
I’m just kidding. – You’re driving
a little Hot Wheel or little Power Wheel car? – No, go-carts, Quarter Midgets,
and stuff like that. – Is car soccer a real thing? Let’s just get it on the table
right off the bat. – Car soccer is a real thing.We host a couple of events
throughout the year
called Night of Destruction.Auto soccer’s actually
right in line
with this type
of redneck racing.
– Now, in “Rocket League,”
you can actually fly up in the air
with jet packs. Are we doing that today too? – That’s gonna be
slightly difficult. No, we’re gonna try
to keep it on the ground. – Okay. – All four tires on the ground
are ideal. – No jet packs today?
– No jet packs today. They’re probably $50 cars
at most. – Oh.
– Wow. – $50 car?
– Wait, that can run? – Should I be concerned
about my safety when I’m hopping into
a $50 car and getting ready to drive
into another $50 car? – Yeah, today we’re not
gonna hit anybody. We’re–we’re trying
to stay contact-free. – Trying to. – Contact is
an inherent part of the game. – Yeah. – So I believe there will be
some inadvertent contact. – Is there a best place
on the car to hit the ball? Like, in the game,
a lot of moves are done with kind of, like,
the tail end, right? So I’m, like–I’m coming in, I’m sweeping around, and I– I kind of pull, like,
a last-minute, like, turn. I don’t know any
of the language, by the way, so teach me everything
that you can, so I don’t look like
an utter idiot. – You’re apparently way better
at “Rocket League” than I am, because I am all just about… – Head on?
– Straight on. – Yeah, I mean–and those
are the two moves, right?You can either hit the ball
head on,
or you can, like, drive up to it and, like, swerve
at the last minute, and it’s, like, boom–
and hitting it with the back end
of my car, right? Good idea, bad idea? – We’re gonna be playing with
some advanced driving techniques later on, on the track–
E-brake techniques, so– – And by E-brake,
you mean emergency brake? – Emergency brake, yes.
Hand brakes. – Just so we’re on
the same page. – All of these cars have
hand brakes in them. Let’s say you’re heading
in the opposite direction of the field and the ball. You need to turn around
real quick. The fastest way to do that
is yank that E-brake. – Well, sir,
it was nice knowing you. – Yeah, I’ll see you
in a fiery ball out there. – Yeah, sounds good. I look forward to seeing
your withered ashes out there. – [laughing]
Oh, God. – I already see
the title for this video. It’s like, “YouTube Red Series
Goes Wrong: “‘Rocket League’ IRL Fails,”
something like that. Awesome, yay.
– Good stuff. – So in order to prevent
that from happening, how about we get in some cars
and start practicing this stuff before we start throwing in
balls and things? – How about fire suits first?
– And wear some helmets. – Yeah, yes.
– Fire suits and helmets. – Perfect.
– Great.[dramatic music]♪ ♪All right, Ryan, so before
we take off, what move are you teaching me?– It’s called a feint.
– A feint, okay.
– So before we go in,
we’re gonna turn to the right.
The car is gonna settle over
onto the left.
– Uh-huh.
– As soon as we turn
to the left, it’s gonna startto transition back over.
– Okay. – As soon as it starts
to transition back over, that’s when we’re gonna
grab the E-brake. – Okay.– And it’s gonna cause the car
to go into a slide,
and then you’re gonna
pretty much need to pick up
the power right away.We’re gonna stay in
first gear for this one.
– Four cylinders away! [laughing] Holy crap! Oh!
[laughing] [sighs]
All right. Well, let’s–
let’s take a minute, get out of the car,
and talk about this, shall we? – No, let’s try
a little more drifting. – Or, or–no. Or he wants to go again.
Okay. That’s fine. Holy crap!♪ ♪What are the odds of me
doing this correctly on the first time? – Let’s wing it.
Let’s see what– – [laughing] Let’s just do it.
– Let’s see what you got. Let’s see what you got. – That is the motto
of “Game Lab”: “just do it.” [tires squealing] Okay, so it’s–
– Right turn. – Right.
– E-brake, E-brake! Right there.
– [grunts]♪ ♪I did successfully activate
the windshield wipers. – Yes, you did.
Hit it. Aim for the cone. – Damn it, the windshield
wipers are still on. Right turn.
