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Restore your Faded Plastic on your Car

Restore your Faded Plastic on your Car

Sup everyone, so today we are going to go and get rid of this. See the white on here, there you go here’s a good view. Thats all, I mean you could put armorall over that and it would turn black but then it fades away. Its all just plastic thats old and needs to be made black.I tried back to black which didn’t work either, nothing has worked so I have found something that I think will work and I will try it out now. What it is, is a heat gun and I got this for ten bucks(real cheap). And you want to be careful because obviously you don’t just want to do this on any part of your car. This is a certain type of plastic and it will only work on that type of plastic.But you can try a small inconspicuous spot, I tried the inside of this and it turned black. So when you do this you want to make sure you use small circular motions. And don’t leave the heat on one spot too long because you will burn it. And make sure this is all clean , because you don’t want to burn anything in. Just like that, I mean look at that. That looks great, this is a good solution and I will show you the finished product. I am going to work on this whole panel right here. Theres a before and Im about to show you an after. So as you can see look at the difference, look at that it practically shines. I don”t know if the shines going to last but, its awesome. Its a little tip to make your plastic look black again.

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100 thoughts on “Restore your Faded Plastic on your Car

  1. A heatgun isn't a permanent solution, I've tried it and it works for a couple of months. What im using now is Concept Vista. That works better in my opinion.

  2. it shines because plastic has oils, and what the heat gun accomplishes is bringing those oils back to the surface…it'll eventually "dry out" and return to just non shiny black plastic 😛

  3. Transmission fluid works but, you've got to do it in the heat of the day and at least two applications, if not three over the course of several days. Results will be permanent.

  4. Isn't it true, if you apply motor oil while trim hot, that it will get into the plastic pours of the trim and last even longer?

  5. Great tip chrisfix for exterior plastic, but i was thinking if you use that product that you used for tire shine could that work too. Chrisfix thanks for your tips they are helpful.

  6. I read that using heatguns on plastic may cause the plastic to become brittle over time as the heat only brings the moisture to the surface which gradually dries the plastic out.

  7. Chrisfix, what would happen if you replenish a plastic piece with one of those restore conditioners, wait a few hours, then hit it with the heat gun? I’d fool around with some junkyard pieces but I don’t have a heat gun.

  8. I use tire shine and it literally last me over a month before it starts coming off and I just repeat the same process over. It only takes me 15 minutes to do it on my 2012 Ford explorer

  9. Hey Chris this marc down here in San Antonio TX. I want to ask what size Are the tires on your B3000? I just bought a 01

  10. Veggie oil works pretty well on certain plastics/rubbers types, not a perm fix but lasts for years! I really havnt seen anything break down too much either, Seems to replump up rubber seals too. Some people talk about it possibly breaking down the bonds but idk probably alittle but no more worse i feel then some other techniques.

  11. I went out an purchased a cheap heat gun from Home Depot, like $20.  The results were amazing, but only lasted about 3 weeks.  Any idea if it damages the plastic by doing it over and over and over again?  I might just spray paint it or plastidip it.

  12. Typical band aid when surgery is needed scenario. Would have been nice if the drawbacks from doing this came from the uploader's mouth instead of having to get it from the comment section.

  13. Heat gun will ruin your flares ! My F550 fender flares where ruined from it ! give it time ! I will try Plastic paint next to try to fix it . If not will have to buy new ones .

  14. How fun to watch you in the beginning…LOLZ

    These older videos are why you've grown so much! They work!

    Thanx for doing them. It's helped me out so much!

  15. I used to use this method but it only works for a certain number of times. Basically, it's all about chemistry and the trim goes grey because it's losing the oils. The heat gun helps draw the natural oils out and bring back the lovely dark shade, however, the trim will eventually run out of oils and this will no longer work. Trim dressing products can work for a temporary fix but for what they really are the price is silly. Best thing to use is Olive or Baby Oil, rub it in and let it soak into the trim and buff off. Should last a long time but I'd suggest further applications over time so that you fully replenish the trim's oils. A bonus being a bottle of Olive Oil is many, many times cheaper than the trim dressing stuff.

  16. ChrisFix I gotta tell you I really enjoy your content. The information you provide in your videos are detailed and easy to follow for those of us who are not so experienced at car maintenance and detailing.
    Just wanted to add I recently made a used car purchase and have big plans in 2019 to restore it to a near factory new appearance.
    Thanks for your dedication and for showing us your methods and know-how. You definitely earned your subscribers! Tip of the hat to you good sir 🎩

  17. I did this on my Honda Element a few years back. About a year after it fades again but now it looks way worse. I don't recommend this at all.

  18. Just wondering how well this method worked over time. Also, have you any experience with the C-4 Gtechniq Permanent Trim Restorer. Thanks

  19. Looking for any tips on how to restore a faded dash,, that armorall stuff looked good for a 5 mins then it went right back to a faded black,, hoping to fix this on my 2007 dodge caravan,, sorry dont know what material it is made of

  20. I was really waiting for the "Heyy guyss, ChrisFix here! Today, i'm going to show you how you can get YOUR faded plastics looking from that, to this!"

  21. Doing this on my 2002 Explorer right now. It's working awesome! Thanks a lot for the video! BTW… Got the heat gun at Harbor Freight this morning. Only $8.99 on sale.

  22. I'm wondering if you can melt the plastic a little, my mom scratched this part and I'd like to make her happy

  23. Bruh, just get a pack of knock off magic erasers on amazon. 48 of them for like $10. Wet, rub, clean with water a rag, apply a mild cleaning product/protector. Way easier and looks better than this. I them on the interior of a jeep that sat outside for 5 years uncovered and it looked brand new when I was done. I tried all kinds of stuff, even this, and the magic erasers (melamine sponges) with water worked by far the best, easiest too. It's not often the easiest method is also the best.

  24. Hey Chrisfix do you still reply to old post? I wanted to know if plastic clear coat would be good after doing this?
    Also great video I enjoy and used many of your techniques! Thank u

  25. so…i think the previous owner left a tree air freshener on the black plastic on my dashboard and now there's a spot that's really dull the shape of that freshener. i think it was sitting in the sun. is that easily fixed?

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