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Smart people buy cars like this … πŸ˜‰πŸš—

Smart people buy cars like this … πŸ˜‰πŸš—

so we’re going out to the garage we
needed to shoot this one in the car you excited about that honey so this is our
2009 pilot and this is our new car and and it just dawned on me the other day our newest car is ten years old and I’m actually kind of excited about that because one
of my mentors from your hands in the way thank you one of my mentors from years ago kind of a financial mentor and I didn’t know the video about this like he said the two
areas that most Americans kind of destroy their wealth building potential
is with eating out and with cars and so I’m excited that we have been able to
hang onto this car for ten years and I personally really like old cars and I like cars that are broken in I know that’s not your favorite thing yeah I don’t think that’s most peoples favorite thing really this has been a great car for us it’s been a great car yeah and like what it’s done
for us in our wealth building potential in that we haven’t had a car payment for
whatever what is it seven or eight years we haven’t had a car payment like
that’s amazing that’s absolutely amazing yeah and we’ve
been able to save up cash for the next car that we’re about to buy which is
amazing because we have another car payment you know it just works out so
much better that way another fun little tidbit about this car the air conditioning hasn’t been working over a month yeah then the time we’re recording this it’s been the hottest September it’s ever been I think in Tennessee we had what do we have like that might be twenty something days of
90 degree weather in a row not not ninety over ninety like in the 90s super
crazy you know that feeling when you like come home from like a really good
workout and you’re all sweaty and you’re like I can’t wait to take a shower
that’s me every day after like preschool drop-off so Bob’s like let’s go sit in
the hot box and record a video I’m like thanks a lot I felt like we had to I
just feel like this needs it it begs it but we’re shopping for cars right now
and probably do another video just on some shopping tips I have because people
ask me that a lot and I feel like I have developed a pretty good system for
finding a good car because yeah we’ve had this car for 10 years and relatively
few problems it’s been really great and the car before this other than the air condition going out other than the air conditioner after 10 years so yeah the reason they
were sitting on the air-conditioner and we haven’t fixed it because we’ve been
just about ready to buy a carso we don’t want to go spend hundreds of
dollars fishing or a thousand I have no idea how much would cost to fix this air
conditioner if we’re about to get rid of it anyway so which I have agreed to like
I don’t want this to come across like like I’m torturing her like you’re torturing
me and like he’s like well I really don’t want to spend money because I’ve never felt the same way we’re in agreement so I’m just kind of my fill yeah no me too me too I’ve
been in here but over here we got the Jeep and that’s it actually does have a
great air conditioner and when it’s 90 and not sunny it’s like it feels great
with the top off and doors down like you need are gonna sure but anyway alright
so let’s talk about four things that I love can we can we go inside yeah please so I want to now talk about four reasons
why I love old cars specifically for their financial benefit not just because
I like old cars I do love a broken in car that I don’t have to worry about you
know somebody banging their door on it or whatever like wouldn’t you have your
brand new Lamborghini and you park it all the way at the end of the parking
lot no one can get in because I’m an arm talker you told me that now and so the
first one I think a lot of us know but like each with each passing year the car
loses less and less depreciation you know so the first year you drive it off
the line which we’ve heard this you know whatever’s like a whole bunch of money
whatever the percentage is because it depends on on brand and everything else
like that but you know it might be ten fifteen percent that you lose over that
first year in value for that car and each passing year you lose less and less
money and that’s really really attractive and really fun if you buy a
ten-year-old car to start with you know this is something I did actually hold was the Taurus we bought so I may have been older and ten years older we bought it as a
third car kind of is like an insurance policy on our other one that was kind of
old we bought for $1,000 and then we hung on to it drove it I drove it like
four or five years I hated that car you did really ugly it was ugly on the outside
but you loved the way it felt it had really big engines it was kind of fun it
was a Taurus but it was like a really fast one anyway so it’s kind of fun to
drive I’m drag racing on the highway in this
Taurus I’m just kidding but anyway held on to it for five years and we sold it for the
same amount that we bought it for because depreciation like almost all of
it was knocked down so that’s a really really cool all right next point back in
the olden days when I was a kid when you were a kid or teenager if there was a
kind of a concern about you know breaking down cuz you’d break down on the side of the road then what you’d do you had to hitchhike home or like what you know
