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Restaurante Mandarina Córdoba Capital, Córdoba #4

Restaurante Mandarina Córdoba Capital, Córdoba #4

Hi everyone Today we are going to visit the Mandarina restaurant! a little of their stories and recipes Cordoba Argentina Agustin The Mandarina restaurant is a place for the whole family we have a very extensive menu Vegetarians, Vegans and Carnivores will all find their place here Chinese food and even classic Choripan Our menu has several options with fresh ingredients and the best quality The Menu is constantly changing, always going to find new options there are also tables outside to enjoy the pedestrian The restaurant is located in the historic center of the city of Córdoba Thanks Agustin (Choosing the Menu) – Try it and tell me what it is – – I just ask the person who has no sense of taste – – Do not do it – The table service is impeccable Daniel – This place is characterized by its signature cuisine – – Adriana is the one who implements her recipes – – She captures her training on the plates – – Despite these characteristics, it is still home cooking – Disney – Our clients are characterized by knowing the place and they come precisely for that reason, for the essence of the place – – essence that they have known how to maintain for many years – – it is always good to listen to customers- – we are very open to criticism – – Andriana likes that feedback with clients – – all the clients who visit us leave happy – Silvia – The restaurant is 23 years old – – even negative reviews are good, to improve – -working with people, one realizes that this item is complicated – A thousand thanks to Daniel, Disney and Silvia – if they knew who was coming – – we make a video of “chimentos” – – this place has been – -…- – hidden – – and it has its history – – for the next program – – we have been lucky to cook with Baglietto – – cook with him, he asked to cook – – Enrique Bunbury also visited us – – as soon as he left Heroes del Silencio, he came with his band – – many artists – – Lito Vitale, – – Pedro Aznar – – León Gieco – – Lauchas Travels – – we are – Thank you very much to all Mandarina and Adriana

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