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Say GOODBYE to the Chevy Volt

Say GOODBYE to the Chevy Volt

– Now next I have something which is, I don’t know I have mixed
feelings about this. GM, General Motors here in the U.S. they are killing off the Volt which is the plug in hybrid electric vehicle. The P.H.E.V. as you will see it called, which I believe gets maybe 20-30, maybe a little more than that miles purely on the battery then
it switches over to gas. They are also killing the Cruz which is a small sedan and the Impala. So they are just getting rid of these. Now we have already seen Ford to this, Ford recently cut I think
almost all of their sedans with the exception of maybe the mustang and are just focusing on trucks and suvs as well as they are planning on coming out with some electric vehicles is what they have been talking about. So we will see kind of how that goes. Now this was a part of a
15% layoff that GM did. So, I believe that’s close to 15,000 people or over 14,000 people. Now this is despite them
doing relatively well and beating last quarters
Wall Street expectation. So interesting, now they
are saying that they expect car sales to slump in 2019 and we have been hearing this a lot until you look at Telsa sales and you see them skyrocketing, so
you know you have that. Now it’s also a part of the GM strategy to prioritize investment
into self driving cars and EV’s which means
they are cutting the plug in hybrid electric vehicle
the Volt but keeping the Chevy Bolt which is
the fully electric one that does go 248 miles I think on a charge and costs right around $35,000 depending on your options and those kind of things. So that’s actually a really legit car, electric car that’s out there. I know it hasn’t really sold that much the styling isn’t for everyone but I reviewed it and I mean
it seemed great to me. It wasn’t a Tesla by
any stretch of the means but it was a great option,
it was like if you were looking at another car and
that one it definitely works. So as a part of this they are going to be closing five plants, five facilities as a part of what they are calling the restructuring. Now Senator Sherrod Brown
of Ohio publicly blasted GM for it’s plan to close down
the Lordstown Ohio plant. Of course the President
of the United States tweeted as he does often saying
that he is very disappointed in GM and their CEO Mary Barra
for closing these plants, you know lots of rhetoric going on. Then he goes on to talk
about we are now looking at cutting all GM subsidies,
which include electric cars which by the way they get a lot of other subsidies as well in case
you guys didn’t know that in terms of tax breaks
and things like that. And so this was interesting but it also kind of opens a door and this
is where I think it becomes, is interesting for Tesla because they could buy one of these facilities. I mean imagine what kind of
Cinderella story that would be. This is what happened with the Nummi plant which is previously what the current plant in Freemont California was called which was I believe a joint
venture between Toyota and GM and during the great recession that we had in 2008-2009 is when they had the opportunity to buy
it for literally dirt cheap. I believe prior to that Tesla
was looking at a factory in Texas so this five
plants, I believe four plants and one other facility are closing but a huge amount of them are
going to be available here so if I were Tesla I would
be seriously looking at this as an opportunity, because this
could make a huge difference in their profitability as well as the acceleration of some of their vehicles. (jokingly coughs) *ahem* roadster and so I am curious to see what happens, I am curious if you guys or
anyone you know is affected by this please leave a
comment, hit me up on Twitter. I would love to hear that
story because it is sad, I mean losing jobs here
because of strategic moves by a big company is one of the
plagues of corporate America and the society and the system of commerce we have built in the United States. It even goes back to Reagan laying off the FAA flight instructors or
air traffic controllers so its one of those things where it sucks but hopefully some of
this can be rebounded and pivoted into newer
technologies that are helping us move towards a more
sustainable way of living that’s kind of my thoughts on it leave me a comment let me know what you guys think down below

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86 thoughts on “Say GOODBYE to the Chevy Volt

  1. Im from india,we dont have tesla's here,but still its interesting to watch your video to know where the automobile industry is heading…..

