Should I Buy An Exotic Car Even If I Am NOT Rich

hey everybody this is a Bryan B here
with Dubl B Marketing and we’re back for another video and so today what I’m
gonna be talking about is basically let’s see should I buy an exotic car if
I’m not rich that’s the title I have for this video so let’s just jump right into
it if you see me turn in and look and that just means I’m looking at my notes
I want to make sure I touch every touch every base with you guys so first thing
is yes you should buy an exotic car over a regular car simply because exotic cars
they basically they depreciate and hold their value so they’ll depreciate right
and they’re gonna depreciate maybe let’s say the car costs $100,000 it’s gonna
appreciate all the way down to maybe like 60 or $50,000 and once it hits that
then it’s just gonna kind of maintain that’s why you see there’s um let’s say
like classics or Corvettes and stuff like that they they still hold their
value whereas if you just go buy like let’s say a regular Dodge Avenger or
something like that right you drive it off the lot in a couple years it’s gonna
be you know you might spend twenty in a couple years it’s gonna be down to like
three thousand dollars something like that right eventually they depreciate to
zero and that’s so much not the case with with the exotic car so that’s one
reason why you want to go after exotic cars rather than just a normal car
right let’s see another thing you you need to understand how to find the cargo
and if you check some of in the links so this on this page you can find the other
video probably where I’m talking about how to find cars that you’re looking for
and how to find that exotic card is basically we want to go to stuff like
cars comm AutoNation excuse me auto trader CarGurus you can do a Craigslist
search and any of those types of websites you can go start looking for
the car that you want right now a thing that you do need to do is you need to
talk about how to value the car and what I mean by value the car is a dealer he’s
not dealing with you know Kelly Blue Book write the value of the car that
he’s looking at is the trade-in value that he’ll give you for your car and
that’s basically the wholesale price so the price that you would pay at a
wholesale auction that is the price that you pay for the car and you you do
understand that the dealer needs to make some money because they’re a business
but we’re not gonna pay too much more than the wholesale price and when I say
too much more is basically down two thousand dollars right that that’s
really all you should be paying above the wholesale price ideally $2,000 we
won’t pay that we want to pay a couple hundred dollars and so you just gotta
figure out how to do that so how do you figure out how to find the whole stuff
guy you can simply call action right call up the auction ask them what the
price of the certain vehicle is you got to know the miles that you’re looking
for the color and the trim make model all that good stuff
but once you figure that out they can give you an idea of what the value of
the car is next thing is you need to understand how long has the dealer been
trying to sell that car so if the dealer has only been you know they just got the
car from the auction right the price that they have then they think they can
get the bang for the buck like like let’s let’s try to sell these things as
the same thing as you would but if you if they’ve had that car for maybe 60 90
days right they need to get rid of that car be
they’ve got to get start being charged a lot of interest in how do you do that is
basically when you go to those sites that I mentioned before and they usually
have a CARFAX report and on that CARFAX report it says where you can when the
dealer purchased it so look at that date and then look at the date that you’re
trying to buy it now and see how long the distance in between that and then
just give you better negotiation tips we also have right you understand how to
protect yourself yeah the PPI the pre-purchase inspection
so you want to get those done with any deal could you don’t want to buy a lemon
right and when you go in there and you’re negotiating you’re telling them
hey I agree to this price but it’s only only if the pre-purchase inspection
comes back and what’s on that pre-purchase inspection how’s the paint
is electrical stuff working is has it been an accident you said it wasn’t a it
wasn’t is there anything wrong under the hood so you want to get all that stuff
done it especially if it’s not still in a manufacturer warranty and then lastly
you need to know how to negotiate a little bit right understand and what I
be mine ago she ation is you need to understand know your numbers right you
know this is a wholesale price and then you know if I Drive this car up for
maybe let’s say five ten thousand miles this is what they’re going for and so I
need to be able to either this is what I want to sell it
alright so or this is what I want to get this is where I’m going to break even
and make a profit and this is what I want to sell it for so you gotta know
all that stuff going into it and if you click the link somewhere on this video
we go into further detail exactly how to do all that and then lastly right that’s
pretty much it you gotta know which car you want wanna get and you you can get
these deals for no money down right that’s that’s not even it and there’s
eighteen year olds that are driving you know Maseratis and
enza’s and Bentley’s right and they don’t have the best credit they’re young
but they know the hacks so that’s exactly what you want to do so without
any further ado click the link below somewhere in this video and you can see
exactly how people are buying exotic cars so click the link below see you in
the next video

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