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Simple Car Maintenance to Prevent Expensive Repairs

Simple Car Maintenance to Prevent Expensive Repairs

1, 2, 3, 4! Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for If you want your car to
last a long time like mine, then stay tuned,
because today I’m going to show you some
critical maintenance items to perform on your
car so it can last forever. Well maybe not
forever, but I’m trying to get a million miles
out of my Toyota. Now the first
critical maintenance is changing your engine
oil and filter regularly. Now I use conventional oil in
my engine when I change it, so I do it every 3,000
miles or twice a year. Engines are very expensive
but oil is pretty cheap. And with modern variable
valve timing engines it’s even more important
to keep the oil clean. If you let the oil get dirty
and clog up these variable valve timing cams, it’s going to
cost you thousands of dollars to fix them. Now if you want to go
further between oil changes, you can use fully synthetic oil. Then you can go 8,000 miles
in between oil changes. Synthetic oils are
excellent oils, but realize, they cost three to four
times as much as regular oil. So, the choice is yours. But when it comes to
what weight oil to use, just use the oil that
your engine suggests. In this case it’s 10w30. All owners manuals tell you
what kind of oil to use. Now the second most
important thing is servicing your
automatic transmission. Now this is an older
car, it’s a ’94 Celica. It’s a good idea to change
the fluid and the transmission every 30,000 miles. Being a Toyota, it really
doesn’t have a filter in it, so you don’t have to
change the filter. But if your car has a filter,
change the filter too. But if you have a
later model car, like this 2007 Toyota
Camry, check this out. It uses fully
synthetic [INAUDIBLE] as it says, no need to change
ATF under normal driving conditions. So unless you live
in a dusty desert, you can leave these
transmissions alone. Now the next important
maintenance item is the coolant in
your cooling system. You don’t want dirty
coolant because it can ruin the whole system. A poorly maintained cooling
system can cause severe damage. It can cause the engine
to overheat and blow up. It can clog up the tiny
fins inside the radiator. And believe it or
not, in a modern car, it can short out electrical
sensors on the computer system. With conventional
antifreeze, you want to change the coolant
out every three years or once every 30,000 miles. But if you’re lazy
and frugal like me, use extended-life antifreeze. And in that case, you can go
five years or 150,000 miles before changing it. And the extended-life
antifreeze only costs $3 more than the regular
stuff, so why not use it. Now the last important
maintenance item I’m going to talk about
today is the battery. Check it every once in
a while for corrosion. Pick up the terminal
cover and see if there’s any
corrosion under there, and clean it if there is. Just get a wire brush and
brush off all the crud. Then get a can of battery
terminal protection spray, and spray it all
over to seal it. Do both terminals. And lastly, have a
mechanic check your battery with this machine,
once or twice a year. It’s a simple test. It takes less than a minute. And in a modern vehicle
it’s very important because everything
is run by computers. And proper voltage is very
important for computers to operate correctly. So a bad battery can cause
all kinds of problems, and sometimes even destroy
electronic components. So you want to check your
battery once or twice a year, and replace it, before
it goes completely dead and does some serious damage. So now you know. A little maintenance can
help your car go a long way. And remember, if you’ve
got any car questions, just visit [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. Toyota's are ugly overrated cars…I seen Camrys with 90,000 and seized engines….and I have seen Dodge Caravans with 300k miles..don't fall for the hype!

  3. I have a sealed transmission trust me change the fuid. Your listning to a guy that thinks the W stands for weight. Lmao.

  4. Scotty, I know this is an old video, but I thought that lifetime ATF was a load of hooey. Shouldn’t you change it at 40k miles or thereabouts? It hard to do and expensive on these new transmissions, but I would want to get the longest life out of them.

  5. When he's talking about transmissions that use fully-synthetic fluid, @ 1:56, is he suggesting that you never need to change the transmission fluid on a transmission that uses fully-synthetic fluid? For such transmissions, i believe it is more so that a fluid-change is required LESS frequently, but not never.
    Unless he is talking specifically about the transmissions of the 2007 Toyota Camry's… in which case, they sound like quite the miracle car.

