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Season 5 Premiere – Drift Car

Season 5 Premiere – Drift Car

Drift Car Season5 Season 5 Premiere-Drift Car (Rock Music) (Rock Music) (Rock Music) (Rock Music) (Rock Music) ♪ We’ve got so many things ♪ ♪ to make out ♪ ♪ But we’ve got so many more ♪ ♪ to hold on to ♪ ♪ we’re going the distance! ♪ ♪ We’ve got all the reasons! ♪ ♪ We’re coming out! ♪ Welcome to Mighty Car Mods Season 5! proudly supported by Just Car insurance It’s gonna be a massive season with new mods and new cars like, this one Yes now it has been a little while since we showed you guys the 180SX and now it’s time to tell you why it’s been so long! because I had an arrangement with Marty, there were some special conditions that I put in place before we could work on the 180SX.
What did you have to do, Martin? I was required to purge myself of all Subarus… sign here That’s right, you are hearing correctly! Stop the music. Marty no longer has a Subaru, he doesn’t own one. They’re all gone, it was one of the rules and that means now, he can be a proper Nissan owner He’s not like: I’ve got my Nissan, and my Subaru he has to be a Nissan driver That’s right, I’m a Nissan owner That’s right Marty… so it’s been a long time since you’ve seen the car, obviously it’s broken So it hasn’t moved But Martin, let me show you again, your new car Get excited mate Look at it! I love it, I’ve got such fond memories of driving around Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Glenhaven, Glenorie to Hornsby Heights in my 180 Look at it it’s all rusted. Everything is pretty rusted. It’s got rust there, rust here It’s got like… a bonnet that doesn’t work It’s a proper, proper 180SX, it’s full of rust, broken, and unregistered! Perfect. PERFECT! This is a Nissan 180SX and it’s seen better days It’s been sitting, undriven for over 5 years It’s full of rust It’s unregistered It smells like fruity balls and I’m not talking about lollies and to top it all off, it’s got a blown engine but we can’t argue with the price It was only 600 bucks *Dramatic Music* The car comes with the infamous SR20 engine the fifth car we’ve had with this powerplant Our plan is to turn this into a drift car but we’re gonna need some help from our mate Andrew who’s a bit of a Obi-Nissan Kenobi His S-14 Sylvia has over 400 kilowatts at the wheels and he knows a little about drifting too 🎵 🎵 🎵 The car hasn’t moved for five years and all we know is that it’s got a blown engine so we’re gonna find out what’s wrong with it before we start on the drifting mods. This is the look of a confused Subaru owner. Interesting Flat4 isn’t it? How they’ve kinda stood it up on the side and put two cylinders next to each other and then they’ve turned it around. And thats, you know…
Using Flat4 technology. Well obviously it has a SR20DET, So that’s a good start. It ain’t NA, it ain’t CA, it ain’t rubbish It’s manual. Well, it is rubbish Well apparently it’s blown, we don’t actually know what’s wrong with it yet but we’ve cleaned it, which will help look at what’s wrong but, until we try and start it, who knows? But, the worst case scenario is if the engine has carked it, we can just pull it out, get another one for 1000 bucks, smash it in, so who cares? It’s manual, which means it swaps easily. It looks like the previous owner has gone to town on it mate there’s already a front mount in it it’s got an intercooler kit a pod filter to lose some kilowatts That’s probably worth as much as what we paid for the car And if you have a look at this, we have… CHA CHING! An aftermarket Turbo Charger! Right. Serial number… 739… that is a disco potato. So we’ve got a nice little bolt-on Garret 2860RS so, rated to about 300 HP after market exhaust manifold is kinda cool. The exhaust is not very healthy so we’ll leave that one. Standard air-flow meter, injectors are standard so it’s probably got a standard ECU, so that’ll limit power, but that’s probably a good thing… we don’t want to make too much power in a basic drift car. The intercooler looks disgusting… and I’ve never seen rust on aluminium before so, somehow, the intercooler has rusted. The piping is probably filled with blown engine oil… We’ll worry about that later. What about this rubber hose over the exhaust manifold there? That’s not something that we would normally recommend, is that something that you do with your builds? This could possibly be the stupidest… This is WORSE than rust. A RUBBER hose to a catch-can, over an exposed exhaust manifold… This WILL catch on fire. It’s just a matter of how long. So the person who did this needs to be slapped in the face with… with a rubber hose, I guess.

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67 thoughts on “Season 5 Premiere – Drift Car

  1. i keep coming back to this video time after time again just to watch the segment from 1:50 to 3:06. beautifully shot, encompasses every angle and the music hits the point perfectly with the potential of the car.

  2. If you like smokin tires come see my YouTube channel i have big plans with drift cars burnouts and that kind of stuff i hope y’all subscribe on my YouTube channel or at least watch my First video i hope you enjoy 😉

  3. Fwd nissans are not rubbish, they are awesome. I lov s shassies but the almeras are awesome (n15-n16)

  4. back in the day when you could buy a 240 for 600 bucks that wasn't wrecked 3 times, had the engine blown and left in the bottom of a river

  5. Who the hell builds up an SR20 like that, then has it stop on him one day and goes "welp its obviously blown up on me so thats that"

  6. old video but worth mentioning this! There is a dude that trows a brand new NGK spark plug over the air, never do that if you really expect to use it afterwards! It avoids the "but I've done the spark plugs already…" excuse

  7. Legend says moog was born without the top of his skull so he wore a hat to cover it up and now it's stuck on his head.

  8. Your videos are so helpful guys! I learned how to fix a "blown" engine within 20 Minutes. Check the compression of each cylinder, then check fluids, start the car. DONE! Thanks guys! xD

  9. 3:31 "it ain't na, it ain't ca" i know what na means but what the fuck is ca? Straight up never once heard ca when talking about engine aspiration

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