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Sixt Polka: German car rental has arrived in America

Sixt Polka: German car rental has arrived in America

this is a family going on vacation. Instead of
looking like tourists they look cool. Because the SUV
they rented from Sixt is awesome. These are honeymooners and even though they just showed up for
an extravagant wedding, today their less than impressive bank account has earned them a very impressive all-electric BMW i3. All because they
saved with Sixt. This is a man wearing a toupee driving a convertible Mercedes Benz
rented from Sixt. This is his date even though she knows the mercedes is a
riddle she’s still along for the ride, however, the toupee is not. This is a German polka band, playing the
American National Anthem. This is our logo. We’re Sixt rent a car. We’re German. We’re new to America. We’re also the fifth largest rental car company in the world. This is what our locations look like,
pretty cool These are our cars, very cool. And since we germans know a thing or two
about cars it makes sense that we rent only the
best. Six rent a car. Guten Tag, America! The end

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5 thoughts on “Sixt Polka: German car rental has arrived in America

  1. Servus Amiland, jetzt kommen die Münchner in Euer Land 😉 Cooles Imagevideo. Viel Erfolg in den USA #LIKE  

  2. Not recommending Sixt anymore, We were Sixt's customer for 5-6 years if not more, i forgot now. Beware when renting overseas. Got one rate and prepaid it, when about to pick up the car, the rate was double, ( i explained that everything we needed was included, i read everything carefully) still they insist to include all kinds of items that was not in the initial contract. I.e. mandatory theft protection $16/day, extra $9/day for out of country usage, even tough that was paid already, when we chose the rights car group category for other countries. The doubleing of the price right when about to pu the car is a scam and it is not professional. What a shame, and for us we will never using six again. i tried to call afterwards the customer service at 8:50 eastern time, after imputing the contract nr. the system gave me "out of office time message". 1888-749-8227. I will cal later, and also will file a complain and not paying the extra thru the credit card i used. No more sixt, and please join me. (initial charge Eu275 for 8 days they came to Eu522 for 8 days). Also when choosing wifi, beware that it works only in the country you pick up the car).

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