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See Cars Roll Uphill On Scotland’s Electric Brae | Atlas Obscura

See Cars Roll Uphill On Scotland’s Electric Brae | Atlas Obscura

– There’s a quarter mile stretch of road here in South Ayrshire, Scotland where you’ll see something
that seems to defy logic. I’m Bridget Barbara
reporting for Atlas Obscura and today we’re going to
break the law of gravity. This is the Electric Brae. Brae is a Scottish word that means slope or steep bank or hillside. And as you can see, this road has a slope. The strange thing is that on this slope, things appear to roll uphill. Allegedly, if you put your car in neutral, it’ll slowly roll that way which as you can see, would very much defy physics. We are going to put this to the test. This is an active road so we’re going to try to do
this as quickly as possible. Oh my gosh, here I go, okay. (laughing) This is so weird. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. I’m not doing anything. I’m just steering a little bit but I am going uphill. Here. I feel like I’m being abducted by aliens. This is crazy! Oh my gosh. To the naked eye, this looks like magic. And in fact, this phenomenon has been attributed to everything from magnets to witches to electricity. – Growing up here, it was one of the legends that you have that the Electric Brae, it was an electrical phenomenon that no one could explain. We only got electricity in the time in my grandmother’s days so everybody believed
it was something to do with the new phenomenon of electricity that was causing it.
– Oh yeah, interesting. And actually the electric in Electric Brae is a hold over from a
time when people thought this phenomenon was caused by
an electric pull in the area. However, the true reason is much simpler. It’s really just an optical illusion. One end of the road is 286
feet above Ordnance Datum and the other is 303 feet. What’s throwing us off is the landscape. The landscape is formed in
a way that makes it look like the slope is going
in the opposite direction. And that creates the optical illusion. And the same goes for every
gravity hill around the world. – As a child coming up here, my mom and dad, we used to come here and it would just amaze
us every time we came here and it was only as an adult, that I actually found out what caused it. – The science behind this
is pretty well researched at this point. And the secret behind the magic is written right here on this stone to let tourists know what’s up. So why are we still so fascinated by it? Despite knowing the true
reason behind the phenomenon, people still flock to the
spot to see it in action. I think it says something
about our curiosity as humans. That not only is seeing is believing but we also just can’t
resist a good oddity. The wind keeps taking the ball. And also this is a, aah! (laughing) (roaring of vehicle) Whatcha gonna do little guy? Ready? (cheering) Thanks so much for watching. Subscribe to our channel
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25 thoughts on “See Cars Roll Uphill On Scotland’s Electric Brae | Atlas Obscura

  1. I heard of one where child ghosts are supposed to push your car off train tracks, to prevent you from the same fate of their school bus. There's even a claim that if you put flour on the back of your car you'll find little sets of handprints after! Fun legend tripping that is mostly harmless if people do it safely I think.

  2. This class of optical illusions is described under orientation framing theory. Details at, enjoy!

  3. "Here we are in Ayrshire, Scotland". Well, where else did you think Ayrshire, was? At least she pronounced it more or less correctly, more than most Yanks manage with British place names.

  4. The second Dylan starts hosting again is the second I never blow off another video. Just look at how much your views have dropped to see that I'm not alone in this. Dylan makes not particularly interesting facts fascinating. Just his grin is worth watching a video for. Dylan, if you read this, please consider coming back in front of the camera. I, and thousands of others, will be so grateful.

  5. why, didn't you or someone, put a spirit level on the surface of the road? A long one,as long as you could find? Or put the long one on a long two by four that is straight. Claims, but prove it.

  6. There was one of these tourist traps in NW Ohio near Port Clinton in the 60s. They went out of business when the magic wore off. 😏

  7. We have a gravity hill right outside Frederick Maryland! There's a lot of local myths about "civil war ghosts" pushing your car and stuff lol. So you don't have to go all the way to Scotland to experience it

  8. Long time ago when I was Senior in High School I broke a farm out of the desert that was on a hill. I surveyed the irrigation ditches and fields. After we got the water running my Ag teacher came out to see it. "If I hadn't seen the water running the ditches I would swear you made them going up hill"

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