– Right, left–let off! [tires screeching]
Full throttle! – Yeah, there it is! That was close-ish.
– That was it. – Whoo!
[laughing] I am sweating bullets. That was great. Let’s give Jordan a try. See how good he does. – We’re good to go?
Doing this thing? – Let’s do it. – And we’re off! – Aim straight at the cone–
full throttle. Turn right.
Left. E-brake.
Off the gas. [tires screeching]
Close. – Okay.
– Turn right. Left.
[tires screeching] Full throttle. – How was that, man?
– Pretty awesome. – Analyze our performance. – It wasn’t bad. You could see it just takes
getting used to. – It felt like I was, like,
“Okay, turn right.” And now all of a sudden,
it’s like, “Turn left
and pull the handle and–” You know, and turn left
and let go of the throttle. It was, like–
I was like an octopus trying to do, like,
six different things at the same time
and failing at all of them. – You have to become familiar
with the car. If you everything right,
it should be easy. – This is so insane. I’m not used to this. I’m the guy who’s, like, inside the lines
all of the time. So driving around in a place
where it’s like, “Free for all,
free for all!” No. I’m so uncomfortable
with this whole concept. It is wild. [engine revving]
– Here we go. – Hustle it, hustle it,
hustle it. Full throttle.
Come on, come on. Don’t worry about
knocking over those cones. Come on, get tighter
to the cones. You’re leaving too much room
between you and those cones. – There’s too much room?
What? I don’t know what
you’re telling me. – All right, guys, you got
to be way more aggressive. You’re driving Miss Daisy. – What about–
what about the, uh… the weavey–
the weavey driving? – The slalom?
– The slalom. How was that? – A little less than spectacular
in the slalom. – [laughing]
No? So we could’ve been a little bit
faster with our–our slalom. Could’ve been a little bit
more firm with our E-brake. – I think most important is,
you got comfortable in the cars. You tossed the cars around,
you got comfortable, and you’re gonna be a whole
different animal come race time. – So I think the only
added wrinkle to this whole equation
is the fact that now, not only
is the car moving, but now we’re having to deal
with a moving ball. – I don’t know how well
I see myself making that pan out. But, um, you know,
I’m open to trying it. – Good.
– Yeah. – Because we’re about
to do that. Let’s do it! – Shall we?
– Hop on in. That’s your first challenge.
– Right. – See if you can get in the car. – Yeah, this door
is chained shut. Look at me, with all due
grace and speed. – You’re like a NASCAR
driver here. You’re looking professional. – I make this look good. [laughing] Where are the keys?
Keys are in it. There we go.
[engine turns over] Let’s do it.
– Ooh. – Listen to that puppy roar. Let’s handle some balls. [engine revving] Whoo![exciting music][laughing]
Where’d the ball go? – Not bad.
– Not terrible. – No, not bad at all. – It’s gonna hit the cameraman. Brave in the face of duty. “Rocket League”!
Hit the ball. Argh!
Stop it. Get–get over. – We’re hopeless.
– Yeah, this is gonna be tricky. – We’re–this is gonna
be hopeless when the actual game happens. – [laughing] – He’s using his hand.
Did you see that? Pushing–
– Illegal maneuver. Hand ball. – This isn’t real soccer. I can touch the ball, right? – How “Rocket League”
would work, usually, if you’re doing, like,
a two-on-two, you would get one person
to try to stay back, help when the ball goes
too far behind– kick it back up
to the first person. – [laughing] [engine revving] There we go.
Yeah! There it is.
Go, go. – Right there.
– You’re on the hood.[horn wails]– Oh, God, we’re so damn close. – What gear?
– Don’t matter. [engine revving] – E-brake! – [laughing]
– Oh, almost! – [laughing] – Well, I tried for
the E-brake turn. That didn’t work out too well. – That’s actually pretty true
to the game, where people will just, like,
aim for the back end of it and just whiff every time. – MatPat went a little bit
too quickly last time. I don’t see the goal right now. – That’s it.
– There you go. – That’s it. – I don’t see the goal,
but I think we might have it. – Whoo![horn blasting]– That was it! [engine revving] [clapping] I guess it just goes to show
that I’m not as comfortable handling balls as Jordan is. – Yeah. All right, boys,
these are the rules: three-car teams,
five-minute sessions. At the end of the five minutes,
if we’re tied, we’re gonna go do
a sudden death. Coin toss is gonna
start the kickoff. You ready?