  2. Yes loosing jobs sucks but if GM had focus their main infrastructure on pure EV the last 8-9 years things would of been different as the Chevy volt in the uk is called the Vauxhall’ Ampera same car just different badge and it was a complete flop and only sold very few with reports of many electrical issues here among other issues, now I’m not saying it was a terrible car but their must be a reason why it didn’t sell well over here , GM”s failures once again is Tesla’s gain , GO ELON 👍😊

  3. Killing the Volt is EXTREMELY sad & STUPID… A smart move would be to increase range… It's the best transition car out there till charging network matures

  4. This is hilarous 😀 I want to hear comment from Bob Lutz !!! They are so funny. I will buy new model 3 or used S P90/P100 in 2019 – there is no way for me to have my next car with gas engine

  5. I certainly have mixed feelings about GM ditching the Volt. I have seen reviews from confirmed EV owners, who have remarked that the Volt [the former Vauxhall/Opel Ampera] is a surprisingly good, comfortable and capable car. The petrol engine never directly drives the car, making it more of an EREV than a PHEV, and always stayed out of the power line unless absolutely needed. 1st generation Volts have a 38 mile all-electric range, and 2nd gens have 53 miles. So they could do 80-90% of most people's motoring without going near the FF element. In fact, many Volt owners report that they never use the petrol engine. I understand that if that is the case, the engine will monthly start up to run up to temperature and get some oil around it, then stop.
    A 'Green' Car of the Year, several times over, yet it has never sold in proper numbers, and GM haven't exactly promoted it. The Ampera has been almost invisible in the UK. Familiar story?
    Laying people off always sucks, for the workers. I'm sure Tesla will take a look at the opportunity of the closed factories. There would be ready workforce, experienced in vehicle manufacture.

  6. GM needs to go bankrupt. They have still not paid back taxpayers for bailing them out and just kept making totally shit cars and trucks and over pricing the crap out of them.

  7. ..ahemmm , tesla roadster.. lol

    my 2 cents…
    *sad note , their not 100% effort to electrify their vehicle line up 🙁

  8. Unfortunately GM's suicidal policy is heading to the name change for China Motors … Difficult is to find out which North American market they intend to reverse the haunting fall of sales. Err:

    1 – Insisting on sales of fuel vehicles in imminent fall (where it has not yet plummeted),

    2 – When it maintains a position of rejection to the change of technology by the North American public (for example dismissing employees that valued the company GM in which they worked),

    3 – And close branches that manufacture their electrical cars (which still sell) ???

    Domestic Policy "Ostrich Under Threat"?

  9. Axing EV cars is the dumbest decision ever. Soon, they will be like Nokia, blackberry et al…. dreaming what could have been

  10. Part of the problem was that the factory that produced the Volt, which has an electric-only range of 53 miles, also produced three other models that got the axe. GM didn't sell enough Volts, although sales were up, to keep the plant open for Volt production only. In some ways, the Volt was a victim of bad assembly line luck.
    Changing the subject, what do you make of reports that, according to Musk, the Model 3 costs $38,000 to manufacture? If this is true, then it's almost impossible to imagine a profitable $35,000 Tesla. Tesla would have to cut manufacturing costs to about $28000 to meet its goal of 25 percent gross margins.

  11. Cant wait to hear what Bob Lutz excuse will be with all this happen. With all the doom and gloom he predicted about Tesla, didn't he see this coming to GM?

  12. RIP Chevy Volt! I Love my Volt I bought it fully loaded for under 20k and Ive had No maintenance issues. I switched from a Mercedes because it was always breaking down costing thousands just unreliable I couldnt roadtrip wo anxiety. I have roadtripped the PNW and its great like Ben said its No Tesla but if your driving a gas guzzler and want to save money here you go.

  13. Chevrolet Volt sales were up 25% last month. Many many people that can't afford a Tesla 3 look at the Volt. Commuter drivers are also taking note. The Volt is one of the few electric cars that looks fine and has a very nice interior.

  14. Ben, The Volt has a 56-mile electric range that you can use 100% of. Most people get around 30 miles at 75 mph cruise. In stop an go commuting you can get well over its 56 miles all-electric range. You can also put the Volt in hold and use the gas engine at highway speeds 40 mpg and the Electric motor in stop and go driving.

  15. I would love to know what is your opinion on the chevy volts left out there now. What does their future look like? Would it be ideal to purchase one now? I only ask this because the chevy volt is a beautiful plug in hybrid. 2016 and up have the range of 53 miles and the ability to manually use the E-brakes to slowly recharge the battery. It give much more control then tesla. It has amazing futures and is an ideal car for someone who doesnt always have the ability to charge up at work or is always on the move. Please look more into this car and tell me your opinion after looking about its future as a discontinued plug-in hybrid

  16. I think it makes sense. The only sedans and compacts that GM wants to focus on are all-electric, which I find difficult to complain about. I'm still massively disappointed that GM has no intentions to make all-electric pickup trucks, though.