  6. Even if a car says not to change the tranny fluid you still should every 50K miles if you want it to last a long time!

  7. I see a video where two fools were slating scotty and calling him a liar etc. Scotty is a legend who speaks the truth and if he earns money promoting certain products then good on him, fact is scotty has saved me a few quid

  8. I agree with everything expect the tip where you said not to change automatic fluid on transmission that have "lifetime fluid", we all know that is a myth and it has caused newer transmission like CVTs to fail due to poor cooling problems.

  9. Love your videos! You've provided a lot of guidance that has helped greatly! And I love to see "Old Abe" at the beginning of your videos – Strike Brigade for 7 years!

  10. Sir after how much time I should change my engine oil currently using fully synthetic oil. Runs 2000 km. 15 months.

  11. 1. Change oil twice a year (owners manual)

    2. Change fluid transmission.

    3. Change coolant every 3 years.

    4. Check battery and clean. Battery protection spray.

  12. Hey I own a Chevy Colorado 2019, and it started to shake a little ever since I installed a bed tool box on the truck. Yes it’s heavy but I believe not that much to make my truck to shake… they also fixed the alignment on the wheel since it was a little crooked… any ideas what can that be??

  13. We've got a 99 cent only store that has FULL SYNTHETIC KENDAL 5w/30w for ONLY $2.49 @ QUART!!…I've stocked up for about a year being that you never know when the price will go up OR they stop stocking it

  14. I’m sitting here thinking you can’t escape from Scotty lol hw is popping up everywhere! I feel like imma get scared from exactly seeing him pop out of nowhere and punch him in the face from getting scared while he sits there thinking how did this happen?

  15. On the weekends Scotty goes to the airport dressed as a 4 Star General, with multiple medals on his chest and stands at random gates with a sign that says Chung lei

  16. I have a question about servicing the transmission. I have a used car and do not know my car's history for transmission changes. Just got it from the last month. Should I base the next transmission change at the mileage I bought it at?

  17. You were the first person that I ever watched on YouTube to learn about cars and you have helped me a lot and made me realize how much I love fixing cars I've enjoyable at times especially when you get one running the desert run thank you for all your help God bless you and your family today and always keep that great attitude

  18. Guys, I added green coolant by accident. I was told to go ahead and keep adding it since I already had. it's supposed to use the gold coolant. What do I do? Keep using green? Will a flush help or will it not really get all the green out? Help

  19. My ford’s ATF fluid was burgundy in about 3 years/ 11,000 miles (I don’t drive a lot) so I had that changed and it shifts great now.

  20. In one of your other videos you said conventional oil can last 5 to 7 thousand miles but when you are changing your oil at 3000 in this car. Why is that?

  21. Just wanted to say thank you for all the videos you have created. Wish you lived in Michigan I would take my car to you and no one else! Keep up the good work Scotty!

  22. On one video you say don't listen to the don't change your atf crap and on this video you're saying leave it alone.
    You're confusing us

  23. I have a 2012 Toyota highlander 3.5l v6 with 135 k Miles on it and I use mobil 1 extended performance and for every maintenance I do on the vehicle I use the most expensive fluids for everything the thing works like new I do my oil change every 3000 miles even when it is golden I bet my car will last longer than his 😂

  24. 2016 Cammy with 47k miles. Fully synthetic oil every 8-10k miles. I maintain that. I only work 8 miles away. Very light use of the car. The dealer is stressing me to get a ton of maintenance work. Thanks for the video. Based on this info. I guessing continue oil changes, check and spray battery, and flush coolant. Anything else you reccomend I do?

  25. In regards engine oil in a pre- computer car such as my 1991 Honda Accord, is it safe to use synthetic oil when it was designed for petroleum-based lubrication 🙀?

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