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Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality)

Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality)

Hey guys- ChrisFix here. And today, we are taking the Drift Stang to the track and we’re going drifting. Now, this isn’t a normal video. You’re gonna be sitting shotgun with me, in the passenger seat, as we go around the track. And this isn’t a normal video because right now, you’re looking through a 180-degree camera. This is a cutting-edge, high-tech, camera. Basically, what it allows you to do is: You’re able to look around. So if you’re on a desktop computer, you could grab the mouse, grab the screen, click, and drag, and you’re able to look around. If you’re using a cellphone, you can grab the cellphone, move it around like this and look around. If you’re lucky enough to have a virtual reality goggle, you could go and use that and you literally just turn your head and look around. And the idea is: we’re gonna be shredding tires just like this. And you’re gonna be able to get in the car with me and ride along. It’s gonna be a blast. I understand not everybody could make it out to the charity ride alongs I do, and get in the passenger seat. The ones- the subscribers that get to do that, they’re super lucky. They have a blast, it’s so much fun, but not everybody could come out to where I am and get into the passenger seat. So here’s your chance, right now in this video, to do that. So what we’re gonna do is: we’re gonna jump in the drift car and you’re able to go passenger seat and look around. So let’s go ahead to the track. We’ll get our our helmets on and we’ll go out and drift. Aright, so, we’re lined up on grid and this is front track. Just paying attention over here, if you want to look down this way, see what I’m doing with my hands and feet. This is the hydraulic e-brake, you’ll see me clutching with my left foot and pull the hydro. And that allows your car to slide out more.Then if you see me just tap in the clutch like this, that’s called, “clutch kicking.” And that that gives the drivetrain a shock. And that allows you to snap the rear end out so you get more angle. The key, the key, the most important thing is: we want this first turn, you’ll see if we go straight. This first turn, we want to be extra wide and carry a lot of speed. We’re gonna go into this turn at 60 miles an hour. So if we can carry speed through that turn and go extra wide, all that momentum is gonna pull through the rest of the course and we’re gonna have a great run. So, let’s see what we can do. Alright, here we go, a ride-along in the Drift Stang. Since this is our first run, let’s warm up the tires so we don’t have under-steer. Shift into second. And remember: we need to hit 60 miles an hour for the first turn. And there’s 60. So initiate with the e-brake. And this is gonna scrub some speed when it sets us up on the right line. That’s a little tight there. So let’s see if we can swing the rear around to the edge of the track. Beautiful, that was perfect. Now just a dab of e-brake to pull the front away from those tires. And pay attention to my hands with the steering wheel and how smooth everything is. There’s no jerking of the steering wheel, no flailing around. It’s just nice and smooth. If it looks like you’re swatting bees inside your drift car, you’re doing something wrong. Now we’re getting up close to the spectators in the stands, and they’re on the right. So give them a wave. And now, it’s time to ride the wall and we don’t want to mess up here. Otherwise, we’ll go into the wall. And the nice thing about this car is it’s got air conditioning. Everybody else is like really high. I got my windows rolled up and we are nice and comfortable. Okay, now we’re on the back track which is completely different Watch this, I’m gonna flick the car towards the trees and give her a clutch kick to initiate this first turn which is a long, decreasing radius turn, that goes uphill. So we need to stay as close to the left edge coming over the hill and make sure we stay on the power. For the second turn, I’m gonna hit the e-brake just to slow the car down a little bit so we don’t slide off the track. And the track has a ton of dirt and mud on it. So there’s no grip at all, so, let’s be careful not to spin out. And we’re cutting that last corner so close. But we could power through and there we go. Woo, baby! Alright! I haven’t done the back track in a while, but that felt awesome. Okay, last run of the day and we’re going back onto the front track. I’m gonna be quiet this run. So, you guys just hang on, enjoy, and have a look around. That’s what you call- that is what you call a dirt drop. (Laughing) Oh, man. Woo! He’s got covered. So that was a good day of drifting. That was a blast. The car did awesome and we did awesome. This was insane. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride because that is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.To be able to get in a drift car. I hope that the VR thing is really cool. I hope you guys enjoyed that and you got to try it out and use it. This is uh- if this works out, this is something I’ll definitely do again. Let me know in the comments below if this was good. If you enjoyed it, if you like were able to look around see me clutch kick, look to the side. As always, if you enjoyed the video, remember to give the video a thumbs up. And if you’re not a subscriber, consider hitting that subscribe button for more videos- maybe like this. We’ll see how the VR goes, But definitely more how-to videos and some more drifting videos. And then, as always, thank you guys for all the support. And I hope you enjoyed this. This was really cool. This was a great day (Loud engine revving sounds)

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100 thoughts on “Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality)

  1. On September 20, 21, and 22 I am doing charity ride alongs at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania from 10am to 6pm every day! You can come out to the skid pad and go for a ride. You need pants and shoes (no shorts or open toed shoes) and I have helmets for everyone. Last year was amazing but this year is going to be even better! Every penny goes to St Jude’s Children Hospital and I double the donations with my own money.

    For updates and more info on the event I will be posting up on my Instagram in a couple of days:

  2. Bro that thing was fire and insane pls do this again and please upload more frequently as I no joke hey worried u won't upload again like if u were here since the old days

  3. Bro this was a dope Experience bc i have a touchscreen laptop It felt mad real i was turning all the way to the side when you would hit a turn Awesome video!

  4. I love drift racing but if I had to look at a seat the whole time I don't think it would be my favorite sport. Maybe you could try that one again. I dont think it could be worse so even a glimpse of the track would be better in every way.

  5. Hey I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra 2.0L I have 2 codes p0455 and p0456 I replaced the fuel cap 3 times and I replaced the charcoal canister I’m still getting the codes and after driving for a few minutes the smell of the fuel enters the car. Can someone please tell me how to fix this I’m tired of going to a mechanic and they change something and it’s not the fix to it

  6. Wow amazing video, I love the 180-degree camera view! Anyway, you've improved a lot your drifting since the start of the project! Greetings from Italy

  7. I'd love seeing some vinyl wrap on that beautiful mustang. Nothing that covers the entire thing, small details because the paint is already good as it is.

  8. I kinda want you to get ford probe as it was supposed to replace mustang but it didnt because of the fwd platform

  9. Hey Chris! I’m a huge muscle car fan. Especially mustangs! I need to know what you car’s model and year is and how much do they cost

  10. Awesome trip. the beginning to the end. Waiting for the roll cage. new steering wheel will be better. I know you have it. in one of your videos you showed us a preview of what is coming up. e brake done carbonfiber clutch done. you showed exhaust and it is done. i saw a steering wheel. waiting for that one 🙂

  11. Chris fix is the best YouTubed I’ve ever watched. He had inspired me to start liking 98 mustangs, he has inspired me to work on cars and I’m only 13. My dad owns a automotive business and I’ve been learning and helping him! Your such an inspiration to me and I want you to keep it up!!

  12. Thumbnail- This could be you

    Me- Its not me tho

    Jk but thank you for this video

    I love your channel so happy I'm subscribed

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