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    if it helps this is the lyrics
    You and me always on the road to somewhere good
    Don't ?
    I got you
    Always by my side
    Oh I won't ever open my eyes
    Just stay forever

  2. How about its my life. You can't control every single fucking thing. It's all about money. Don't feed me second chance bullshit. That's my choice and anyone else's that choose not to where seat belt.

  3. fuck that shit the reason the ticket is for money not to make you safe. motorcycles don't have seat belts. might as well ticket every rider, until they stop riding. and tell them its for their protection.

  4. What has this country come to when we let a bunch of fascists pigs push us around and force "safety" upon us?

  5. Totally unrealistic attempt at fear mongering by our fascist government. Not enough gforce to launch a full grown adult through a double laminated windshield while driving 25-30 miles per hour. The steering wheel would also be a major factor in preventing the driver from launching over it. Of course there will be many idiots out there who rely on their common core math, who will argue against the facts that I presented here.

  6. I wonder if the commerciL CmpIGN WOULD WORK IF THE GOVERNMENT WASNT USING IT TO TAKE AWAY FREEDOMS AND paraite more money from the populace under the gues of safety

  7. If they cared about safety, they wouldn't make there be a fee. Luckily, the new cars have systems and won't let you turn on music or such without a seat belt. However, this commercial disturbs me. I am someone who already has an irrelevant fear of driving, and I watched this and literally screamed when the car crash happened.

  8. If they really cared about our safety, we wouldn't have to pay. All they care about is money.. Not us.

  9. The reason I am adamantly against this kind of thing even though I wear my seatbelt is because it's just a money making scheme for the city not only do they force you to be safe they give you a ticket for non-compliance and on top of that they give you points on your license and make you take a stupid safety course that they get a kickback from. My oldest brother was almost split in two due to his seatbelt being fastened wrong (twisted) and my aunt was to small and she hot the windshield and bounced off it during an accident. Though I am for wearing seatbelts I am against this form of government mandated crap.

  10. I don't care what people say. a commercial like this is a piece of mind to all who don't see it coming. thank you for your time on reading my comment.

  11. Lord, what is the song? I saw this on TV and I had to find it. I Shazamed it, but because it's a background song, I couldn't catch the song properly. I must find this song.

  12. Fuck you cops why are they fucking with natural selection. this is the kind of stuff that is causing human race to be slowly dumbed down and retarded. Let stupid people fuck up.

  13. Heh. In real life, that dude's face would've been all beat up and bloodied just from the impact of flying through the windshield. In fact, he'd very likely be unconscious or dead before he even hit the pavement.

  14. This commercial plays every fucking minute of the day and it's driving me insane. No pun intended but FUCK!!!!!!!! It's so sad and I don't want to see this every second I watch TV.

  15. (Lyrics) You and me always on the road to somewhere good 
    Don't ? 
    I got you 
    Always by my side 
    Oh I won't ever open my eyes 
    Just stay forever

  16. Saw this ad when I was 13 when I lost my innocence while watching nick because I was traumatized by this for some reason

  17. My mom don't want use a save belt because lazy to use. Do not lazy using a save belt because it will save your life.

  18. Police violate our right to be free in our papers and our right to be free from unreasonable search and seizures under the United States Constitution, Amendments IV and XIV when they stop us for suspected seat belt violations. It is not a crime to drive or ride in a car without a seat belt on if you have a restriction on your license that gives you that right to do so. Cops shouldn't stop someone they see driving or riding without a seat belt on to see if they are properly licensed to do so. Oklahoma law stipulates that a person may receive permission from the Commissioner of Public Safety, in the form of a restriction added to one's driver's license, which allows that person to drive a motor vehicle without wearing a seat belt. The officers are without the required information to even create a suspicion of a violation of the law. The officers pull us over to find out if a crime is being committed by checking our papers. However, if we have such papers; no crime is committed and since the officers, can't know if a crime is committed until after the stops, the stops are unreasonable. Since the officers are unable to know if a crime is committed prior to the stops, the officers don't have probable cause for the stops. The stops are merely random stops of people whose papers may or may not be in proper order. The principle that there is a presumption of innocence in favor of the accused is the undoubted law, axiomatic and elementary, and its enforcement lies at the foundation of the administration of our criminal law, beginning with the officers on the street. We have a constitutionally protected right to be secure in our person, papers, and things and to be able to expect our privacy not be invaded at the whim of law enforcement. In Delaware v. Prouse, the Supreme Court made it perfectly clear that a stop made where the violation is dependent on one's papers and not one for a clear violation of some traffic law, is expressly prohibited. The officers have no reason to believe that we don't hold a license, or that we don't have insurance, thus the officers have no factual basis to believe we violated any laws related to those papers. Stopping us amounts to nothing more than spot checks as the officers don't know if our papers are in proper order and they check them on nothing more than inarticulate hunches that we won't have the appropriate papers. As in Delaware v. Prouse, the officers stop us without any viable suspicion of unlawful activity in order to check our driver's licenses and insurance verifications.
    The decision in Delaware v. Prouse prohibits stops that require officers to view a person's private papers in order to determine if the suspects actually violated the law or not. Without a clear violation of a traffic law such as speeding, illegal turn or failure to stop at a stop sign, the officers are without proper cause to stop us. If however, the officer first sees a clear violation of the law, and makes an appropriate stop, he can then properly ascertain whether or not the seat belt law has been violated or not by checking the restrictions on the driver's license.
    Please watch and share these YouTube videos: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=qb2vetMmzt0
    , https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=kWhOFY-Fa-o and https://youtu.be/BwmJ98ol4yE

  19. For everyone thinking it’s propaganda I’d like you to go watch LOUDLABS Fatal Car Accidents and then come back to this, thank you. This is reality people, if you wanna take it for granted be my guest but we’re only trying to help. It’s just like getting vaccinated, the only difference is instead of bacteria it’s a car, and the vaccine is the seat belt

  20. He didn't look bloody at all when he was about to fall on the ground, so I don't think it would kill him but it would injure him horribly

  21. Here is the answer (you won't like it): This ditty was produced by JSM music for this commercial, and does not exist. The Agent was the Tombras Group. The actors' name is Teresa Kacerova. The spot was produced in June 2015 and placed into heavy rotation immediately. The spot has rotated 6,242 times (1-1-2019), scores: 87% positive, emotional impact 6.4.
    That's all…folks.

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