100 thoughts on “Santa Monica Homeless Man Has a Masters Degree but Can’t Find Work to Afford Rent.

  1. Melvin has overcome many obstacles in life. This smart young man and his positive attitude will go far. Melvin just needs a little help to get out of homelessness. If you'd like to help him personally, here is a link to his GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/r5q8jn7s

    For more information about Melvin's creative works as an author and filmmaker click here: http://melvinsewell.com

  2. Is there any follow up on this guy? Someone needs to get this guy a job. This is beyond crazy. This is the kind of employer any company would want.

  3. I spent the last year of College looking for a Job. I got a job a few weeks before graduation. I noticed a lot of my friends didn't start applying until they walked across stage turn out to be a huge mistake. For some reason employers are more willing to hire a person who is about to grad rather than someone who has already grad and has been idle. Weird logic but that's what I noticed…So ppl who are in the final year of college…Apply Apply Apply don't wait !!

  4. I have a hard time believing he can't find a job with his degree and experience. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a job by now. He can probably be a teacher or at least a tutor. My employer is based in Pasadena and would definitely hire him, at least in DC where I'm located. It wouldn't be in science but it would be $30+/hour.

  5. That’s the Problem!!!! Worthless Degrees!!! Now he has a loan to pay back. He would have been better off with a Trade-School education!!!! He would have work. He is trying to get a job based on that degree!!! Just stop, go to a Construction business and start there if its just being a helper and picking up trash!!!! You start from the bottom and go up! Stop with the Discrimination crap because you can’t get your foot in the door where you wish to be…. go find a job!!!! He is a pity party!!!! No one helps him!!! Duh! I would not hire him either if he presents himself like that!!!! He is still a Brainwashed school kid!!! That is why he is where he is! He can work a mans job on a construction site or go work offshore or go into the military….. Pick one!!!

  6. Every City needs TRADESCHOOLS everyone cannot go get a degree and just because they have it get the job of their dreams

  7. Pray …..ask for help from God ….don't depend on yourse if or anybody …We need to come too God …I needed God to climb out of my demise and did because of my humbling and believing in God's help….thank you God in Jesus name

  8. This is ridiculous. Purely crazy. This is why people sell drugs, rob etc. But he is stronger than that. But now you see why weaker minded people would do those things

  9. He couldn’t find jobs in mid west or further east?? That’s nuts that he can’t find anything… I mean he could even teach as a professor at community colleges and make livable pay

  10. I want to say something and its serious what I'am about to say you can leave a good comment or bad one . I dont care but it's the truth. I hear people saying oh how United States is the richest country there is we have plenty of money , jobs education is good, housing , food stamps , welfare, offer free lunch programs for kids whose parents dont have money for food so so on.Well let me say something if United States supposed to be the richest country then why are we trillions of dollars in debt and they are constantly borrowing money from china or other foreign countries and cant pay it back, why are there alot of homeless people here in the Unites States, why people cant find jobs anymore when they have a college degree for us blacks we get discriminated against and we have always been left out in the cold , why are kids going to bed hungry, why people to have to work 2 and 3 jobs just to make end meets and dont have time for their kids or family or church, this is the BIG QUESTION WHY? is billion tons of foods being wasted especially from alot of these restaurants as well as grocery stores foods that are still good to eat and when I look all around people are starving and homeless it is such a shame and disgrace to me people living in the streets and in their cars nowhere to go it should'nt even be this way at all, why people can't afford to pay their bills anymore, why is cost of living is too high nowadays the last thing I want to say Why? Is the police brutally killing my brothers and sisters we are innocent we have a right to be hear just like anybody else does . I just going to pray for everyone . Dear father Lord Jesus Christ I pray for everyone across this Whole United States father God to provide housing and food for the homeless . I pray for everyone to gets jobs that they need to pay their bills and especially those that are struggling to make to end meet and protect the men and women and kids that are on the streets Lord please .I think you Jesus in your precious name Lord

  11. The realities of America. I am 1 pay check away from being Homeless myself. America is widening the gap between the have and have nots soon there will be no in between. America is headed on a downward spiral. I have applied to more than 2000 jobs and some twice as well I've change my resume several times. I feel it was a waste of time obtaining a BA and an MA that I is not landing the job and resources I've earned I so feel this young man.

