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Secret to Success Selling Cars

Secret to Success Selling Cars

when’s the last time you went out and
bought something that that you just had to have something you were excited to
buy, for some people it might be going out and getting that new cell phone it could be getting a new computer. For
for my wife recently it was getting a new grand cherokee that was something that she really
wanted, she was excited about getting a new grand cherokee and and I remember us
driving to the dealership and was kind of funny because she was asking me
questions about it how’s it Drive and what’s the
performance and what’s the ride going to be like compared to what she was
currently driving and and it was pretty cool she was excited about she was very
emotional about getting it in a good way in an excited way, and we get to the
dealership and sales person finally comes up and greets us and we have a
little conversation and then salesperson never really build any rapport got to
know her, and just out of the blue says well would you like to take the the
grand cherokee for a drive? and the first thing she says was, no. I’m thinking we just spent 25 minutes talking about how excited you were to drive the grand
cherokee all the way to the dealership and now you say no. so my job was to make sure she
definitely drove that grand cherokee but it’s, I guess the most important thing to
understand guys, is when people come on our lot they’re emotional right some of it some of
it could be fear some of its excitement but we have to understand there’s two
parts of the emotion we have to deal with, with customers, we have to deal with the
emotional part of selling and we have to deal with the logic part of selling
because here’s how it works… think about a customer this way, right, we
have the sales process and for all you guys have been through class you
understand when we talk about quadrant 1, that’s the greeting the needs and
analysis the trade walk, quadrant 2 is doing the high-impact presentation
demonstration quadrant 3 is closing and overcoming objections, quadrant 4 is the
negotiation and then you have the delivery, right. So
the customer comes on the lot, here’s what we know; their emotions are
high, and my job is is to keep their emotions as high as I can as long as I
can, but we also have to deal with the logical part of the deal. so the customer comes on the lot, here’s
the customer there’s somewhere high on the emotional chart that customer
comes in my job as a salesperson your job as a sales person is to keep that
customers emotions as high as I can as long as I can, okay because eventually
when i get to the negotiation that customer then is going to become logical that’s just how we are. Once I sit down
and start talking about numbers it becomes a very logical decision we’re
looking at budget, we’re looking at at what their current payment is versus our
old payment their down payment we’re looking at fuel economy insurance costs
all those force that customer to become logical which is perfectly normal and if
i do a really good job at the negotiation right, if I kept the
customers emotion as high as I can as long as I can, all the way through the sales
process I get to the negotiation do a great job
here and delivery the customer is as excited if not more
excited than they ever will be in that entire car deal that’s ideally what we’re trying
to accomplish with a customer ok. Well, think about us as sales
people where’s our emotions typically? I mean in real life aren’t we are we pretty
emotional creatures I mean sometimes our emotions may be really high in a
positive way it could be our emotions are low in a negative way whether you’re having a good month or a
bad month but typically our emotions as salespeople they go right along this
line here, and if you look at the chart the biggest gap we run into is in
quadrant four in the negotiation is our biggest
challenge and that’s when you guys really really really have to focus,
because we got to understand the customer’s logical and at this point
we’re still emotional right we’re still emotionally and financially attached to
the car deal so if you can do a good job right here
keep your emotions in check, your going to have a good high quality successful
win-win negotiation. So this is ideal. What can happen? What causes all this to go wrong? Well if
you’re not careful, customer comes on a lot early on we
started asking him questions: How much you want to spend a month? How much down payment do you have? What kind of budget you have? What do you owe on your trade?
What’s your credit like? and if this, or or in our defense the customer will bring
those up. They’ll ask us: What’s the best deal, I’ve
been on the internet? …and it if you’re not careful, you start talking numbers
you start talking price so now think about this; customer is
excited, they come on the lot we start talking numbers, budget, payment. What happens? Do the customers emotions go
up or down? Doesn’t it come down? And now that customer early on first five or ten
minutes of the deal, now they’re becoming logical. I’m forcing
that customer to think about numbers so now they’re thinking about numbers,
payment, down payment, can they afford the car? Maybe they can,
maybe they can’t. And then my job as a sales person what we have to do now is
try to get their emotions back up. When we do our high impact presentation and
demonstration, and we know that we’re never going to get their emotions as
high as they would have been, and then we get back over to the
negotiation, and the customer is never happy and if you do make the deal
when they take delivery, that’s when they say they felt really pressured in the
negotiation. Well they did because we artificially
force these customers to negotiate twice in the car deal. it’s this talking price early on. Taking
the customers emotional state to be in logical in the first 10 minutes or so
when they get to the dealership, then never being able to get that emotional peak back with that customer negotiating with them again once we get back from the demo if we actually
went on the demo, and now the customer, they’re the ones that bury you on the
CSI so, it’s look, if you want if you really
want to increase sales, understand your buyers. When they walk on the lot don’t let yourself fall into the trap of
talking numbers of talking price of making that customer become logical
before they have to be. Let’s keep their emotions as high as we
can as long as we can. When i get over here to the negotiation, now i need to make sure I control my
emotions, because whoever cares least about a deal wins. Okay. I need to make sure I keep them in
check I focused on the logic making it makes sense why that customer needs to
get this car. They take delivery. That’s when you make
the most amount of money. That’s when you’re going to have your best CSI.
Which in the long run is going to give you more repeat business, it’s going to give
you a referral business, and that’s how you become a top producer, a high volume,
high grossing salesperson. So the next time a customer walks on your lot,
remember get their emotions as high as you can as long as you can. Don’t force that customer to become
logical until you get in the office. Remember build value on your feet talk
price on your seat. Don’t let your emotions take over the
deal, and I promise, I promise you, this is how to be more successful selling cars.

