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Reviewing Youtubers Cars | Part 3

Reviewing Youtubers Cars | Part 3

– You hear Bill Gates
build a triangle truck? – Bill Gates, the triangle
truck is the cyber truck, and it’s pretty neat. – Wait no, that was Thomas Edison. – Thomas Edison invented– – From Tesla. – The Tusla. – All right, what is going
on everybody, welcome back to another episode of
reviewing Youtubers’ cars. (disco music) – I like this, this is fun. – I love this. – I enjoy this. – Yes. I’m Gels from Fitment
Industries, and I’m here with… – Danny Dakota. – There it is, cool. – There it is. – We are going to be taking a look at some more Youtubers’ rides today, just give ’em a quick once over, well a little more than that. We’re gonna look in to a little more. We’ll look into it a little more, and just give our thoughts on it. – Yeah. – And just talk about ’em a little bit, because it’s fun to do
it, you guys enjoy it. And you guys keep leaving
comments of some more people, and some more cars that we should look at. – Yeah I’d seen someone commented, they were like “you should
just pick like Adam LZ, just do all of his cars.” – For real. – So maybe we’ll do
that, if you comment it. So make sure to comment
below what you wanna see. – Definitely. So, before we go ahead and get into it, don’t forget to subscribe. Wheels, tires, suspension, All that sorts of good stuff. And street team. – Oh yeah. – We have a street team program. If you want to check it out, you can check the link
in the description below. It’s a fun program, you get to be– – Yeah a lot of people
ask us about sponsorships, and this is basically what we do. We don’t really do sponsorships, we have this street team
program where you apply, you get in, you can earn
points, and use those points on wheels, tires, suspension,
or apparel or shine or whatever you want
that’s on our website. It’s basically money. – Yep. – So it’s a really cool program, check it out and get
added to the street team. – There you go. Boom. (Dakota makes robot noises) I was hoping I could crack my fingers. – Ah. – So, first up on the list, we actually covered one
of his rides before– – The people wanted him back! – They wanted him back, and that is none other than Mr. Robby. – And jasmine rice. – And jasmine rice. That’s right, we’re gonna be taking a look at Robby’s Honda Civic, here today. Now this car has gone
through an extensive amount of transformation in the last nine months. So this was the car that
was the Wish app build, like “see what we can buy
from Ebay and Wish app.” – Props for doing that,
’cause I don’t think, Wish app gives me some weird ads, and sometimes I get really nervous, so I wouldn’t even download
that app, so props to you. But she’s been through a lot. – Yes. So, here we have some quick before here, when she was primer gray, turbocharged, had the drag wheels on
it, just all sorts of– – [Dakota] She was looking rough. – All sorts of good stuff going on here. So, fast forward into today, and we are sitting… there we go. We got the wood trunk in the back for ya, I know you love that. So, as it sits right now,
we are looking at a yellow, wide body, Dipped Honda Civic
hatch, that’s turbocharged. – And the Dip actually
looks really good on it, but my experience with Dip, you go into car shows and
see ’em, and you’re like “Damn, that thing looks nice,” you walk up to it and you’re
like “yeah that’s Dipped.” So I’m kinda wondering if,
you know how Dip looks, you can always tell when a car is Dipped. – Right, it’s like the texture, yeah. – So I’m kind of wondering how that is, but this is always meant to be
more of a budget type build, like show like anybody can do it. – Right, I think he picked up the car for like $500-$600. – It was really cheap, yeah. – So I think it’s a super cool car, like it’s obviously been an
icon of the channel for a while. So it is B18 Swap, turboed, now it’s sittin’ on some
AodHan AH01s, I believe. Which are really good– – Budget friendly wheels. – Budget friendly wheels, but they’re also really good for that car, because their AH line
is meant for that older, like JDM designs. So I think anything from AodHan’s AH line is well-suited for anything like that. So, there’s obviously, even though it is more of a budget build, there’s a lot of work
that went into this car. – [Dakota] And I believe it’s
on Yonanka coilovers as well. – [Gels] A lot of Yonanka parts. – Overall, it’s ricey,
but that’s the point. (both laugh) Jasmine’s a little ricey,
and that’s the point. – And that’s all right, we love her. – I think it pulls off
that rice look well, like that car would be funny
