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SC500-V3 – Folding Power Wheelchair & Scooter Carrier – Assembly & Installation

SC500-V3 – Folding Power Wheelchair & Scooter Carrier –  Assembly & Installation

Today we’re showing you how to properly assemble
and install the SC500-V3 Mobility Carrier Parts needed for assembly include Carrier,
Folding Hitch Tube, Ramp Bracket, Pull Pin & Clip, Spring Pull Pins, Ramp Bracket Bolts
& Lock Nuts, and Carrier Bolts & Jam Nuts Parts needed for step 1 include Carrier and
Spring Pull Pin To begin, install the Spring Pull Pin into
the front of the carrier basket. Adjust Spring Pull Pin with enough room that
when pulled back, the ramp can be lifted out of the carrier basket. Secure in place using
Jam Nut Parts needed for step 2 include Folding Hitch
Tube, Pull Pin & clip, Carrier Bolts & Jam Nuts With the carrier flipped upside down, slide
the Folding Hitch Tube into the center support tube on the carrier. Align the pin holes and insert Pull Pin. Secure
with Clip Install Carrier Bolts and tighten firmly. Screw the attached Jam Nuts onto the tube
and tighten firmly. Parts needed for step 3 include Spring Pull
Pins, Ramp Bracket, Ramp Bracket Bolts & Lock Nuts With the carrier right side up, install the
Ramp Bracket to the carrier using Ramp Bracket Bolts & Lock Nuts. Tighten firmly Next, screw the Spring Pull Pins into place.
Please note that Spring Pull Pins may need to be adjusted to work properly with the loading
ramp. Once properly adjusted, secure the Spring
Pull Pins in place using Jam Nuts. Parts needed for Installation include Pinch
Bolt and/or Anti-Tilt Locking Device and Hitch Pin Slide the Anti-Tilt Locking Device onto the
carrier hitch tube, with the 3 bolt side facing the hitch. Now, install hitch pin and slide the Anti-Tilt
Locking Device tight up against the hitch receiver. Fully tighten all bolts. The Pinch Bolt can also be used to secure
the carrier to your vehicle. Align the 1/2” hole on the hitch tube with
the 5/8” hole on your vehicles hitch. Next, Insert the bolt into the metal sleeve
and slide the Pinch Bolt into the 5/8” hole and fully tighten. The Anti-Tilt and Pinch Bolt were designed
to help reduce carrier wobble during transport To help eliminate the Folding Hitch Tube wobble,
tighten the Hex Head Pivot Bolt. Do not over tighten. If overtightened the
carrier will not be able to pivot or swing up. The SC500-V3 can be folded upright to save
space when not use. Before folding, remove the pull pin. The pull pin should be able to be removed
or installed without binding if properly adjusted. To remove the pull pin lift up on the front
of the carrier and pull out pin. To adjust the folding hitch tube, tighten
or loosen the adjustment bolts. Once pin hole are aligned install pull pin
and fully tighten Jam Nuts. Remove the Pull Pin to fold the carrier upright.
Replace Pull Pin in the top hole to secure the carrier in the vertical position. Thank you for watching this demonstration
video on how to properly assemble and install the SC500-V3 Mobility Carrier

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8 thoughts on “SC500-V3 – Folding Power Wheelchair & Scooter Carrier – Assembly & Installation

  1. HI ka1133,
    We are currently in the process of shooting video for the SC400-V2, SC500-AF, SC500-V3, and the UC500-XL carriers. It might be a while before the video is available for the UC500-XL. If you watched the SC500-V3 video, the UC500-XL is almost the exact same assembly and installation. You can also find step by step instructions for the UC500-XL on the product page at Discount Ramps . com

  2. Has anyone figure out about license plate if you decide to leave the carrier permanently. Sometimes you fold the carrier and it cover the plate. May get a ticket when driving with the carrier folded. it is not easy to remove plate from the car often.
    Any ideas appreciated. A little wabbly but a minor issue . I use a strap.
    Have to paint the metal if there is a scratch to prevent rust.

  3. I have this same unit. However, it is VERY heavy and not as easy as this video may appear. I don't use it for a wheelchair, but I am glad I am not disabled, because it is way to heavy for a disabled person.

  4. This was very hard to install. The holes didn't line up to put the hitch pins in. We had to drill to make holes wider the carrier shakes too much when in upright position on the swing away arm. Went to Harbor Freight to try to get something to stop the gate from shaking no luck. Do anyone have any suggestions that can stop my gate from shaking so much when it's in the upright position it seems like it's going to smack right into the back of my pickup truck

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