  12. I was in a similar situation before. I could not get a job to save my life. I had the same experiences with applying for work. Resume builders, you name it. I finally got a decent job in 2017, at $13 hr w / OT. I saved up and relocated to Florida. Got a real job in 2 weeks. Get the hell out of that third world socialist state and leave. Don't bring the CA. BS with you. Good Luck

  13. Look into Andrew Yang Yang2020 hes running for President and he wants to give a $1000 to each citizen of america. Please see what he is about. God Bless

  14. That is why knowledge is not as important as it used but rather skills and networks. You got have set of skills and networks to land a decent job not how smart or educated you!

  15. Why people get homeless in USA? One of the MANY reasons is: They spend more then they should in their productive age. They buy luxury products. They rent space they don’t need, buy designer shoes and clothes and expensive electronic gadgets. Dear brothers and sisters…. we don’t need it… let’s learn together how to live modestly according to our needs not desires.

  16. My heart goes out to you I hope things will change for you so you can enjoy your beautiful life your s sweet looking man. Happy. Holidays from. Canada😘💗

  17. Wonder if he’s tried a headhunter or other lower paying jobs.
    Hope his film idea comes to fruition. I can sense the bitterness in his speech. A employee agency may help.

    EDIT: he may need to move to another city or state.

  18. I pray things work out i left L A 2 years ago they upped the rent 500 dollars i had to leave the state it's horrible how greed has destroyed California

  19. Dann brother, I pray that The Most High lifts you up, dusts you off, and make you whole. All praises to the Most High!

    BTW, consider looking beyond the shores of Amerikkka, possibly towards Asia…

  20. He needs to move! This is ridiculous!! Why stay there and remain homeless?? This guy is handsome and intelligent! What’s the deal??

  21. How is it possible to be that educated and apparently intelligent but can't find sustainable work? I just don't understand how this could be true. I wish this man the best.

  22. Degree's don't mean shit. Probably in debt out the ass with delinquent mafia student loans. Keep making the Rockafeller family millions of dollars.

  23. From the videos on his Youtube channel. This guy doesn't look homeless. There are a lot of fake homeless people out here.

  24. Lost me the moment he denied victimhood yet claimed discrimination. 2019 in the Los Angeles Area is more likely to wield bias towards non-"woke"/non-"safe space" classes than someone like him. Such a notion creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of learned helplessness that will keep his desperate situation intact. What could he do to get his feet back on the ground? Move OUT of California to some other West Metro area where his education/past work experience can be utilized.

  25. I hope he finds a place to stay. He should try applying for jobs in northern California such as San Francisco. He might have to relocate tho

  26. This goes to show you ANYBODY can become HOMELESS. You don't have to be mentally I'll or a drug addict to end up homeless. Homelessness doesn't discriminate it can happen to anybody.

  27. I'm sorry to say this but if you don't have kids, being a senior citizen or on SSI. It's very very hard to get help like a program trying to find you housing or a shelter. A person with kids, a senior citizen or a person that's on disability will get help 1st & a lot faster. Than a person that's healthy, not on SSI or have a degree just like him. Sorry to say but it's true.

  28. There’s a lot of discrimination in California. Many black people working in the tech industry are suffering when they do manage to get a job. The most liberal states have the highest levels of black homelessness. I’m happy he’s off the streets now.

  29. Make yourself a job. Thats what I did and I have no degrees.
    I supported my daughter 7 years of college and shes doing verry well for herself. And now Ive taken my retirement and God has blessed me to do well in my old age.