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49 thoughts on “Secret to Success Selling Cars

  1. Great job Kintz! Good Luck & Let's Share More… Google "Automotive Big Data Chicago" and Look for My Jim Taylor Marketing LinkedIn Profile #1 — See you soon! #NADA

  2. So in other words; create turmoil by getting emotions, reality and excitement in the mix.
    Ahhh, "NO"
    I guess this will work on some or even most but not me. My budget aka: finances, is none of your business.
    The salesperson shows me what they have that I have previously asked for and if they have it I will look at it and if not goodbye. If they do have it, tell me how much money they want for it and I will take it or leave it, all in 5 minutes. And to think I am going to tell some stranger/salesman my finances is absurd in more ways than one. Just like buying a loaf of bread at the bakery for me, take it or leave it, I drove up in my car and I can leave in my car.
    Good day.

  3. I respectfully disagree. If you don't ask some logical questions during the needs assessment, then you are likely to land a customer on the wrong car. Land someone on the wrong car because you didn't ask about their monthly expectations then you are setting yourself up for losing a deal on the wrong car

  4. This is exactly the truth and what needs to be done.
    I played it for my entire sales and sales mgr team MANY times. Many sales people said they finally get it.

  5. RandomWhiteGuy He didn't say anything about skipping the steps of the sale .You can use feature/benefit and demonstration /presentation to create an exciting emotional experience using logic . and if you ask what their monthly expectations are right up front your shooting yourself in the foot .People will pay for what they love !

  6. You should stop advising any one to sale car absolutely not qualify to do it . Learn how to sale I think you expected the sales guy to invite you to lunch to bullid rapport .

  7. This is why, guys, Carmax and Vroom exist. ))
    Keep ruining your jobs, and like with yellow cab drivers, some Uber-like company will disrupt your sector and kill your business.

  8. I love what you are saying! This will help me in my new job as a car salesperson😊

  9. What do you do when the customer brings up price and keeps bringing up price? “ what’s the price on this, how about this one”
    I mean you can tell them not to worry about price until we find the right vehicle but I’d say most customers I deal with come in with a logical mindset rather than a super emotional mindset. So I get what you mean but most people are worried about price right off the bat

  10. 6:12 – Good process explanation BUT…………

    The "savvy" car buyer gets all the upfront "emotional" aspect of the vehicle LONG before walking into the dealer. They research and decide what vehicle they want and likely with what equipment, and they probably just rent one for a weekend to drive as much as they need (i.e forget the 20-30 minute silly ass test drive).