  17. I am absolutely against Tesla buying hand-me down plants from GM. The Fremont factory was basically a Toyota factory and really well done, in a great area with Toyota investing in the community. GM produces absolute shyte products and they do not keep up their plants, or invest in the community. Why would Tesla want to deal with all the headaches????

  18. no big deal … news on these reductions from mfg has been around for months
    they are creating a broader platform for the BOLT, so that it is not just the subcompact
    smart – car sales will decline if econ declines
    smart – everyone wants a large car, hence the SUV, crossover craze
    smart – profits have long been embedded in the truck categories
    smart – the Volt will be repackaged as a quasi-Bolt later, when other sizes are presented

  19. The factories that are closing make products that full EVs won't need like transmissions. Sedans are not as popular anymore so those factory will be closed and unfortunately the Volt is included because it shares chassis with the Cruze. But the flip side is GM is planning to bring 20 new EVs to market. So far they've kept all there plugin promises. What did you think a restructuring would look like?

  20. What! Volt is a great car and gets 53 miles on a charge plus (with the gas generator) a total of 420 miles. I have a Volt Premier 2.0 and love it. Every morning I start out with 54 miles and rarely use gasoline. It's not a hybrid, it's an EREV (Extended Range EV). You never use gas unless you drive more than 53 miles on a trip. In the first year I only visited a gas station twice and bought a total of 15 gallons of gas. Seven gallons once and 8 gallons once. A total of 15 gallons in twelve months! In year two I drove from Southern California to Northern Washington State and back (3,000 miles) on gasoline and have not been to a gas station again since. My lease expires in May 2019 and I plan to buy a model 3 but for so many people the Volt is the better choice. GM must be nuts or the loss they claim to be taking on the Volt must be much greater than they admit. Just more proof they don't know what they're doing in this new EV market.

  21. The Volt will be reincarnated as a CUV in a couple of years (as planned). The plant “closings” are nothing more than a bargaining chip with the UAW. You’re going to be waiting a long time for that Roadster.

  22. Per 5 U.S. Code 7311, federal government workers are not allowed to strike. Sometimes there are trade-offs in life. Federal workers get fantastic job security. If the drawback is that striking is not allowed, I don't see that as much of a drawback. No one forces Federal workers (outside of the military) to stay at their jobs if they don't like the pay or working conditions. They are free to seek better opportunities elsewhere.

  23. I live in Ohio near Youngstown area. This is pretty major and I would be sooo happy if Tesla bought the property. B/c I mean wow but I think they really wanted to focus on building that one in Shanghai because it’s going to benefit them the most due to tariffs, cheaper labor, and the large Chinese market for EV

  24. I'd actually like to see Tesla grab up the GM plant in Canada (one of the closures is in Ontario I believe). That'd give Tesla a foothold in Canada to avoid tariffs and import irritations.

  25. 20-30 Miles of Electric range? In the warmer weather my Volt has gotten up to 69 miles of Electric range. Great car! GM is making a BIG mistake by discounting the Chevy Volt. Not sure if I will ever by another GM again. Very disappointed in GM decision.

  26. Let's see. GM is competing in the sedan market with a company that makes a car that costs less for fuel, will require less maintenance, are built in highly automated factories that use a lot of low cost renewable energy, and has a multi-year jump on GM in battery production. That's why GM is surrendering this part of the market. I seriously looked at the Volt for cheap commuting on electric plus long range capabilities, but it also involves maintaining two systems to power the car. I came to the conclusion it would be better to buy a used EV with enough range for commuting and keep a gas vehicle only until used EVs with long range start pouring into the market.

  27. The reason that the US motor companies and focusing on trucks and SUVs is that the emissions on those are unregulated. I don't see a future for Ford or GM past 2045.

  28. I own the 2nd gen and it is a great car, but I understand why the are killing it. I will be replacing mine with a full EV like a Tesla or equivalent.

  29. When enough electrics hit the road then oil prices will drop.
    Also , people will stop buying ice cars while waiting for an electric .
    GMC is playing everyone. They get tax cuts and subsidies to build plants only to close them.
    In the end GMC is doing a smart move

  30. I am an Ohio native. I know retired GM workers. In my opinion, buying a plant from GM in the rust belt of America wouldn’t just help Tesla production, it would go a long way to increasing the favorability of the electric car in the midwest. Run TV commercials all day long in the midwest about how Tesla is putting freedom loving, Red, White and Blue flag waving Americans to work to build the future. GM is still a company today because of loyalty to an old American brand. Tesla needs to tap into that loyalty and take it over.

