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Should I Buy U-Haul Insurance?

Should I Buy U-Haul Insurance?

I’m trying to plan for my move. Should I
buy U-haul insurance? If you’re worried about it, yes. It adds on to the cost of the move. Their
top insurance covers the liability, the medical and contents, but at a steep upcharge. Your auto insurance doesn’t cover damage
to the U-haul or the trailer in most cases. Most insurers won’t cover trucks over 9,000
pounds. Dang. I was hoping that insurance meant I
could skip U-haul insurance. If you damage the rental equipment without
their insurance, they’ll bill you for the damage as well as the money they would have
made renting the truck out while it is getting fixed. What happens if someone rear ends the end
of the trailer? That’s not my fault. You pay for it, if you don’t pay for their
insurance. Basic coverage just covers accidental damage
to the truck. Cargo coverage covers contents of the vehicle, your stuff. If you add on medical and life coverage, they’ll
pay some money toward medical bills in an accident and in case you kill someone while
driving. I hadn’t thought of that before. I really
need that type of coverage. If you’re that concerned about killing someone
while driving, let someone else drive. Don’t drive cross-country singing Jesus Take the
Wheel, praying for a miracle. What happens if I refuse the Uhaul insurance? They have the option of requiring a larger
deposit to compensate. If I use my credit card to pay the deposit,
I’ll get coverage like I do for rental cars. Credit cards treat it like the auto insurer;
they don’t cover U-hauls. What happens if I don’t have insurance and
get in an accident? Then both the person whose car you damaged
and U-haul can come after you for all of their bills. Sounds like the Uhaul insurance is an investment,
if just in peace of mind. Remember to watch your stuff, though. Their
insurance doesn’t cover theft while you’re moving.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Buy U-Haul Insurance?

  1. My cousin had an accident with Uhaul he rented it just to move a sofa for few hours and he thought that insurance is not important because it is for few hours now Repwest insurance asking for 13207 $ so u better to do insurance

  2. The extra coverage is called Safemove for truck rentals and Safetow for trailer rentals.
    If coverage is declined and there is any kind of damage reguardless of fault then Uhaul wants payment immediatly.
    Its worth the piece of mind.

  3. Doesn't cover theft while you are moving? How about theft while it is sitting still? That happened to me. I had insurance. I asked if it covered theft of the tow dolly and the guy said, he thought so, but not for sure. Well I am not paying for it. It was left at the center and taken. I am not paying for it. I paid them $800. That was enough for me to buy a used one. Rip off artists. Satanist bastards.

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