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Rookie Mistakes When Buying A Car

Rookie Mistakes When Buying A Car

(engine roaring) (car crashing) – Buying a car. It’s almost as bad as
(clears throat) selling one. It’s like a right of passage. It’s like the ending of a movie. It’s something that takes
a little bit of finesse, if you will. If you’re new to buying
cars and you just want to learn some simple mistakes
that are typically made, you’ve come to the right place. With me, today. We’re gonna be talking
about some rookie mistakes that you’ll probably
make when buying a car. – Let me talk to you. Sam, your first echelon of freedom awaits underneath one of those hoods. – By the way, if you’re looking for wheels, tires, suspension, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. on the cool stuff
and @fitmentindustries on Instagram, go give it a follow ’cause we want more people. Now, when building a car there
are typically two options. Buying from a dealership or
buying from a private party. With that being said, most
of the rookie mistakes actually apply to both
so we’re gonna delve (bell ringing)
into both. It’s a bit of like a stuck
between a rock and a hard place situation when you’re looking
at which one you want to do. So step one, you’re gonna
go over, get in the closet, put on your big boy pants
because this is gonna be a roller coaster of
emotions and a lot of them are not going to be very good. They’re gonna suck, to
be completely honest. No, I don’t think I’ve ever had just a fantastical experience buying a car. So, first we’re gonna
go talk about the issue that’s gonna hit home for a
lot of us and probably you. We’ve all been there, there’s an older car that you’ve always dreamt of. Or there’s an older Evo,
a Termi, what have you and you just don’t have the cash for it but, if you just get financed
for it it’d be golden. This is where we run
into the issue because banks and other financial institutions are looking out for
themselves and not you. And they’re gonna be looking at the KBB and the value of the car. And the issue is that sometimes
the enthusiasts demand is sometimes a much different
price point a.k.a. bro tax, they’re not actually gonna
give you the full amount of the loan that you need to buy the car. A tip from an ex loan
officer, which is me, go to a credit union
because they’re usually gonna be more lenient than your big banks. And if you’ve got a healthy
relationship with them they’ll often go above the
vehicle’s value to help you out. Some even use NADAguides
versus Kelley Blue Book which is easier on used vehicles. This actually helps a ton on older cars. Another one of the most
important rookie mistakes that a ton of people make is
not doing enough research. There’s a lot of people out
there think that there’s just a certain type of car,
and want a certain type of car for no specific reason
whatsoever, doesn’t matter. And that’s fine, they just like it. But you’re gonna just end
up disappointing yourself because just like any other
big purchase it’s important to do your research and find
some resources that you can help find out what some of
the common issues are, right? Like what people like about it. What is the aftermarket potential? What can you expect in the long run? What is the maintenance? How does it perform? Most of these questions can
be answered by checking out the good ol’ world wide
web but you can also use resources like friends
and family that might have experience with
those vehicles as well. The bottom line, is that
you don’t want to end up in a car that is giving you a hard time or isn’t what you expected it to be which happens a lot more often than what a lot of people would think. – Aw, don’t be like that. If I had a rock I’d bust yo head. – It’s just disappointing. Like, there’s no other way about it. Like, you’re gonna get the
car, it’s gonna be great and then something’s gonna go
wrong and you’re gonna be like wow, I didn’t know that
this was gonna happen. You’re gonna type it into Google and it’s gonna be the
first thing that pops up and guess who’s gonna
feel like a dumb (bleep). Ya. So the pro tip here is to
always, and I mean always type in that one sentence that
you want to avoid in Google. Find your iPhone because you like to party and you’re not 90 years
old like I am and type in the year, the make, the model, trim and then finalize it with
that one last word, problems. You’re gonna get hit with
a novel of issues that the vehicle has and whether
you want to admit it or not it’s good to know. Don’t hide from those
searches as well because those are the ones that you’re often gonna find the most common and
valuable information with the problems of the car. It’s better to know what
you’re looking for and at least accept the fact that
you’re gonna have the issue or you can check to see if it’s been repaired before you buy it. The internet, it’s a marvelous thing. Numero three, do not, and I repeat do not only shop at one place for a vehicle especially when dealing with dealerships. So, different people and
different dealerships are gonna give you all
sorts of different deals which means you could get the same vehicle for cheaper somewhere else. It all depends on how
much the person or dealer has stuck into the car and how much they’re willing to drop in price. For example, if you
had two people get into the car at the same exact price and then they go to trade them in, two different dealers may offer two different prices which means their investment into the car is two different amounts. Which means one will be
able to lower the price a little bit more and still
make a profit versus the other. If you find a car at a dealer
that’s not willing to drop you’re gonna wanna take
your business elsewhere. Or at least threaten that and sometimes it kicks their (bleep) into gear and it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have to do it with my
internet company like every, every year I have to
turn into and angry man. So, pro tip here is to get
two purchase agreements from the two competing dealerships. Allow each dealership
to see the final offer and it just makes it very cut and dry and it’s either gonna be a yes or a no on whether the dealership that
is at a higher price point, the one that you may want more, would be willing to drop the price. It’s also a great way to get
a time commitment from the dealerships that you’re purchasing from because purchase agreements
aren’t necessarily the easiest to draft. Especially when you’re
making as many as you are in the ol’ dealership or
stealership as they say. Our next rookie mistake might
actually be pretty surprising because, while you would think