  31. 4:16 — Reagan did NOT lay off air traffic controllers. He FIRED them for STRIKING. It wasn't a restructuring, it was a union-busting move, pure and simple. It was the beginning of the end of trade unionism in the United States.

  32. I live in Youngstown which is the city where lords town gets most of its employees and I can tell you that this is the last nail in the coffin for big industry failing the people of the city. I personally believe the plant couldn’t survive any longer with union workers and I tweeted Elon the day I got news the plant was closing here. Elon save Youngstown Ohio!!!!!

  33. I love this move by GM. They are getting rid of everything that is not working for them.

    I understand this is related to C.A.F.E. regulations and to the coming recession.

    If they put these savings into electric cars, then GM can start redeploying assets into higher return on investment opportunities.

    I hope GM keeps the plants, rehires again, and starts kicking some b _ _ t.

  34. omg having actually worked on many hybrid transition half and half dual drive POS's they ARE, 3X more complicated and designed to last just long enough to kill Tesla.
    they didn't release these POS's to service YOU in any way. They didn't release these junkers for improving YOUR life in any way. Their sole purpose was to suck consumers into buying them with their established BRAND names to destroy the ONLY manufacturer out there who actually gives a crap about YOU. let them die with disdain and let the sucking sound of their fall to Earth comfort you with the KNOWLEDGE that anothers marketing trick did NOT work.

  35. What the F? I thought you are a numbers guy the latest Volt gets 50+ miles per charge. The best plug in with gas ever produced in the US. Please take down video and edit proper information in. 🙄

  36. I own a '12 Volt (37 mi. of range) and absolutely love it! It's the best car we've ever owned but completely understand that hybrids and PHEV's have served their purpose and it's time to move to all-EV, especially with solid-state batteries in beta testing offering double the range, rapid re-charge and lower pricing. Any mfc. stuck with ICE sedans in 2 years will be stuck with MASSIVE inventory that won't sell as all mfc. are moving towards small SUV's, small-to-mid-size trucks and smaller hatchbacks. Tesla should change the Model 3 to a hatchback before getting caught blind also. Mfc.'s are all reducing their line-up of cars also, to offer only 4-5 cars and trucks, which is smart. GM should kill off: Chevy, Buick and Cadillac and re-brand 1 line to GM. Corvettes will die off naturally.

  37. Kuddos, Ben, for using the word president and Donald Trump together as I haven't been able to bring myself to do that, and never will 🙂

  38. Unless I've completely misunderstood they aren't selling these factories, just mothballing them. Maybe they're developing some EV alternatives in the meantime.

  39. Bullshit! The Volt gets " 20 to 30 miles purely on the battery". My wife and I own 2 of them. They get 40 – 55 miles on battery. There is only one plug-in hybrid on the market that has a longer pure electric range, the BMW i3, that costs a third again as much. We get 40+ mpg running on the gas engine. GM has their head up their ass….as usual.

  40. Despite what the outlook for the Volt appears to us on the outside, inside GM HQ they have more cards in front of them. When BMW is using special materials to shave ounces off their I3 cars, the days of carrying around an 800 lbs. engine that most of their owners barely use appears to be something from a Flintstones feature film. They know what is in the technology pipeline and certainly have insight on what is valid and what is extinct. If they know battery prices are dropping and ranges rising in all electrics, then they certainly need to stop making the Volts now just so they can sell out their current inventory.

    What I would like to know is who will be the first to sell a suitcase sized auxiliary battery that can be plugged in in the trunk for long trips or emergencies? This would require a special outlet to allow it to be drained as the car was rolling instead parked and off.

  41. With the Volt you have two systems. A battery and gas. If the power goes out you have the gas. If gas prices rise you have electric or if an embargo is placed on us or gas supplies are interrupted you have electric to get you around. You have a backup system and your not stuck. Remember if you have an electric and the power goes out you're screwed.

  42. With record profits and a tax break they cut jobs and they choose to announce right after the elections. When are people going to learn that capitalism is out of control.

