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So… I Bought A New Car… Sort Of…

So… I Bought A New Car… Sort Of…

Hello what is going on everybody it is CivilGuy here and today I have a very very exciting video I want to share with you I just bought something crazy this is actually when I was still in Washington DC I bought this probably in early June probably I would say early June and I actually had my parents pick it up from my home city state and well you can see there’s a parking lot right behind me yes I did get myself a brand new car and about show it to you here it is I could fit in it it’s very street-legal haven’t had to change the oil or anything the engine is still pretty good guys if you couldn’t pick up on my sarcasm I actually did buy a car all right time to cue my Doug sequence this is the 2008 or Crown Victoria Police Interceptor now and as you can tell it’s very white and guess what you can buy this now if you or a loved one is suffering I’m joking if you happen to live in the United States you might have an opportunity of getting one of those for less than $500 but guess what there’s a catch don’t want to show you the perks and features we obviously have a little bit of rust here going on the paint is peeling off and we also got some hazy looking headlamps the rims are basically plastic in the tires they have a good thread on them and yeah as you can tell it has a little dent right there actually when I bought the vehicle I was actually still in Washington DC for my internship and I had my dad in my twin brother pick up the car from the local area and I’ll show you guys just a little clip with that right now all right take 476 now to be quite honest with you I was never in the market for eight he was police car until I noticed the cheap price tag as well as the listing where it said that this car had seen routine maintenance read 3,000 miles that made me a little more interested in possibly bidding on this car and yes you’ve heard me correctly I did place a bid on this car and I literally won the auction and as you can tell I mean the car looks pretty nice now it didn’t always look like this now since then as you can tell so much has changed to this carpet decals were totally removed but overall this vehicle looks nice of it spotless to be 8 not a v12 not of these six of v8 so this thing does drink a lot of gas it basically burns for gas like it’s like its water yeah it’s a beautiful car it’s I love it and I know people were expecting me to get a Tesla I’m sorry I don’t have that kind of money right now if you watched my video I did mention maybe five years from now a decade from now or maybe even a century from now I’d be able to afford one of those but until then I’ll have to just deal with this I’m gonna go ahead and pop the hood open so you guys can see what kind of engine we’re working with but I just wanted to go ahead and spend this time to tell you guys that I do spend a lot of time watching a lot of channels on YouTube before I even bought this car from an auction I did a lot of research so I didn’t just blindly bid on this but I did spend a little bit of time doing some research especially on these cars because I’m not a Ford fanatic but I do enjoy just watching other people’s experiences picking up these cars not only just these cars but any kind of car from an auction or from a salvage lot people that I watch you guys have probably heard of these channels before like Sam crack Chris fix it rich rebuilds also movies garage he’s a great one in let me not forget Doug and also East Coast classics I’ve actually been watching East Coast classics for quite a while and he does an amazing job at showing how these cars go for at a state auction or a city auction or wherever and that’s what like I said it actually motivated me to get this thing and so far it’s so sick thank you so much for motivating me to getting this also I’m gonna put his link down into this description down below if you want to check out his channel go check out his channel and subscribe my twin brother and my father they took their time and cleaned this entire area up overall I think I do need to clean those headlamps out but that’s just the cosmetic thing that I’m not too worried about as you can tell there’s some paint shipping every now and then and I had to cover up something right there but overall the car is pretty much immaculate for how much I paid for it it’s it was $1300 and I’m sure a lot of people are probably looking at me like you spent $1,300 in that heap of crap well to be honest it’s a decent car it looks amazing I think it looks good it drives well the gas mileage like I said before it’s not as good as most other vehicles but he would be probably laughing at me right now if I told you my original option was to purchase a Toyota Prius because it does amazing fun in terms of gas and it’s a hybrid so I kind of thought it would I’d be doing a good thing for the environment but since that was way outside my budget and I didn’t really have a whole lot of time to wait to see when one of those would be posted on a auction site I figured I might as well just go ahead and get something cheap that’s what I that’s why I bought this thing and I know a lot of people swear by these things they think these are amazing I do believe that these are amazing as well but overall I want to know what you guys think do you think it was a good deal I got this for $1,300 $1,300 cash and it’s not a payment plan it’s not how much I’m paying a month it’s not how much I’m paying a year that is I own this car it’s not under some type of financing thing it’s I own this thing so you know when you buy a car for an auction you own it obviously I still have to pay taxes on it I got a thief for everything else but overall it’s still to me it’s a great deal go ahead and take for a spin see you guys later and almost forgot hit that like button also subscribe if you want to see more content

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66 thoughts on “So… I Bought A New Car… Sort Of…

  1. Congratulations bro <3 You and Tyler are the one who motivated me to spend hours and hours trying to become MrBeast's eight millionth subscriber and I'm pretty confident I've done it today just waiting for Jimmy's message <33

    btw nice car xD

  2. Man, you know I love these Crown Vic's! I think you'll be thrilled with how durable these cars are, especially the police models. The price you paid is right and I love what you did to get it looking nice again. You'll easily get more than your money back when it comes time to sell. Big market for these cars. Be cautious with that white paint though as it's notorious for peeling so stay away from pressure washers. Also those blue radiator hoses are silicone hoses. Very expensive to buy new and they will last the life of the car and never need to be replaced. A BIG thanks for the shout-out as I'm humbled and I'm a fan of what you do too. -Chris

  3. Civil guy you have to put yourself out there more get in contact with outher youtubers collaborate. Or even see if a podcast will take you on i want to see you get bigger but your just standing still. Im a big fan and hope to see you become a big YouTuber

  4. Seems like a great deal. To get to own your car outright is a big accomplishment. Really sucks about the fuel efficiency though.

  5. yo civilGuy.. I know its not a Tesla or a lamborghini or an other luxury .But atleast its something you can drive with.. love it .. be cool and have fun. And hopefully the police radio works xD.

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