this one’s pretty obvious, but I don’t know if you’ve
been on the internet but obvious just seems to
go right out the window. Take your car through a test drive, or even just take it on
a test drive in general and drive it like you
would want to drive it. You wouldn’t buy a house
without walking through it so why would you buy a
car without driving it? And a lot of times this
is a common mistake for a lot of people that are buying something from across the state or country. Car might look perfect on
the outside and aesthetically but, once it drives
there could be all sorts of issues that you weren’t able to see. Whether it be a blown shock,
an issue with alignment, a misfire, a boost leak, you name it. That’s all the things
you’d be able to catch. There are also things
that you wouldn’t notice, and I mean really wouldn’t notice if you don’t actually drive the car hard. Now this could be awkward
because private sellers and dealers typically
don’t want you beating the piss out of their
car and it makes sense. Especially if you don’t own it yet. But that’s why it’s always best to get their permission first and
it’s important to get an idea on how the car is gonna
react to your driving habits so drive it like you own it. Also make sure that you’re
driving it conservatively when it’s cold but then when it warms up giving it a little bit
more so that you can actually feel what the car
is going to behave like. But don’t crash it, because you know, that’s a problem here. Here’s a pro tip, if you
don’t feel comfortable let the other person slam
through the gears for you while you’re in the
passenger seat but let that get enough action so you can
actually see the car work, cold start attempt, and on the road. Along with the actual
test drive it’s important to look over, thorough,
just like basic things. Like tires, brakes, oil
change, all that sort of stuff. Because those are all
residual costs that come after the fact that
actually add up quite a bit. No one wants to end up
with a pile of junk and a lot of sellers do a great job at hiding issues that the
car might have because honestly, let’s be real, they just want to get it out of their hands. Now, this next one is
especially true with used cars so it’s always important to get a used vehicle report if possible. There are things like the CARFAX and, the CARFAX, that’s… Awfully open competitive market there. Usually dealerships will
have that readily available but a lot of private sellers
can get one for you as well. The report shows when
the vehicle was serviced, what was done, if it had
been in any accidents. But keep in mind that more
than likely not everything is gonna be reported because
you don’t have to report it. There might be a few service
issues or things that fell through the cracks but
the receipts that you get at time of purchase are meant
to cover the difference. Now, you may buy a car that
doesn’t have every single oil change receipt and
that’s okay because the CARFAX paired with the
major repair sheets that they’re going to keep is what’s
gonna make the difference whether the car’s been
properly serviced or not. If you don’t see a novel
of information in their service report, don’t
automatically freak out, take a look at the CARFAX or the other history reports that they have. A lot of times older manuals will have that information as well. And you might be rest
assured that actually they just didn’t need to
keep the $70 oil change but they did keep the $3,000 repair they did at 60,000 miles. – Hey Manny, get your clown cousin to get some hammers and come
bang this stuff out, baby. (laughing) – Now moving on, when
you’re looking for a car it’s easy to fall in love with
one that might seem perfect. It’s the right color. It’s that basalt black. It has all the right
options like the sunroof, the manual transmission,
the black leather interior, it’s perfect price, it’s
everything that you want so you stop looking at other
cars ’cause this is the one. This is like, if the deal falls through, or there’s something
wrong, you’re gonna cry. And guess what? That happens a lot. Stop looking for other
cars the moment you find the one you really like because if you do you’re probably gonna miss
out on other, better deals. Because guess what, they’re cars homie. There’s a lot of them out there. So you just finding the
one you really wanted, more than likely there’s gonna be others the farther you look out. There’s more likely to be a better deal, a better car waiting around the corner. And don’t get stuck on one because you really just don’t want to. You’re gonna hurt your heart. Now you can actually use
different used vehicles as leverage to get the price down on the car that you want to buy. So pro tip here is to never fall in love until you sign that title. It’ll save your heart, trust me. It’s too often that people
find a car on Craigslist, set up the appointment to go check it out, go fall in love, turn it into their wallpaper on their phone, and then realize it’s a
salvage title with three gears and one and a half seats. It’s super disappointing. Now, when buying a car it’s important to figure out monthly payments and such but, what a lot of people
forget about is insurance, costs associated with
it, because God knows that you need insurance
because you’re probably 18 years old and you’re a male and insurance companies judge you. You’re gonna have to insure
and it’s just an adult thing. So, don’t be that person
running around with no insurance because nobody likes
that and it’s illegal. But sports cars, some more
than others, are gonna cost more for insurance because the
type of car that’s involved in more accidents and stuff,
and what young kids buy. That’s why WRX’s and STI’s
have higher insurance rates because the demographic
for buying these cars because they crash them
quiet a bit more than something like a Toyota Corolla. But that’s just the nature of it. You kind of have to be okay
with people judging you. Buying a car, especially
for an enthusiast, is a very important time in your life. It’s like a right of passage. It makes you feel like you’re an adult. It’s gonna be an expression
of you and your hobby. You want to be absolutely
happy with your purchase and this isn’t something that
should be regretted at all. So do your research, look over the car well, and just be smart. We’re sure you’ll make
a good choice, probably. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe,
hit the bell button so we can keep making
awesome videos like this and if you’re looking for
wheels, tires, suspension I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we will see you later. Peace. (soft electronic music)

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