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Restoring Your Luxury & Exotic Vehicles To Pre Accident Condition

Restoring Your Luxury & Exotic Vehicles To Pre Accident Condition

Our costumers when they bring their exotic car here they want an exotic place. These exotic vehicles are insured by a lot of insurance companies who also insure non-exotic vehicles. We make sure that we dictate those repairs because that insurance company they don’t necessarily know how, these appraisers aren’t very familiar with how these cars are assembled like we are. We send our technicians overseas to see how these cars are actually made and then put back together, how they’re disassembled, what happens to them in accidents. And so when an insurance company gets involved sometimes they can try to write for methods that are cheaper, methods that are not necessarily approved by those manufacturers like McLaren and Aston Martin. We do not allow them to take advantage of the repair. We tell them how its done, it’s not the other way around. There are no short cuts on a Ferrari, it’s hand made. There are no shortcuts on a Lamborghini. Our costumers know that Magnum Collision is going to put it back to being a Lamborghini. Not a fraction of what a Lamborghini was, not a kind-of modified or parts that don’t fit kind of Lamborghini. It’s gonna to be the way that that customer expects it to be. It’s gonna perform just the way it was before the accident, when our costumer picks it up.

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