100 thoughts on “SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS 🌈 Rainbow Bread FAIL

  1. I love this channel and i only started watching you guys last night🤣this is how many people love this channel

  2. Cucumbers are fruits not vegtibals. Even though I'm in middle school I know that if any type of food that has seeds are fruits not vegtibals pls don't hate

  3. the family fudge: Some nice Mac&Cheese , a orange that looks like a puppy,

    Other familys: Do you have your Sandwich with ham and …and….half eaten Apple ?

  4. Hi I love your videos I watch them for phone until all my coming to watch it with me and there are just like me and always have popcorn with me see you amazing amazing amazing videos and I love your videos so I mean I like your video

  5. This was me when she pulled out that bread😲😨
    And this was me whe she said it was rainbow bread😥
    For a second I thought the bread was molding

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