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ROBLOX SUPER RICH HEROES $$$$ Iron Man Duddy vs Batman Chase SUPERHERO TYCOON (FGTEEV #16 Gameplay)

ROBLOX SUPER RICH HEROES $$$$ Iron Man Duddy vs Batman Chase SUPERHERO TYCOON (FGTEEV #16 Gameplay)

ola putos adoro rola quente toma no cu sou muito baitola mi fode porra adoro rola grande ce fude eu atiro mermo morre diabo tirro tem que da o cu porra desculpa filhote você e viado e trai sua mãe kkkkk uuuuuruuuu adoro pular meu cu ta ardendo ola seus putos que amão rola tudo bem com sua man Superman e puta do caralho o homem de ferro goza eu gozo mesmo ta homem de puta vamos pegar aquele ladro safado [oh] there, you are [chase] is my next-door neighbor known as [bran] We’re going to see who [can] build a the coolest house, so this is my little power drop, right? I don’t know what it is, but I bought it, and it’s dropping down Giving me money got to go over here [to] collecting look I just made [1,600] What happened people I keep scaring me. They’re [killing] you. I’m gonna buy a power dropper, and oh nice Do these things do they hurt me? Oh no? Oh? Oh, where’s that [gun] over [there]? I’m gonna go check it out. [oh] my God Somebody’s killing you yes, what is this? What [does] this thing mean? Oh? Hey, I have to buy a muddy Creek Grab five robust Hey I’m not saving you. I bought a money creeper. What did that dude you gave me some money [a] roll box go Oh, oh wait. I gotta see if I got it. I got it ah five hundred What is this I could buy something right here wait five more. Oh shit about the gear cream. [I] wasted one [morning], Daddy I’m gonna win. I’m going to win. How much money you making ken doll here 1,100 bucks, what’s this buy a loadout palette see-through 50 oh nice buy a fire sword I have a fire sword. How are you? Oh? I just got one pop get out of here. [I] will slice you fans Sooo You’re not welcome in my house. Oh, God of fire. I’m sorry Oh, just the one who taught me how to dance. [I] don’t want to know how to do it I’m sorry, please every mad at me. I don’t like you though. No one’s allowed in my iron man house What’s this [buy] [booster] go up five thousand how much will have all of wlm one point two thousand cats wipe our dropper? Yeah, 375 I have 800 left [mega] dropper for 650 [I] don’t know how this is making me money. I think I’m in the business of making glowing come on try some glowing bubblegum You’re glowing Haha, it makes you go out. That’s cool. Look how much money. I’m making [I] make 100 bucks a second hundred bucks. [oh] my goodness Keep it dragging me. What’s on your Batman house attacking you yeah, coming up coming to see you [fucking] boys dog [blaster], oh My God, you did it. Oh my God. I’m coming to save you son. Oh Are you raising? I know I’m coming to save you raising cajun? Why you guys are packing my back, Man prepare to die Captain America? What captain man to [stuff] [indoors]? I’m sorry I failed you as your dad dad [what] buddy you have a grappling hook? [oh] get here? I need to get to yeah, bro. You’re not having a good You guys made my son cry who was it? I’m gonna get booster gloves, and I’m coming to save you you made my son, cry Whoa, I’m Busie. Gloves. That’s a cute dress creaking you can fly [oh] oh That is sick so does. Oh my goodness. I just hold that down [whoo] made right don’t cry Is that [yoke] a bag? Thank you? [yo] my [God]? [you’re] true Captain America is too strong dryden you got him yeah nice. Shoot him shoot him, shoot it [again], [sis] He stole your hook. We have to get a man Oh you watch so how’d you do that? I’m cleansing? Haha, you watch them inside out now. I can’t come in there and save you on less time Pampanga do you watch me? I want to see you. [okay] coming Yeah, yeah [keep] [trucking] [away] from me. Oh right there by security door. Let me try it oh Sweet dude, you [gotta] get him out. [I] know bless you, whoa Guys, [oh], God quick lock your doors. Yeah your food I have enough to buy another wall. No it’s 2,500 to buy wall number three. I need Donald trump for this oh Hello Roblox Donald trump. Can you help me by a wall nobody be able to thank me? Thank you Robot Donald trump. Let’s buy that wall oh Yes courtesy [programatic] okay rage you mean it’s like somebody’s no you need to get your second. Okay. I got three walls. I gotta take it up A second ah boo boo boo. I feel like this