Who wants to call it? – Am I calling it? – Uh, yeah, you–
guest can call. – Okay, uh, heads.♪ ♪– Tails.
– Yeah, kickoff! Oh, man.
– I got something for you, Mat. In case you catch on fire. – [laughing] Yeah?
– Yeah. – That’s gonna be so effective.
– That’s it. – I’m glad to save that
the money we saved on the cars has gone to the car safety. – All right, guys. Let’s go to the cars
and start this up. – All right.
– Okeydokey. – Let’s do this.
– Here, you’re gonna need this for the sick burn
I’m gonna deliver onto you. – Okay, thanks, Mat.
– Yeah. No problem, buddy.
That’s real. – This is really not
gonna help at all. Actually, no, this will
be fine for your burns, ’cause they’re tiny. – They’re, like, second degree. – They’re, like,
little sparks here and there. – [laughing]
– Actually, no, that’s me. I’m CaptainSparklez. – I’m locked out of my car.
We have a problem.[intense music]This is by far
one of the most absurd things I’ve ever done in my life.♪ ♪May the best man win.♪ ♪Oh, my God. We are all–
– Oh, my God. – We are all literally
going to die. – We got
a collision. There goes
no contact. – Oh!
[laughing] – I can’t see shit. When it goes out of bounds,
we’re just going for it? Oh, nice.
Nice pass. – I’m going for it.
Why not? It’s the only chance that
we have to hit the ball in, like, a safe
fashion, honestly. Screw that.
Cone! Screw you, cone! – Oh, wait.
Oh, shit! – [laughing]
My God. – Coming right between
you guys. – Go, go! Go blue team! Go blue team, go! – This is
so much carnage. – [laughing]
Oh, no! – Oh, my God! – Look what’s going
on with him! [laughing] So much smoke. Go, go this way, ball. This way, this way! – They’re, like, shoving
each other and stuff. – There we go, blue team! I like that the ball’s
just getting caught in people’s front ends
and then–oh, my God. Yes!
Yes![horn blasts]
We got a point! [engines revving]
Whoo-hoo! – Don’t whiff, don’t whiff,
don’t whiff, don’t whiff. Yeah!
Nailed it! – I’m thoroughly impressed. – Oh, no, good one. – Oh, God.
– [laughing] – Argh! It’s going
out of bounds. – Stop it.
Stop it! – No, out of the way.
– No. – Don’t you
steal it from me. – Stop it. – It’s my time.
– Stop it. [laughing]
Stop it. Do you believe in magic
and a young witch’s heart? – Not your magic. – [laughing]
Oh, God. Lock it.
Yeah, there it is! Now we’re at
a standstill here. – Come on, you got it.
– Oh, no![horn blasts]
Yes! [men shouting] Damn it! – I think that’s
the best case scenario, right there, when
the frickin’ thing gets caught up on you. [engines revving]♪ ♪[engines revving]♪ ♪– Argh!
– Almost, but not quite. – [laughing]♪ ♪I worked hard. [laughing]
My–oh, my God.♪ ♪Oh, all right. God dang it.
[crash] Oh, damn it, that was–
I just–oh, damn it. Check your rear end
mirrors, friends. Go, go!
Oh, damn! That’s such BS.
That is such–♪ ♪[fabric tearing]
[laughter] – I don’t think that was a goal. It went back short. [tires screeching]
– Yeah! Man down–ball.
Ball down. Medic.
Ball down. Everyone take a knee.
Take a knee, guys. That was insanity. That was simultaneously
the coolest and most terrifying thing
I have ever done in my life. All right, we only got
one ball left. Sudden
death! [engines revving] Oh!
– Perf, perf. – Oh.
Really going in on this thing. – It’s stuck on his car.
Good one, good one.Ball is out of bounds, let’s get
it in bounds.
Whip it back around here. [engines revving]
Oh, no! – Oh, wow.
– Oh, my God. That was literally a head-on
collision right now. [crash] Oh, my gosh, he’s pushing the– What the hell just happened? – Ugh! – No!
Oh, dang it. [engines revving]
Oh, no, oh, no.– There you go.