and that was like kind of a terrifying thing for me that made me feel like I
need to have a new car that I can really depend on because it’s just I’m in
really big trouble if I don’t yeah you know I can’t get to work like you know
it’s a really important thing and times are very different now so since we have
cell phones and since we have uber that really kind of changes the game
yeah and like AAA yeah I mean some of that stuff was around before but just
being able to call yeah like a whole bunch of people and then being able to
grab an uber like that really changes the game you know and so being having a
car that’s not working for a little bit like just isn’t as big of a deal as it
used to be that allows us to drive an older car that may not be as dependable
as a new one but since times are so much different it’s not quite as inconvenient
yeah it’s just not that big of a deal it’s not as scary to break down you know
on the highway now no one wants that but it’s just not that big of a deal or as
big of a deal as it used to be and the benefits of being able to have an older
car and save so much money on this asset that you own that just loses value every
single year it’s just a really good thing
third on my list we actually do we feel different about this is the off gassing
thing I hate new car smell I hate new car smell and I know that you know
something you probably love it but if you do some research you realize that
it’s actually not good for you it’s actually just all the chemicals and her
off gassing out of this car they just breathing in and and so I’m a little bit
sensitive like my nose is sensitive to some of that stuff so I really hate it so that’s
another reason that I like a car that’s a little bit older because it’s kind of gone
you know do you like this yeah I mean I do like that smell because I
think it’s like if what it the association yeah the association it’s like you could like to smell anything it’s associated with the right thing
right yeah once I found out that it’s like chemicals and it can make you sick
it’s less appealing it’s like air it out you know so what’s next
yeah forth on our list is no car payment you know and you really can’t beat that like it’s just it’s really really fun when you don’t have a car payment and and the
things that you can do with that extra of two three four hundred dollars a
month and it what car you’re buying like you can do a lot and so our last two two
or three cars we’ve bought with cash because we didn’t have a car payment on
the previous one so we were able to save that amount each month and then buy the
next card cash it’s pretty amazing thing so you’re ahead of the curve rather than
behind it and you’re not paying any interest and so you’re just kind of
rolling your snowball of momentum of financial momentum just by not even a
car payment so it’s one simple thing you can do to just kind of change your
financial future you know okay let me ask you this yeah you don’t care about the off-gassing and you can pay for a car with cash would you still get an old car I like old cars why I like that
the car feels broken in I like don’t you want to be the one to break it though I mean to some extent don’t you want it to be your filth and not someone else’s filth I don’t think of it in terms of filth but I
like leather look like a leather couch we have that one leather chair and I I
like a leather chair that’s broken in rather than like that hard crispy
leather you know what I mean yeah and you know obviously like just tons of
tons of stain I mean is like I’m not for you more as like a financial
decision would you would you still buy an old car yeah an old car all the way
yeah if you are up to me like yeah I’d probably buy in a ten-year-old car
because I just feel like that’s the best way to do it so like our pilot right now
we have a pilot Honda Pilot it’s 2009 like I said but it’s the Touring model
it’s got all the bells and whistles my grand are there ten year old bells and
whistles but it’s a nice car and the air doesn’t work but other than that it’s fine other than that it’s great you know oh
but yeah that’s probably what I would do is buy like a seven to ten year old car
that has all the bells and whistles from and you would love a new car and so what
we do is we compromise and honestly one of the best places to buy like to
balance like the warranty thing and the depreciation thing is to like find a car
that’s two to three years old yeah like that’s like a really good compromise and
just kind of good financial window where you can have a car that’s still pretty
new still probably is a little bit of new car smell but also completely like broken in worn in whatever but you saved a lot on that depreciation because it’s
knocked down over those couple years so that’s our compromise yeah that feels
good to me that’s how we’ve handled it and that’s kind of what we’re shooting
for with this next car that we’re possibly buying today I don’t know we’re
gonna be looking we’re gonna be shopping a little bit tonight so if I had a new car today I’d be real happy we’ll just show it off when we get it so and after we finished recording this we did end up finding a car and made Linda very very happy we have a car with air conditioner that works now and we’re currently working on a video where we’re talking about some of the best
strategies of how you can actually buy a really reliable car that’s gonna save
you a lot of money over the long term so stay tuned for that

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