superhero tycoon what happens on this side We how do I get stuff to go there [daddy]? Guess why I’m good to go? How do I turn into Captain America? You need to go you need your second floor and then you have to buy it oh? That’s easy [donny] it takes are cool and so are you so are You yeah, [Daddy] [guess] [what] [I] can what? Yeah, [what’s] that your fourth floor? Yep, you’re beating me yes stay out of here. I know people like you Know what let’s see if I can slice [up] [sir] – when done good out of real. I caught on fire out Can I go in teaching? I’m not gonna do it so I can go in – oh you want to come in. Yeah? I’m coming right now. You’re coming Quick quick come in come on change quick good, okay. Now. [nobody’s] allowed in here [5,000] boom second How do I get my second floor [five] second floor 10,000? Yo so close? I always was have a race Yeah, you’re trying to flirt with rabble of a pro. I’m telling Julia no Daddy Second floor I’m [going] to get it. Yeah second floor How do I get [up] there buying staircase? Oh I kind of [liked] this game? I was kind of hesitant about playing this game all the other shoes and kind of boring, but dude [thank] [you] chase He’s right half the stuff you see on the channel to the Chief by a wall 25,000 well this commune [expensive] ah You ever watched it y’all need to say goodbye to this guy goodbye say goodbye to this guy Go ahead cry. He’s gone make this a song ah Goodbye [good]. Good. Good. Good. Bye Go ahead, cry Sing by the Disguise [thing] by the good guy for quick where alphabet boom [I] meant I still fight [it] [-] Whoa whooping you? Is this a fart sound oh? Excuse me. I bought it in front of a lady So I bought it in front of a lady again. This is ready for me. You’re [fuckin] disgusting No, you’re [the] backwards woman. I’ll go get your [bags]. [you’re] [in] your tree She can’t catch me well now you [can] [see] [like] [that] galosh. You got me right Yeah, you get my weapon oh, I can get your weapon yeah wait for real Yeah, get it come in my rabble bro. Keep my building saved you say hey. I’ll be right back No, one’s building the whole tower basically when you start this game. You [can] choose who you want to be whole Batman Captain America Spider-Man no one think Spider-Man either. Well good luck shot fired [ah] You’re tricking me all I saw I fall for that. That was messed up Let’s say you get some r. Is he arresting know that was messed up to 12,000 – let’s buy another Rafa Daddy I’m big Gasp. Oh God. [oh] You all fucker [pinky] come on rabble rabble rabble [-] my friends friends don’t let friends get lasered Come in my house. I’m not [going] [to] trick you – okay. What’s happened – um I? Promise Ya, do. I promise if you trick me all uh-oh [hotknife] your computer, okay. Thank you and Grapple hook. [oh] that’s so sick. I didn’t know that you can get other people’s stuff. [oh] [I’m] just kidding. I let me out of [it]. Let’s let me out no Daddy, [I] market. Oh you did. Thank you. I’m going to see what other weapon ah She’s your girlfriend now congratulations. I’m just kidding that’s very doctor is sounding. Don’t do that. Nobody do that. You’ll go to jail Captain I just want to deal with captain [yeah] oh Looking I love lighting lighting is the most important thing for you to it am I worried [I] think a blurring Superbad let me it I just want I just want that I just superman as a heal coil in the laser pistol. I’m shooting your laser pistol ah can it work I’m not very good with a gun look I’m so chic ah What? blew me up [you’re] the speaker Are you dad ah no? No, no, not yet Yeah, I can’t get you can’t get a suit It’s this guy giving you the boot when I flick my mother makes me soup Boom I got an iron man suit sighs walk into it Aha, where’s my face. I’m not kidding look at this end the empire is broken I act like precious to get a cat with a lamp and nothing just em all up. What stop That’s [right]. I’m a baby Hey, my friend rebel [39] [right] now, but why don’t we have [new] [faces]. I want [to] be like you I want to look like you and snap [your] face [but] instead my face is black. That’s okay cuz black is beautiful Hey, hey what I want to learn to [be] iron man like you seriously, though I Want to iron man [beasts] at least let me have like a black iron man See, it’s just like a pert marshmallow daddy. Can I come in all right? Yeah, you want to come in Yeah [boom] [I] just had to buy another power dropper excuse me one sec. Hello Chase. It’s nice. Well. Yeah, are you Gonna? Shoot me? [haha] don’t oh Ha ha ha you heart wanted man. What is this this my rainbow [upgrader]? Is that even worth it does it give you more [moonies]? [I] need [17,000] for that, but I have 16 I want you to seyn it So I guess that oh that [was] exact start heard that one Hey who just light me on fire get out of it get out of it fighting you to the fiery death go get out of my job [didn’t] You look bad face wait can I come to your house to be Batman [ah] who needs a dark [feet] iron, [man] I want to be [a] bat see Batman coming to your house [oh] superman, [I’m] going to be Batman Doo-dah, doo-dah, they’re going to be so jealous of me oh [-] doo-dah day Hey Chase. Thank you for this face. It’s beautiful life can be I’ve got five o’clock shadow What I’ve doubles on my chin, so dope it’s bat suit I should have took your grappling gun But I’ve never seen that name with booster club brugge the browser will that is so sick [I] could like be half that half iron man, sixteen thousand toys Wow, so Joe laughs well well I’m going to buy the mega dropper Yeah, baby. Look at that. I’m just breaking in a movie ah Now get away from me. I don’t have you guys if you want to you can get both on my turn. Yeah, yeah Superman [Stupi], I like the way you look okay? I’m gonna keep it laughter No, let [me] a sketch in my house only you thank you before I come to your house There’s just one last thing I got a do buy the ultimate upgrade uh good. I beat you [oh] Oh light was so bright now. I got You have uncool upgrade. Oh, this is where the another another dropper is 31000 I should be able to like save my gameplay so I can come back here when this is like What brilliant but I guess I can you boom-boom loadout pad and boom I got a guard dog Robo pup your unleased ah [oh] he follows me. Oh No one can mess with that dynamic Duo. [I’m] sorry Robin. No hard feelings wait I just forgot [on] my Batman suppose the iron man by gatlings last oh, I can almost get that I can get [oh] You get a bad [pun]. I want to [write]. I’m coming to your house. I want to try that out boom ah What is [this] gun? reloading hurry up reload faster of a triumph our distance and boom What does it do? Yeah? He’s got me That’s a gatling blaster, but I like get [the] gatling shoot whoa. Oh, whoa. Wow. Wow wow? warmer [trust] [me]. I want everything [it’s] like oh, it’s wherever investment amount aids acted that. [God] intruder alert intruder alert Oh, he knows me. I’m so sorry. I have to do this video. [I’m] so sorry the gun is making me It’s actually nothing, please don’t hurt the side I killed a fan can I come on your thing Yeah, I’m coming to get your your little bat cycle. Hey, let me in Thank you, what? Is like you are a farkle Chase killed me now. I’m just plain old Marshmallow Study head go Thank you, son, so you got a batarang? Yes, and a bad lot batarang [shoe] That’s cool. That’s cool. [oh] that’s so cool. Go go. Go. [let’s] [see] if I get run into I clearly don’t know how to use this [bat] bot. I can’t get up there Little big move it. Whoa. There’s a second. You’re the front wheelie. Hey Gray circles around drink circles are alec wow you ran into your belt. Oh wow that hurt man ah Our teeth come together saddle race you ready. We’re gonna go out with a race right? Yes [I] want you playing phil. You just [played] Steve revered, so awesome, but I Don’t know if you wanna see more let us know. We’re having a race [racism] exists. Let’s back up first one down Not is color all you cheater. You already [heard] everyone out of my way that guy [what] that was actually a pretty [6m] juicer our major detail? How did you do a front-flip like that before? Boy, [oh] say, Florida key and got the rap. Oh You thought I know what a slick one Tuesday? Oh Without the world I went out the world I’m outside. [oh] what a perfect ending [a] [euro] lobsters for being so cool all floor Opening. Oh, wait. What is this? Oh, whoa no? Batarang [I] dad Clearly follow a lot inside. It looks like this [does] he turn into a Zero whoa? dude You don’t he’s a monster like Dude, you’re working out way too much. Let’s see what about what? I look like as the regular neighbor. I have shovels sweet boom boom boom look at this

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