as hell to drive around town, you know you’re gonna get looks, you know you’re gonna get (beep) talkers, and I believe that’s the whole point. But, the other point of
it is it’s gonna stomp ya, he’s trying to make it quick, he’s trying to make it fast,
it has the turbo B18 in there. – I think he was talking in a video that the B18 is just like an intermediate, it’s just like a holding point. – He did everything himself,
like how cool is that? I would love to just have a beater car that I could work on,
and learn, and practice, and do all this kind of stuff
on, that’d be really cool. – I think that’s why people
connect with Robby so much, and love his channels,
because it is all himself. It’s him and his buddies, they’re just– – He’s working out of his garage. – Yeah exactly, and that’s
what it’s all about– – You can relate to that. – Exactly, so I think it’s super cool, I love that they made the point, like “let’s do a budget build, and let’s built a widebody
Civic with a massive wing–” – And a hood dump. – And a hood dump. So yeah. – We could probably go on and on, I think we should get to rating it. – Yeah. – It’s rating a budget-friendly,
on-purpose rice build. That’s interesting,
like, it’s hard to rate. – (mumbles) – Three, two, one 6.5
– 8 Why? – At the end of the day
it’s still a Dipped Civic. – (laughs) Okay. – With a giant wing. I love it though, I love it, it’s just– – I love the story of it. – Exactly. – That’s what I take
into consideration a lot. – I’m just thinking of the
other cars we’re gonna rate. – (beep), I always do that! – I’m comparing it to
those, Robby don’t kill me, I love it, it’s just, rating it, it doesn’t get the score
it deserves, you know? – All right, so starting
off this next one, this one hits home with me ’cause I watch these guys
ever since I was little. This is like the first car
channel I actually fell into. Mighty Car Mods– – Oh yes! – And we got Supergramps. – Yes. – I really, really enjoy this, if you’ve been watching for a little bit, you know I love weigh-ins, I had to– – [Gels] They’re just
gettin’ coilovers on her – Yep, mine’s literally,
I’m putting the coils in, or Baker’s putting the coils in, right now while I’m doing this video, so I can slam my daily, I can’t drive it, and I can call into work
’cause I’m in a ditch, ’cause I can’t drive it through
the snow, and that’s a plan. – Right. – Weigh-in. Okay, so, gettin’ into this,
this is a cool story too, both these cars, like Robby’s as well, they initially had Gramps, rest in peace, that one got fried up, no good anymore, they had to go to Supergramps. The goal is to make a wagon
that was an 11 cycle car. And they did, like everything, but they kept this car super subtle, and did super tasteful
mods to the exterior. Kinda make it a sleeper, it
looks super frickin’ good, it’s a custom color that
they painted themselves, they called it squid juice. – [Gels] Squid juice?! – And I absolutely love it, I love the frickin’ color of this. Back in the day I had the chopstick around the back of my Focus
ST, and all that kind of stuff. – God. – But this car is super cool. So it’s a Subaru Legacy obviously, and then they put a flat
6 in it, the 3.6 liter. And then they turbocharged
it, ’cause they’re reckless. I wouldn’t probably touch
that with a 10 foot pole, I feel like I’d be unreliable. Hell, they’ve had some
pretty good luck with it, it’s on coilovers, some
multi-piece wheels. Stance is pretty good on it, I like it, and it’s because it’s
kind of a sleeper build. If I’m nitpicking this one, I’d maybe change out the
wheels to maybe some Rays, I’ve seen some Rays that’d
look super nice on it. I was looking at our gallery, at Subaru Legacys because I like ’em– – Yeah, I remember, they
wanted to keep the wheels around the same age as the car. Like they wanted to match the year– – Kind of like a themed build. – Yeah, kinda. – It’s got the JDM front bumper, the JDM wheels, you know,
all that kind of stuff. – [Gels] It looks super good, like it looks aggressive as hell. – [Dakota] And it’s finally finished. – Right, and you just see the
tires and everything on it, and you’re just like “all
right, what’s going on.” – Exactly, like you’d
almost second glance, you’d be like “oh sweet,” – That thing doesn’t have 400 horsepower. – Then you’re like “wait, (mumbles) in the grill?” Holy, all right. Those are some meats on there. – Yeah. – All right. Yeah so this (beep) is
actually making 400 horse, to the wheels, that’s gnarly as hell! – I love it. – And then they kept all
the interior just nice and daily drivable, and
all that kind of stuff. I absolutely love this car.