  30. Nobody can afford t ok live in Santa Monica. You can be a teacher. Move to a cheaper city. There is more to the story. You can get A job until you get THE job you desire. Go to a cheaper area, Riverside. Dude you picked like THE MOST expensive city.

  31. He can teach elementary,middle school. Or high school, these people with degrees can find jobs, theyre just choosy,i would do any jobs, i would work 2 jobs

  32. I`m in the UK now and I watch the youtube video man this is ain`t right to be so nice dude and sleep in the car I slept in the car once my self in winter doesn`t feel good. I hope you will find home and job please don`t just focus on getting a job in your specialty there is much more than that even construction. Take care, my friend God bless you.

  33. These people need to move away from there. Like drive across the country, go to a homeless shelter in a smaller town then look for work.

  34. Move out of Los Angeles and come eastward to san bernadino and riverside counties where living is less expensive. You can take the metro train to LA or you can find work locally. It is getting more and more expensive to buy in LA, not to talk of renting. Don't think you have to live or die in LA, move out.

  35. So many people of color are homeless in large cities…primarily for the reason of gentrification. And if you work…your paying taxes like every other citizen in this country, however, a person of color is displaced or homeless. The American dream…😕😔💔🙏🙏💯

  36. College degrees are no guarantee for success especially since the value of a degree has been diluted to worthlessness. Too many people are going to college now and many are getting degrees in fields that are unemployable. People need to focus on trade schools and vocational training. Those friends of his with six figure jobs chose to get degrees in fields that are much more employable and in demand.

  37. Sometimes I feel like some things are just meant to be. Some stories of homeless people with great education and potential just blows my mind.

  38. Serial application on jobs can actually be counter productive, many recruiters recognize people who behave this way. Employers are looking for the best person for the job, so sporadic applying for jobs, doesn’t represent that. Harsh, but the sad truth. Moving state, especially states in the mid, would probably represent a much greater opportunity for him to find employment.

  39. Melvin what an inspirared man you are, I have seen your film and I hope everything has worked out for you and that you are doing what your heart aspired for you to do in this world😏take care

  40. Black men rarely get a fair shot the rich white supremacists aren't going to invest in Black's prosperity they invest in black destruction

  41. Stupid. Dude could just be a teacher anywhere in the world but my guess is the student debt is so high or he's so late on his payments that its impossible to catch up

  42. Dam it takes a 💓 heart of a 🦁 lion ..to have such a positive attitude ..under his circumstances !!!! I hope this brother triumph over this situation!!!

  43. Man work for Jesus Christ am not speaking about being a pastor. Be like Paul. Ask Jesus to show you what he has for you. I learnt the hard way to look for Jesus Christ life for him

  44. Start your own research firm. Study an underserved population , its health, causes, and what could help this specific underserved population. This could be your niche. I pray that Yah be with you!

  45. There is a homeless student female i know in great need of your help… How can she contact you for an interview…

  46. Intelligent man….not trying to sound harsh or anything…but I'm sure he can fivure this out. Use your degrees and intellect to get out of this…it isnt rocket science. Get a job, any job, save enough money to move to another state or city…Cali is too high. Move to Texas or the Midwest. Cheap living. C'mon u can do this man

  47. I have a masters too…. I was jobless for like 2 years, thank G_D for a jewish community who helped me. if I didn't have them for sure id be homeless… now thank G-D I'm back in finance , and I managed to get another small part-time gig.. like things are really playing out….

  48. everybody is moving out of California. there are no jobs in California. There are more homeless than anything else and the cost of living is ridiculous.. the best thing you can do is pack up and move that's what Tyler Perry did. and he became a billionaire. if at first you don't succeed brush yourself off and try again. but you don't stay in the same state.

  49. Lol molecular science?
    In biology. He got degrees in BS not bachelor of science

    U guys have been got. Probably took a basic chem course and paid for a certificate

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