There you go.
– There it is.
There it is. Don’t you– – Nope, Mat’s not
getting through. – I’m trying to make
my way through here. Back away, Jordan. – Uh-uh.
Uh-uh. – Give it up.
Give it up.– One of you–they’re–
you’re about to pop the ball.
– Give it up.
Yeah, there it is. Yeah, magic!
– Oh, no. – Magic! Whoo!
[crash][horn blasting]
[cheers and applause]
Whoo! [crash]♪ ♪I don’t have a horn, but I’m honking my horn
in victory! Silent horn! Whoo-hoo! Look, where’d it go? Oh, my God.
[laughing] Oh, Jesus. Hey, my hat’s still on. Your hat’s on too.
– So is mine. – That’s awesome.
– Beautiful. Something just fell off
when I closed the door, though. – I can’t believe that. I have no idea
when this happened. I have no idea. [crash]
Dear Lord! Although in retrospect,
now that I look at this, I am terrified. Look at the–like,
this is inches from where I was sitting. There was, like–if Ryan
told us one thing, it’s, like, “Don’t hit
the driver’s side door.” There you go. Seriously, I have no idea
how we survived this. – An incredible experience.
– Hey! – Oh, here we–
– First and second place. – Ah! [laughing]
– Second place. – Is this the grille off of
my teammate’s car? – Maybe, possibly.
I cannot confirm for sure. – [laughing] – But this is
first place trophy. – Yes!
– I can confirm that. – Wow.
– That is glorious. – Wow, thank you.
So how’d we do? – You did excellent. I was actually really impressed. I didn’t think you’d be able
to control the ball that well. I thought that it’d do more
popping than moving forward. – Yeah.
– But I think that was perfect. I don’t think it could’ve
gone any better. – You know, I think
that it’s different than playing “Rocket League.” That’s for sure. I, uh…I think it’s actually
a little easier, actually, to, like, target the ball here, ’cause you only have two
dimensions to play around with, whereas in “Rocket League,”
you have three. – So I think to put the seal
on today’s events, when it comes to “Rocket League” versus real-life
precision driving, there’s a lot
of interesting parallels. First off, one of the things
that you don’t think of when you’re playing the game
is field of vision. I don’t see the goal right now. So as you’re approaching
that ball in real life, it is taking up your entire
field of vision.You don’t see other cars coming
at you from the other end.
You don’t really see
anything around you.
You no longer see the goal.And the same would be true
in “Rocket League.” It’s not something
you have to deal with,because of that
third-person perspective.
But it’s an interesting
thing to think about
were you actually
playing the game in real life. So I think that’s definitely
worth calling out.One of the things you see
people use a lot
in “Rocket League”
is the kind of– the feint move–
the drift movethat slams the car into
the side of the ball.
And here, it works really well
in real life.What you get is similar
to real-life soccer.
The front of the car is almost
like you’re kicking the ball with your laces, right?You’ll go high, and you’ll
get a lot of distance,
but you don’t get
a lot of control. Whereas if you kick the ball
with the side of your foot, or in this case,
the side of the car, you’re actually having
a lot more control and a lot more ability
to place the ballwhere you want it to go.So it’s a give-and-take thing.When you try to go
for that slide move, a lot of times,
you’re gonna miss. And guess what happens
in “Rocket League”?A lot of people
go for that glory move
and end up failing hard.And that’s the biggest
thing of all, right, is safety. In “Rocket League,” it’s like, “I’m gonna crash
into everyone,”and I’m gonna explode,
and that’s fine.
I don’t care.
I’m just gonna re-spawn.
In real life,
there is no re-spawning. That’s why you always
buckle your seat belt and drive defensively. – YOLO.
– Yeah. Or you just YOLO. Ugh! So I think that
about puts a wrap on our “Rocket League”
experiment for the day. Ryan, what do you do
at the end of a race? What, uh…
what is kind of, like, your victory lap, as it were? – The only thing you can do
after you win a race: victory doughnuts. – Whoo!
– Victory doughnuts? – Let’s do it.
– Victory doughnuts. They’re mandatory.
– I may not have won. But I’m gonna do doughnuts. – I think that there
are three cars that are still operational, so let’s burn through it, man. [engines revving] [tires screeching] [engines revving]

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