– It’s so unsuspecting! – That’s the whole point, it’s Gramps. Just a grandpa car. I’ll let you take a look. – Yeah, I absolutely love this
car, it’s the same thing too, they are the first people that I watched probably on YouTube, there might have been like a couple of OG Youtubers out there,
and stuff like that. But as far as car channels and stuff, they were like, the guys. Like, I remember watching
all of that, and so yeah, it’s super cool to see that
they’re just still crushing it, making badass cars like this. – I’m glad that it’s finished,
but my heart’s a little sore. Like this car’s five, six,
seven years in the making, somewhere around there. – Yeah. – And it’s been crazy. But yeah, from the engine swap, they put a 6-speed STI
transmission in there too, which is super cool. It’s just, a lot of work
has been done to this car, but by looking at it, you wouldn’t necessarily know instantly. But I love that it’s a custom
color, wheels fit good, and it’s got the JDM front end on it. And like, I would like to see
more aesthetics and stuff, but for this specific build, and knowing what it went through, and the Mighty Car Mod guys, it’s set up exactly how it needs to be. – Right. – So. – It’s just them, like it is
a very Mighty Car Mods build. And I love it. – Exactly. – Cool. I’m ready to rate it. – Alrighty, let’s give her
a rate, three, two, one. 8.5
– 9 – I wanted to rate it
more, but I’m nervous, I don’t know what other
cars are coming yet, so I wanted to be a little
conservative with it. – Alrighty, well the next car on the list is probably the one that
we got the most heat for, for not filming at SEMA. – Oh now I know what it is. – And that would be the B
is for Build Lamborghini. – Yep. – Now hear me out here, we tried. We tried, okay? But like, we’re hometown boys
from small town Wisconsin, and it’s like, you go there,
and the car was like in– – [Dakota] It was a really
weird spot that the car was in. – [Gels] It was a weird spot,
because it was in like a pit. – [Dakota] Yeah, and then there was like 10,000 people around it. – [Gels] Right, there
was walls all around it, you had like a foot and
a half to squeeze by. – [Dakota] It was not designed
to be filmed where it was at. – Right, so sorry, we
tried, I wish we could– – I still enjoyed it, I went
and looked at it in person, I checked it out, I just
didn’t film anything. I took a couple pictures on my cell phone. – [Gels] I got a back shot of it. – Yeah I just wanted
to see the twin turbs– (Gels laughs) – Cool. So, we’re here to talk about it now, obviously this car has been through a lot. – Hell and back in crunch time, baby. – Crunch time. The definition of SEMA Crunch. I know he’s been getting some heat for it and stuff like that, but
it is what it is, ya know? – It turned out pretty wild. It’s pretty wild when you think about it, to just have the idea that you want to put
an LS in a Lamborghini. – And put this crazy body kit on, and– – [Dakota] He’s got
the most wild Rotiforms I’ve ever seen on it. – [Gels] Yeah, like the HURs or whatever. – [Dakota] I really do like those. I think they fit the car well, because the car is kind of insane, and those are kind of
like “out there” wheels. – Right, and it can pull it
off too, those Rotiforms are, like wheels like that, you have to have either like
a super-subtle, bigger car, that’s like, you know, very clean, and then you let it go with the wheels, or you just have to have
an all out, aggressive– – The whole thing just needs to be– – Just like absolutely insane. So, twin turbo, LS swap, manual Lamborghini. Like, that is just super cool. Like, nobody does that! Who the (beep) in their
right mind is just like “that’s sounds like a great idea.” I mean, it’s a fantastic
idea, but I don’t know, like, where do you even begin? – A salvage lambo. – Right. – And an LS– – Chris is a madman. We knew that when we met up with him a couple years ago at SEMA
and reviewed his Datsun. – Which was also gnarly as hell. – Because that is an insane
build all on it’s own. So Chris, you’re killin’ it brother. – Yeah. – You are absolutely killing
it, this thing is just– – It’s so gnarly. – Out of this freakin’ world. – Now, I’m being honest,
looking at this car, I love the ideas behind
it, I love how it is, the body kit, ahh! I don’t know, I don’t know. – [Gels] Fair. – [Dakota] It’s different,
and I like that, I just like the whole car is different. I mean, it’s Lamborghini with an LS in it. So it should look different than the other Lamborghinis that you see. – [Gels] Right, right. – So I like it in that sense, I don’t know if I’m the
biggest fan of the body kit. – I guess I’ve always
been thrown off by it just a little bit, I don’t know if it’s ’cause
it’s not all one color, and you can’t really see
everything put together, or what it is exactly,
but I would agree with you that it is different. – [Dakota] So like, the hood, having the two big vents, I don’t know. – [Gels] It’s very aggressive. – And the big vents in the fenders, the kit is just a little, I think the looks could be
dialed in a little bit more. You’ve got the engine in
there, with the turbos, and you got the manual swap, perfect. Now let’s just refine
