Should I Buy a Car with High Miles?

hey what’s up guys my name is bill welcome to my youtube channel cars at last today we’re going to attempt to answer the question should you buy a high mileage car so in this video I’m gonna share with you five reasons why you should buy a high mileage car believe it or not I’m also going to give you five reasons why you shouldn’t buy that high mileage car and then I’ll give you five tips at the end of this video that will help you determine whether or not you should make this purchase so let’s get started so first thing that comes across in my mind is why would you want to buy a high mileage car two main reasons for that one is you might get an upgrade for what you currently drive maybe you drive an old beater and you see a Lexus down the road for three thousand bucks you think it might be a good deal well it might be the second reason why people would want to buy a car with high miles is because of the cost maybe you can get that Lexus with two hundred thousand miles for three grand so there are five things you would want to consider in making a purchase of a high mileage car in order for you to say yes first one is that you’re willing to risk the cost of repairs especially if you’re buying a car with 200,000 plus miles there is a very high probability that you’re going to need some money to purchase to make some repairs on it number reason number two you know make sure that you know the history of the car maybe you can find a car with a one owned or a two owner over that lifetime hey that’s probably pretty good chances are they have a lot of records for that car if you find a car that has 300,000 miles and has five or six owners it’s pretty hard to tell what the maintenance record is going to be for that car unless the owner has that all item number three to say yes make sure that the majority of the car miles are highway miles highway miles are a lot easier on a car lot of times you’ll see a newer car maybe a car within the last ten years that has you know two hundred fifty thousand miles on it well chances are the owner of that car is driving that car highway miles it’s very easy to put those on if it’s all city miles that’s pretty hard on your vehicle the fourth reason why you say yes to a high mileage car is that you can’t afford or you don’t want to afford a more expensive vehicle I’m all for that I love the idea of saving cars we just kind of make sure to do it effectively and I’ll share some tips looking at in this video on that number five is is your car known for being a reliable vehicle and a car that can last a long time there are a lot of vehicles with 150,000 miles on them that just won’t make it longer than that but there are some cars with two or three four hundred thousand miles you know take a look and see what the what else is out there that’s hitting 300 thousand miles so those are my five reasons for saying yes okay five reasons for saying no to a high mileage car reason number one if the car looks beat up pretty obvious I don’t I don’t even know I need to say that but don’t buy a pile of crap if you can help it a reason number two say no to buying a high mileage car if you can actually afford a better car in the example I’m going to share with you I spent $1,500 on a 2000 Honda Accord I ended up spending $1,500 and repairs over the next year and a half was that a good investment I probably could have paid 3 grand for a car with half the miles and I’d still be driving that car today another reason to say no is if you need a reliable car certainly a car that’s going to have you know with higher miles is probably going to be in the shop more often than not so do you need a reliable car to get to your job and you might need to say no reason number 4 to say no is if you know if making expensive repairs are going to be outside of your budget you know cars was 200,000 plus miles on them there’s a higher probability that the transmissions going to go out higher probability that the engine will go out I have a friend that purchased a 1996 Toyota Camry for their daughter for about $1500 and six months later the engine blew up well that was a $1,900 repair for that Toyota Camry that was supposedly reliable and then the fifth reason you know is the car rusty isn’t modified is there a salvage title I would generally stay away from any of those certainly rust in the north you know in the northern states we’ve got rust I’ve tried to do car repairs on a rusty car it’s not easy things underneath fall apart they rust out they get stuck together I actually had a mechanic say they couldn’t even fix my Honda because of the rust underneath the car obviously modifications the car’s gonna be beat on and then of course salvage titles you never know how the car is has been repaired if it has been an accident so stay away from those again those are the five reasons for saying no so here’s my best advice for you if you’re looking considering buying a high mileage car my first piece of advice is buy the best car you can afford you know something within your budget if you have a three thousand dollar budget and you’re looking at a $1,500 car rather than buying a $1,500 car I might suggest buying a $2,500 car and save $500 for repairs chances are you gonna find something with a lot less miles on it that’s gonna last you a lot longer number two remember luxury cars things like BMWs and Mercedes Benzes those can be really expensive to repair so again if you’re on a budget maybe you want to drive a BMW and Mercedes and are willing to pay the expenses for repairs that’s funny but they can be very expensive to fix my third tip remember that cars less than two thousand dollars there’s a reason why they are less than two thousand dollars in my example again I had to I had to spend seven hundred fifty dollars for my Honda just to change the timing belt I knew that going into the purchase but at the same point to another $750 I had to put into the car for that repair so cars again less than two thousand dollars there’s a high probability that those cars are going to need some additional repairs right off the bat my fourth tip again cars with two hundred thousand or more miles will likely need repairs down the road to keep them going so how much are you willing to spend how much are you willing to put into those and finally my my favorite tip of all is remember that if you can afford you know let’s say let’s say you have that 3000 or 4000 or 5000 dollars my personal opinion is that it’s better to buy the more expensive car with less miles which you can drive a lot longer there are a lot of good cars three to five thousand miles Honda Accords Honda Civics Toyota Camrys even Lexuses for that matter you’ll find those in the three to five thousand dollar range where they can they have proven to last themselves a long time and they will continue to last so that’s it hope that helps if there’s a certainly have any questions feel free to post them and thanks so much for watching

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