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Save up to 20% on your Costa Rica car rental plus extra benefits

Save up to 20% on your Costa Rica car rental plus extra benefits

Hey guys, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for reading our blog it means a lot to us and it’s the reason why we keep doing
what we’re doing every single day. So as you may know, we work with Adobe rent a car to secure a really great deal and discounts for you so you guys can save more on your Costa Rica vacation and have more fun. So in this video I’m going to go over the
various discounts and the benefits that you’ll receive just for being a mytanfeet reader. Thank you. Our first benefit for all Mytanfeet readers
is so good that I’m actually going to let Nelson, the person in charge of all the Guanacaste Adobe offices explain it. But remember, this applies to all of the Costa Rica Adobe offices. Thank you, yes we want to guarantee that all Mytanfeet readers are going to get a discounted rate with Mytanfeet instead of the rate in
our website. And in case of emergency, you’ll get a free
rental of a cell phone that has one hour of local credit so you can make calls and texts. If you’re coming with somebody else or in
a group, you’ll need a secondary driver. And you can get a second driver for free so that way you can rest if you ever need to. If you’re a little bit nervous about driving
in Costa Rica because we know the roads here aren’t the greatest and you don’t want
to use Google Maps or GPS on your phone you can get 33% off this GPS here with your car rental. If you guys need internet during your vacation you can rent one of these devices a Wi-fi hot spot If you rent a wifi hotspot for 10 days, after
those 10 days you’ll get it for free so you can always stay connected. Adobe Rent a Car is also a 100% Costa Rican company and we like supporting our local businesses so they know how everything works in the country and they make it easier for you to get a car rental Another reason why we like Adobe is because of their excellent customer service. Every time a car comes back to the Adobe office, they take it back to their shop where they clean it and check it to make sure its in
perfect condition. Adobe Rent a Car also has the biggest fleet of all car rental companies in Costa Rica and additionally they are a carbon neutral
company with five leaves in sustainable tourism. And they work really hard to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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4 thoughts on “Save up to 20% on your Costa Rica car rental plus extra benefits

  1. Buenos dias,

    Mi nombre es Antonio y soy de Argentina. Por favor pasenme una cotizacion para SUV grande (Kia Sorento 4×4 AT DIESEL)

    RETIRO Aeropuerto de San Jose: 13/07/2016 15:50 hs

    DEVOLUCION Aeropuerto de San Jose: 5/08/2016 15:50 hs

    Estuve mirando en la pagina de ADOBE, pero me gustaria saber en que precio me quedaria con el descuento de MyTanFeet


  2. Oh this is awesome! So, after watching some other videos they inform of pricing changes when you are actually out there. For example, when you lock down rate for 5 days at $250 but arrive to pick up, the price is then $600. Is this true or is Adobe an exception? Thx! We are looking forward to decide either a car rental or private shuttle.

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