100 thoughts on “Siblings Worry After Mom Quits Job, Gives Up Apartment And Starts Living In Her Car

  1. 1:37 "he had a girlfriend on the side with kids that he lives with"

    Uh…buddy, I hate to break it to you but your mom is the side chick not the other way around. 😩

  2. Major Depressive Dissorder (MDD) with symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, which might probably manifest into eventual dementia. The sooner she gets treatment, the sooner she can recover and gradually return to what she was before. I'm sorry that her children have to helplessly witness their own mother's breakdown😢

  3. I don't care if my mom would be crazy or not. She would be allowed to be homeless at all. I would get her an apartment or she would live with me. Bad kids.

  4. Dementia can sometimes initially manifest as aggression and personality changes. To me, that’s what it appears is happening to her. Same thing is happening to my grandma

  5. Mental Health Awareness….. I Feel sad for her and she needs help. Happy??? Maybe on the outside. Most ppl break because they’ve been suppressing their emotions for a long time.

  6. Some people are saying her kids are horrible for not helping her but honestly they can’t help her. She is extremely toxic to everyone around her. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like living with someone like this on a daily basis.

  7. Why isn’t the mother staying with one of her kids? This is crazy. Right wrong or indifferent she’s your mom. Hearing her daughter say I can’t help her, turns my stomach. They don’t wanna deal with her. They are only on Dr Phil because of Guilt. 😞🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Yup dementia makes people so aggressive my great grandma is falling into it even tho there is still pieces of her left💜

  9. Really interesting. The first thing thoses kids should do knowing that she was a great mother is to stop judging her like an unknown person. Secondo, knowing that she worked, took care of kids and all that patient education with them, thoses kids should help her and listen to her and again stop judging. Now, medication won't calm someone that knows something that makes her frustrated. You cannot cure s wound with a plaster is there's something in the wound making it bleed again.

  10. Her children are so ungrateful. As a mother, she had to go through the tantrums and lash outs her kids went through. She was there for them when she needed them, yet, when she needs help from her kids, they abandon her. She's obviously in trouble.

  11. She is definitely not well. It looks like she's a paranoid Schizoid with bipolar tendencies and she definitely needs medication to help rebalance her thoughts.

  12. Yo my mom did this !!! When I was like 17 with my 6 month old living with her she quit her job and told me to pay rent cuz she say she’s not come to find out my mom was hiding her sickness she’s really sick now and got a divorce from my drug addict step pops sometimes life gets to hard and you want to give up it’s sad but true

  13. 1:04 she thinks 🤔 people are following her and there’s cameras in her apartment well evidently the recording of her 🤦🏿‍♂️

  14. Why is the mom living in a car. Especially when you know she has a mental illness!! Whats wrong with America?

  15. "She was a great mom, she provided for us" – How about you return the favor instead complaining

  16. 0:09 that guy looks like a cousin of cole and dylan sprouce, anyone else see the resemblance?

    i hope dr phil can help her out

  17. I came here to say that those sound like symptoms of dementia / Alzheimer's, she seems confused, and is mean & nasty to the people she loves. I know that can be a sign. I see I'm not the only one here to think this!

  18. I get that some people are ignorant and don’t understand that the woman herself needs to want help, it’s hard to help someone that clearly doesn’t want it. And if she’s mentally ill, the children certainly can’t help her with that.

  19. It's hard to keep someone that's deteriorating with you when they're being hostile/violent towards people. Her children obviously care and are trying to help as much as they can with her fighting against them, they want her to get mental health help but she seems to feel that shes ok. I understand why they feel like they're at the end of their rope with trying to help, it's hard when someone keeps you away.

  20. wouldn't putting a woman who is going through some kind of psychotic delusion on tv make it significantly worse?

  21. Easy with trying to diagnoses not aloud to decide what's wrong with that although yes there probably is something wrong with her mental health I'm not going to say the diagnosis because not my job but yes there probably is something wrong with her mentally or could be a brain injury I don't know we're not obligated to make that diagnosis that's up to the drs but I think your right there's probably something wrong with her that's sort of making her be very confused

  22. Dementia is not a disease. It is a symptom of an issue or disease. It can be caused by many things – including an adverse reaction to medication, Parkinson's, a brain injury, Huntington's, Alzheimer's, etc. Therefore, dementia is not this woman's medical diagnosis, or anyone else's. If someone is experiencing symptoms of dementia it is very important to determine the underlying cause.

  23. I know someone in my town that started behaving erratic like this and it caused such a problem that her husband left her. Months after the separation family found out she had cancer tumour in her brain

  24. This is a tricky situation for these kids to deal with

    This seems like their mom rlly needed this as her last solution

  25. Anyone could drive with insanity mode while feel overwhelmed. Some people start drinking or snacking chemicals because they have no time to get pause. Is asceticism Your mom's problem for real?

  26. I understand how kids have to put up boundaries with their parents. So sad, so sad but she cant b allowed to b this way and refuse help for herself. She will b ok but drag the healthy people down. So sad

  27. First, you should never quit a job without first getting another one. That was her mistake. Second, it seems to me that she might not have much positive support in her life. Her children might have been trained, over numerous years, to not like her. And, to think of her as if she should be robotic and not have any problems. And, if she does have problems, they are her fault, whether or not they really are. It seems to me, in her condition, that she should be able to work. She may just need a few months to get back on her feet. And, she is not getting that help.

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