7 thoughts on “SciComm Nerd Happy Hour LIVE #2 :: (feat. Phil Plait, Ashley Hamer, Adam Becker)

  1. ​HELLO PEOPLE WHO ARE WATCHING! Happy St Paddy's! Kishore and I are monitoring questions in the chat, so toss 'em in if you've got 'em! ☘️

  2. My job involves going into several homes every day. So staying home and staying away from people isn't really possible. Other than avoiding hand-shaking and washing hands as often as possible are there any suggestions for people in a similar situation?

  3. I am just hoping that internet doesn’t get shut down in this quarintine season. All i can do is study, play piano, lil bit of gaming and watch podcasts like these.
    Stay Safe Everybody!

  4. Hi Trace thanks for organising these talks! Its very informative and a real quality passtime.
    When Adam said: hes a physicist..

    Phils face was like: O_O"

    Thanks again and take care everyone!

  5. So happy that you decided to continue with this, really enjoyed this one as well (but again wasn't able to catch it live 😭). Thanks Trace 🤗

  6. Hey trace I've been a seeker subscriber for about two years now and you were there in most of the old videos can you tell me what made you leave the channel? Ik that I started watching after many years of you leaving but I seriously miss you. Can you go back and host one last video with them….Please Plus I subcribed.

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