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Should You Buy a New Car?

Should You Buy a New Car?

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to help you answer the
eternal question, what is it time to say goodbye to your old car, now sometimes
it’s quite obvious, as in the case of this old Chrysler, it’s all smashed up, the
alarm system won’t turn itself off, the interior is just falling apart, and it
doesn’t run for more than a few seconds, so it’s a pretty easy decision in this
case, to send it to the auto graveyard, but often it’s much harder to make a
clear-cut decision on whether you should keep putting money into a car, or give up
and get another one, so today I’m going to give you some tips on how to decide
whether you should get a new car or not, now you can’t just go by mileage for
example my Celica here has two hundred and thirty four thousand odd miles on it,
and it still runs like a clock, shifts like a dream, has freezing cold air conditioning,
so you can’t just go by mileage, now the real trick is deciding what problems
your car has, or doesn’t have, to decide whether you should get rid of it or not,
for example, if your car is like mine and doesn’t burn any oil between oil changes,
the engine is in pretty good shape, but if you find your cars going through an
awful lot of oil, means the engine is just flat starting to wear out, and it’s
time to get a new car, because engine work on modern cars is very expensive,
and often it’s never done right and the car never runs right again anyway, now
with the use of computers going wild in modern cars, you can take advantage of
that by using one of these giant scan tools to check all that stuff, because
when you hook one of these machines up, you can check virtually all the computer
electronics on the car, and if you don’t have any serious problems this will tell
you right away, I personally spend a lot of my work time using these computers to
tell customers what’s wrong with their cars, and sometimes I just say, hey you
might think about getting a new one, because the electronics are just going
out on this one, and that’s where you need to find a good honest mechanic like
me, because unfortunately there’s lots of guys out there that aren’t going to tell
you the truth, over the years I’ve met lots of mechanics that will tell people
they got a decent car because they think, hey in the next couple of years I’m going to
make a lot of money fixing that junker, so you need a good mechanic to give you
advice, one who cares to give good service to his customers and not just
see them as a way to make money, and I’ve been doing this for the last forty five
years and have lots of happy customers and I don’t have to spend a nickel
on advertising, because if you make people happy, believe me they’re going to
tell people about you, and you’ll have more customers than you can ever handle,
so you can be honest with the ones that you have, you don’t have to make up stuff,
you just have to fix the things they actually are broken and telling the
truth, because the truth isn’t always as obvious as this junker Chrysler behind me,
and with modern cars getting more and more complicated, you really need to find
an expert who understands them, who’s going to be honest with you, to tell you
the truth about whether your car really needs to be replaced or whether you can
fix it at a reasonable price, I became a mechanic years ago, because I
didn’t trust anybody to work on my cars so I figured, why not learn how to true
it myself, and although I seem to be somewhat of a dying breed these days,
there’s still plenty of guys like me around that you can find that will give you
honest advice, but if you can’t find a guy like me, here I am on the
Internet, you can get a hold of me and ask me a question I’ll answer it, and I can
certainly tell you if the car you already have is a problem car and is
starting to go out, and whether your choice of a new car is a good one or not
too, because that’s half the battle buying the right car in the first place,
and remember if you’ve got any questions just visit Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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  2. 0:27 man the owner of that car should put that thing out of it's misery, it's begging to go to the scrap yard its on its way out, RIP old Chrysler ;(

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