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Seinfeld – The Car Reservation

Seinfeld – The Car Reservation

Go. Go! Go…
Go, come on. Can I help you?
Name, please. Seinfeld. I made a reservation
for a mid-size, and she’s a small. I’m kiddin’ around, of course. Okay, let’s see here.
– Sixty six years old?! Yeah. Well, he’s in perfect health.
He works out – he’s vibrant. You’d really like him. Why do people always say that?
I hate everybody – why would I like him? So, what do you think – could you
go out with a 66-year-old woman? Well, I’ll tell ya… She would have to be really vibrant.
So vibrant she’d be spinning. I’m sorry, we have no mid-size
available at the moment. I don’t understand – I made a reservation.
Do you have my reservation? – Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we ran out of cars. But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservations. I know why we have reservations.
– I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take
the reservation. You just don’t know how to hold the reservation. And that’s REALLY the most
important part of the reservation, the holding.
Anybody can just take ’em. Let me speak with my supervisor. Here we go, the supervisor. You know what she’s saying over there? Hey, Marge, see those two people over there?
They think I’m talking to you, so you pretend like you’re talking to me.
Okay, now you start talking. Oh, you mean like this – so it looks like
I’m saying something, but I’m not really saying anything at all? Okay, now you say something else and they won’t yell at me
’cause they thought I was checking with you. Okay, I think that’s enough.
See ya later! I’m sorry. My supervisor says
there’s nothing we can do. Yeah… It looked like you were
in a real conversation over there. Well, we do have a compact –
if you would like that. Fine.
– Alright. Well, we have a blue Ford Escort for you, mr. Seinfeld.
Would you like insurance? Yeah… You better give me the insurance,
because I am gonna beat the hell out of this thing. Please, fill this out.

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100 thoughts on “Seinfeld – The Car Reservation

  1. At least the cops weren't called to drag Jerry and Elaine out of the car-rental place (that seems to be the customer-service model these days).

  2. Greatest part of this show is how many scenes stay relevant after all these years, we have better technology, computers and cell phones, yet basic inconveniences like this are still around

  3. As someone who works for rental cars this scenario happens daily. We have no control over how many reservations people make and just because you made a reservation doesn't mean you'll get a car. It's up to the fat cats that don't have to deal with the angry customers to turn reservations off.

  4. I got screwed over for a doctor's appointment I had scheduled six months in advance because I was ten minutes late due to traffic and I went on the road an hour early. This is what they fucking did.

  5. I played my dad while I was having trouble with my license. The problem is there is no reservation available so I will go out of state. What a joke.

  6. A blue Ford Escort? I used to ooowwwwwn a blue Ford Escort. The seat belts are amazing. At the time I was fully convinced they were the seat belts of the future. Flying cars ain't got nothing on these here seat belts, I tell you what! These seat belts are what make life worth living! If I had a choice of a full-sized luxury yacht or a Ford Escort, I'd go with the seat belts …

  7. Whene a comedian tells a joke through an elaborate story involving different people, this show is the live action version of those stories.

  8. #Priceline #Alamo When you book a rental car and they change the pick up location by 600 miles and expect you to figure out how to get there when all flights, hotels and excursions have already been booked. Both #Priceline and #Alamo placing you on hold to speak with a supervisor- but only to learn that "there is nothing we can do".. "we'll escalate your call". Leaving for Chile in 24 hours- I highly do not recommend booking with #Priceline or #Alamo. Both will screw you and leave you with one option- "we're happy to rebook a rental car with the new price that is now 3x the original amount. Thanks Customer Care

  9. It amazes me every time I watch this scene when I think about how much of this I’ve incorporated into my own lingo and mannerisms. The snapping and waving while he says “anybody can just take a reservation”, god it’s awesome. So many uses for that in daily life. And his gestures when he says “the holding is the most important part of the reservation”. Another example of why this is the greatest tv show of all time, and by a wide margin.

  10. This actually happened to me yesterday- a reservation but they didn't have a car. Immediately thought of this scene LOL

  11. Of course there's no such thing as a car reservation, because there's always the possiblity that the previous renter won't bring the car back on time.

  12. “Yep, you better give me the insurance because I am going to beat the hell out of this thing” lol

  13. "you see, you know how to take reservations, you don't know how to hold them. And that's the most important part, the HOLDING"

  14. Can anyone identify an episode where Gerry's car is in for service. He goes to collect the car but the garage mechanic roasts him for not looking after his car correctly? Like this one, it's hilarious. (But I can't find it).

  15. Ran into this situation in Tampa airport where they ran out of cars and played this scene on my phone to all the upset customers..we all had a big laugh

  16. I actually had this happen to me at Avis car rental at Sears. They didn't have any cars to rent even after I made reservations a week in advance!!

  17. if you have to do first come first serve then why pretend taking reservation. Why does it seem so hard for the rent car company to understand and make faces.

  18. Something similar to this has happened to me before. Car rental companies don't give a shit if you reserve a car or not, there is no real way to reserve a car. They'll let you reserve luxury cars at locations that never receive those luxury cars. They know this but don't care because they'll manage to get you into a compact at the same price by saying you can exchange it somewhere else at no additional charge, conveniently hiding the fact that no other location has that car either. Now you're paying for a luxury car but stuck driving a compact car, good luck getting your money back!

  19. Anyone who's ever been ignored, written off, and dismissed by a retail clerk who doesn't give two shits should appreciate this clip.

  20. Scenes like this make me Team Seasons 1 – 6 / pre-Larry David departure. Taking seemingly meaningless exchanges you have in day-to-day life and creating great comedy from it. I'm down…mark me down!

  21. It just happened to me. I asked the receptionist if she knew what a list was after she skipped me. Made me think of this.

  22. I literally had almost the same conversation with Uhaul today. They were like, just because you reserved the truck doesn't mean we will have it for you.

  23. I love the "I don't think you do." Standing up to a customer service representative who made a mistake that wasn't your fault is honestly pretty scary.

  24. I think this whole scene was borne out of Seinfeld's personal experience with rental-car agencies, because I once went to rent a car at a national chain and was told they didn't even have enough cars for the people who'd already pre-booked them. So, I certainly wasn't going to get one that day.

  25. "Yah it looked like you were in a real conversation over there"…lmao, I'm a barback in a busy bar. Ppl are constantly telling me to "go get the bartender" when said bartender is already busy making drinks. I have these fake conversations all the time.

  26. Everyone talks about the Yada-Yada, No Soup For You, and all the other great lines, and those are all great, don't get me wrong, but this to me is the greatest scene from Seinfeld. (My second favorite is when Jerry asked the telemarketer for his home number. "Oh so you don't want people bothering you at home?" "…No." "Well, now you know how I feel." Hangs up XD)

  27. I swear this happened to me in FL last year. Our conversation was verbatim. People behind us were screaming laughing. They knew what I was doing…

  28. You know how to TAKE the reservation. You just don't know how to HOLD the reservation"
    If that ain't enterprise in a nutshell 😂😂

  29. "I don't think you DO. If you DID, I'd have a car." LMFAO! Exactly! Jerry checked the hell out of that silly as attendant.

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