the look a little bit. I would nitpick, and I mean, I haven’t built a Lamborghini, and I definitely didn’t
do it right before SEMA. But we’re reviewing ’em, trying to give, you know, some criticism, ‘Cause these are all insane
cars, so it’s hard, it’s tough. I really do enjoy the car, and I like that it’s so
different, but the body kit just, for me personally, it
just doesn’t do it for me. – And I would agree. Like the (mumbles) is just a little off, and I think that it’s because, you know, everything was all kinda last minute. – Yeah. I do like the Rotiforms on there though. – Yeah, I think the idea is there. It just needs to be buttoned up a little. – [Dakota] Yeah. – [Gels] So I’m really
excited to see how this car– – [Dakota] Maybe he loves
that body kit, I don’t know. – [Gels] Yeah. I think the body kit
itself is really rare. – [Dakota] Yeah. – But I’m excited to
see, maybe in a month, or a couple months here, how
the build is going to progress, and just get all buttoned up and finished. Because, I mean, if it turns
out anything like the Datsun, it’s going to be fantastic. – Yeah. Should we rate it? – Yeah. – All right, so let’s
rate it, three, two, one. 8.5
– 9 – I went 8.5, only
because of the cosmetics. – Sure. – The whole idea and
everything, I love the thing, piss people off, throw
an LS in a Lamborghini, I don’t think that many
people are pissed about it, but I know there’s some, you know, crazy guy that loves
his stock Lamborghinis, and they shouldn’t be
touched, and got a bull. (laughs) Got a pet bull. – Oh, I was like “what?!” (both laugh) I’m sorry, I was really
kinda taken off guard there. – All right. – All right, so, onto
the fourth and final car that we’re gonna take a look at today. Just a little disclaimer on this one, the YouTube channel does
not own the car anymore. I know this. – Oh yeah. – However, you can’t
not talk about this car, ’cause it’s another one
that we saw at SEMA, and I was super happy that it was there, we were walking up, it
was in the Cosmis booth. And it was that orange
240, that Throtl built. It was a giveaway car that
they did a while back. The thing is just absolutely gorgeous. – Seeing that in person,
I fell in love with it. Like, yeah, we have to review it. Because it is so damn nice. We’re a little late on the
review, I’ll admit that, but– – Yeah, but we just
started this, you know. I think it’s the fact that, it was another one of those cars that we wanted to talk
about while we were at SEMA, just didn’t really get the chance to. Got a bunch of good footage of it though. But it’s just such a good looking car. Mickey, the Mickey speck. The trademark Mickey speck on this car really shines through. And even their MR2 that they just built is
just like phenomenal. But, this car, in my opinion,
is the best looking 240sx. – That is a bold statement! – It is the best. – You gotta be careful whippin’
around stuff like that! – I don’t care, it is the
best one, in my opinion, that I have seen. It is just so good. – Yeah. I do love the fact that he has
the Cosmis Racing XT-206rs. I’m a huge fan of those wheels, BC racing coilovers are on it. The height looks good. The whole body kit, everything
about the car, the color. Let me tell you about the color. – Yes. Because that blew my mind. Like look at the subframe and everything. Just the amount of detail! – [Dakota] Every bit was touched. And if you watch our SEMA recap video, Steve got some awesome shots of the paint, and you can see it, it
has that orange sparkle, that when the light
hits it, looks amazing. – [Gels] Yes. So, SR20 swap, I do believe. Turbo charged. Like I said, everything on
this car has been touched. Cosmis Racing XT-206rs. – Kooky tailights. – Kooky tailights. I love cookies. (laughs) BC Racing suspension. – [Dakota] Yes, yep. – BC coilovers. So the thing is like,
it’s a decently built car. – Yeah. – Like you got a decent amount of power– – I’d drive the hell out of it, I promise. – You got the Pandem Widebody. You got the BC coils, the Cosmis wheels. I actually really dig the
crash bar on the rear. I know a couple people weren’t too– – [Dakota] Oh I like it. – [Gels] Like a huge fan of the bumper-less look on the back. – [Dakota] I like that look. – But overall, it’s just
such a good looking car. And the amount of transformation
this car went through, ’cause it was actually TJ’s
friend Calvin’s before this. And then he took it, and then
they just went crazy with it. – Yeah, I absolutely love it. If I had a 240, I would do it this style. – Exactly. – It would look like this
if I had endless money. – 1,000%. – Should we rate it? – I’m ready to rate it. – All right, three, two, one. 10
– 10 – Yeah, honestly. – A 240. – I mean, seeing it in person really helps pull it all together, but that car is phenomenal. – 1,000%. – That’s reviewing Youtubers’ cars, and I think we’re on part three now. If you want to see some more, ’cause there’s plenty
of Youtubers out there, drop a comment below, let us know. Remember, wheels, tires,
suspension, I’m Dakota. – I’m Gels. We’ll see you later. Peace. – Bye.

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