    After they have a great idea of what vehicle then they research price all over the Internet and start with "friends and family" rec. dealers and eliminate ALL the crappy dealers up front. Saves ton of time. After seeing that the prices are affordablem then they research their trade by getting cash offers from CarMAx (lowball city) and new car dealers that sell that car. Now they are likely wihtin a couple thousand $$ what the "trade" value is really worth.

    Then they contact dealer via internet and talk prices for vehicle. No need to "meet and greet" yet UNTIL price is agreed to.

    Then go to the dealer and look at the car (s) and get the intro and sales pesentation. Drive the car around the block and then if you are serious about buying ask for the "24 hour test drive" to take home on Sat afternoon to return Monday morning with a decision. This is perfectly reasonable and a good dealer will do it.

    then go drive a hundred miles or so on Sunday and make a yes/no subject to only the trade value of yours. Go back in and get a firm trade number and then decide.

    This way 90% of the negotiation is on a "level palying field" and NOT ion a show room floor with the sales guy running back and forth to the manager or worse yet, HOUNDING the buyer by explaining "ALL the value" in the car at THEIR price like that sleazeball Steve Richards teaches.

    To all car BUYERS reading this, you are welcome!

  11. Yeah about being successful in selling cars isn’t easy when most customers come in none want to pay msrp so you won’t make that big chunk of money off the deal. You only get $100 per car sold and possibly another $100 if you sell the car with alarm and butler package that’s chunk change. Too much work little payback. Only manager get paid more and the GM. I worked at one the busiest dealerships in Az and selling cars was easy. The bad part is the pay it’s pathetic

  12. The level of bullshit the car business hAs reached is amazing.
    It's like watching a rat eat another rat and your fresh steak when u walk on a lot.
    These fools reach so low it's amazing and try so hard to manipulate how u spend your money, it's amazing. Truely is.
    This video is proof. Trying to manipulate emotions ? Lol wtf lol u serious ?
    Dude buys his own shit lol
    People see thru your bullshit.

    Attenion sales people and people selling sales people (aka master level bullshiter) you will be replaced by vending machines and order takers one day.

  13. In my opinion, a good interview is required to make a car deal. if they can afford 30k but we are on a 44k vehicle, i will be setting him up for failure. I present it to the customers as '' i appreciate and value your time. Just to let you know, the vehicle you are trying to be in cost 44k. I can show it to you no problem, just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.'' This has gave me great success. A lot of the time they will say '' That too much, i wont be able to afford that.'' so instead of having him walk away on me 130 hours into his time, i am giving him a 2nd chance to walk away with a vehicle. I will then proceed and tell him something around the lines of '' Here i have great news tho. Let me show you the specials we have going on this model which is almost the same for what you came in on and is in your budget.'' the rest is up to me to sell him the vehicle. in the interview, i would make a friend and see what his hot buttons are. in the presentation, i would taylor it to his liking. Let me know what you guys think, or what lines you guys use.

  14. I disagree. I endeavor to calm them down-especially on the test drive- so they feel confident they're not riding on emotion.
    I don't attempt to manipulate the sale psychologically. That's immoral.

  15. This from 1980’s sales Book 📚 Tom Hopkins “Emotion & Logic” theory……working in sales notices allot people ripping off Hopkins material …even Anthony Robbins preach about this in the 90’s …..It’s another weak suck EX car salesmen…trying sell this stolen material to dealerships….go fuck yourselves weak suck

  16. Emotion is everything!! You have to tell them they look good in the car and that it fits their personality. Showing them the lowest and cheapest trim level is the other important thing. Only sell the couples and sell to the women(The decision maker) and you will have a good shot.

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