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Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) Official Trailer 1 – Drew Barrymore Movie

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) Official Trailer 1 – Drew Barrymore Movie

– Mom’s gonna love this tree – Have you thought about what you want for Christmas? You want the bike, don’t ya? (Laughs) Come on, tell me. Okay pop For Christmas, I’d like a bra to enhance what I got, which is a lot more than that Melissa Thomas – I’m telling you nicely that you’re too young – But whether I’m too young to have ’em or not, I’ve got ’em I’m a woman – [Narrator] Boys were her destiny – Boys, get out! – That’s my dad All we were doing was making out I mean, I never go past 2nd base with a guy I just met, which means nothing below the waist – [Narrator] Boys were her weakness – Pretend that I’m your parents – Mom, Pop – Yeah? – I’m pregnant – My daughter’s a tramp My daughter’s a tramp! You’re a disgrace! I wish that you were never born! Ok, go – [Narrator] Until one boy – I didn’t have a boy, I had a girl – [Narrator] changed everything – No, we had a boy So he’s gonna grow up and be just like me – (Cries) – [Narrator] From Director Penny Marshall – (Screaming) – (Baby crying) – What happened?! – [Narrator] Comes the story of a girl – It got in my mouth – [Narrator] whose dreams took an unexpected turn – What’s one bad day, right? – Only a day that can make your life – Alright, everybody smile, please Just everybody stand still – All life is is four or five big days that change everything – If you wanna change your life, you can – Do you know what it’s like to have a dream? – I may not be the perfect guy, but nobody will love you like me, Bev – Leave me alone – I am your mother, and that means you’re not allowed to stay mad at me – [Narrator] This Fall, experience the plans we made, the risks we take, and the people in our lives who make it worth the ride – [Narrator] Drew Barrymore – Mommy is gonna go do something that’s gonna change the rest of our lives – [Narrator] Riding in Cars with Boys – How do I look? – You look beautiful, Mommy

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100 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys (2001) Official Trailer 1 – Drew Barrymore Movie

  1. "Based on a true story". Sounds like it was based on a millions true stories that happen all the time in trailer parks and ghettos.

  2. literally my favourite movie of all time. they dont make them like this anymore 🙁 this movie got me through the worst years of my teenage life. thank you <3

  3. when i was in all girls catholic school, my teacher played this to disencourage us to have premarital sex. It didn't worked out, we discovered condoms

  4. Please, read this message from the top to the bottom. Even people that have sold their soul to the devil (a lot of people do, especially for fame and success), can get the contract broken by JESUS. Even if you didn't do that, JESUS loves you and HE wants you to become a Born-Again Christian for it is the only way to Heaven JOHN Ch. 3:3. In order to become a Born-Again Christian, you pray to JESUS, apologize for being a sinner, ask HIM to forgive you, and also follow HIS teachings of the New Testament, and also the Ten Commandments. Also, if you have gotten microchiped, then get it, or them removed as soon as possible

  5. I saw this movie when I was 12 and it made me make the decision to never ever ever become a parent when I was young/not ready. They need more content like this where it shows how having a baby can completely ruin your dreams, instead of Teen Mom where they're all rich now and not even portraying a message anymore. The trailer doesnt do it justice, but the mom ends up basically hating her life for 20 years and its very depressing, yet realistic.

  6. this is one of those movies you think is gonna be funny and light and then when you actually watch it, it's too real and depressing.

  7. "fun uplifting movie abt the power of love and family!" haha nah its abt narcissistic parenting and cycles of emotional abuse

  8. This was a sad movie and most people don't like it because it deals with the realities of life. I love it because it makes me hope that after the wrong choices that we make, we can always choose to make it right. 🙂

  9. I’m telling all of you hopeful people out there. THIS TRAILER IS A LIE! I WAS 7 YEARS OLD WHEN I FIRST SAW THIS AND THIS TRAILER GAVE ME FALSE HOPE

  10. I can watch this trailer forever and ever because I love drew Barrymore so much specially when she becomes emotional 😭 that’s when I love her the best!!!!!!!!

  11. I loved when her husband said this to her: I MAY NOT BE THE PERFECT GUY, BUT NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU LIKE ME, BEV!!!!!!!

  12. I watched that movie and it got me to start researching about such topics! And man! I never been so influenced by a movie before! BTW the trailer made me watch it and yes I loves the twist it hid aka being a depressive movie.

  13. This movie isn't a happy one it's honest and raw. How Jason doesn't end up resenting his mother is something I will never understand. She blamed him his whole life. For him being born. He didn't ask to be born to them. She's lucky he is forgiving towards her.

  14. I remember watched this when I was a little around elementry school I think. And i cried. I forgot the whole story but I knew I was crying before.

  15. I love this movie and even though the trailer is not accurate, this movie shows the reality of being a young parent for some people, some can be very positive and handle parenting very well but others, most people tbh, aren't exactly ready for it.

  16. I sure bet those jerks who all stopped casting Drew during her addiction they enticed were kicking themselves during the late 90’s / early 2000’s saying “why did we let little drew barrymore get away”

  17. first time i saw that movie i was 16 yrs and pregnant from my boyfriend and i decide to not have it
    but until today i feel regret for that decision

  18. Actually to all those people I was born in 2000 and now I m 17 years old and watching it now only after since 17 years of life

  19. Oh my I watch this movie when I was in higb school but I never finished it. Thanks for the recommendation youtube now I know the title of this movie

  20. I’m so happy this movie doesn’t sugar coat anything. There’s no definitive happy ending, they leave you to assume their lives were decent but there’s also a good chance it didn’t get better. I wish they showed this movie in my parenting class. I think it would have really helped. Four of the girls from that class ended up getting pregnant two years later. All 19 or under. None of babies fathers seem involved or committed to raising a child. Harsh reality of teen pregnancy.

  21. "I'm your mother so that means you are not allowed to be mad at me"

    What children hears:
    " I am not allowed to have feelings"

    20 years later:
    Child is badly sick for suppressing their feelings!

    My story in life! I was not allowed to cry, to be mad, to have wishes, to have dreams, to be cared and loved .. I was only allowed to be a silent doll to fulfill their schedule and their selfish dreams that they never did it ! otherwise if I try to existed OMG !

    Even after I got cancer they tried to suppress my feelings, but it is out of my life those who tried!

    Yes, you are allowed to be mad because you are human with feelings!

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