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Self Driving Cars – Random Thoughts

Self Driving Cars – Random Thoughts

Hey everybody Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the last couple videos Today we are going to talk about Self Driving Cars because it is something I talked about in my Uber Video which you can see a link right up there on how I want to leave and don’t So, today I want to talk about Self Driving Cars This my my Channel, Random Thoughts and Rants Talk about just about anything I want to talk about on this channel If there is something you would like to talk about, go ahead and leave it in the comments below and I may, or may not, talk about it, because this is my channel and I will do what I want with it, and if you don’t like it, I’m sorry but not really, sorry, not sorry being an uber driver and being a rideshare driver in general the self driving cars are a lot in your mind, sure they are not coming around this year, or next year, if you are watching this video in 2028 or whatever, and you are laughing at me because this was recorded in September 2018 when self driving cars weren’t there, I mean they had them they were experimenting, they were perfecting, working on the AI Tesla has theirs and Uber is working on some and some other car manufacturers are working on theirs, Google and whatnot Alphabet, whatever you want to call them Now, keep in mind All of the information I give you is just stuff I have heard it may or may not be accurate, if it is not accurate, leave a comment below being nice, and saying here is the accurate truth and leave a link or send me a link that proves that you are right and I am wrong I am am more than willing to admit when I am wrong But, Self Driving Cars It is just so amazing where we live in a time where that is a possibility In fact, in a lot of places, it is a reality, they actually work They do work, they don’t work perfect But, they are working very well It is amazing, because You will be able to get in a car just like in all of the movies we see You will be able to get in a car and it will take off and drive on it’s own and you will say take me home, it will take you home, because it will know where your home is And nobody will actually own cars. Companies will own cars like Uber will own cars or GM will own the cars or whoever… Bob will own 50 cars and his cars will take you where you want to go And that is what I think is amazing, and it is not just a traffic issue that I think about, I think about I love, first of all, I love to go on a Road Trip I like to drive, I enjoy driving, I love getting on the freeway and just keep going and going and going and just wee where the road takes me, take a 2-lane road and go somewhere fun Having a self driving car do that, where I can enjoy the actual scenery more or, I can look around and I don’t have to focus on the driving, worry about someone wrecking worry about someone changing a lane into me, or a deer running across the road, whatever it is I don’t have to worry about it, I can look, I can take a nap that would be fantastic I could watch a movie, but, I really enjoy watching the scenery I like watching whats going on around me and just enjoying and think about it, if you are with a family, on a road trip, you can play road games, we have all kinds of stupid little road games, the alphabet game, or whatever It is an amazing thing to me, that self driving cars are going to happen probably in my lifetime Unless something unforeseen happens to me relatively quickly. They will happen in my lifetime And that is something as a high school kid I would ever think. It was always a fantasy, science fiction it’s like, “oh yea, that’s never going to happen” What’s a computer? Computers are too slow We never, I never had the vision in high school to see that computers would get fast enough, AI would get good enough to see that this would actually happen and I guess that is something that comes with age You know, you realize that fantasies are not always fantasy, because people that were in high school when I was in high school had the same fantasies, but they also had an idea on how to make that fantasy come true I think that self driving cars are going to be a good thing and it’s going to have a lot of problems when they get to self driving trucks the one thing i see as a problem with self driving trucks is not only will drivers be out of jobs, but a lot of support jobs will be out of jobs. The people that work at the truck stops, they are going to be out of work, because there are going to be no trucks stopping with people in them to go eat and to go to the restroom. They are still going to have some attendants and maybe some mechanics and people like that to fix things when things go wrong. But, there is not going to be a driver in the car to service, there’s not going to be a driver in the car to go in and eat lunch, there is not going to be a driver in the car to go buy some stuff for his truck or for his trip, some souvenirs for the family. That is millions of jobs that are going to be lost And how is that going to affect the economy of the world? the economy of just the United States? The economy of everything Elon Musk goes and talks about, er, maybe not just Elon Musk, but people talk about A global type of economy, I can’t remember the name of it If I think of it, or if I find out, I will put it on the screen somewhere so you can see it It is about how companies who are doing too much automation or a lot of automation and have gotten rid of a lot of jobs pay higher taxes those higher taxes go to the people who don’t have jobs and there is like a common salary Ok, and now I am kind of rambling, and going off on a tangent on something else, maybe I’ll talk about that some other day Keep in mind, I am not a genius, if you guys want to know a lot of cool, different information about these kinds things that are more in depth and more researched, there is a guy on YouTube called called Joe Scott, I will leave a link to his channel below he is really cool, he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know about my channel, I am teeny tiny. He is a really good guy, he is not a scientist or anything, but he is really good at doing his research and he is very entertaining and you will learn a lot on his channel but, anyway, my thoughts, I just talk about what I think about it I think about… [stutter]… I am excited for self driving cars, but I am also a little concerned as to what it means for the economy I am really worried about that, what’s it going to mean to the people, I mean and society in general, and how is our society going to change that’s what I like to hear from you guys, what do you think about self driving cars and how it’s going to affect the global economy, the global society? and everything else in the world? Just self driving cars and self driving trucks Tell me your pros, tell me your cons, tell me everything. I want to know and maybe I will make a follow up video on it, this is a new channel i don’t know what I want to do. I know I want to talk about thoughts and I want to rant and stuff like that, and that is what we are going to do If you like that kind of thing, make sure you subscribe to the channel, click the notification bell and if you like this video, like it, and share it among your friends and i don’t really have a good sign off right now, so we just kinda say, “I’ll see you in the next video” and thank you very much for watching

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2 thoughts on “Self Driving Cars – Random Thoughts

  1. As a motorcycle rider, distracted drivers scare me. Thinking of that same person in a self-driving cars provides some relief from worry while causing other concerns. In the current model, we have to trust individuals to do the right thing while in control of their vehicles. In the future model, we'll have to trust hardware and software created by people who are not in either vehicle. I can't say which I prefer at this point.

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