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SDCCU Used Car Super Sale

SDCCU Used Car Super Sale

good morning guys check this out we are
sitting in one of the luxury vehicles here at the del mar fairgrounds for the
biggest used car sale in the county I have the president and CEO of SDCCU with me good morning Teresa good morning tell us a little bit about what folks
can find here today we have one stop shopping we have over six hundred cars
here late model gently used anything from a truck to an SUV luxury cars
hybrids you name it we have it it’s a fabulous opportunity come down and look
at all the different cars you have to drive around town looking for whatever
you’re interested in we have one stop shopping we can finance we will take
your trade-in give you an on-the-spot value for that we will sign you up with
the credit union so you can have a loan with us if you need one it’s and we have
a BBQ free barbecue today I mean we have every bat everything today it really is
a one-stop shop and you were mentioning the financing and I want to show
everyone at home a little bit about the kind of deals that you can get here you
were telling me that this vehicle that were in here is actually 7700 below the
kelley blue book value absolutely and every vehicle is marked with the blue
book value kelley blue book and the price for today special pricing today as
well as our 1.25 the rates as low as one point two five percent for a car loan so
you get special pricing on the vehicles you don’t have to haggle over it you
know exactly what the price would be and you also know what the rate could be as
low as if you have excellent credit and our special sales people on the floor
here they could kind of take you around tell you about a particular vehicle
you’re interested in let’s say somebody wanted a hybrid for the first time and
they don’t know much can people help them here with that oh absolutely there
are tons of people here to help you with cars but on the other hand they don’t
stalk you so they’re not going to follow you around but if you need help there’s
a lot of people here to help you from the dealership so they’re absolutely
here to help but they won’t make it a hassle shopping experience nobody’s going to follow you around and hassle you all right that alone makes it a good deal
what if you say all right tell me I’m just a little bit about the variety here
over six hundred cars anything from an SUV luxury vehicle hybrids we have
trucks just all kinds of economical cars if you’re looking for good gas mileage
just depends on what you’re interested in but a huge variety here and again
one-stop shopping you don’t drive all over
now i’m looking at different types of cars that’s right you know the tent
behind us here I remember being in there in october when you guys did this and
then here again today you have all the folks in there with their computers and
everything ready and all the paperwork they could do your financing there they
can handle the trade in as you were saying right it’s really easy just come
on down bring your family and friends we’re here till five o’clock tonight
okay five o clock tonight and then if folks can make it out today it’s going
to be another beautiful day again tomorrow so if you can’t make it today
you can come tomorrow 9am to 5pm tomorrow yes absolutely nine to five
tomorrow also BBQ tomorrow alright well hey a barbecue and a new car
guys will send it back to you guys in the studio thank you Brooke looks good
well actually Phil I mean I hadn’t gotten you Christmas present last year
so I was thinking you know you’ve been kind of nice so you got him a smart car no
not that smart exactly just want to be driving it really well did you say I’m
not that smart no I think he was referring to himself all right if he’s a
smart man okay there’s a no new car for him anymore exactly thank the keys away
right all right thank you

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