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Sixt Credit and Debit Card Procedures

Sixt Credit and Debit Card Procedures

hi my name is natasha and i’m the training and quality manager at our six contact center here in fort lauderdale florida every day we speak to thousands of customers and sharing they receive great service at a rental locations nationwide we answer many questions or customers have regarding their rentals with six often we receive inquiries regarding the credit and debit card policy which I will focus on in this short video at six us locations we honor major credit cards including American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa discover and JCB we are unable to honor any prepaid cards visa electronic cards electronic use only cards checks and not all locations accept debit cards or cash regardless of payment method when picking up your rental the driver who must be present to sign the rental agreement will need to present a valid identification in the form of a driver’s license and a credit card with sufficient funds the name on all credentials must match the name on the rental agreement working at six for the last five years I can tell you using a credit card is your best bet for a smooth rental transaction while many rent-a-car companies require a credit check we only ask that you provide a credit card with sufficient funds in this quick rental process six will gladly hand you the keys to your dream car once an authorization has been placed on your credit card the authorization is just a pending charge it does not mean these funds are due you will no longer see this charge pending once your return has been processed while the debit card is often an acceptable form of prepayment online depending on the category booked and the location selected debit cards may not be accepted upon pickup allow me to explain with a simple example let’s say you books the mercedes-benz s-class coupe on six com with your debit card you get to the branch and you find out double cards are only accepted for small non luxury vehicles such as the Honda Elantra additionally even for the Elantra other credentials may be required with the use of a debit card these credentials include a flight itinerary secondary form of ID and original utility bills after providing the additional credentials you’ll earn if your debit card is accepted the security deposit required will be debited from your account and will not be available for your use during the length of your rental these funds will be released by six once your vehicle has been safely returned after deducting the rental amount due however funds may take up to one week to be returned depending on your bank this means these funds will not be available for your hotel fees or that romantic dinner you had planned later that evening with this in mind I recommend you switch to credit card for payment and we will simply refund the debit card you use to reserve your vehicle and apply the amount on the credit card many customers also asked about the authorization that will be debited for their rental so let’s talk about that as well all rentals will have a minimum $200 authorization regardless of cost or length of rent as a rule of thumb the authorization would be the estimated rental amount let’s use six hundred and fifty dollars as an easy example plus two hundred dollars in case of incidentals such as fuel with our example the authorization would be eight hundred and fifty dollars the nicer the vehicle category you select at the rental location the more likely six will impose a higher authorization amount so the exact authorization amount will not be clear to the rental agent until you have selected your vehicle at pickup if you’re using a credit card as long as you return your car on time the full amount of the authorization is never owed just the rental amount due that’s another reason why we recommend using a credit card six focuses on serving at a town leisure and business travellers however and many of our branches we welcome local renters within certain limitations if you are renting from one of our local market stores in your neighborhood please be sure to bring a second credit card in the driver’s name and original utility bills to prove your address this will ensure a smooth rental transaction again this has been natasha with six USA thanks for watching if you have any further questions regarding accepted payment types you can find our policies at six comm / fa Q’s you

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17 thoughts on “Sixt Credit and Debit Card Procedures

  1. I would not work for a company that does not refund customers who cannot even drive the car they rented.. My experience of Edinburgh SIXT.. No, conscience in dealing with issues where the customer has clearly been let down. Why do you treat foreigners like my friend so terribly in order to make profit how low. Disgusting!

  2. sixt is the worst car hire company which I ever deal with. Just no respect to their customers whatsoever. How can you make policy to charge people again for their bookings when the flight is delayed over one hour? for me this is robbery in daylight… avoid

  3. I had a wonderful experience with this rental car company. Made a last minute reservation at the airport on the way to Miami and still paid the lowest out of the major rental car companies. Getting there from the airport was easy with the shuttle. They accepted my debit card no problem and even upgraded me to a luxury BMW i335 convertible coupe at the desk. Just made reservations for my next vacation coming up next month.*** 5star

  4. Sixt are a bunch of cowboys AVOID AVOID AVOID

    Sixt Denmark are trying to rip me off*. I'd only driven 27 miles on the E47 (with 2 elderly passengers and 3 children) when the clutch failed. This is due to Sixt neglecting the vehicle and *nothing to do with me. They now want me to pay nearly £5000 for the repair! Avoid Sixt – especially in Denmark!

  5. Total bullshit this car rental maffia
    They not want your money But only the money you Dont have 🤦🏻‍♂️ in CC
    How stupid..Who is more trustworthy the man with debit OR the man with credit????💪👍🏼

  6. This is the scam they run. They rent you a car, say they even take photos of the damages when you are getting the car then when you return you get an email a few weeks later telling you about the same damages (their photos have disappeared). Not kidding lucky I took some photos as well, the lady said it is just dirt and did not mark it down. Now it is in their email stating the damage. I think the scam is coming from corporate HQ. Stay away from this company, if you like your money. If you are so unlucky to rent with them have witnesses and videotape the whole pickup and dropoff!

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