  43. Wrong. Tesla should never buy GM plants. Very bad idea. Those places are super Unionized. Something Tesla avoids for efficiency reasons.

  44. Tesla should pickup one or two of the plants and Rivian should pick up one of the plants as well to help with their future ramp up possibly turning one into it's own joint battery factories or for future models wouldn't that be great. Even though it is good that a company like Tesla can pick the factories up there will always be a gap between producing GM vs producing another companies cars. The sad part is how much this will affect the workers even if the factories are picked up by another company immediately. I also see it from my point of view that GM is finally realizing that they need to start pivoting away from gas and even hybrid vehicles and get ready to double and triple down on pure EVs. They are bloated with liabilities when pure EVs start filling in the demand and when Rivian hits with their truck and SUV that will be a killing blow to them if they don't become more nimble and ready to switch to pure EVs. I personally would rather the Volt become a pure EV like the Bolt but I'm sure there is a lot of complications that prevents that option from being viable. I think the Big 3 also will be pulling back it's number of dealerships to cut back on overstock of ICE vehicles and possibly giving incentives to the dealers after they start making a major move to pure EVs.

  45. My remembrance is that Flight Traffic Controllers employed by the FAA wanted to go on STRIKE due to poor working conditions, bad policies, poor pay… and that Ronald Reagan BLOCKED them from doing so… It's been a bit over 35 years… I could be wrong. Definitely not 'layoffs' though.

  46. Get your facts straight before putting out a video. “20-30 mile out range , I believe.” Try 50 plus on the second gen version

  47. I am from India & I am an owner of 2008 Chevy Aveo. It's a great car but GM has suddenly stopped production of all its vehicles in India as a result resale value has dropped significantly. Honestly I loved the Volt & thought that one day it would be launched in India but now they are stopping its production in USA itself. I don't understand what type of strategy is Marry Barra taking all over the world but if it goes like this , GM will surely die very soon.

  48. President Reagan laid off the air traffic controllers because they went out on strike which is illegal for Federal employees to do.

  49. It's quite possible GM is making way for all -electric vehicle ranges. Who knows with GM. Either way, I'm not supporting them anymore.

    I have a Volt…it's a great car….but it's very unfortunate the company doesn't measure up to its own product.

    If they are smart, they'd have made the next generation Volt as a full EV.

  50. "…the Chevy Bolt…it wasn't a Tesla by any stretch…" Yes, exactly – because you can go today and drive home a Bolt from probably 3,000 or more dealerships in the US, and well under $40,000 to boot; and if it breaks, get parts and service as well. That makes it EXTREMELY unlike Tesla.

  51. In a perfect world, Tesla buying a plant would be a no brainer. Keeping a small amount of people working would be great. My first car was a 1972 Chevy orange impala (big daddy caddy).

  52. Alas, so many American consumers buying lotsa SUVs, F-150s and such. (:-( Gas under $2 here in Denver​ metro area.

  53. The Chevy Volt is build on a platform developed by Opel AG in Germany which GM has sold to Group PSA (Peugeot, Citroen). I think this is part of the explanation for the production stop.

  54. I don't understand GM. They killed Chevrolet in Europe and know they are killing some models in his country. I'm from France and I love my Sonic. To sad to say it will be my first and last chevy car

  55. Yeah, extremely sad. We test-drove a Volt in the Fall 2018 and it was at the top of our list, as in, we planned to buy one Summer 2019 and then when we heard the news that they were ceasing production, that pretty much stopped us dead in our tracks for fear of getting adequate support and service for a discontinued model. It was the perfect answer for me because of how much commuting and driving I do for my job daily/weekly, I didn't have to worry about range anxiety as the ICE was there to keep us from having dead batteries. And the lack of need to always find a recharging station was gone, again because of the ICE. And we found several dealerships that were giving good deals to get the price just right for us. A PHEV was an excellent option for our driving habits and where we live, but…sadly…we're back to looking at pure ICE vehicles again. 🙁

    Maybe by the time we're ready to buy another car in 8-10 years, Tesla will have fixed their 'trio of troubles', or…they'll have gone belly up. We'll have to wait and see.

  56. I dont understand why people are saying we r not in transition anymore. I live in the suburbs there is literally only 1 charger near me next one is 30 miles away. I would be out of my mind to buy an all electric car. The volt is amazing and saves me money in gas, but in a dire circumstance at least I will have the gas to fall back on.

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