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Replacing the Air Suspension Compressor on a 06-12 Range Rover L322

Replacing the Air Suspension Compressor on a 06-12 Range Rover L322

Arnott is pleased to offer multiple air
suspension repair and replacement options for the Land Rover Range Rover L322 chassis. One of the signs of an air suspension leak is when the compressor
fails because it is overworked Arnott offers ready to install new OE s air
suspension compressors that are tested and fitted with application-specific
mounting hardware In this video we show how to install the AMK OES air
suspension compressor P-2646 for the 2006 to 2012 Range Rover L322
chassis Air Compressor Removal Removal Step 1 – Prepping for removal remove the
floor cover and spare tire in the rear cargo area to expose the vehicle’s air
suspension compressor housing Remove the two foam pads and the compressor cover
from the vehicle Removal Step 2 – Compressor removal Remove the valve block from the compressor bracket Remove the air line
and fitting located next to the pressure sensor from the valve block Remove the lower air line from the compressor press and hold the quick-connect fitting while
pulling out on the air line disconnect the two electrical connectors from the
compressor assembly to the vehicle Remove the four mounting bolts holding
the compressor assembly to the vehicle Carefully remove the compressor assembly Air Compressor Installation – Install Step 1 installing the air compressor Install the compressor assembly into the vehicle using the pre-installed mounting
hardware Connect the pre-installed air fitting to
the valve block Install the valve block onto the mounting bracket Connect the two electrical connectors from the compressor to the vehicle’s wiring
harness Secure the air hoses and wiring harness
to the mounting bracket Reinstall the air compressor cover, two foam pads, spare
tire, and floor cover Install Step 2 – Air Compressor Relay Replacement The air
suspension compressor relay is located on the right side of the rear cargo area
remove the compressor relay and replace with the unit provided in this kit Install Step 3 – Testing Start the engine wait two minutes operate the raising
function of the cars electronics initially lower the lifting platform
slowly and only completely when the vehicle Rises of its own accord check
for leaks most compressors go bad because of an air leak which causes the
compressor to overheat Don’t void your compressors warranty – Inspect your air springs for any leaks cracks or excessive wear

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